1986: CNN's coverage of the Challenger explosion

From the CNN archive: Go behind the scenes and watch how CNN covered the 1986 explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/

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Cheo Wesley
Cheo Wesley:
Rest in peace to the seven souls we lost 33 years ago today. We will never forget you.
Official kingawesome113
Official kingawesome113:
The engineers warned them not to launch. They did anyways. Whoever approved and authorized the launch knew the risks and sent them anyways. Bad move.
All these people, dying after taking the risk of going to space, sacrificing their lives, helping the future missions be success... i salute these people so much... then flat earthers appear....
Diane Berg
Diane Berg:
The guy who yelled “shut up” is the most newsroomy guy who ever lived.
Who’s here after the launch today which was a success thank God🙌🏾....
One kilobyte of ram
One kilobyte of ram:
The guy with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth and yelling "everybody shut up in here!" Is my hero!
Scary to think they didn’t die until the capsule hit the water. RIP
Ulysses Velazquez
Ulysses Velazquez:
"After more delays than NASA cares to count"...that kind of attitude is what led to this disaster.
Not sure if this is just average newsroom energy, but i love seeing people, in whatever job, in high octane, 'somethings wrong' mode.
Andrew & Sarabeth Toy
Andrew & Sarabeth Toy:
This is incredible footage! Feels like a movie.
You Tube
You Tube:
Americans are so real back then today most Americans are poker faces
Kevin Hillary
Kevin Hillary:
Dang he was trying to do a voiceover for an image and just goes “SHUT UP IN HERE” you’re supposed to call “Quiet on the set!” but his way works too lmao
Antonio Angel Szamosi
Antonio Angel Szamosi:
Who’s here after the cancelation of SpaceX and NASA
Andre Akerele
Andre Akerele:
"Obviously a major malfunction", well that's an understatement
The CNN people could not look more 80s if they tried
priyanthan pirabaharan
priyanthan pirabaharan:
whos here after spacex already launched
I think during the investigation they found that 5 of the crew activated there emergency air supply after the explosion. So at least some of the crew survived the break up. At that time they didnt wear a parachute during launch. The investigation found that they where alive until they hit the water. I think it was also found had they had a parachute they would have been able to survive. Assuming they had no life threatening injuries. Like I said the cause of death was the impact with the water.
Queen of Zamunda
Queen of Zamunda:
"Shut up in here"... With a cigarette in his mouth😂😂😂
Pure Wool
Pure Wool:
They were warned and warned and warned about the O rings and refused to listen.
Brandon Hollingsworth
Brandon Hollingsworth:
3:04 is a legend.
Eric the Viking
Eric the Viking:
Damn that newsroom was pretty awesome not gonna lie
1:01-1:04 "This morning looked as though they were not going to be able to get off-"
And then, 1:05 happens. This had to be the most eerie and frightening moment witnessed by everyone watching this live on 28th January 1986.
Marek Pająk
Marek Pająk:
I like how they wore sweaters under the suit back in 1984. So 80s.
"obviously a major malfunction"
David Robinson
David Robinson:
The CNN staff back then looked like they had Christmas parties at Nakatomi Plaza.
Chad Snow
Chad Snow:
No matter how many people blame NASA management, this was caused by a series of design flaws from the very beginning. The use of of both solid and liquid fuel, having the orbiter inline with the main fuel tank, requiring the O rings to absorb the shock of the SSME's. The design was a compromise design no one was happy with that could never meet the goals of its purpose.
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins:
I was just a little kid when this happened. Single digits even. We had all been allowed to stay home from school to watch the launch on tv. My Dad, who owned his own shop, stayed home to watch with my Mom and me. When it happened, my Mom screamed and my Dad actually cried. I didn’t realize what had happened and asked him why he was crying. He said “cause they all just blew up”. Nearly 35 years later, my Dad deceased now, I still remember it like it was yesterday. One of the biggest, most widely witnessed in real time, saddest, most unexpected tragedies that ever happened in our country. Especially because how happy and excited everyone was just moments before, and a civilian teacher was part of the mission. Horrible tragedy. All these years later I’ve never forgotten that day.
3:06 "SHUT UP IN HERE!" The best director that ever lived...
Why is the guy talking over the footage completely unfazed when it happens.
Marthinneill Apoi
Marthinneill Apoi:
newsroom guy: *"shut up in here"*
people: *he is the chosen one*
"And graphics, I need graphics!" They use that line in Deep Impact.
I'm here after the successful launch of nasa space X Dragon
EJ Church
EJ Church:
Historic. Sad. I watched the live event with the entire 7th grade. It was an assembly event because of teacher Christa McAuliffe's notoriety. I was particularly interested in the Challenger launch because my childhood dream at 4th grade was to be an astronaut - (even though by 7th grade I wasn't clinging as strongly to that career goal anymore. Still, to this day, I love space topics and read articles all the time.) Anyway, I'll never forget the reaction of my science teacher, Ms. Brook, who hosted the drummed-up event in her own classroom jam-packed with all three 7th grade classes. It started as a party atmosphere - a leisurely break from the monotony of whatever classes we were regularly scheduled to attend that day. Heightened anticipation before the launch, the excited countdown in unison, an amazing and mind-blowing liftoff, the dramatic cheers, and then the side chatter throughout the room while the post-climactic ascent continued through the sky. That is... until the strange smoke suddenly appeared to fly everywhere. Boosters seemed to be traveling in separate directions; but we had lost visibility to the shuttle carrying our courageous crew. "Where is it?" The room got quieter, and we - puzzled - turned to Ms. Brook for some hint of whether the plumes of smoke on the TV screen were routine. Maybe a stage-2-separation type of activity? She was also unsure, trying to digest what the TV was showing; but she was still a thought-step or two ahead of us. Her widening eyes and uncertain lips felt increasingly more alarming. The delay in feedback from the newscasters, combined with the shift in her facial reactions, had the equal effect of slowly erasing the hopeful chance in our minds, that what we had just seen was somehow not as bad as the morbid ideas that our imaginations were letting on. Her gradual understanding slowly became ours, as we hesitated to realize the malicious magnitude of what had just happened before our eyes. She shrieked once confirmation came through. Sobbing, her knees buckled, and she lost the strength to stand straight. She had to be supported and comforted by Mr. Williams, another 7th grade teacher. It was surreal, and had a chain effect. There was no more doubt by then; only an unfriendly, unwelcomed depression over the entire room, the entire day. The celebratory excitement following lift-off had quickly and tragically morphed between bizarre states of shock, confusion, disbelief, horror... and tears. And it all happened in the brief space of only a few minutes.

