13 Reasons Why Season 4: Dylan Minnette on Emotional Ending and Possible Spin-Off | Full Interview

ET’s Katie Krause talks with Dylan Minnette about the final season of ‘13 Reasons Why,’ which premieres June 5 on Netflix.

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No matter what your opinion is of 13 Reasons why, we can all agree that he is an incredible actor
I want to see Dylan acting alot more, his acting is incredible and I don't mind seeing his face once in a while lol
karis hinton xx
karis hinton xx:
the ending DESTROYED me honestly i cried sm
Dig Rom
Dig Rom:
I feel empty after finishing this show. I hate when shows end
Second Facade
Second Facade:
In like five or ten years, there should be a reunion movie or mini-series, just to see where all of the characters ended up.
Angela Michele
Angela Michele:
It’s literally ridiculous how well he pulls off pink hair!!!!!!
Paul madamba
Paul madamba:
Dylan Minette’s acting was Oscar-worthy this season.

Give him a praise!
Karleigh Rock
Karleigh Rock:
Clay obviously has PTSD from everything that happened since season one. He lost his best friend in a car accident, he lost Hannah before he even dated her, Clay even helped covered up a murder and a potential school shooting.
Hecate 13
Hecate 13:
Everyone... Dylan also has a band called wallows which you should really check out.
Bree Wilson
Bree Wilson:
Opinion: Clay didn't belong with Ani.
Grace B
Grace B:
Take me back to the night we met ok exuse me while I go cry
Matt Drutel
Matt Drutel:
I swear the ending is so emotional I’m actually so fcked up after it
Noah-king Haynes
Noah-king Haynes:
I'm hoping Clay gets the love interest he deserves
sahithi a
sahithi a:
brandon and dylan def deserve an award for their acting in this show like theyre honestly amazing
Honestly 13 Reasons Why is the only show on Netflix that gave me a special feeling, the past 4 years every year a new season and it was so good
Rocki Jay
Rocki Jay:
The gays won with the Alex storyline this season love to see it
I just finished the whole season and I guess I have mixed feelings?? I don’t know how to feel exactly honestly cause it’s kinda messing with my brain now and I might need to digest it slowly. I sobbed my heart out at the last episode, not because it was the end of 13RW but because something just HAD to happened and it broke me. Completely. But hey. I guess, that’s life eh. Cliche but true.

In all fairness, I’ve enjoyed watching all 4 seasons of 13 Reasons Why and it’s been an amazing journey especially the video of them hugging it out after the director said “that’s a wrap for 13rw.” This show was really an eye opening one. ❤️
Brandon P
Brandon P:
They really killed my favorite character bruh
Carson Li
Carson Li:
Bruhh when you finish the whole season one day
dylan minnettes future wife
dylan minnettes future wife:
wait why is he literally so hot.
Infinite Galaxy
Infinite Galaxy:
Hope they give him a part in another Netflix show
Trey Dean
Trey Dean:
His acting is mind blowing hes definitely the future of Hollywood and he deserves a emmy 👌
Blaire B.
Blaire B.:
when monty danced with winston at prom 🥺 that scene hurt me
mello sinclair
mello sinclair:
here after finishing season 4 .. i cried :(
dylan and brandon carried the show on their back omg. Wish they gave charlie and alex more screentime
sweetener luv
sweetener luv:
Clay Jensen is meh but Dylan be hitting differently ❤😍
I like how just every second character in this show is gay lmao
Nida Khan
Nida Khan:
I cried when Justin Foley died. And im also hoping theres a spin-off
This seasons portrayal of anxiety was phenomenal. I’ve never identified with something so much. Chefs kiss, just beautiful.
Chloe Ferguson
Chloe Ferguson:
I am literally never watching this again 😭😭😭 when Justin died and he flat lined I broke into a million peices

