2020 Moto RAZR Impressions! The Return of a Folding Icon!

The Motorola RAZR is back for 2020. The flip phone re-invented. With a bunch of catches.

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100+ comentarios:

Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee:
The lighting was so bad I didn't catch the secondary 5MP camera up in the notch. It's there! So you can in fact take even worse quality selfies if you so desire.
I folded my wallet when I heard the price
Raviel The Evergreen
Raviel The Evergreen:
"Ive never actually owned it but all my friends did."

I felt that.
Joshua Blacksmith
Joshua Blacksmith:
*saw price*

Me in Robot voice: *Hell no Moto*
Ritish Jarodia
Ritish Jarodia:
why would i buy a phone to shut off a call dramatically when no one even calls me?
Harsh jaiswal
Harsh jaiswal:
Iphone : Most Premium
Samsung : Great display
Pixel : Great camera

Hello There
Hello There:
First I was too young, now I'm too broke.
"It slaps"

 - Marques Brownlee 2019
"No headphone jack..."
Ight, Imma head out
Grandparents with a flip phone: I will never upgrade to a smart phone unless it’s a flip phone.

Razr: Bet.
Birol Mustafa
Birol Mustafa:
Phone case company: we have cases for all kinds of smartphones

Motorola RAZR: I'm about to end this man's whole career
N N:
I'll buy one when they fold the price. In half.
I'll buy one when they *Fold* the price in Half.
shloyo Goldstein
shloyo Goldstein:
This is really how u gotta do a foldable smartphone, not like samsung did it
Jefferton Ahyeeoobee
Jefferton Ahyeeoobee:
imagine paying 1,500$ for a phone with midrange specs and a display that isnt even 1080p just because it can fold
Phuq-u izm
Phuq-u izm:
Apple will come out with one in 6 years and they'll call it innovation.
Harvey Birdman
Harvey Birdman:
Finally I can hang up angrily again.
Ade Thinks
Ade Thinks:
John Beck
John Beck:
How to make bad investments

Step one: Buy a $1500 phone.

Step two: Repeat step one every year.
Francois Franceschini
Francois Franceschini:
That should be the razr slogan
"It already fits in my pocket so I dont know if the folding feature is worth it"
Bro, you ain't got girl pockets 😔
Imdaad Pobon
Imdaad Pobon:
Just wait for Huawei or Xiaomi to make a foldable phone like this but with better specs and sell it for just $500
Zee Lovee
Zee Lovee:
I just want to know how they’re going to make screen protectors for this one
Panzer Shock
Panzer Shock:
"No headphone jack"

No sale.
agil imam
agil imam:
Girls : "what phone do you have?"
Me : "hmm a flip phone"
Kaden Zipfel
Kaden Zipfel:
Conspiracy theory: the lighting was bad so you wouldn't see the crease in the screen
Jeremy John
Jeremy John:
They could have put a sideways headphone Jack on the chin. Wasted potential.
YoBeast ツ
YoBeast ツ:
Who else likes the beginning of the RAZR commercial when it says “HELLO MOTO”
Marques: *shows a 2023 kid the razor phone*

Kid: lol your pictures aren’t even in *VR* ?? 😂😂
I remember how everyone broke those phones as nobody used cases with them.
Harshit Mishra
Harshit Mishra:
The only RAZR I can afford is made by Gillette.
Jared B Mizo
Jared B Mizo:
Phone Cover Case Company : I can't believe you've done this!
Rob Villatoro
Rob Villatoro:
Not even gonna lie, I would actually still rock the original razor if I could buy a new one.
Matthew Hudson
Matthew Hudson:
I still have an OG Razr in a drawer somewhere. Maybe I can get a trade in credit. 🤪
And there is one feature that everyone missed: it's also a money clipper
XFlims 3000
XFlims 3000:
This is exactly what people thought cellphones would look like in 2020
M Piper
M Piper:
Im going to wait a couple of years so Motorola can get out all of the bumps and kinks. Besides for $1,400, I saw a Yamaha 850 for sale I would really rather have for that same price.🙄
Can’t wait to see at which level it starts taking scratches and deeper groves.
18MCC031 Navin krishna
18MCC031 Navin krishna:
Tempered glass and back case: Am i a joke to u
Ed Dellow
Ed Dellow:
You had me, until the price. I could live with the lesser specs to get the form factor... but $1500 bucks. No way.
Thanzeel Hassan
Thanzeel Hassan:
" I've never actually owned it, but all my friends did. " - Story of my life.
Jevon Holt
Jevon Holt:
$1500 what!!!! I still have my old one from the 90. I will try to get it turned back on lol....
phone manufacturer: the screen in 7 inches sir.

