2020-21 UEFA Nations League Preview & NEW Format Explained

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2020-21 UEFA Nations League Preview & NEW Format Explained

The UEFA Nations League returns on September 3rd, 2020 with a new Nations League format (no more 3-team groups… for the most part). Plus, we’ll discuss what you get from topping your group, the UEFA Nations League Finals 2021, and how the UEFA Nations League affects 2022 World Cup Qualifying.

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UEFA - UNL Format Explained: https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/video/025b-0ed70a7c0f9b-bbab142acc7c-1000--2020-21-nations-league-new-format-explained/?iv=true

UEFA Article: https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/news/0258-0e2bb376a99e-1984c4ff291f-1000--2020-21-uefa-nations-league/

Nations League groups: https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/standings/

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Rabona TV
Rabona TV:
Shoutout League D Group 2. *_No shoutout_* to Paco as he didn't bother to comb his hair after pre-production and he has headphone hair in this video.
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
Do a predictions on the UEFA Nations League too !!
This is San Marino’s 312th attempt of winning a game, they must take their chance this time
NobleJag 293
NobleJag 293:
I love the expansion of the RabonaTV Cinematic Universe 😂
Editor Adrian
Am I missing anyone?
fidel ramirez
fidel ramirez:
Do one for the CONCACAF Nations League as well 😏
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
The GOAT explains !!! 🤙🏽⚽️
Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly:
Also watch out for Ireland, a new manager who plays exciting football and plays young players and in a poor group. They might be interesting to watch.
Iúri Teixeira
Iúri Teixeira:
The sketch was amazing 😂😂😂
I didn’t even understand the old format.
Latvia not looking good between all those dwarf states in league D
Blueblackfire97 17
Blueblackfire97 17:
The funny thing, is that he actually got me with that joke! 😆😆
Predictions man, come on!!!
Please do the other federations like CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, CAF, OFC, etc. I love you Adrian, i pray Benfica win the next Europa League. ❤❤
Sophie G
Sophie G:
I remember your 2018 video! Glad I stuck around 😂😂
George Widmer IV
George Widmer IV:
Cheering for all the nations on my nationalities! Germany, France, Ireland, Poland and Northern Ireland!
Dedas Almeida
Dedas Almeida:
I'm hoping San Marino to get a win in this tournament XD XD XD
I recall there was some confusion in regards to the semi-finals draw last year.
Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali:
Hey Adrian, love the content. Was just wondering what sort of lighting do you use for your videos? Thanks
Plant-kun remains the best side character this year, Nations League Paco is close though
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan:
I loved the start. 😂😂😂
CazPhoenixsis Puruganan
CazPhoenixsis Puruganan:
0:07/1:50 Was too damn funny! Love the videos Adrian, keep 'em coming 😊
Faris Saleem
Faris Saleem:
Skmd Sahil
Skmd Sahil:
Helpful! Thank you!
Jonathan Davies
Jonathan Davies:
😂😂😂 love this intro!
Burak IŞIK
Burak IŞIK:
9:15 so previous year Turkey ended up being 3rd in a 3 team group of league B and group 2 in which we competed against Sweden and Russia. After that performance which should have lead to relegation, we are competing in League B again? Is is due to each group being 4 teams from now on? This seems so scuffed...
I'm still super confused lol
It will be interesting to hear your predictions :)
Greetings from Bulgaria!
LIV 96
LIV 96:
Just on time! Good to see you Adrian.
Eduardo Garzon
Eduardo Garzon:
Pritam Biswas
Pritam Biswas:
I love international football so thanks for this informative video 👍