It was a very rare, unmatched scholastic experience.

Thanks for the upload. As tragic a period in space history as it was, it paved future successes for the space program and our relentless curiosity of the skies.
4:00 "This is good stuff Johnson!" - Vulture
Maximus Productions
Maximus Productions:
The fact that big bird could have been on this and millions apon millions of kids could have watched their idle die is crazy
"shut up in here"🚬
"Bleach blonde coming on at 5, she can tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye"
Laura Nason
Laura Nason:
After all these years this still make me SO angry. They KNEW they shouldn't launch that day. It was so cold and the shuttle was covered in ice. There was talk for weeks before that it couldn't be launched if the temp was below 50. But they did it anyway. After there was talk that the astronauts may have been alive when the capsule went in the water.
Back when they reported actual real news.
Mr Lee
Mr Lee:
33 vyears on and people still believe the crew died.....THEY WERE NEVER ON BOARD!!!
I see they couldn't go to space but I know they reached peace on the stars.
Treasure Island
Treasure Island:
*CNN news then: Shut up in here. FOX news now: Shut up over there, lmao*
Andrés Arias
Andrés Arias:
The stupid external tank destroyed the entire ship, what a shame.

ps: the right booster was the one who caused the explosion of the tank after having found out the true cause of the disaster.

apparently some of the burning fuel leaked from the booster and damaged the central tank.
Sam Danner
Sam Danner:
I am now 66 years old and I remember this like it was yesterday. I am still in shock and awe over the Challenger Accident. America was in Shock.
The guy talking over the launch is like "Alright nothing happened here, some minor details"
Who's here after successful SpaceX launch?
antonio neri
antonio neri:
Sessiz Kus
Sessiz Kus:
Rest in Peace 7 Angels

Love from Me

Mekaniniz cennet olsun Amin 🤲❤️🤲
Susie Pittman
Susie Pittman:
Smoking and typewriters. Wow. I remember this sad day well.
I remember having a bad feeling after all the delays on this mission. I thought it would be canceled for months and then I heard this. I felt sick.
Jennifer HS
Jennifer HS:
I remember watching this live on tv with my parents. I was only 8 years ago. Just 4 months before my 9th birthday. :(
6 Piece Chicken McNuggets
6 Piece Chicken McNuggets:
3:07 "Shut up in here!"
Larry Ibarra
Larry Ibarra:
How the mission control guy managed to remain that calm is beyond me.
3:07 *”SHUT UP IN HERE”*

