19 Year Old Alphonso Davies is PHENOMENAL! 2019/20

19 Year Old Alphonso Davies is PHENOMENAL! 2019/20

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Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss:
Outclassed the whole Chelsea defence and had Mount in his pocket and he doesn't even play on his natural position.
Balaji BK
Balaji BK:
Next year, Bayern's left side is just going to destroy everyone: Phonzie and Sane..
Don Juan
Don Juan:
Best left-back. In just 4 month.
It's just the truth
Ничего Себе
Ничего Себе:
I'm more impressed by his defensive skills, never seen a bayern player gets the ball from the opponents as clean and fast as him ( knowing that he's originally a winger, and only this season started playing as a left back )
I hope injures don't get him like they got Coman and Alaba..
Lul Link
Lul Link:
Imagine Wolverhamptom would play vs Bayern.That would mean a matchup between Adama and Davies.
He is Alaba on steroids.
Anita Awuku
Anita Awuku:
Rip to anyone trying to outpace him even werner couldn't not
Shaikul !
Shaikul !:
Finally a better LB than robertson
He Forced Jadon Sancho ( best Offensive Talent in the world) to get drawn off the pitch by the BVB Coach After 30 minutes....Nothing More to say
Yung Toto
Yung Toto:
Dope video but at 8:58 it’s not Alphonse it’s alaba 😂
Iain Kruszewski
Iain Kruszewski:
I played against Alphonso in my youth when he was still in Edmonton. Man was maddd fast, could never catch up once he started running. Our best defensive strategy was just to make sure he never got the ball 😂
I saw Davies play live when he was 15 in MLS, outrunning and manhandling grown men easily. I knew he was going to be special then
Thank God he went to Bayern and not Man Utd.
Young Sauce Daddy Traore
Young Sauce Daddy Traore:
A young Ghanaian Canadian making moves in Europe!! Love to see him play well!!
Bryan Joseph Jamero
Bryan Joseph Jamero:
His initials are AD for a reason. Attack Defense. He can do both.
Kashifuddin Ahmed
Kashifuddin Ahmed:
Yep Davies uses cheat codes that much speed is unfair,He needs to be reported to god.
Ahmed abubaker a10
Ahmed abubaker a10:
Messi (skills) + mbappe (speed) + van dijk or ramos (defence) = DAVIES
Nurlan Miriev
Nurlan Miriev:
He is a beast
caulii flower
caulii flower:
He can dribble in such pace AMAZAING
Someone here after bayern/barça?
He looks so damn powerful
Uzair Shahid
Uzair Shahid:
If he keeps this is up he will go as one of the best wing backs of all time....
Best LB in the world.
Eton Noblecheer
Eton Noblecheer:
2015: Me waiting for teo cri to disappoint me...
2020: me still waiting
Tony Touch
Tony Touch:
Haha Scheisse macht das Spass den Jungen kicken zu sehn...☝️😂 Der kennt nur ein Gas...Vollgas! Selbst das Verteidigen von ihm ist spektakulär😅👍👍
best left defend in europe
Avish Chand
Avish Chand:
Wait what, this guy is 19
its unbelievable how good he is at defending already, he is so good in putting his body between player and ball and tackling.

His only "weakness" is his passing in pressing situations, but thats why he is at bayern munich, with players like thiago, alaba, ... who mastered this he can improve quickly
dread it run from it destiny still arrives
dread it run from it destiny still arrives:
Who is here after he destroyed barca.
Lukas Hillbrandt
Lukas Hillbrandt:
Alphonso Davies is the best LB in the world at the moment
*Change my mind*
First time I saw his card on FIFA20 I wondered since when Alaba was Canadian 😂
Albert Guss
Albert Guss:
Alphonso Davies is so fast the only things that can catch him are time and death.
P K:
Management of Bayern must be very very happy to sign this real gem mark my words Davies will be the best
iRush YT
iRush YT:
Phonzie is my favorite player and for me the best left defender of the world ❤🔥
like that if he should stay with Fc Bayern💪❤
Akhil M A
Akhil M A:
Who is come here after Bayern vs barca match..
Erblin Desku
Erblin Desku:
I would like to see davies humilating Real Madrid for revenge from 2018
Tracy Orakwue
Tracy Orakwue:
Who is here after he destroyed Barca........😂😂😂
Imagine being a winger or striker, thinking that you are through the defense and running towards a 1v1 against Neuer. Then this guy, who originally was 20m behind you, catches up to you 2 seconds later and takes the ball. That must hurt
Mo Garba
Mo Garba:
Bayern have some versatile players 🔥
Jamz J
Jamz J:
This guy is a BEAST
KT Football
KT Football:
Ronaldo Hylton
Ronaldo Hylton:
Represent 🇨🇦🙌🏽
Luca Rutigliano
Luca Rutigliano:
Here after he destroyed barca
Günther Torben
Günther Torben:
Fantastic video! Was a pleasure to watch as a bayern fan 😍
Sunset Seeker
Sunset Seeker:
Absolute unit. Just watched him rip Barcelona apart
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore:
RIP to everyone who said he was a flop.
Nick Grant
Nick Grant:
He’s the best left back right now by a country mile🔥🔥🔥
Brufo Adjuru
Brufo Adjuru:
Funny how opponents keep testing his defensive abilities but every time they get locked up by him😂
He's just scraping the surface of his skills...
Eat More Music
Eat More Music:
His tackles are ridiculous
Unbelivable player should stay LB tbh would be one of the best in the world
TBF Sport
TBF Sport:
What about Davis with Yousef atal ... I think any team he need that LB and That RB
To all those who state that he should play on his natural position as LW ...

