10 Signs You'll Reach CHALLENGER One Day - League of Legends Season 10

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Patch 10.10 is an excellent patch with changes coming to champions like Lux, Kayn, Irelia, Soraka, Katarina, Kled, Miss Fortune, and many others.

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100+ comentarios:

QOTD: My first season, silver 4. Since then, I've climbed all the way to Iron 2
Stephen Battad
Stephen Battad:
10 Signs That You'll Reach Challenger.

Me: Don't do that. Don't give me hope.
That Guy
That Guy:
QOTD: started as silver 2. 8 years later, a whopping silver 1
Drew Williams
Drew Williams:
I see I see “takes notes in Gold IV Language”
QOTD: Started Silver 3, and never touched ranked again
"League of Legends is always changing and you need to change with it."

> nope.jpg
> Locks in Yasuo for 3 years straight.
Useless kid
Useless kid:
QOTD: I started off in silver 4 four seasons ago, now im finally in my Masters promos on my main!
These signs all point to Kadeem's gameplay, he will reach Challenger eventually.
The Vifor
The Vifor:
QOTD: Started off bronze 5, and now, after 3 seasons,im hardstuck diamond 3! You can do it too kids!
Climpzy Climpz
Climpzy Climpz:
QOTD: Last season my peak was platinum 4. Now I am diamond 4 in 5 months.
Honestly I think a voice chat system would make it easier to climb up, at least. The pings are a little ambiguous sometimes and aren’t too helpful. I feel like team mates dont talk unless they want to flame you or something. Typing isn’t that effective either..
Get Ganked
Get Ganked:
QOTD: I started playing in season 2, and ending somewhere in bronze in that season. In this season i am currently hovering between diamond 4 and diamond 3 while maintaining a 55% winrate. If I can do that, you can do it too!
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf:
QOTD: Season 5 bronze 3 Season 10 Grandmaster 111 lp peak
QOTD: My first ending rank was Platinum I in Season One

