12 False Dawns MAN UNITED Have Had Since 2013

The Irish Guy takes a look at 12 false dawns that Manchester United have had since Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement in 2013.

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Alxndr lol
Alxndr lol:
No one gonna talk about solanke scoring 2thats weird boys let's reach 1k and I will spam the Irish guy on dm praising solanke
ALA_Legend 02
ALA_Legend 02:
“Its been a painful 7 years for utd”

Me: *laughs in Arsenal fan*
Epic Memer
Epic Memer:
Day 8: Each premier league clubs player who is most likely to end up in Jail
solanke scored

anything can happen
Theodore Petridis
Theodore Petridis:
The premier league table if every clubs captain was their manager
Outlaw Rip-off artist
Outlaw Rip-off artist:
I actually kind of want Ollie to win a premier League just to watch the Irish guys reaction.
Kamal Kannan
Kamal Kannan:
Remember the time Ole made you bath in milk?
Finlay Anderson
Finlay Anderson:
When he says remember this, about a terrible Man United period. As a United fan I honestly prefer not to remember.
Fyi for me a Man United fan none of these I got excited about
alli alli
alli alli:
just like the old saying :"13th time's a charm"
and how many premier league does man united have (13)
believe me its all connected together
Young Clueless
Young Clueless:
Michael probably gets PTSD from his milk bath whenever he opens the fridge in the morning
dan kid
dan kid:
Like when u bathed in milk
After watching this video I'm gonna bathe in depression
We really cant enjoy our run of wins can we?😂
Matt Singh
Matt Singh:
Imagine having 12 false dawns in 7 years 😂
Steven Daley
Steven Daley:

(Could be current or ever)
Harry Beverley
Harry Beverley:
When United have been that bad the last seven years that Irish Guy can't even make a 10 minute video on their false dawns
Aaryan Agarwal
Aaryan Agarwal:
Never a Manchester United fan said Maguire is the last peice of the jigsaw after we sold lukaku wasnt allowed a replacement and didn't sign a midfielder or a real rw even now it will atleast take a skriniar or koulibali with sancho grealish and a proper dm or saul to challenge and thats for the first team majorly remember this season liverpool hasnt had to go with major injury problems apart from their gk
United look good at the moment. They're about on par with Chelsea and let's face it, they could still get 3rd, and this is coming from a Liverpool fan. If you really wanna kick the shit out of a team right now, try Arsenal or Tottenham.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith:
As a United fan, nah, not taking this bait (the comments section, that is)
Fernandez was the playmaker they were missing since Scholes. If Pogba stays, he will be given the role that he wants which is box to box midfielder. The back line however, is a joke. Maguire is another over rated English International who the media lose their tiny minds over, just because he can "pass out from the back." Well, supposedly, John stones can do the same and fuck me look at the unforced errors both players have. DeGea has been extremely shaky and they need to fix that or see if Henderson has what it takes. We'll see in time if Rashford, Martial and Greenwood have what it takes to score 20+ goals a season. The expectations on both Rashford and Greenwood is unfair and suffocating. Rashford has been expected to carry the team since he started scoring goals. That sort of pressure will burn out a normal player. Rashford looks like he has his head screwed on but greenwood has been given a lot of money for his age and pressure . Hope he doesn't piss it up a wall or get destroyed by the game.
Sir Auryn
Sir Auryn:
Irishman: 12 false dawns
Reality: 1 false dawn - Mourinho 2nd.
Evan Thomas
Evan Thomas:
Suggestion: What would every premier league managers job be if they where not managers
A Person
A Person:
The fact that they’ve had more false dawns than Ucl apperances in the last 2 years is
just a showing
master alik
master alik:
Man united fans: I have been hurt too many times, this is the one, we are back
Japhet Cashdan
Japhet Cashdan:
Can we respect he still uploaded this even though it wasn't at 10 minutes
Vedanth Nair
Vedanth Nair:
The Irish guy is gonna regret this in a few years. I'm guaranteeing it
Reasons :
We have wan bissaka not blakket
We have Bruno and not di Maria
We have Maguire not smalling
We have good youngsters.

Watch I'm telling you now united will return to challenge for the title in a few years.


By a few years I mean 5 or 6 years
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma:
Best teams/clubs to never win the champions league like Ajax 18/19 team
Michael Fox
Michael Fox:
You just jinxed them
MR. FlaiR
MR. FlaiR:
1:37 "he knew what the level of ech...tation was"
Man Utd 2-2 Southampton

False Dawn 13 incoming?
David Kilamon
David Kilamon:
In reality there’s been 3 false dawns, 1) when united got a string of good results under LVG 2) when Jose started his second season 3) ole’s caretaker stint feat, PSG
John Watermelon
John Watermelon:
Ok, now I have no doubt that you're some kind of wizard. You jinxed United today with this freaking video 🤦🏻‍♂️
Dee Kaya
Dee Kaya:
This guy just hates utd because he's a Liverpool/Manchester city supporter
Gotta get this in while we haven't won the leauge yet 😂
As soon as I start feeling pretty good about my lads. Just let me have my fun however long it lasts:(
Andrew sanga
Andrew sanga:
Hopefully we can become great again after this
Justin TAN
Justin TAN:
I stopped having hope since 2017, even if we on a unbeaten streak rn I still feel like we could lose against Southampton and throw away the opportunity to overtake Chelsea and Leicester
W x B
W x B:
They may have finished 6th but at least Jose made up for it by winning the Europa League
you are waffling, its been 7 years since 2013 and you chose 12 good moments? C'mon you are better than this
Edwards Adjaino
Edwards Adjaino:
What club does the Irish Guy support? I'm really curious.
Mohamed Essam
Mohamed Essam:
Every club's player that couldn't play out of the premier league
Kyle G
Kyle G:
The fact there are 12 to pick from is hilarious
Breckin Uwins
Breckin Uwins:
Rank the Premier League mascots
Charles Pringle
Charles Pringle:
Great, now my fragile optimism in this club is even less😂
Whittar 2
Whittar 2:
Aaaaand they drew.
Elliot Wilmo
Elliot Wilmo:
Hi from full-time Man U 1-6 Spurs 4/10/2020.

Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson:
Beating Leverkusen 5-0 away should be on here too
Daniel Creedon
Daniel Creedon:
Please do a video predicting Stephen Kenny's first Irish squad
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo:
7:02 this picture giving off some strange vibes
Akul Vaishnavi
Akul Vaishnavi:
This basically listed the 12 times Utd have played well since 2013
Owen O'Malley
Owen O'Malley:
To answer your question. "Yeah no" 😂
Manny GLP
Manny GLP:
Damn this video just made me realize so many things😂
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer:
Great concept
god there’s a lot of man united videos coming out 🤍💙💛
I love the way they've had TWELVE 😂
Mohammed rais Abdullah
Mohammed rais Abdullah:
day 1 of every player who played in the best ever world cup 2010
Steve Parton
Steve Parton:
This is one of my favourite videos... as a united fan... I relate massively to a lot of these false dawns ........
Juan Manuel Henao Gallego
Juan Manuel Henao Gallego:
Watching this after Man United conceded a last-minute equalizer to Southampton. Life is beautiful.
This is how many times he said, YEAH.... no
QLoiner 17
QLoiner 17:
Brentford going like a steam train 😂 get that tattoo gun ready.
Minos Kronides
Minos Kronides:
Last time i was this early man united won the leaghe
Well do you expect United to win everything forever? I appreciate all the United players over the last 7 years and do hope we are on the up, but I have had a life full of seeing United win trophy after trophy. ..all the best.
Jack Fitzpatrick
Jack Fitzpatrick:
Day 1 of Ranking Each Premier league Season
Elliot Wilmo
Elliot Wilmo:
Hi from half-time Man U 1-4 Spurs 4/10/2020.

Kenenna Udochukwu
Kenenna Udochukwu:
I hope this is a false dawn, man.
Remz Diablo
Remz Diablo:
Di maria scared to leaving the house 🤣
John Barr
John Barr:
this video gave me depression
Bill Nye The BDSM Guy
Bill Nye The BDSM Guy:
Can you go back to talking about the football that is actually being played right now...?
Chapperz 2204
Chapperz 2204:
One thing that has had a massive effect on each club
Shourish Kothawale
Shourish Kothawale:
I feel this turnaround is for the different Man Utd will soon come out on top. GGMU. This time it is not just like 1 win and draws, it's continuos victories with 3 Goal diff.
Danny Pang
Danny Pang:
But we you looked closely, this is the first time we have gone 17 games unbeaten during Post-Sir Alex Ferguson era. So...
kanser si dogie at si xander ford pareho kayo bugok
kanser si dogie at si xander ford pareho kayo bugok:
hey Michael why no reaction video on solanke scoring a brace lol
James Fagbuyi
James Fagbuyi:
Thanks, confidence is crying. Nice one mate.
Adam Walker
Adam Walker:
The the day this video was uploaded utd drew 2-2 at home against Southampton could this be the start of utds downfall again 🤣
bruno fernandes
bruno fernandes:
I'm a United fan but this year I feel we are finally playing some good existing football CONSISTENTLY since bruno came in
lmao you're reaching
Can you do an Everton version of this ?
David Aspinall
David Aspinall:
Last time I was this early it was Liverpool fans screaming "next year is our year"
Lebohang Mohapi
Lebohang Mohapi:
All those false dawns have me in a rut.. thanks you Irish gloom!
Hashim Ali
Hashim Ali:
As a city fan I want man Utd to be in the ucl rather than Leicester so we can see how far man u reaches
O G:
Ahhh the good old days
Game Broots
Game Broots:
U just destroyed my hope😭
Dayne Richards
Dayne Richards:
Robert STAN
Robert STAN:
And now we gon be at the third spot
Tevin Mabaso
Tevin Mabaso:
Why does everyone j like to pick on United? coming from a Liverpool fans
Formerly known as ZamDd
Formerly known as ZamDd:
Day 40: Premier League Table with every premier League clubs best all time XI.
Jake Ramsay
Jake Ramsay:
Great concept
just stop dude you are giving me a heart attack and for the sake of god it must be the start of something and this time it maybe different because now we are actually playing good brand of football
The Big Quack
The Big Quack:
Gee Irish guy thanks for spiking my anxiety might as well not watch the match tonight

Edit: This is entirely your fault...
And this is why I am very humble about our recent good form...
Last time i was this early. Was never i found it in 51 seconds
Will Chekal
Will Chekal:
The Heavy D joke haha
Jake Meng HOR
Jake Meng HOR:
I’m here
9th in December and a real shot at 3rd in the end... 🤷🏽‍♂️
Connor Rodgerson
Connor Rodgerson:
I do think they have definitely turned a corner now, their run of form has been way too long to be considered a false dawn
Hey irishguy guess what Solanke scored a goal
oh how the mighty have fallen
well for the purpose of this video you had to stretched it but the genuine false dawns (to me at least) were the 4 nil wins, the form in that city comeback and pre-paris united.

but I know for sure is isn't a false dawn
if it turns out to be I will just end it right here and now