“open their mic”
still just as hard to watch in 2019
Kevin Katz
Kevin Katz:
Back when they did news... Those were the days....
As big as a "Oof" gets
I was in the 2nd grade living in Florida at the time. Every time there was a shuttle launch the whole school would go out to the play ground and sit in the grass and watch the shuttle go up....i saw this happen with my own two eyes and not a year of my life has since passed that I do not continually remember it
Prince Adle
Prince Adle:
Who's here before the Crew Dragon Launch today March 28, 2020?
Rawshan Iajdani
Rawshan Iajdani:
I still remember 1986 new years magazine which had an astrology page predicted a major space related accident. The guy was right on... It was strange and very unusual to predict such thing in any astrology
Li Hua
Li Hua:
6:04 I think they actually survived the explosion, became unconscious during the fall, and only died upon impact
The fact that they didn’t have the internet as we know it, & yet are still able to gather pertinent information
I can’t even fathom
In ksp we call that Monday
Gary Marquett
Gary Marquett:
They would've been really off their heads 15yrs later with 911
RX 2904
RX 2904:
"Obviously a major malfunction."
andromeda corkas
andromeda corkas:
I remember I was 15 yrs old we were all watching and it was very sad witnessing this. So sad the teacher so many teachers wanted to be in the rocket I still remember how happy the one teacher that made it her family was proud.
Wow!! I was 7 years old. I remember!!!
Henry Horse
Henry Horse:
I remember reading somewhere, that they survived the explosion. They were alive and doing a couple of thousand mph when the shuttle hit the Sea. Just terrifying. RIP Heroes.
Rayan de Oliveira
Rayan de Oliveira:
3:05 felt like i was watching trailer park boys
A. Arda Keşaplı
A. Arda Keşaplı:
Anyone here after _the historic launch_
we all knew it could happen just wasn't expecting it to actually happen.
Pierre Delecto
Pierre Delecto:
When CNN was a decent news channel. 🤦🏼‍♂️
Who is here glad that The SpaceX launch went successful?
Jamie Woods
Jamie Woods:
I remember seeing this in my class room at school. A tragety that could have been prevented. RIP You are some of the Best this world has to take these shuttles into the Heavens your sacrifice, WILL NEVER EVER BE FORGOTTEN.!!!!
Back when cnn reported news
Mr. New Jersey Transit
Mr. New Jersey Transit:
RIP to the crew lost in the challenger. You will be remembered.
Melanie Renshaw
Melanie Renshaw:
I remember being a kid watching this with my mom and being horrified. :(
Susi Strolch
Susi Strolch:
I saw this tragedy live on tv as a kid. It was horrible and everyone was shocked.
We don't hear it on this footage but it was just after the famous : "Go at throttle up" command that the explosion happen. Since then i always been anxious hearing it on every launch after.
Ricardo Rivera Melo Carrión
Ricardo Rivera Melo Carrión:
Conscious Motivations
Conscious Motivations:
Being human is both an amazing adventure and a risk
billy jack
billy jack:
Neville Abbott
Neville Abbott:
And I thought the news reporter dude in 'die hard' was a fictional character, I see he came straight from here
Youtube Viewer
Youtube Viewer:
in australia this happened on the 29th a day later i got the news in the morning a great shock
Herb Seasoning
Herb Seasoning:
Almost as much of a disaster as CNN's current coverage of anything.
I can already see an Oscar winning film based on the chaos that News stations endure when reporting national disasters
Megan Ruch Watercolors
Megan Ruch Watercolors:
I was 21 years old. I was in my studio apartment watching this live on my little television!!! It was so shocking to see what happened!! So tragic!!
Michael Medley
Michael Medley:
this is one thing I'll never forget seeing it explode.. every time they send a crew to space I think of this....
cereal killer
cereal killer:
3:06 this dude here being a legend getting everyone to be quiet
I wasn’t alive when this happened, only heard of this once, but damn.
This is sad.
Nim Bhharathhan
Nim Bhharathhan:
Rest in peace Tom Mintier and Challenger's occupants
Papa Puttin
Papa Puttin:
1:01 you can actually see where and how the explosion started
30 years ago today. The astronauts knew they might not return, but decided to take the risk anyways.
Ventilation System
Ventilation System:
Watching the video knowing what's gonna happen and just holding your breath, chilling
Kenneth Armpriest
Kenneth Armpriest:
I was in high school at the time ...the weird thing more. Than half of the victims were twins what are the odds of that ? Sad.
Sydney J
Sydney J:
they survived the explosion until they hit the water
Mikel Sopelana Durango
Mikel Sopelana Durango:
2:14 "We are checking with the recovery forces to see what can be done at this point" Well it looks pretty dead to be honest, and if it's already difficult to find people alive after a plane explosion imagine a space shuttle full of fuel. RIP to those who died.
Spectacular Spaghetti
Spectacular Spaghetti:
Footage from the past is always incredibly interesting . Rest in peace to all precious 7 souls lost in this disaster
Future will remember them always...
Cybercity Oedo 808
Cybercity Oedo 808:
4:42 that lady on the right was looking kinda fine... I'm not sure about now tho.