But I do love 13 reasons why
Y’all acting like he died I didn’t even see the title and thought homeboy was dead 💀
Marwen Hosni
Marwen Hosni:
Would've been lovely to have Katherine Langford with the cast at the goodbyes :/
David Garcia
David Garcia:
We need a spin off about Charlie and Alex 😭
I just want to see Hannah & Clay again. Maybe in another season like this one. They should act together as a couple.
kamo m
kamo m:
i feel like he is clay , clay is him. they are the same person ...
Malia Jane
Malia Jane:
This was the best Netflix show ever. So well written and so educational. It was a masterpiece and I’m gonna rewatch it again for sure.
Israel Luera
Israel Luera:
I clicked fast as soon as you put spin-off on the title
Dylan minnette is so cute and u can’t change my mind
Marton Denes
Marton Denes:
The lead singer of wallows looks just like the guy who plays Clay in this show🤔
megan g
megan g:
the last episode KILLED ME and it kinda made the season a little less enjoyable i guess it just ruined everything for me
Jonell Samara
Jonell Samara:
My eyes are paralyzed. They're stuck on the hair.
Cassaria Edwards
Cassaria Edwards:
Clay needs a break he was the problem solver and was with everyone threw it all
mello sinclair
mello sinclair:
here after finishing season 4 .. i cried :(
Kymren D
Kymren D:
So I just finished season 4 and I am drowning myself in my tears 😭
Chris Medina
Chris Medina:
just finished the season in a day WILD SEASON
Memory Mubanga
Memory Mubanga:
I love the hair color looks good on him
John Hooper
John Hooper:
Verdict of this show: They got away with murder..
Andrea Buccat
Andrea Buccat:
Not that big a fan of the show but this guy is a fantastic actor. 💯
הגר גדליוביץ'
הגר גדליוביץ':
Spin off please. And he looks awesome with pink hair.
Saryah Dunn
Saryah Dunn:
The ending had me crying like I was actually living it with them
Mel Phillips
Mel Phillips:
Clays obviously suffering from hallucinations and mental health issues. He has since she died. Poetic ending would be he’s with Hannah again. I think Clay dies. Not sure how but I have a feeling.
Chris RD
Chris RD:
I miss you Clay.. ep 10 really hits me a lot. I was so emotional affected... I saw my send as same as clay
Jina Koffi
Jina Koffi:
Clustin is friendship goals...so is Zalex!
Brenda Karimi
Brenda Karimi:
Did anybody else notice how Clay’s sense of style was pretty much how Dylan Minnette dresses like the Docs🥺the denim over denim 💕This was such an amazing season!
tequila bitch
tequila bitch:
I love this show the fact that its ending it makes me sad. But the end would have come someday so..yeah😭
The last episode killed me lemme just say that, I love this show and I really wished that it went on longer.
Helo Beetch
Helo Beetch:
I loved it so much, I just wish Hannah and Clay had one more moment - which they kinda did - but like just to talk. Idk. But i loved it so yeah.
J R:
Clay's arc in season 4 made literally no sense, when you consider how he acted in the previous 3, but especially the first 2. He acted his ass off though.
Best character from start to end was Justin.
This man literally acts the same irl as he does in the show 😂
Lilly Gonzalez
Lilly Gonzalez:
Woah he’s actually really hot and nice when he’s not acting like lunatic with panic attacks and PTSD
Authentic Gay Blog
Authentic Gay Blog:
Dylan is an amazing actor! The last season when people asked me I said "buckle up" its amazing so many scenes had me in bits.
Reagan Houpt
Reagan Houpt:
Woww I just finished the season and "emotional ending" was an understatement. I CRIED
Nuntella Gold
Nuntella Gold:
Just ended watching season 4. It was so good. It talks deeper about mental issues, emotions and have a slight tint of horror as well.
I just finished watching season 4, and it just made me cryyyy
Reese Minich
Reese Minich:
I think dylan is by far one of the best actors I’ve ever watched. Some of his scenes are so powerful and he never fails to impress me with all of them. He really tells a story through clay and I love it.
wadima alhosani
wadima alhosani:
I want to see Dylan acting alot more, his acting is incredible and I don't mind seeing his face once in a while lol
J. Pinkman
J. Pinkman:
Spin-off with Hannah still alive and she didn't kill her self and how world is like without Hannah death
Spin off... the main character have kids that are experiencing the same thing
Mohamed liban
Mohamed liban:
I miss clay and Hannah
Nakai Simmons
Nakai Simmons:
S4. E10 had me crying the whole time. Let’s be honest, nobody wanted Justin to die.
Kawaii _TimTam
Kawaii _TimTam:

