10 Times Lucas Torreira Proved That He Is World Class

10 Times Lucas Torreira Proved That He Is World Class (2019)

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*World Class = Torreira* 🔥🔥
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Humayun Kabir
Humayun Kabir:
Arsenal need two or three more Uruguayan players in the team. They are passionate about football.
Fatma Alghafri
Fatma Alghafri:
How can I explain my kids that fred is more expensive than torreria
Sumiran pokhrel
Sumiran pokhrel:
Torriera looked like little version of Ronaldo during that Napoli goal😂♥️
Mohamed Mouliom
Mohamed Mouliom:
Size is not a factor.
Al C
Al C:
1:49 that tackle to Ronaldo...epic!!!
Alex Tolfrey
Alex Tolfrey:
That Tottenham display from him at the Emirates is arguably the best CM display from an Arsenal player in the last 10 years, absolute class.
James Hetfield
James Hetfield:
I think his back to his form from the unbeaten run the beginning of the season. Very solid performance against Napoli
Pharos Kebenei kenei
Pharos Kebenei kenei:
We need to give Torreira whatever he wants. If he wants to live in The Buckingham Palace, the Queen has to leave❤❤
Alexis Martínez
Alexis Martínez:
Uruguay para todo el mundo!!! Mates , asados con amigos , fútbol y nada más!!!
My man's 5 foot 6 and he dropped ronaldo
A Milner
A Milner:
I am in a world where Torreira is replaced by Elneny😣... And Ramsey....oOh man🤕
B Da Costa
B Da Costa:
0:23 Não há lance mais Uruguaio que esse
Daniel Logan
Daniel Logan:
Highlight of this video is the way torreira says hi to ronaldo letting him know whos boss
He even tackles with his head!
Adrian-David Balu
Adrian-David Balu:
I love the determination he has. That's what loving the beautiful game means. #COYG
dedy kurniyanto
dedy kurniyanto:
Arsenal like have more determination when he play.
M4L TV - Free Downloads Daily
M4L TV - Free Downloads Daily:
This guy even attempts to head the ball while it's down on the grass. Wow - such determination is rare.
2:53 is one of the craziest things I've ever seen in football, he tried to tackle the ball with his head.
WoW he actually is fearless going in head first in some tackles awesome
Answer to all our prayers 😍🔴⚪️
Torreira-Different class and Arsenals new Vieira
Andres Agustin
Andres Agustin:
"¿Quién es Torreira?" Dijo el periodista argentino Mariano Closs.
asyraf shukuri
asyraf shukuri:
U have my respect. Tckle using head 💯👏💪
Sahara M. Ismail
Sahara M. Ismail:
Toreira is word class player midfielder
Alby Alfana
Alby Alfana:
We're lucky to have him...
Mark almond
Mark almond:
World class warrior
0:20 I could watch that on repeat for 12 days
Potential to be an Arsenal legend.
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Torreira is World-class. He has been our best signing and the signing of the window.
Ken Lauder
Ken Lauder:
Lucas torreira❤️❤️
Pedro Casacão
Pedro Casacão:
Torreira breathes...
Jigme Wangchuk
Jigme Wangchuk:
Such a brave player, glad he's on our side.
What an amazing video ❤️
Niccolò Ivarson
Niccolò Ivarson:
Strong asf hahaha when he pushed ronaldo off the ball😂😂
Hurts to see such a passionate player at a club with zero passion
eddie costa
eddie costa:
URUGUAYAN 😡😡👏👏 PAC-MAN He will eat you Alive when he is on The. Pitch. He doesn’t play with his legs he os ALL HEART ♥️⚽️
Rang Klos
Rang Klos:
Damn it Lucas think of your own safety sometime will you?
Kante take some lessons
Sniper Nogix
Sniper Nogix:
What a player! I want him in my Juventus 😍⚪️⚫️
Ashraf Jamal
Ashraf Jamal:
Haven't seen any player using a head when the ball is on the ground. He's a legend already
Josh Leader
Josh Leader:
He just out strengthed Ronaldo
Sushan Saakya
Sushan Saakya:
Just want to see him score a freekick in arsenal color ...
Brandon Villa
Brandon Villa:
What an amazing player!! One of the best midfielders atm!
Gareth Bartlett
Gareth Bartlett:
We need to give him a career long contract so he stays until retirement.
Jamsen Hazard
Jamsen Hazard:
true fighter.. world class
Night Light
Night Light:
Defending with header. That Rare
He needs more playing time
TheCleaner 1101
TheCleaner 1101:
im so happy to have him at arsenal ! the team is at a whole other level when he is in it
Walaal kujecel
Walaal kujecel:
what i love him he is 100% committed, give you love , passion,
Tobias Langvad2
Tobias Langvad2:
He is so passionate he goes into nearly every heading challenge even he now he can’t win💪💪💪
Sandi Sasono
Sandi Sasono:
his style of play kinda remind me of santi
Mohammed G Pc
Mohammed G Pc:
the best in the world
1:50 좆두 참교육
Abrar Adib
Abrar Adib:
Your videos are awsome bro really awsome. Thank you for making arsenal videos im an arsenal fan
ewa pytlarz
ewa pytlarz:
Beasted Kane, Ronaldo, neymar and half the Tottenham squad
Haha Hihi huhu
Haha Hihi huhu:
Torreira Woaaaah !!! real fighter 🔥
DrÁgØn BâLL Clîps
DrÁgØn BâLL Clîps:
When 5'5 bullies other player you know it's the most beautiful game.
aditi das
aditi das:
0:26 who saw that handball from dele 😂😂
Jesse Crick
Jesse Crick:
He comes from uraguay he’s only 5ft 5

