17-Year-Old Kyle Rittenhouse Once Attended a Trump Rally

We’re learning more about the teenager charged with intentional homicide after allegedly shooting dead two protestors during a night of mayhem in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Video obtained by Inside Edition shows accused killer Kyle Rittenhouse explaining that he joined a band of armed men defending businesses from looting. He allegedly shot a man in the head at a besieged car dealership then fled the scene, tripping as protestors tried to disarm him. He allegedly fired his rifle again, killing a second man.

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How is him attending a trump rally important at all?? Does that make him a criminal now? Lol, looks like the left is at a loss.
They weren’t going to “disarm” him. They were going to kill him.
Frookie Z
Frookie Z:
He attended a Trump rally? omg then he no longer has thee right to defend himself.... right.....LAWL...stupid
Nol Dragon
Nol Dragon:
Imagine their shock when they're gonna learn that Kyle breathes oxygen.
Cyan Giorgio
Cyan Giorgio:
Probably the most ridiculous title I’ve ever seen in my life
Letty Moore
Letty Moore:
No, we know that Tucker was right and Kyle was defending himself! This article is the usual news bull! Now that I know Inside Edition is garbage, I will know to trash it along with CNN and the other liars.
Esli Ortiz
Esli Ortiz:
Guy in background: "Yo GeT HiM!!!"
Guy with skateboard: (attacks him with skateboard)
MEDIA: "triying to disarm him"
hey inside edition, just because he went to a trump rally doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with it
Pavel Mecer
Pavel Mecer:
Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent and did nothing wrong!
Yes stop that guy with a loaded AR by kicking him until he drops it
Random Person973
Random Person973:
Bruh, the first shot at the gas station wasn’t Kyle it was a guy with a pistol shooting at kyle.
Common Sense Productions
Common Sense Productions:
Almost every detail in this is flat out wrong or intentionally misleading.
"INSIDE EDITION".. You don't have a lot of information. First person of the mob was attempting to burn down the car dealership, Mr Rittenhouse attempted to stop him and that person attempted assault, this caused him to be shot. After that shooting, the MOB, turned on him. He ran to avoid, during running away others from the MOB assaulted him. One punched him, the second victim tried to hit him in the head with a skateboard. The final person shot was brandishing a pistol but, Mr. Rittenhouse was faster to the trigger. He then continued running to give himself up...… and your entire story was he went to a Trump rally.. brilliant.
'trying to disarm' = curb stomping, skateboard slamming, and handgun pointing.
reggie reg
reggie reg:
So he doesn't have the right to defend himself because he went to a Trump rally ? You wonder why people dont trust the media anymore .
FYI one of the protestors had a gun too and pointed it at him
The Chosen One
The Chosen One:
Also, he didn't " flee the scene." He actually stopped and went back. He only ran when a mob of rioters decided to try to kill him. He tried his best to avoid those people.
The Thrawn Scotsman
The Thrawn Scotsman:
Why not show the whole footage I.E. that shows how he was geing beaten and someone was about to pount a gun at him and explain the muzzle flash from a different gun in the car park area on the left where it appears someone is shooting at him first. Then say because he was a Trump rally that makes him bad....shocking reporting!
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia:
Kyle didn’t “walk away” after killing a convicted child molester. He was walking to the police to turn himself in. Inside Edition is fake news
Tucker Carlson is right anyone who seen all the videos that haven't been edited by leftist media know he is inocent. Self defense.
John Smith
John Smith:
“Intentional homicide” is not even a crime so how was he charged with it?
At 0:54 you mean “He shot a guy throwing stuff at him and charging him” Also the first guy he shot was causing chaos, he also is a sex offender.
Vladimir Djokic
Vladimir Djokic:
"Kyle attended a rally once"
Kyle also listened to Snoop Dogg while eating spicy wings and watermelon, so lets pile on irrelevant things.
This was a rightful practice of the 2nd amendment, and Trump should protect him instead of condemning.
Seeming that i haven't heard him say it, i don't buy that he looked at it, so it's probably fake media being fake.
Trippie Sped
Trippie Sped:
This annoys me that if someone who is white kills a black person It’s automatically Trumps fault
vince Mccarthy
vince Mccarthy:
the Las Vegas mass shooter was a registered Democrat, I bet Inside Edition never had mention that.
jeff hallaran
jeff hallaran:
Why is it news? Kyle defended himself and did everything right that night.
Kapt'n Pee
Kapt'n Pee:
_"One of the "looters" was a pedophile"_ *well at least we can say that he died doing what he loved...* *chasing minors, and at least he got to see what it felt to be properly farked by a minor too before he died...*
Megan Edsall
Megan Edsall:
This kid has a future with the police SWAT team or military. He stayed focused and made awesome shots at moving targets or shall we say moving feces. The only sad part to this story is that none of the other turds would jump him afterwards. This kid could've easily wiped out at least another 1/2 dozen morons which will now live to vote democrat. Arrrggghh. But I bet if ya watch carefully, those dead guys will still have their ballot show up in the democratic voter box.