Very much looking forward to the *UEFA Nations League*
Mitul Gohel
Mitul Gohel:
Well lemme make the smartest discovery in the world football...
The guy who actually came as "nations league" was you....
Rabona- A noble prize expected anytime
Bunny in the Box
Bunny in the Box:
You should of had the start of the nations league theme playing in the background slowly rising and blasted the “NAAATIONS LEAGUE!” bit when he opened the door.😁
Ronald Jones
Ronald Jones:
Thanks for the confirmation of Uefa Nations League finals TBA due to next summer's Euro 2020 finals (plays across Europe) over covid 19 pandemic
David PT
David PT:
Now Adrian let's get to PREDICTIONS hehe
I think the tournament is pretty interesting, I think people should stop looking at it as glorified friendlies, especially now that it's all 4 team groups and it's really even in quality
Awesome or random staff
Awesome or random staff:
players are going to have noodles for legs
Let's go Austria :)
Dan Plamadeala
Dan Plamadeala:
That video where you explained the Nations League format was the first video I ever watched on your channel and made me subscribe INSTANTLY (even though I already new the format prior lol),and this video was also a banger(great sketch at the start btw XD).Keep up the good work Adrian!
Forward Slash
Forward Slash:
Nation's league is great, fantastic for the minos
Tom Grazel
Tom Grazel:
Group 3, League B is a cakewalk for Serbia. That team is REALLY good.
First 2 mins, you over did man.
Alan Jr Walker
Alan Jr Walker:
The russia group felt like a scam oi
Fahim Mahmud
Fahim Mahmud:
I’m drunk on football lol
Frank Diodati
Frank Diodati:
Group 2 of league D will be amazing to watch
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
Time does fly pretty fast eh 2018 feels like it was yesterday
Just How?
Just How?:
My head hurts 🤯
Juan Cardoza
Juan Cardoza:
Great video as always
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez:
I got a couple of combs, Paco. Shoutout if u want some
Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar:
Why Kazakhstan??
Francisco Leon
Francisco Leon:
Why can’t they have a quarter finals stage in the uefa nations league
Real M
Real M:
How the hell did all the major football powers ended up in League A???
The other leagues are just for show?
I am a fan of "guy"
Jeremy Kehio
Jeremy Kehio:
Nice intro by the way very creative 😂😂😂😂🖒🖒🖒
Marcus Bravim
Marcus Bravim:
We doing skits now? I like it
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro:
When you support Sweden 😏😌 then 😐 then 😭
england face iceland vietnam flash back
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre:
Do your prediction i Think france Will win nasion League and euro from real Madrid fan
I think you forgot to mention that all the relegations from last seasons Nations league were reprieved for the new format, which is why last year the format was 12/12/15/16 and this year the format 16/16/16/7.
Sanitation Boy
Sanitation Boy:
Where do you watch the nations league because I really want it
salaheddine sif
salaheddine sif:
but why didn't teams that finished last on thier group in the last edition get relegated to league B ?? they are still in league A : Germany Poland Island Croatia
Danke, man!
Danke, man!:
Hopefully we can be really good against Wales, Ireland and Bulgaria they are really good 🇫🇮
I hope Asia do a nation league
Ali naqvi
Ali naqvi:
they said "x....y......z"
You Have to tell us Idk by using Editing , Photoshop , Screen Display or ANYTHING to tell how it works , Not by just SHOWING THEIR STATEMENT AND READING IT OUT LOUD!!
HELP US MAN!! Get more into the details
Alloys Mugoh
Alloys Mugoh:
Looks like tik tok got you to😪
steven cooke
steven cooke:
I think the setup is quite good. The finalists of the Euro and WC in the same group (France qualifying on both counts) sets up some potentially good matches. I like separating the so-called minnows from the better teams, and putting the very strong teams together.
Fun fact nobody has watched the full video
Francisco Leon
Francisco Leon:
Let them play in June 2021 the uefa nations league finals and then go straight to the euros how lit will that be for teams advancing to uefa Europa league finals and some how go deep into the euros
Manav Arun Aravind
Manav Arun Aravind:
Little late ik Adrian but what do you feel about verthongen joining benfica are u excited
Ruben S
Ruben S:
Haaland gonna carry us so hard 🇳🇴🇳🇴
83 Smith
83 Smith:
Nations league is the Caraboa cup of internatioal football
Raju Kakshyapati
Raju Kakshyapati:
Where we can watch these matches
Enrique Carrillo
Enrique Carrillo:
So many twenties
Ian Jenkins
Ian Jenkins:
Was just about to look up what the format was and then saw you’d made a video. Job done! I also agree it’s a much better format than the previous random friendlies, but with leagues having packed schedules already, I think it would have been better to call it off this time around. My club, Spurs, potentially have to play nine games in about 20 days with carabao cup, league and Europa league. It’s insane.
Aiman Nazmi
Aiman Nazmi:
7:34 Yeah, I think they will only take group winners and see who are the best 2 teams that are not top 2 in their World Cup 2022 qualifying group based on their overall Nations League ranking.

League A winners are ranked 1-4, League B winners are 17-20, League C winners are 33-36, and League D winners are 49-50.
If all winners of League A are in top 2 of WC qualifying, they look for League B winners instead of 2nd place of League A
Subrahmanyan V Ravi Shankar
Subrahmanyan V Ravi Shankar:
Unl finals would be in march
Infernal Gamer
Infernal Gamer:
Can you make a video on what is the most prestigious/important trophy in football?

For example, say I'm a footballer that plays for the English national team and Manchester city. What would be more important to me? The Premier league, the FA cup, the champions league, the Euros or the world cup.

Please also put a perspective on it, for example, a city player might wanna win the premier league more than the champions league whereas a galatasaray player might want the champions league more.

Many Liverpool fans say that they would have traded the champions league trophy for the prem and many juventus fans say that they would rather have the champions league trophy than the serie A. And Mane said that he'd rather have the African cup than the champions league.
Gdhdhdhdh Hshhddh
Gdhdhdhdh Hshhddh:
If u win the UEFA nations league and don't manage to qualify for 2022 wc do u go in the play offa
Anthony Reang
Anthony Reang:
Tobias Kuhn
Tobias Kuhn:
I honestly bored with this modus. Doesn't the players have enough matches to play in a season?
Nice meta comedy Adrian
Guy who came in should host the show sometime. I kind of liked him.
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed:
Look who is back
dexter nyikayaramba
dexter nyikayaramba:
Stop the acting dude
I am not sure i like this format and the league as a whole. Am I the only one?
Corona League lol
Andrea Wincent
Andrea Wincent:
Norway gonna plow through this. We got almost a luxury problem up in the striking positions now lol.
FIFA created covid to adjust for the winter Qatar World Cup
Simon B
Simon B:
What the hell is this? Some Mickey Mouse cup? lol
James Golightly
James Golightly:
Changing the format out of nowhere takes a lot away from the competitions little prestige
Tim-Noel Grevers
Tim-Noel Grevers:
A new format and I still don't understand anything
nations league is an absolute waste of time.
Hultoana Sebastian
Hultoana Sebastian:
it's still better than meaningless friendlies
Absolutely worthless "tournament" to line the pockets of UEFA. Only gullible marks care about the Nations League.
Stewart Meehan
Stewart Meehan:
Fun fact Scotland and Israel will face of 3 times in the next 3 months all involving the nation's league
Pranid subedi
Pranid subedi:
Hey Adrian, are you annoyed of this messi transfer saga?
And Nations League is boring and pointless
Joe Bama
Joe Bama:
Great video
Gabriele Hu
Gabriele Hu:
if they let league B winners qualify, whats the point of league A. i would rather be in B so i could be in an easier group to win
jordan L
jordan L:
You copying champions league hotel?