marques: make it bigger.
D . B
D . B:
"Opposite of a well-lit room" he is trying so hard not to insult Motorola in any way at all.
Marques: *Never owned a RAZR*
Also Marques: *"I wish.. I wish this... I wish that... I wish frick..."*
Cris Sanchez
Cris Sanchez:
Me in 2005: this phone is out of my budget
Me in 2019: this phone is out of my budget lmao
August k k
August k k:
I saw the ad on Twitter and was like “this is definitely my new phone!” Then I saw the price. Yeesh
This is the best folding phone design in my opinion.
Gabriel Bush
Gabriel Bush:
"I couldn't quite capture it in this, opposite of a well lit room..." Lol!
I remember when I had the pink razr so long ago lol I loved it!😊
My wallet folded itselt when i saw the price.
NPlay Channel
NPlay Channel:
Motorola RAZR: Hello World
RAZR blade from Jerryrigeverithing: Hello
Mar: As you can see..
Me: I can't due to the bad lighting
P cr7
P cr7:
I folded my wallet when I heard the price
Dylan McGowan
Dylan McGowan:
You don't need light to hear that a phone "slaps" 😂😂
salvador r
salvador r:
This looks like a phone that would be cool to have for a week
This phone looks perfect for women's pockets!! I love it. But it's so expensive 😭
Horsepower House
Horsepower House:
Just like when other cell phones show their retail price of well over a $1,000, just because the Rzr is a unique new thing that was once a cool old thing, there are tons of people who are going to buy it. Especially people who don't care about money, because you can Finance cell phones these days and just make a payment just like other people who make payments on things they have no business owning. This device will be no different. So all of you who are complaining about the price, just remember there are things you currently "own" (actually the Bank owns) that you should not own because you're just making payments on it. And you will wish you had one when you see one in person. Because I have, and it is awesome.
i was watching this and got an ad for the razr lol
The Sephardi1224
The Sephardi1224:
Marques you did well with what you had concerning the lighting and sound. Thank you for still presenting us the phone in the unique way that you always do.
Chirag Vaswani
Chirag Vaswani:
I folded my intentions when I heard the price.
Nate DS
Nate DS:
Your new icon is throwing me off. Thought this was some joe schmoe tech reviewer.
JDS 344
JDS 344:
I’ve always lovet motorolla and i think for me this is the best folding phone 😍😍
Evan Apke
Evan Apke:
7:16 “I WISH I was a little bit taller, I WISH I was a baller..”
My excitement level to receive this as a gift... 98%, my excitement to receive the new iphone 11 as a gift... 59%
Thembiswa Dlamini
Thembiswa Dlamini:
Them: “1500 bucks”
Me: ...glances at kidney
My kidney: No! Don’t even start!
"It slaps" - Marques Brownlee
In the Bay, that's dope!
It’s funny despite all the cons I still really want one.
Jayy T
Jayy T:
Looks Perfect.
Then finds out there's no headphone jack. Aight Imma Head Out.
Stolen Potato
Stolen Potato:
The day I buy this phone, Forbes would name me ! 🤣
I miss hearing "hello moto" from my phone back when I was in school... 😞
Alex Pounder
Alex Pounder:
I must own this! Finally a new feature in smartphones that's actually useful!

Edit: May have to wait until they realise the price is stupid
When you want a razr for christmas but it comes out after this christmas and your not on Verizon
Nicole Gilstrap
Nicole Gilstrap:
Have to admit, I want one. I loved my flip phone from back-in-the-day. I dont need all these fancy gadgets that these smartphones have. I think it looks really cool.
"Yep. 1500 bucks."

'Me' left the chat.
Ric Nyc
Ric Nyc:
Yes.. Yes.. And Yes.. I want that "snap sound" when I'm done with a phone call! I need it!
im 18, and I used to freaking love my flip phone <3
bankroll_ ali
bankroll_ ali:
I folded my wallet when I heard the price
Unicorn Lati
Unicorn Lati:
It doesn't seem that bad.

Karan Bravia
Karan Bravia:
I don't want this, I need this! 😍
Amy Astudillo
Amy Astudillo:
I still have my old pink razr phone 💖 I’ll just add service! Meanwhile I’ll wait until the new pink razr phone is out for $700 bucks? Thnx!
Cam The Man B
Cam The Man B:
:54 seconds "I've never owned a razr" yet it's bad design ?
Chrisy Nova
Chrisy Nova:
Wow this looks amazing. Can’t wait till Apple steals this idea
Pedro Ramos
Pedro Ramos:
Juan Pinzon
Juan Pinzon:
When he said the price I closed the video... Just came back to tell y'all
Love how it looks, but *I got concerns about the screen, especially after several months of use.*
Oliver Fasola
Oliver Fasola:
The small screen is how you'll make video calls
Ali BH
Ali BH:
I was really thinking to own one but later i changed my mind and stopped the video after knowing the price !!
Ramiro Nava
Ramiro Nava:
I remember getting my black razor until it was out of style and I could afford it and I think if u bought one u would get like 3 other free razors I’ll just wait till the same happens with this one 👍🏽
I learned something from this video: you can zoom to make YouTube videos screen filling =o XD
In all honesty. This is like a 600$ phone. Max
Tayek Miah
Tayek Miah:
I folded my wallet when i heard the price.
Thiccc DaDdy
Thiccc DaDdy:
The ad is really amazing
Eddie Fuentes
Eddie Fuentes:
Naaah for that price they can keep that Razr I'm good
Urmila Urmila
Urmila Urmila:
In India it's price is like 7 million
Jonathan Chell
Jonathan Chell:
$1500 for a phone!! Come on now!! I’ll be sticking with my relatively cheap iPhone 11!!
Mac McCormick
Mac McCormick:
"Sorry for the Scrappy quality" *Looks better than 97% of YouTube videos
kunal khargharia
kunal khargharia:
I loved the Moto razr v3i I have used it for so long and this new razr it's perfect the way it is unless it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket
friedrich nietzsche
friedrich nietzsche:
I am remember my beautiful, very beautiful goldentime, no Smartphone, no Tablet, no Notebook, no Internet too!!!
I remember snapping these phones in half back in the day after a bad break up 🤣🤣🤣.