"As they tried to disarm him" yeah, with a point blank execution. Oops one of the victims tried to exexute bad Trumpf boy.
No Bro
No Bro:
“Protesters tried to disarm him” 😂 after the first guy attacked him with the Molotov cocktail and Kyle shot him, the mob chased him away yelling “get him” and “kill him” when Kyle tripped one man attacked him with a skateboard while another cane from behind him with a handgun and tried to execute him. Both men that were killed by Kyle were convicted felons, one was a pedophile and one was a domestic abuser, it’s obvious that these thugs planned to kill Kyle if he hadn’t defended himself.
Red dog
Red dog:
They say "as protesters tried to disarm him" and literally show a picture of Kyle getting kicked in the face while lying on the ground.
The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper:
Expect a mountain of salt the size of Everest when he gets let go with no crime to answer for. TRUMP 2020💖🎉✨💪🏽🤸🏽‍♀️🙏🏿💎🎈🏆
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones:
Self defence they were all attacking him, one had a hand gun in his hand pointing at him before KR shot him in the arm.
“American Hero stands up against lawlessness lefties”
"white supremacist" shooting 3 white people. He must have went to the wrong KKK jr school.
White Lives Matter
White Lives Matter:
Wow breaking news a guy being attacked by a mob with a gun defends himself and you trash him??? I hope he sues you like nick sandman did it was clearly self defense
"Allegedly shot someone in the head"
No, it was a dumpster fire, but close.
Taking out someone is similar to putting out a dumpster fire.
Kid was being attacked by a mob. Justified shooting. BLM and ANTIFA canNOT continue to damage, destroy and cause MAYHEM without consequences.
"17 year old patriot who feared for his life shot his assailants now being charged with murder." There. Fixed your crappy headline.
J Fitch
J Fitch:
Breaking news... “Rittenhouse also attended a high school talent show early last year.” 😱 OMG! Let’s defund schools now!
Smurfy 222
Smurfy 222:
Note to self: Don't charge at someone with a gun.
Juliano Movies
Juliano Movies:
FAKE NEWS! they didn’t try to disarm him, rather beat him! Inside edition of a liberal.🚨
Betsy Vis
Betsy Vis:
Can’t play the race card on this one so lie about the entire situation?
So all people who attend to Trump Rally is dangerous
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber:
So? The father of the Miami nightclub active shooter attended a Clinton rally. Did you report that?
Creasy Bear
Creasy Bear:
I’m sure they want Tucker out he’s one of the few who tells it like it is. Keep up the good work Tucker we need more like you!
Dahly Lama
Dahly Lama:
You mean he was kicked in the head and hit in the head with a skateboard? Let’s see how you snowflakes would react to that. Nice try MSM.
Domestic enemy ‘news’. We need more Kyle Rittenhouses and a lot less ‘journalists’
Someone else shot first. Then he was chased, attacked, and he Shot because someone was about to shoot him. Facts.
"Shooting two protesters dead, after a night of mayhem" WHAT lol Sorry sir but peaceful protests don't happen in mayhem
Two rioters and looters attended prison once too. Let’s put that in the title.
You’re irrelevant fake news. —Pathetic.
Jesse Gutierrez
Jesse Gutierrez:
Now even Inside Edition is starting to act like CNN
What’s the difference between CNN and Inside Edition?
splash1326 2019
splash1326 2019:
Here goes the Media spinning a Narrative just like they did with the Covington Kid. Kyle Rittenhouse came to Kenosha to HELP. He did NOT come with the intent of killing anyone. He was Attacked and acted in SELF -DEFENSE . Kyle Rittenhouse is a HERO. Lin Wood will prove it and may very well sue all these Media Outlets trying to paint him as a White Supremacist Murderer who killed innocent protesters (all of whom have/had criminal records for violent acts ). Kyle may come out of this a very wealthy young man.
Charles Kimbrough
Charles Kimbrough:
people accusing carlson of inciting violence when the left basically gives an entire country the green light to go riot during one of histories worst pandemics.
Raoul Akhatov
Raoul Akhatov:
Kyle didn’t “walk away” after killing a convicted child molester. He was walking to the police to turn himself in. Inside Edition is fake news
Crypto Dreams
Crypto Dreams:
Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero.....
sterling bowers
sterling bowers:
Blake had already told the cops he had a knife. Do they expect them to wait until they get stabbed to protect themselves
Lorenz A
Lorenz A:
"a band or armed men" = militia, defending innocent peoples businesses from being burned down.
Video showing Rittenhouse being chased down by an angry mob (including a dude with a pistol and another with a skateboard) who shot first mind you, and were supposed to believe it wasn't in self defense. The media narrative is tiresome, use your eyes and logic.
covid19 is a lie
covid19 is a lie:
Rittenhouse is a hero. Good for him
And for the news at the end during the interaction he said he had a knife so right there is when they started to be cautious.
