13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix

The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to make life-changing and heartbreaking choices about how their past will impact their future.

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13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix

As graduation approaches, Clay and his friends face agonizing choices when secrets from their past threaten their future. The final season.

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Liam Singh
Liam Singh:
I remember when this show used to be about a girl who commited suicide and her mental issues.
Season 1: 13 reasons why
Season 2: 13 reasons why
Season 3: riverdale
Season 4: Conjuring
Kanak ch Rabha
Kanak ch Rabha:
The truth is Ani didn't annoy me this season
Jan Rodriguez
Jan Rodriguez:
It’s official liberty high school is the worst school in the country
X Saber
X Saber:
How many gays do u want?
13 Reasons Why:Yes
hadis :D
hadis :D:
the best thing happened in this show was clay's parents adopting justin
Iam Godzilla
Iam Godzilla:
Season 1 : Who killed Hannah Baker?
Season 2 : Guess Who's going to die
Season 3 : Who killed Bryce Walker ?
Season 4 : Now guess who's in the coffin?
Brooklyn Fresh
Brooklyn Fresh:
mika m.
mika m.:
pov: you finished watching the last season in one night, leaving you dry and emotionless. now you're just scrolling down the comments to see people's thoughts/opinions
Juhquan Sturdivant
Juhquan Sturdivant:
Random guy: Can I buy you a drink?
Jessica: So, because I’m a woman that means I can’t buy myself a drink?
Mayank Singh Bhadouriya
Mayank Singh Bhadouriya:
Who else thinks that they did everything except studying 😂
Mark Smith
Mark Smith:
Isn't it crazy how 13 reasons why already showed us the racist policeman which put everything in motion today?
Mehmet Morina
Mehmet Morina:
Season 1: Hannah Baker
Season 2: Hannah Baker
Season 3: Bryce Walker
Season 4: Monty
Season 5: Ani had sex with diego
Season 6: Bryce was alive
Season 7: Clay gets sick
Season 8: Hannah Baker comes down from heaven with infinity gauntlet and becomes Captian Marvel and she snaps the finger so everyone that died returns
Season 9: Jessica Davis
Season 10: They all get a job
Taliyah Magnolia
Taliyah Magnolia:
Unpopular OPINION: Hannah was the one that let Jessica get raped
Harsh Verma
Harsh Verma:
The most heartbreaking scene was Justin's death 😥😥😥
• D a r k M e l o d y •
• D a r k M e l o d y •:
I’m excited but only 90’s kids remember when this was about a girl killing herself and all the reasons why.
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma:
Why is everyone hating on S3 so much. I loved S3 because they showed the complexities of a character like Bryce. It would be so easy to just paint him as an evil dude but they really showed how people are not black and white. It was great storytelling.
I was expecting a final dance with Hannah while The night we met sounds in the bg... basically bc this show is about her...
5000 Subscribers With Random Videos
5000 Subscribers With Random Videos:
Saw the whole season but only thing stuck in my mind is: What did clay whispered to that girl??
Just finished Season 4... i like how Tylers got his revenge without killing anyone. He is now banging the sister of Monty.. and Monty can‘t do shit. That‘s how you do it Ty ! Leave them weapons at Home u don‘t need them.
Zara Rashid
Zara Rashid:
Ok it's official, these kids have had the worst high school experience in the whole of history
Atul Patil
Atul Patil:
That school lockdown drill was pretty messed up
Spoiler alert!
This season title should have been
13 Reasons Why: All The Alex’s Men
Val Valeria
Val Valeria:
Wtf I guess I’m the only one who cried a lot when Justin died
Alara Falay
Alara Falay:
yes, justin deserved better but i will never forgive the writers for completely ruining zach's character AND his future.
Laya Worth
Laya Worth:
This school literally has a student die basically every year
Ayesha Yaqoob
Ayesha Yaqoob:
So Zach and Alex can have a life after an attempted murder and an actual murder but not Justin. This is so unfair to him. He always had so selflessly loved Jess and his friends. He deserved a happy ending more than anybody else.
Lexi C
Lexi C:
This was probably the hardest season to watch I’m not gonna lie
Subbing to Everyone who subs me!!
Subbing to Everyone who subs me!!:
Can we do a Age check because this show is for 18+ and I watch it even tho I'm 16 yrs old.