*BRUTAL!!!* 🔥😈🔥
Mr. Spooninator
Mr. Spooninator:
1:49 My favourite clip. Not much beats Ronaldo getting put on his arse by a midget
11Th Strawhat
11Th Strawhat:
When he plays, i never feel we will lose the game. When he don't i'm little afraid.
K T:
Unai should let Lucas take the mid range free kicks, instead of continuous predictable quickplay which most of the time goes to waste.... Lucas can score those bangerz from that distance.... #COYG
1:49 Garra charrua
Elias Toledo
Elias Toledo:
Bienvenido a Boca 💙💛💙 (Guarden este comentario).
Coach Mide
Coach Mide:
I'm glad we bought him for 22.4 million
good video keep it up 💪
sayeed hasan
sayeed hasan:
Saw this title and laughed
A Llama
A Llama:
2:48 the determination here
Manlike Me
Manlike Me:
No way he did Ronaldo like that
What a beast
Tom Lander
Tom Lander:
The one dislike is lloris
He will be important against Watford
A great player 👏
Norman Fernèe
Norman Fernèe:
Great player inconsistent though
Maria Salete Delfino
Maria Salete Delfino:
Name of The Music
Le football c’est mon art
Le football c’est mon art:
Really good video bro keep it real enjoy 😊
D T:
He should be careful with that head trick on ground, it could be dangerous and injury prone.
Dude RU4 Real
Dude RU4 Real:
Don’t think I have ever seen a player try to tackle with his head, even while the ball is on the fall and boots are flying in 😳
Hex Xcotic
Hex Xcotic:
1:54 pure strength and 2:08 what a goal
Barney Goddard
Barney Goddard:
Great video
🎶 he’s only five foot five 🎶
Andrea Romano
Andrea Romano:
Welcome to Ac Milan
Ag Thomas
Ag Thomas:
Young 🐐
Madvi Muddhoye
Madvi Muddhoye:
A realakable beast that we need a lion with a roaaaaarrrŕrrr
Zoro_ Xd
Zoro_ Xd:
outro music ?
Vrizk vrizk
Vrizk vrizk:
Welcome to Milan
Android Kante as they call him 😂
Arke shar
Arke shar:
I like the south American passion and hard-work when it comes to FOOTBALL maybe some people call it #SOCCER
Deeq Maxamed
Deeq Maxamed:
The future cabtan of arsenal
Abel Naiken
Abel Naiken:
Love that guy
Ashraf Jamal
Ashraf Jamal:
Hes a fighter
fikri agustian
fikri agustian:
Welcome to milan
Alan Ryms
Alan Ryms:
Iqbal Irmawan
Iqbal Irmawan:
damn, such determination! what a gem Arsenal has.
Cede 91
Cede 91:
He's different.
yonatan sigawi
yonatan sigawi:
Welcome to Milan
Manuel Bermejo Almazán
Manuel Bermejo Almazán:
Welcome to Atlético 🔴⚪🔴⚪
t wanggyall
t wanggyall:
What a beast 💪💪💪
Look how he dealed with that one on one vs Spurs...World class