Kyle Rittenhouse is an American hero! We need more like him to teach the violent Radical Left thugs a lesson!
Noah Conner
Noah Conner:
Lol how does kyle attending a trump rally have to do with defending himself
A true warrior! If we had a few more like him, all these "peaceful protestors" would magically quit assaulting police officers and Trump supporters! Bravo! Yes!!
Kyle Rittenhouse regularly watched "Inside Edition."
Joseph Wolfe
Joseph Wolfe:
Conveniently left out the Orlando nightclub murderer attended hillary rally
This is inaccurate fack information
Greg Norvell
Greg Norvell:
So what!? Sounds like somebody in the 80's trying to blame heavy metal music for the actions of a person.
P enny E T
P enny E T:
TRUMP? PLEASE Stand Up for this young MAN!
Look at the full truth of this situation PLEASE.
If you can't stand up for him...How can Anyone stand up for this Wonderful Nation?
Please Sir! 🙏
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith:
The only one making this situation political is Inside Edition.
My kids stayed home, No one is in jail today.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith:
That doesn’t look like Kyle Rittenhouse at all.
Osmosis Jones
Osmosis Jones:
“Tried to disarm him”??? One of them had a gun and was pointing it at him while chasing him along with others who were trying to beat his ass up
Rull Mourn
Rull Mourn:
One of the creeps Rittenhouse killed was a child abuser, the other had domestic violence several times on his record.
how does this work
how does this work:
Oh my god!!!!!!! I once heard he attended a walmart. Thst means the CEO of walmart is a rascist.
Jeremy Bottoms
Jeremy Bottoms:
He wasn't tripped lol YOU TRIED AGAIN! He got hit in the back of the head by a protester and fell, then another hit him with a skateboard and got dome pieced. Show us the whole clip or your claim is invalid.
That boy is a hero, he only defends himself against terrorists
Gerald M
Gerald M:
"Protesters tried to disarm him"
No, terrorists attacked him with the intent to do bodily harm or kill him.
Big ol Chilin
Big ol Chilin:
Kyle Rittenhouse is a minor. My heart goes out to Kyle and all the other minors being used as “pawns” in this political game.😢
dan ledouche
dan ledouche:
"fleeing the scene" you mean fleeing from the mob of people trying to do him harm.
Vlad Chiriac
Vlad Chiriac:
Good kid! I'm glad that he was able to defend himself!
You have to put Trump in the title for them cash?
javier ortiz
javier ortiz:
Fleeing the scene says the media looks like he was running for his life
Why is the “once attended a trump rally” relevant to the situation?
revolution revelation
revolution revelation:
The media is getting too much for me with their devilish mind thought its a evilness
Avolate FPV
Avolate FPV:
The cop knew he was going for a weapon, it’s obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense.
Time Laps
Time Laps:
The camera guy sounds like he was with the group and just defending his group bc he saw what everyone else saw and if he wasn’t with the group then he should be defending Kyle instead of trying to blame him!
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin:
Watch Google censor responses that temper the bias of this “fake news”.
Cha Boy Reese
Cha Boy Reese:
At least know the full story. The man he just " randomly shot in the head" was chasing him and Kyle heard a gun shot and thinking it was the man turned around and shot him. He didnt just go around shooting people randomly he was fearing for his life and acted in self defense
country life
country life:
A black guy that was shot had a knife in his hand you can see it in the dam video
Imagine lying for commies when journalists will be the first people the commies come for if they ever gain power.
Forged Owl
Forged Owl:
Too bad Kyle didn’t get more of them
Kyle "add em to the pile" Rittenhouse
John Bravo
John Bravo:

Me: And?
duane newstread
duane newstread:
Self defense. If that isn't self defense then it didn't exist.
Boogey Man
Boogey Man:
Justice for Kyle, kid needs to be acquitted of all charges. Self defense all cases. He attended a trump rally? Cool.. Trump 2020. Oh and the guy who didn't die and got part of his arm blown off by Kyle, he should face charges of assault with a deadly weapon at the least, dude had a pistol in his hand.. Yes the same hand that was on the arm that got shot lol. Go Kyle.
Oliver Skatt
Oliver Skatt:
Blamtifa attended so many democrat events but that’s irrelevant when considering the 19 adults and countless children they’ve slaughtered.
Flavius M.T.F
Flavius M.T.F:
Disarm him? You mean "kill" him 1:02 he was defending himself
I once attended Church,
does that mean I'm a Priest now?
Yimms Y
Yimms Y:
Way to stop the video right before Kyle was attacked multiple times. Unfortunately the internet exists and we’ve all seen the full video. Fake news is fake news.
Christopher Orrante
Christopher Orrante:
He attempted a Trump rally? Wow Oh my god he's Evil 😒