The best leftbacks are those who can sprint down the line to start the attack while also being fast enough to recover when the team looses the ball while attacking.
Being almost twice as fast as his opponents is a huge advantage for Davies on this position ... that´s why Flick stated he is a life saver as a leftback.

Very fast + great defensive skills + technique + intelligence + great shooting technique + accuracy + discipline = Alphonso Davies
Using him as a left winger would just be a wasted on so many of his other skills
adi wi
adi wi:
With him, Haaland and Sancho the Bundesliga have three of the four best 19 Years ald talents at the moment (in my opinion)
Longkhoeurng Loung
Longkhoeurng Loung:
Wow he was really fast everywhere, I don't know him but now I know him , from Chelsea fan
Daniel Mota
Daniel Mota:
Its crazy how the MLS has grown in producing young talents: Davies, Tyler Adams, Mckennie, Tim Weah, and now Giovanni Reyna. MLS academies on the come up
Rishabh Jindal
Rishabh Jindal:
Who else is here after he humiliated barca?
2 feet, strong, fast as hell and great technique i love him❤️🤍
malik shaarif
malik shaarif:
the last pass, if he start to bring the last pass to the man he will be for sure one of the best left defenders worldwide
I hope he will stay at Bayern Munich for a very long time
Bayern's left and right back both can play left wing and right wing
JP Cab9
JP Cab9:
Imagine if he put on 20lbs of muscle... he'd be a better version of adama traore. Less mass and better feet. Don't get me wrong I love em both.
Samuel Lambert
Samuel Lambert:
His running style is so beautiful to watch. Light footedness, superior ball controll, acceleration up 'n trough the gears. Rarely you see someone so complete.
Top Corner
Top Corner:
Bundesliga creates many young talents such as....
- Mane
And Many More!
Javier Ginarte
Javier Ginarte:
This guy is a diamond. Pure quality. 🔥🔥🔥
Fun fact- He is also a YouTuber. He has a YouTube channel by the name Phonzy.
Why AM I WATCHING THIS AGAIN for the 10th time this month,
Essequibo river Amazona
Essequibo river Amazona:
Everyone came right after the barcelona game lol 😂 barca dead 💀
Bavarian Goat
Bavarian Goat:
We need him for the Champions League he's our golden boy❤
Speed, stamina, great marking abilities, dribling skills, good pass and tactical awareness.

Yes, he's all it takes to be considered a phenomenon.
King me
King me:
Just pocketed messi🔥
He's a freaking beast!
Rauskin Jäät
Rauskin Jäät:
He is always 100% focused and so confident in his pace, strength and ball control, I love to watch him play. So light on his feet, absolutely skins people without breaking a sweat. What a baller.
Brown Junior
Brown Junior:
The roadrunner,,the FC Bayern roadrunner😅
Life is a Game
Life is a Game:
UCL winner at 19 just top
The Canadian kid 🔥
Richard Molebatsi
Richard Molebatsi:
This is the same class as The Great: Bixente Lizarazu
Sub 20
Sub 20:
Nome da 2 música?
Ничего Себе
Ничего Себе:
I'm here before this video gets deleted for Bundesliga copyrights
Came here due to his run against haaland
CrunkIn mySysteM
CrunkIn mySysteM:
Phonzie we love u in Munich!
Proud that u are a part of the Bayern Family 🙏❤️ mia san mia
N.W.A _
N.W.A _:
Name of second song?🔥🔥
Dave Lee
Dave Lee:
Stay humble and hustle hard thats Edmonton for you. Alfonso D represent. You and your humble family deserve everything thats coming to you all.
Just imagine him and sane playing on the left side! RIP Right backs
My man got some v12 engines on those legs, damn
I can say, he gonna best lb in the world in short time.
Michael Lake
Michael Lake:
Who would love to see him match up against Kyle Walker in the semi finals of champions league
For a 19 year old, any comp to Alaba at this point is absolutely stellar. Alaba might be the most underappreciated player of the 2010s.
Studio 58 Films
Studio 58 Films:
8:56 That is David Alaba.
Leo man
Leo man:
Reminds me to young Gareth Bale, but I hope he doesn't change his position play..XD
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke:
Ole Pütz
Ole Pütz:
2:11 wie er den ref hochnimmt haha
Robert Lindeman
Robert Lindeman:
He's like having an extra player on the field. Special player.
8:57 casually dropping Alaba in there too
Mo! Abbaly
Mo! Abbaly:
Ran Reece James and Chritensen ragged when chelsea played Bayern in UCL. Absolute beast this guy.
caulii flower
caulii flower:
rip strikers
Thames W
Thames W:
Bayern always has great wingers. Must be their training
Best transfer in years for Bayern. Phonzy is a beast. Great guy.
Fifa Nator
Fifa Nator:
He is a absolut beast
ChengYuan Li
ChengYuan Li:
someone give me a list of sound tracks please
sasan britto
sasan britto:
Meep Meep Meep