10 Things Jason Momoa Can't Live Without | GQ

There are a few things Jason Momoa can't live without when he travels. From his chain wallet and guitar collection to his vinyl records and a Harley Davidson motorcycle, these are Jason's travel essentials.

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10 Things Jason Momoa Can't Live Without | GQ

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Jess Radford-Proctor
Jess Radford-Proctor:
He seems so down-to-earth. I also appreciate how much he talks about finding biodegradable solutions and trying to not use plastic bottles. Thinking about what we leave for the future merits a lot of respect.
This man just travels with everything he owns.
At this point, I'm just waiting for Jason Mamoa to open an Etsy shop.
John Ferguson
John Ferguson:
This guy is an entire vibe, love his energy
Even though he got fame and wealth he stayed true to his roots, good man love his energy sm
I feel like Momoa just plays himself when he plays Aquaman
Almost Made
Almost Made:
I feel like we need to have a road trip film with Momoa and Mcconaughey.
eren jaeger
eren jaeger:
Jason: I travel with two adorable stuffed toys.
Also Jason: Here’s my belt with its customized knife pouch and my sharp knife.

He is the best. 👊🏼
Hanzo Hasashi
Hanzo Hasashi:
Love how much effort he puts into staying environmentally friendly
Under the Heavens
Under the Heavens:
Momoa is living the life. Happy for his success, cannot wait for the Dune movie!
M M:
He travels with 400 records, 6 guitars, a drum kit and 8 motorcycles. And heres me leaving my dog at the airport cuz he didn't meet the weight limit.
BwanaLana _
BwanaLana _:
As a Hawaiian, the thought of being able to just plant my slippers excites me. Slippers go like hot cakes, so the ability to eliminate so much rubber waste is great for the aina!
Jason is like a human oxymoron. So many opposing things that somehow make sense for him... he's truly unique!!!
Alfie Fry
Alfie Fry:
This is exactly what I expected his ten essential to be , and I’m not disappointed .
This dude is about as close to perfection as it gets. Can we clone him, like, a billion times?
So sophisticated and yet so raw! Love his vibe
dianne perkins
dianne perkins:
How could you NOT love this MAN!!! He is so down to earth. He loves his wife, children and friends. He has a great personality and good sense of humor,love you Jason! I hope great things continue to come your way! .
I've loved Jason ever since I saw him in Stargate Atlantis, but now I'm even more convinced he's a unicorn. The combination of his physical features, character traits, talents and hobbies is simply unique. ❤
Farhan M
Farhan M:
I like how this guys just makes everything he wants
This guy is so genuine, a family friend of ours, and just an amazing person all around
Love him, so glad to see him on this series. Every item feels authentic.
Sam Adams
Sam Adams:
“So Jason , how much of this did you make ?”
- Jason: “yes”.
Its_MillerTime 315
Its_MillerTime 315:
This man basically created all his essentials 🙌🏽 .. much respect 🤘🏽
Anjel Storm
Anjel Storm:
I am always left in awe by this man! He is so passionate about treating the planet with love and respect, and actively tries to help bring about solutions to make that possible. I fully support and respect everything this man comes out with. Thank you for being such a great role-model! Much respect, man!
J Perez
J Perez:
I love how environmentally conscious he is. Yes I totally agree! We should stop using plastic. 👏
Imtiaz Farooq
Imtiaz Farooq:
The energy and love for nature is palpable. A great man.
Kanika Sharma
Kanika Sharma:
Exactly how I imagined it would be! Have you seen a more chilled guy? Lol he is ridiculously cool 💙💙 love him and his whole vibe!!
Jason Mamoa is everything LA hipster dudes want and try to be
Mister K
Mister K:
An actor and also appreciates cinematography and rocks his own setup, big ups!
M. E.
M. E.:
I love how connected Jason is to his family, craftsmanship, and Mother Nature
Alex Vennos
Alex Vennos:
Should we tell him what vinyl records are made of?
Anthony K
Anthony K:
This just might be the greatest and most honest 10 essential video I have ever watched.
Dylan Van Handel
Dylan Van Handel:
This guy is like a really cool mix between a tribal Hawaiian guy and a hardcore biker
This episode definitely made me want to buy a reusable water bottle. It's the least I can do to help the earth.
Igor Saric
Igor Saric:
Momoa: hates plastic bottles and plastic in general. ALSO Momoa - never travels without 300-400 VINYL records......
Marja R.
Marja R.:
I though he was an awesome person before, but this video just upped my opinion of him 1000 % ⭐️
Adam Pine
Adam Pine:
So in review - he travels with a full band kit, several cameras, and several motorcycles on top of all the other smaller items. Does he have an 18 wheeler following him everywhere lmao
I guess being "down to earth" means something else when you're a multimilioner
Wyman Jung
Wyman Jung:
Met his dad today, cool guy and could tell he’s really proud of his son.
The one GQ interview we've all been waiting for 🙌🏽
Mark Holmes
Mark Holmes:
No single use plastic, but travels with records, guitars etc. oh well I guess his heart is in the right place like the majority of people.
There is a lot to this dude. Much respect!
