10 Minutes of Arthur Melo Showing His Class

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Arthur Henrique Ramos de Oliveira Melo is a 23 year old Brazilian footballer who plays for FC Barcelona. This video shows all of his goals, assists and overall play from the 2019/2020 season up until the date this review was published.

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big up!
Still can’t believe we’re selling him and getting Pjanic. We have to be the worst run “big” club in the world.
Hakeen Yearwood
Hakeen Yearwood:
Juventus made a great investment in this young lad. Imagine him alongside Rodrigo Bentancur. Juve should buy Houssem Aoaur as well.

And there you have it. Midfield problem solved.
Still Apolo
Still Apolo:
That guy really knows how to use his body to resist the ball
Amine Benkbir
Amine Benkbir:
2018 : Xavi Successor
2020 : Get Out
What a disgrace :( Basically a straight swap for Pjanic. Arthur was soon to become one of the best midfielders in the world. We had already found our replacement for Iniesta in him, and just like that, he’s gone...
Grimm Fandango
Grimm Fandango:
Welcome to Juve Arthur. Turin welcomes you.
Milind Bebarta
Milind Bebarta:
As a Madrid fan, I'm relieved that he is transferred to Juventus. I think he had the potential to be a great at Barca
*Daylight robbery?* 👀 ⚫⚪
Raiyan 707
Raiyan 707:
4:29 That receive from messi though *_*
Why did Barca sell him serious question
Ibrahim El-Rafie
Ibrahim El-Rafie:
Love how he plays, classy and aggressive he’s also superb in tighter space due to his stocky build... and oh man he is unbelievably press resistant.

