13 EPIC Novak Djokovic vs Daniil Medvedev Tennis Points 🤯

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54 comentarios:

Dana white
Dana white:
Med is probably the only player that djokovic can't suffocate with his angles and precision
Thomas Brunkle
Thomas Brunkle:
Djokovic was a treat to watch in the ATP Cup
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
Looking forward to the match tonight. Djokovic and Medvedev certainly is a very enjoyable match up.
Wrist Sorrow
Wrist Sorrow:
I love their matches so much
Thiem out-nadaled Nadal yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if Medvedev out-Djokovic'es Djokovic today.
Funny to see Djokovic play against Djokovic
Nhật Long Vũ
Nhật Long Vũ:
Medvedev is the only one who can go toe-to-toe with Novak in the beginning of 2020 and the match they had in the ATP Cup Semi is just out of this world !!!
Yuyang Zheng
Yuyang Zheng:
Khachanov said Medvedev looks like an *Octopus* on court😂 Can’t find a better analogy
Vazha Tarieladze
Vazha Tarieladze:
I think daniil will win today. Novak is little bit off his form while daniil is back to his very best
Asher Sikes
Asher Sikes:
They actually have really similar playing styles. All of their points take so long, in the end it's just a battle of stamina.
nir S
nir S:
I think Medvedev has a very good future ahead of him
Faiyaz Tanvir Tariq
Faiyaz Tanvir Tariq:
Their match in ATP cup was insane both player played at their peak of their powers.Nole vs Med rivalry renewed
Yin Hou Khor
Yin Hou Khor:
Their games do have a fair bit in common. That's probably why it's a pretty good match up. And this one was a very good match!!
The atp cup match was one of the best 3 setters ever
Ned exec is a great player. I just can’t get over the way his strokes look, yet work so well.
60 fps would be really nice tho ^^
Coin Chaser
Coin Chaser:
Some of the best rallies
Yiasin Arafat
Yiasin Arafat:
Medvedev win match today
Alvin Marvellus
Alvin Marvellus:
Med and djikovic always go with over every set
I just needed to see some crowded courts to remember how much better is the REAL tennis!
Bartholomew Lyons
Bartholomew Lyons:
At 4:5 down and AD it must have been heartbreaking to lose the point at the net. He had it, Med had it
Grande Jesulín Djokovic!!! 💪🎾
JmanGaming TV
JmanGaming TV:
4:56 to 6:16 was out of this world!
Misharik G
Misharik G:
Мой комент он восьмой!
beard i
beard i:
Medvedev most probably futur Djokovic kryptonite, while Nadal is doing good against Med for the moment.
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
We hope both player on top !! Lets have an unreal match
Their upcoming match should be very tasty 😋.
Milan Suleic
Milan Suleic:
It's crucial for Novak to win today against Medvedev, to not play Thiem in semifinals.
Bishal Neer
Bishal Neer:
Don't know why but from the current seeds in this year's finals, Thiem vs Nadal becomes very fascinating and mental soothing match to watch!
Daniel FLS
Daniel FLS:
Djokovic vs Medvedev and Djokovic vs Wawrinka, these are the duels you are waiting for.
Anant Joshi
Anant Joshi:
Looks like Medvedev is Djokovic's heir.. He will be next no 1 or may be Thiem
Harsha Vardhan
Harsha Vardhan:
This time Novak will use more drop shots
partheshwar mani
partheshwar mani:
Battle of who blinks first
Lets hope Novak wins so he can avoid Thiem
Jonathan Grant
Jonathan Grant:
medvedev should have went down the line with the backhand at 5.33 i dont understand players obsession with hitting to their opponents
Federico Scola
Federico Scola:
I hope Medvedev wins tonight but it will be a tough one
Saji Chirakal
Saji Chirakal:
If medvedev plays too defensive then djokovic will win easily
Jicky Wilson
Jicky Wilson:
Tezuka hype
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
I wonder if Medvedev bulk up a little, would he be even better with more power to his swing and serve?
Vatsal Shah
Vatsal Shah:
Novak will win in 3 sets today
No epic points just long rallies.
Richie Wang
Richie Wang:
You would think Medvedev telegraphs a lot of his shots, but his timing is awkward and unpredictable
Novak will win today
Mareddy madhav Madhav
Mareddy madhav Madhav:
Awesome stretch
its a real battle of attrition when these 2 guys play, both crazy consistent and both hit with great depth and both have insane defence, it's basically who can serve bigger and who will tire first that decides the outcome
Radomir Zivanovic
Radomir Zivanovic:
Postojili mogucnost da vecerasnj mec Djokovic -Medvedev gledam . Kako doci do slike.
hiren Drall
hiren Drall:
What is the song that plays after the end of the matchs at the atp world tour finals. Please tell me. Please
clemente castaño ochoa
clemente castaño ochoa:
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ნოდარ არჩვაძე
ნოდარ არჩვაძე:
Djokovic will easily humiliate Daniel
Слуга братски
Слуга братски:
Novak win 6-4 6-2
Рамис Нурмагамбетов
Рамис Нурмагамбетов:
Болею за Медведева, и Рублева Скоростные игроки..б
Nicolas tg
Nicolas tg:
Could not watch it to the end. Boredom at its very best. Nothing created, back of the court, boum, boum and boum. Appalling.
Go go Medvedev 🇷🇺
Максим Шарабурин
Максим Шарабурин:
Why Djoko's head is so big comparing to his shoulders, but his eyes are so stupid???