Like - if your 18 below
Comment -if your 18 above
John Hooper
John Hooper:

So they really got away with murder.. Wow..
BSA 悟:
"13 reasons why" started with a girls death ended with the whole schools mass genocide
can’t believe it’s all over!
Mace Dawn
Mace Dawn:
Anyone else came back to watch the trailer after finishing the season?
Someone in 13 Reasons Why: Dies

Dr Sprite
Dr Sprite:
Ani looks like she’s not going to be annoying asf this season
Why they felt the need to make everyone gay I'll never understand
Abdullah Aftab
Abdullah Aftab:
And the Oscar Award goes to:

Dylan Minnette AKA Clay Jensen
alexis t
alexis t:
Realizing there’s a lot of gay dudes in this shows. Monty, Alex, Winston, Charlie, Tony + boyfriend
Coming soon.. 17 reason why
Bryce:It's 17 reason why they killed me
"I thought this was over"
"at some point isn't it, like, enough is enough"
My boi Justin is just spitting facts about this show
people here are hating but will be the first people to watch this season. y'all are funny
Priyanshu Rawat
Priyanshu Rawat:
Netflix should cast Kathrine Langford for good rather than using season 1 scene
Marmika Kirnapure
Marmika Kirnapure:
First season: All of us thought that shit it will go bad if the tapes are out and Hannah will get justice but...
Second season: And tapes are out but court won't allow it!
I literally finished the final episode 5 minutes ago and I came back here to tell you if you haven't seen this season yet you're in for 1 hell of a ride lmao good luck
Clay "carrying this entire show on my back" Jensen
Ziango Rex
Ziango Rex:
I actually really liked this season. It felt like a journey. I like how every episode is set in different location.
Euphoria is better than this show.
Mya Williamson
Mya Williamson:
Honestly I don’t cry about shows but Justin’s death had me bawling
Anonymous Yd
Anonymous Yd:
The season finale was heartbreaking, season 1 and 4 were the best seasons.
Season 1: "We want to start a serious conversation about mental health"

Season 4: "We live in a society"
Rani Kumari
Rani Kumari:
I read somewhere- Killing off a main character just to make viewers or readers sad is lazy.
Couldn't agree more now.
Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma:
clay is has grown so much since first season
The fact i literally filled a bucket full of my tears
Man, Justin deserved a happy ending.
Bobby Jolin
Bobby Jolin:
This went from 13 reasons to how to get away with murder lmfaoo
Throwback to when I was looking forward to watching this and didn’t know what was going to happen
do they even go to classes at this point jesus wtf
preetam chatterjee
preetam chatterjee:
Major Spoilers

Justin is dead guys
He deserved a better ending ...
2⃣1⃣ Cabbage
2⃣1⃣ Cabbage:
After 3rd and 4th season

Hannah who?
Sam Love
Sam Love:
i truly can’t believe this story started off about a girl killing herself... wtf is this
Tandy Nyawanza
Tandy Nyawanza:
One word: Justin
sizzi Lizz
sizzi Lizz:
Y’all it’s been 4 months and I still can’t get over Justin’s death 😭
Aaheel Banik
Aaheel Banik:
I am actually surprised that this season was actually quite good and I really enjoyed it .
Reka Gergely
Reka Gergely:
Never cried that much that i did on the last episode...
Alex Metrjuk
Alex Metrjuk:
S1 and 2: I knew Hannah well
S3: I still remember her a bit
S4: You mean Hannah Montana or?
When you realise these kids did everything except studies!
Shivendrasinh Gohil
Shivendrasinh Gohil:
I just watched the whole season and its freaking Amazing!!!! I dont care what people say but this season is soo good.
I am gonna miss this show so much and the cast!!
Marc Schotte
Marc Schotte:
Lainie Jensen's acting was so on point in this final season like WHAT THE HELL
Rahul Rajput
Rahul Rajput:
This season's title should be "how to become a gay"..litterly every second couple in this show is gay....
First Last
First Last:
Season 1 is a completely different show than the other seasons lol
Complete Filler
Complete Filler:
A show: has a teen protagonist