He is the undefeated boss at the end of the “playing guitar in front of a tree at any given college campus” journey. The treat is under water in a bubble like when spongebob played in the bubble bowl…
Sean Kent
Sean Kent:
The fact he pulled out master of reality increased his coolness. ✊
Jarrus Jenkins
Jarrus Jenkins:
He travels with 12 instruments!
I own 13 guitars in total and people tell me I have a problem but he TRAVELS with them!
How the other half live eh?
To be fair, hes a cool guy
Unicorn Princess
Unicorn Princess:
I adore him. He's an amazing person
Da_ Old man
Da_ Old man:
5:17 respect to him, family over anything any day
My literal favourite actor, Hunan and all around person…just so down to earth and so true to himself, he doesn’t need to fake anything, he’s awesome, he’s Jason Momoa!!!
Jason caring about the planet just upped his awesomeness factor 1000 fold.
"I hate platic, its bad for the environment. I also travel with several motorcycles, 20 instruments, 400 records and a small circus."
Hayden Ball
Hayden Ball:
Imagine getting stuck behind this guy in the TSA line and you've got a flight to catch...
Jake Stroll
Jake Stroll:
Now this is manliness without toxicity. Can he be my new dad?
Susie Rabago
Susie Rabago:
I love his movies, his vibe, I can't wait for the sunglasses!!!
Kay A.K.A Kishore
Kay A.K.A Kishore:
Who wants to see him in some Sons Of Anarchy style motorcycle club action/thriller stuff?
Carlos Villaverde
Carlos Villaverde:
I love how he loves PHOTOGRAPHY. He speaks so passionately about it and he shoots FILM!! God bless you Sir!! 🙏🏽
Zess T
Zess T:
Don’t you just love it when a cool person gets famous 😂
This guy seems cool. He should try acting.
Get Vin Diesel on cause we know the 10 things he can’t live without, family.
Violet Moon
Violet Moon:
Love the guy even more he’s into proper metal bands! 🖤
He is one of the rare actually unique celebs out there. No one is like him.
Fashion Photographer James Santiago
Fashion Photographer James Santiago:
3:58 He absolutely loves photography! That's awesome. Would not have guessed it. Good hobby, Jason
Eliza 1000
Eliza 1000:
I don't think he needs any of these he just needs that scrunchie and that's it 😂
Ashton Martin
Ashton Martin:
This is what we want - Aquaman being himself actually talking about environment.
I really want one of those wallets.
barry allen
barry allen:
I love this guy, such a nice pure energy around him, also, that's the biggest ring I ever saw in my entire life
Now we know what he can live without I guess…
❤️ Momoa ❤️ For cause and for principle. 🙏🙏
Matriuzka koñie
Matriuzka koñie:
He can't be more cool 📸🤘
Ivette Guerrero
Ivette Guerrero:
I can’t explain how much I love this man! I’m a big fan of Aquaman!! Hoping one day I get to meet him! 🔱😭
UGH Love him ❤
Shifty Bat
Shifty Bat:
Any time someone like this says they have a huge record collection I always wonder what ones we have in common, as it is statistically a given that there is some overlap. Fun to think about.
He so amazing and crafty😍😍
not just things he cant live without but also the environment
Sébastien Bastenier
Sébastien Bastenier:
Jason Momoa is "the Man" 🤙💪🎸☠️🤟
Edwin Serratos
Edwin Serratos:
Amazing man i swear hes awsome!!!
David Crow
David Crow:
Im convinced. I’m never using “single use plastic” again
Dean Botha
Dean Botha:
What an awesome human being! 🤘🏻🎸
chillindylan 98
chillindylan 98:
Awesome to know he is a fellow guitar player
Grim Trin
Grim Trin:
he’s too adorable 😭
Jason and Brendan would be SO LIT in a “Mummy” sequel
Man. This man travels heavy!
Nicholas Holahan
Nicholas Holahan:
Keep knocking it out of the park, sir!
TCY 1997
TCY 1997:
So he wants to reduce single use plastics. That's great and all but how do you then justify traveling with 8 Harley Davidson motorcycles flying around the world .... Uhhh
Federico Faenza
Federico Faenza:
Me: Will this fit in the overhead compartment?
Jason Momoa: I travel with multiple containers full of stuff.
Marachel Leib
Marachel Leib:
after 13 seconds I'm already melting what <3
Nicolás Glebowski Góngora
Nicolás Glebowski Góngora:
Now he´s a real life superhero!!!
Alberto Colon
Alberto Colon:
I say it all the time,your a great man and im blessed to have your twin in this world. My big brother looks like you and acts like you since day one. Bless you and your family 👪
Marissa Rose
Marissa Rose:
hes so insanely cool
Lino Monsterpie
Lino Monsterpie:
What a good guy
Hanky Pyle
Hanky Pyle:
he is badass and loveable at the same time...
piyush trivedi
piyush trivedi:
I love him especially his hairs
Studio Minerva
Studio Minerva:
I wanna be like him fr ❤️❤️
Life Game Changer
Life Game Changer:
The great bearded man has spoken
Wasn’t expecting that …. Something different quite interesting guy ❤️
Ariel Muñoz Alvarez
Ariel Muñoz Alvarez:
He didn’t even took out his earphones the whole time and they didn’t make it as an essential?? 😅
even though he got fame and wealth he stayed true to his roots.
I love this man!! He is so awesome and so fine!! Love that he is trying to change his plastic usage and yeah obviously he still uses some plastic but he's trying to change that. Can't wait for Aquaman 2
Wants to save the earth but travels with 10 guitars
Force of Nature
Force of Nature:
I like how his hair evolves as the video goes on