(Granted back then we used ELO ratings rather than ranks..., but retroactively speaking I would've been Platinum I had that been the system in use at the time.)
Stefan Petrovic
Stefan Petrovic:
QQTD Frist season bronze 4
Season 10 gm
3 years grind
QOTD: I started in bronze 4 in season 9 since then I've climbed to plat 2.
QOTD: first season s1... Now iron U_U
QOTD: i was silver 3 last season (i started playing league last year)
And now i'm in silver 1, 89 pdl
lesnik tv
lesnik tv:
QOTD: at first I was bronze, then silver, then gold and finally plat (season after season), so i guess its diamond year now!
Potato Senpai
Potato Senpai:
QOTD: Started in season 9 as bronze 4, now I'm at silver 2!
QoTD: I was bronze when I was a high-school student, until now I'm a high-school student.
QOTD: Bronze 5 2017 (started there league) to Platin 1 now.
NuAu craft
NuAu craft:
QOTD: started in silver 5 in season 5 and in last season i got d2, but in this season im hardstuck plat 4
Nadav Ezra
Nadav Ezra:
"How easy it is" 😂
Yeah that's way close to 0.01% of players get those ranks.
Started in Bronze 4 Season 5, and then after season 6 I climbed up at least 1 entire rank and am now Diamond 3
qotd: first season bronze 3, climbed all the way to iron 3
Was stuck in silver/gold for like 3 years. Made a new account, leveled it up to lvl 30 and started rank by being a Jhin one trick. Got to platinum and decided it was not worth the last month to get climb up past Plat 4 lol I guess my MMR was messed up on my first account if I was getting smarter team mates in my second acc
QOTD: Started silver 3, now I am hardstuck plat 3.... Peaked plat 2 tho!
QOTD: for my first to years of ranked, I was actually bronze, then a year later climbed to gold, year later plat and now almost platinum once more
QOTD: My first rank was silver 3, I started ranked in the last few weeks of season 9. I haven’t done much ranked since as ranked as a low elo adc main is way too painful.
QOTD: My first season I was silver, second season gold. This season I havent tried to climb yet. Im merely a casual support player who gave ranked a try.
gabriel kolev
gabriel kolev:
i have never been this early lol
QOTD: started off as silver 3, now - 7 seasons later im silver 4
I'm going to reach challenger!!
"feeding top-laner": ya, we'll see about that
QOTD: I started in the middle of season 9 and still haven’t played ranked
QOTD: well... this is my first ranked season, but i outranked basically all of my friends... silver 2 tho xD
Gefesto NCTRNL
Gefesto NCTRNL:
QOTD: Promoution in Gold IV at the end of season 9. I'm still climbing, and this is tough work for me
QOTD: My first season ended in g1 and now i've climbed to p4.
No Game No Life
No Game No Life:
QQTD: Started as bronze 4, and 5 years later, I finally overcome dia 4 stuck, and now I am dia 3.
QOTD: My first season, season 7 Silver 5 since then i have a goal of getting at least 1 rank higher every season. This yea i am Plat 4 and trying to hit Diamond
Andreas Andersen
Andreas Andersen:
QOTD: Ended season 5 in plat 5, now i'm hardstuck d3
QOTD: Started Bronze 3, demoted to bronze 5 nearly instantly. Now I am in silver 2.
QOTD: Started at season 8 ending up in silver 1. And then I climbed to plat 4 on season 9 as my highest. Looking for diamond this season
Dante Von Crowlley
Dante Von Crowlley:
*From Silver to Gold since my firs season I avoided ranked*
Best sign you'll reach challenger: your teammates didn't int for once
Trance's Truth
Trance's Truth:
QOTD: Season 9 reached plat IV, Gold II for now.
QOTD: my first season i was silver this is my second year and i am still silver almost every game my top laner goes 0/5
Nguyen Vu
Nguyen Vu:
qotd: i started playing in season 5, i was silver 5 in the end of the season, now I'm diamond 4
Mateo Tierno
Mateo Tierno:
QOTD: my first year ranking, managed to get out of iron, and making my way out of bronze, out of all of my friends who started this year (we are 4) I'm the one who ranks the least yet I'm only 2 tiers down (I'm bronze I, the other 3 are silver 3-4) so I guess I'm fine
Vince Ferrer
Vince Ferrer:
QOTD: started from silver, gold in the next season, then plat, and diamond ever since also peaking at masters but in a much weaker server.
QOTD: First season, S9 and gold 2.
I'm still hardstuck at the exact same location now though
Soar 02
Soar 02:
QOTD: Last season was the start of my ranked career. I was able to reach gold II from my Silver IV placements. This season I started in Silver III and am currently in Gold I. I can’t seem to get to platinum though. I keep on getting demoted back to Gold II and getting promoted to Gold I. I guess playing adc in this elo really isn’t a good idea. 😂
Taro Rogue
Taro Rogue:
QOTD: My first season was this season, I started with one placement match, ending with permanently quitting the game because the experience was so awful. I gave up multiple years of experience in what was my favorite game because some dickhead was entitled.
Armani Nguon
Armani Nguon:
QOTD: I’ve been in bronze since season 3 first started playing league since day1. Season 9 and 10 I finally got out of bronze it’s been a lot of easier climb. Throughout my years of playing and watching pros, I can finally put time into it. Back then I did care but didn’t know the fundamental mechanics. Regardless my goal this year by the end of season 10 is getting into plat or high gold. I’m currently in my S3 promos, I have a lot of game knowledge, a deep champion pool, I play each role really good, recently practicing how to micro play. It really helped me a lot! Currently I’m learning how to optimize my build for enemy team and applying map pressure instead of trying to push mid 5v5.
QOTD: i started end season 8 and got to silver and end season 9 i got to diamond 4 the last days before pre season.
Chuki Cicha
Chuki Cicha:
QOTD: Started Bronze 4 in season 5, reached platinum season 6, didn't played season 7 and 8, diamond 1 season 9, and now I'm a hardstuck diamond 3
Antonio Andrei Giani
Antonio Andrei Giani:
QOTD: I started playing last season peak was s1 and ended s1 and now im s1 trying to hit that gold :)
QOTD: this is the first season i realy started playing ranked, i have playd about 70 matches so far, and just reached gold yesterday
You forgot the most important sign: Having decent teammates.
QOTD: started League in Nov 2018 and my first season so 2019 was plat 4
André Hashimoto
André Hashimoto:
QOTD: At my first season I reached Silver 4, my second season I started playing League as much as I could and reached Bronze 3, third season I started playing Master Yi and reached plat 3
Carlos Ambrosio
Carlos Ambrosio:
QOTD: Started silver 4, now, 5 years later I'm diamond 1 hoping to make masters soon
Nicola Mocellin94
Nicola Mocellin94:
QOTD: Silver first season, and 2 seasons later I’m platinum. 1 rank each season’s
QOTD: I was silver 5 in season 6, but I'v" climbed throught platinium 3 right now
Nicola Balsamo
Nicola Balsamo:
QOTD: this is my first season, I’m gold 4. Kekw
QOTD: Last season was my first ranked one and I started at the end of the season and ended as silver 4 and 2 days ago I started playing ranked again and now I'm b1 in promos.
Annivia HS
Annivia HS:
QOTD: started bronze 3 or something in s4 go all the way through d2
QOTD: First ranked season I got silver, second gold, this is my third I’m pushing for plat
Tom LAG:
qotd: I started in the 2019-2020 preseason and got silver 1 with gold 1/plat 4 mmr
today I'm Gold 3 and I almost got to Gold 1 last week