Netflix: I can milk you.
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis:
bruh i feel so empty after finishing the whole show 😕
Eskander Aceval
Eskander Aceval:
Winston is so annoying for someone who didn't even have an actual relationship with the dead one. 😅
Niya Bellaqua
Niya Bellaqua:
Throughout the series, Bryce and Tyler’s stories tore me to pieces. I can imagine the pressure of being in Bryce’s position where the world isnt ready to accept you and is stifling you when you genuinely want to change.
Allison Williams
Allison Williams:
I never had this much drama in high school.
Nina Abeyratne
Nina Abeyratne:
So many people says that 13RW is so dramatic and they just stop watching it. Well yeah! It is dramatic cz its a drama. But people who love the show knows that those were real life issues somehow🖤. The thing is they have put all the issues together making it kind a unrealistic.
Joash Mathew Jibu
Joash Mathew Jibu:
me: *dreams about watching season 5 trailer...*
me to myself after i wake up: No. Don't do that, don't give me hope😭😭😭😭
Just came back to say this was a very well done season and it was nice to see them address clays declining mental health. Also ani was less annoying this season and looked *GOOD* so yay
Chelsea Lawrence
Chelsea Lawrence:
Justin Foley Had The Best Character Development Of All Time ,And Brandon Flynn Deserves A Standing Ovation For His Performance ,It Was Truly Immaculate 😭💗.
Had Me Crying At The End Of The Series,But I Loved It❤.
Shaun Arne Pek
Shaun Arne Pek:
0:47 “I thought this was over”

Caitlyn Regular
Caitlyn Regular:
ok is it just me or who else was balling their eyes out from the last episode💀
Dhruvesh Shah
Dhruvesh Shah:
First thing: When do they study?
Second thing: Last episode brings tears on many instances.
Third thing: Justin Foley dies due to AIDS.

Ok bye.
Season 1: Disturbing Season 2: Sick Season 3: TRASH Season 4: Awesome!
sakshi raghuvanshi
sakshi raghuvanshi:
This Season has been so good❤....What a Perfect Ending ♥️😭.....I'm still feeling bad for Justin but still this was the best season they could have made so far♥️♥️♥️
Movie Freak
Movie Freak:
Other school: study and graduate
Here: solve a crime mystery and graduate
Rachana Deshpande
Rachana Deshpande:
Rip justin foley
I really can’t believe this show is over like I feel so attached to the characters and show it’s sad man
Hazzzy Plays
Hazzzy Plays:
Who’s here after Justin died 😭😩
John Mchanon
John Mchanon:
This season was so rushed and ass
Addicted to Youtube!
Addicted to Youtube!:
Season 1: 13 Reasons Why
Season 2: 13 Reasons Why
Season 3: Riverdale
Season 4: How to get away with murder
The show teaches you to cover up murder and potential school shooters for the sake of your future
A J:
thanks, Netflix ur one of the reason I'm still alive in 2020.... coz this series 13RW helped me to cure my depression and I have become more mentally stronger than ever before ....Thanks a lot for this series.
Vaggelis Pera
Vaggelis Pera:
I was so committed to work the last two months that I just found out that season 4 released 2 months ago.. For me 13 reasons it's one of the best realistic shows out there. Really enjoyed 1,2,3 seasons now I read in the comments that season 4 it's confusing but I will come back to update.
shaurya kashyap
shaurya kashyap:
Best season of the series .... Pretty much bcoz of its emotional value as well as the real mental health issues they talked about in this season like anxiety, depression, hallucinations, ptsd, road to recovery, etc.
Different genres like horror, sci-fi, etc were also seen in some episodes.. Also realistic issues like police brutality, racism and so on.
Dylan as Clay was mind blowing this season as well as his relationship with justin....
Brandon as Justin... Nailed it bro... Besdt character development... Never thought I'm gonna cry for him...
A great ending and farewell too as this season is more about the evil in the minds of the people.
Definitely a must watch, 9/10.
James Adams
James Adams:
I remember when the show was about a girl who killed herself and was struggling with mental problems. Guess not!!!
Farzana Niha
Farzana Niha:
Loved all the season and season 4 was so different yet emotional. I ended up crying at last episode because i loved that cast. The bromance Between Clay and Justin is something else. What a growth between these from the very 1st episode to the last episode. Now i need to revise this series again and again to forget the fact that i need not to wait for it for another season. Its so heart breaking btw
Vihan Jadhav
Vihan Jadhav:
Who's Here After Watching All Episodes Of 13 Reasons Why?
miguel contreras
miguel contreras:
really this season was the worst it would have been better to leave it in the third the characters and the story fell too