Juventus bagged a baller
Christopher Lomotac
Christopher Lomotac:
Image having young players like demiral and de ligt on defense, arthur melo and bentancur on CF, zaniolo and kuluvesky on attack😍😍
Amine Benkbir
Amine Benkbir:
Ahhh Barcelona , What A Stupid Club.
Daniel O
Daniel O:
Arthur Melo looks like class.
edwin samuel
edwin samuel:
Next video - 10 seconds of Bartomeu ruining Barcelona.
Ali hadi
Ali hadi:
Barca should've sold rakitic or vidal instead of him
Ahmed Adil
Ahmed Adil:
A great lose😭😭😭💔
Patrick HD
Patrick HD:
Arthur and Frenkie should play together:( most promsing midfielders of Barca
I'm Barça fan and I'm really sad. Good luck Arthur!
zLyon 88
zLyon 88:
Welcome to Juve 😍😍
Michele B.
Michele B.:
2:48 I just imagine Dybala and Arthur together!
lmaoo you guys wonder why people like neymar left barca ? well look no further than the corrupt board trying to sabotage messi's final seasons as a professional footballer in any way logically possible 😂 .
Sneharsh Damani
Sneharsh Damani:
Stop... I've been crying for 2 days now 😭😭😭
Fadi Aissaoui
Fadi Aissaoui:
Barcelona will lost a future star samba player
Really sad 😟
Nice video by the way ✌👌
Jakaria 26
Jakaria 26:
Justice for Arthur
Bartomeuo out 😠😠
Diego Carvajal
Diego Carvajal:
2:56 he killed the other guy lol
S T:
Arthur would be the best mid fielder in Italy
Hamilton Júlio César
Hamilton Júlio César:
The swap makes sense when you take into account the fact that Bartolomeu is trying to strip FCB off it's DNA. Arthur was supposed to be Xavi's successor... so.... Good job
Stefano Vespertini
Stefano Vespertini:
Welcome to Juventus
Michele B.
Michele B.:
2:02 That’s why Messi is very angry about the Arthur Barcelona leaving, fantastic pass
Chipsy Comps
Chipsy Comps:
0:37 beast mode😂😂🙌🏾
Mushthaq Ahammed
Mushthaq Ahammed:
Ronaldo can bring the best out of Arthur's midfield genius for sure.. He is easily a starter.. If sarri plays that stubbornness again...then there is no future for juve...
callum williams
callum williams:
Abhi Dhoundiyal
Abhi Dhoundiyal:
I'm a Real Madrid fan and even for me this Transfer makes no sense and it's bizarre, they sold a rising star for a 30 Year old. I know Pjanic is a great great player and will deliver for sure but he only have 2-3 years of top level form left in him so it makes no sense.
Raffaele D'Abrusco
Raffaele D'Abrusco:
Only time will tell which team is going to come out ahead of this deal. Both players have pro's and con's. Pjanic has a definitely higher floor but Arthur a higher ceiling.
Juventus Fino alla Fine
Juventus Fino alla Fine:
I dont know why Barcelona sell him, for me he is one of the best creative CMF in the world, world class remind me of Andres Iniesta... And Miralem Pjanic is good, just like Xabi Alonso, but Barcelona need a fluid midfielder just like Arthur Melo...
I don't know him, but I like how he turns around players with the ball ... reminds me of Pirlo!!
Mat Payne
Mat Payne:
O:41 imagine if neymar in that position
He will knock down and rolling 😂
Abdul Saboor
Abdul Saboor:
If you ever feel sad in life, Think of a culer like me in a situation where Zidane’s Real Madrid are running behind Paul Pogba and have promising successful wingers already, and what Bertameu does is he swaps a promising 23 y/o who didn’t seem to have a rough patch with a 30 year old man!
Welcome to JUVE
Hogol Casar
Hogol Casar:
Arthur Welcome to 𝐉𝐣
Tim Munkhbaatar
Tim Munkhbaatar:
2:52 This guy is so good, he injures people when they try to take the ball off of him!
Aniruddha Karekar
Aniruddha Karekar:
Sadly he's playing against us tonight!🙃
Brown otto
Brown otto:
He showed too much and Barca board was overwhelmed 😂😂
Joseph Chalwe
Joseph Chalwe:
As a Barcelona fan, this breaks my heart💔
A distinguished player in his position and the best will become the stupidest decision of the Barcelona administration in the event of neglecting it
jeremy joseph
jeremy joseph:
His body strength is insane
claudete oliveira
claudete oliveira:
Boa sorte Arthur. 💪❤
442 Football
442 Football:
He destroyed Marco Reus
Sahil Sk
Sahil Sk:
Whenever you'll Press against him , you'll lose😅
DERRIN jerome
DERRIN jerome:
This is a bad decision by barça 😭
Ashwin Ssn
Ashwin Ssn:
Welcome to Juventus
Ziwei Cao
Ziwei Cao:
I can't wait to see he being coached by Pirlo
Jason Berry
Jason Berry:
Welcome to Juve
jairo arteaga
jairo arteaga:
Bienvenido a la Juve😊
Matt Kearns
Matt Kearns:
Legend has it that these were the only forward passes he ever made in his career.. #respect
Nicolás Gaete Tan
Nicolás Gaete Tan:
Would love him in Chelsea!
Dee Rossii
Dee Rossii:
those kind of players are best from 30-35 years old. (Modrić, Xavi, Pirlo) Pjanić?
joy balonda
joy balonda:
A great lose😩😩😢😢😭😭😭
Eduardo Loreto
Eduardo Loreto:
No Grêmio highlights?
Baraa Abulnaja
Baraa Abulnaja:
Would love to some clips of Miguel azeez (Arsenal u18) , congrats on almost reaching to 1 million subscribers
esco r
esco r:
2:53 Arthur broke this mans ankles 😱
Marco T.
Marco T.:
Welcome to Juventus!!
John Glen
John Glen:
Welcome to Juve! 🙏
The Central Scrutinizer
The Central Scrutinizer:
niice! his link up with Bentancur will be excellent!
Joe dirt
Joe dirt:
Barcelona has lost their identity and direction, 😔
Barcelona are 1000% going to regret this “trade”
Amr Ezzat
Amr Ezzat:
Welcome to Calcio <3
prabin hamal
prabin hamal:
Very talented playmaker 🔥
Dominic Brady
Dominic Brady:
Sarri most likely will deploy him in a regista role, like Jorginho.
Troppo Potente
Troppo Potente:
Welcome to Juventus!!stron9er!!!
Daniel Palermo
Daniel Palermo:
Reminds me of Seedorf
Aiden Pearce
Aiden Pearce:
Welcome to reputable club . Juventus .
P-ter Da Best
P-ter Da Best:
Champions league 20/21 , Barca vs Juve . Arthur master class 2 goals and 2 assists 😍😍😍😍
anandhu prakash
anandhu prakash:
Thank god he is leaving
Ahmad albdul alwahab
Ahmad albdul alwahab:
good deal for juventus,, welcome to your new home, good luck arthur
Carlo Maunero
Carlo Maunero:
Bah speriamo non sia un bidone 😂
Franklin Atlas
Franklin Atlas:
Juventus lack midfielders that runs with the ball,I believe he will help them alot
Ziyad Abida
Ziyad Abida:
What a deal from juve ⚪⚫👏🏼
a nightmare becoming a reality him leaving barca
Tiago Basilio Oliveira
Tiago Basilio Oliveira:
Esse e um melhor jogador da atualidade ele tem o don naceu no estilo certo parabens pelo belo futebol
claudete oliveira
claudete oliveira:
Paulo Gabriel
Paulo Gabriel:
Meio campo da seleção tem q ter arthur e gerson titular
joy balonda
joy balonda:
Just a few months ago, Messi said Vidal does not deserve to be in Barca, so I guess he was the player who was supposed to exit but all of the sudden it’s Arthur🤔🤔, something strange their
I liked the instrumental up tp 5:40 more than the video, wow, amazing.
Anyone knows who is it?
Talles R.
Talles R.:
lá vai o barça fazer merda kkkk
samuel sierra
samuel sierra:
Sunz Kharjana
Sunz Kharjana:
It hurts 💔💔
Salvatore Grauso
Salvatore Grauso:
Arthur melo--filipe melo
Justice Abban
Justice Abban:
I just feel like crying wen I watch his videos
GuiZé 22
GuiZé 22:
Bruno Guimarães skills plis
Raul 21
Raul 21:
You should have Angelino's skills a left back in leipzing
Alfredo Maria Gravagnuolo
Alfredo Maria Gravagnuolo:
The soundtrack is very interesting.
Anon Anon
Anon Anon:
Welcome to juventus 🙏
Now Ronaldo get playmaker 🔥
Jeferson William
Jeferson William:
2:00 where u go?
[Dark Energy]
[Dark Energy]:
Michael CR
Michael CR:
too much quality for Barca! just like Coutinho! good for him