Why justinnnn??
Gamer_ Haley
Gamer_ Haley:
I just finished this like 3 hours ago n I love it n I'm sad😭🤧
matilda tasker
matilda tasker:
13 reasons why did dylan soo dirty in looks?!? he’s gorgeous wow
When he started singing at the piano, I was like, oh geez, but then remembered he's one of the three dudes in one of my favorite bands. 🤭
wina b
wina b:
His acting is really good. I would love to watch him on another Netflix series
I’m so excited for season 4
Fantastic Beasts
Fantastic Beasts:
The last episode made me cry a river. I'll miss all the actors and their characters 💔
kirstie d
kirstie d:
Justin’s ending killed me 😱😭
I want a spinoff of Tony's fighting career that would be great
Xx Ivystar xX
Xx Ivystar xX:
I’m just finished episode 7 and accidentally spoiled who dies for myself (oops) but honestly, it’s probably been my favorite season to watch. I really am enjoying the whole Alex storyline and at the end of episode one with him and Zach, my jaw literally dropped. I also have cried more times in this season more than the rest of the show and as I said, im not even done yet. Also I’m really happy that Clays mental health issues got to be a big role this season and I’m glad Ani isn’t in it much cause I hate her lol. Also, all the actors are amazing but I wanna give props to the actors of Clay, Justin, Alex and Zach because OMG they all did INCREDIBLE this season.After season 3, I contemplated not even watching 4 because I hated 3 so much, but I’m really glad I did. I highly recommend it!💕

Edit: I just finished, I knew who was going to die but I am s o b b i n g
no more clay jensen drama..... when justin died, the series too.
Nalisha Chetty
Nalisha Chetty:
I love this cast so much !
Bless I am so glad this show happened it taught me alot
Bunga Sumardi
Bunga Sumardi:
I love his hair, fit for his face 😍
I really finished it in one day. The same day they put the new season out...and I balled my eyes out during the hospital scene to the point I had to keep stopping it
Joe Young
Joe Young:
Couldn't get into season 4 but the ending was killer. I'm going to miss this show. Awesome writing.
Dylan is the friend we all need.
on episode 8 I genuinely thought they made the whole episode this week
Amazing final season! Other than Clay being depicted as too oversensitive, I enjoyed the trauma and the emotional rollercoaster that this season had. I'm gonna miss this show.
ash grant
ash grant:
Clay Jensen is just one of those characters you will miss Great Show Greater Actor
Greedy Shekel Hoarder
Greedy Shekel Hoarder:
This show is a dumpster fire but Dylan is going to be a star one day if he keeps putting out performances like he did in 13 reasons why.
Max Lopez
Max Lopez:
“I love you brother.” 💔💔💔
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia:
I teared up at Clays graduation speech it was really beautiful and inspiring. ❤️
G Allows303
G Allows303:
One of the best actors ever I hope to see him in alot more serious roles , He's simply amazing
Zayshawm George
Zayshawm George:
This season was so gooood 🥺❤️ and when Justin died I cried at the end 😓
Omar Khasawneh
Omar Khasawneh:
I swear if he just spoiled the show
Milton Aguilar
Milton Aguilar:
Why is it that I don’t mind his hair too much, it would look ridiculous on anyone else
I wish they went more into montys life like him getting abused and his death scene?