I'm on the clim boiiis
QOTD: I started in Bronz 3 back in season 4, the season after i got boosted to Gold. Long Story short, i lerned how Gold elo brains work and stayed Gold ever since. Now i am Hardstuck Gold 2 xd
QOTD: started silver ll, 7 years later grinded all the way down to silver lV
Manash Mathan
Manash Mathan:
QOTD: I starded in Iron one this season, and im in iron 2
grin chi
grin chi:
⭐️ I saw the sign, they opened up my eyes, i saw saw sign ⭐️
QOTD: I started out in season 3 with Silver and every year I would only do my placements and then dont touch rank at all, since season 8 I started climb up to gold just for the Skin and then leave it to rest.
Jsn Agn
Jsn Agn:
Silver gang in S3 back on league's golden days : Peaking Low GrandMasters in S9.

Game is not really been fun anymore but i guess it's been a long way
QOTD: my first 2 seasons I was silver and didnt really care abou my rank (played like 40 rankeds the whole season) season 9 was my 3rd season and I started to care and reached plat IV rn Im plat 3 and trying to improve
QOTD: Started on Bronze 1, currently Gold 3
Robowizard 41
Robowizard 41:
QOTD: Iron 1 Gang Gang
Facundo Lower
Facundo Lower:
QOTD: Silver 2, now I'm Gold 1 and trying to get to platinum.
Confy lizard
Confy lizard:
Qotd:I was Gold 4 the first time and olways played till I reach gold 4,dont care for fancy borders I play for the victorius skin
QOTD: Started my first season bronze 4, now im silver 2
Val Gaquit
Val Gaquit:
QOTD: This is my first season and Im hardstuck in Gold 1 :(
QOTD: Ive started to play from beginning of this season. I started Iron 2 and climbed to silver 3, but my mmr keeps giving me iron 4 teemos bot lane
Keroppi colins
Keroppi colins:
QOTD: i remember getting silver 4 as my first rank (season2) fast forward this season i got my challenger finally :D
Don't give me subs please I beg you
Don't give me subs please I beg you:
QOTD: First season bronze 4, one season break and platinum ever since
QOTD: I started to play in the season 9 (june 2019). I peaked at November silver 3. Now this season10 I played 856 games and finally reached silver 1. Maybe its also the time to go out the house lol
Shadow King
Shadow King:
QOTD: i started playing league in season 7 I was silver 2 and now I'm stuck in diamond 4 still trying to reach masters
seroxd9 the boom
seroxd9 the boom:
QoTD: i started at end of season 6 i was bronze 5 xD and now im diamond 2 !
Famous One Day
Famous One Day:
QOTD: My first rank was silver my highest rank was platinum 1
QOTD: Started in S8 where i was silver2 then season 9 i was gold 2 and know I'm platinum 4.
QOTD: This is my first ranked season and I’m currently bronze 4
Me: level 41
This vid: you'll be challenger some day
if anyone is too lazy to watch the video, the tldr is : have no IRL life, and play league non stop
Pedro LJ
Pedro LJ:
QOTD: My first season i started bronze 5, and now i'm D3 ;)
Wolves Blaze
Wolves Blaze:
I remember when I first joined lol a month ago. The first thing I learned. Destroy the enemies inhibitor to win. Great I thought, I understand how to win the game.
Boi was I in for a long ride and realize how much more complex it is than just that
Viktor Almási
Viktor Almási:
QOTD:Started at bronze ended up in platinum 1 by the end of the season.
QOTD: I started at the end of season 8 climbed to Gold 5 in season 8 and peaked season 9 in plat 3
Ya Boi Manacc
Ya Boi Manacc:
*10 signs that you'll reach challenger*

Me: hmm damn i may have a chance at diamond atleast *solo queues rank*

The 4 dumbest human beings: *im about to ruin this mans whole career*
İtikatın Silahı
İtikatın Silahı:
QOTD: My first rank was silver 4. Now, I'm in Plat 2.
Student Rodrigo Morales Vila
Student Rodrigo Morales Vila:
QOTD: my first was bronze and after 4 seasons, plat