2021 Cadillac Escalade Sport Platinum // $109,000 and Bringing the HEAT!

Meet the ALL-NEW 2021 Cadillac Escalade Sport Platinum! It boasts first-ever Escalade Sporty styling, an absurd amount of luxury and technology, PLUS even more space than before! There's almost nothing to dislike about the all-new 2021 Cadillac Escalade besides its price... coming in at $109,000 as tested, it's not for the everyday joe. But is this Escalade right for YOU?? Go ahead: CLICK to find out :) Also, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this review -- it helps us more than you can imagine!

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100+ comentarios:

Chris Simmons
Chris Simmons:
I could afford one of these. But then again I’d have to live in it. 🤪
Laura Gomez
Laura Gomez:
I’ll be adding this beauty to my vision board 🥰
Drew, and Mason Have Deep Connections with the auto industry to be able to get vehicles so quickly. I think Caddy Customers would pay extra for optional Higher Quality Deep Pile Floor Mats.
Justin Smith
Justin Smith:
That’s 2021 Escalade is SWEET! If I wanted to buy the Escalade Sport I would definitely get it in Red! Great Video!
HellKitty 101
HellKitty 101:
Who woulda thunk "the King of Bling" could do the "murdered-out" look so well! I really like how this trim came together, and I love how Cadillac doesn't make the buyer sacrifice certain luxuries because the Sport trim was selected. While I probably would go with the Auburn brown interior to lighten up the environment, Cadillac really nailed it, particularly where it counts. I'm sure really soon, these things will flood suburban America.
Ayush Master
Ayush Master:
I like this Platinum version of this Escalade..👍🏻👍🏻
Thank you for this sport trim review...
You guys are always on top😊🤩🤘
Clerisson Mesquita
Clerisson Mesquita:
I love my 2021 Cadillac Escalade, thank you so much GM people, you guys did a awesome job, appreciate it.
Well looks like I’m playing the lotto now lol
Mathew Caron
Mathew Caron:
WOW, this is beautiful!! Very impressive guys, thanks for another fantastic review!!
Steven Galloway
Steven Galloway:
"The refrigerator looks cool." I see what you did there! 😆
Excellent review as usual Drew and Mason. The smiles on your faces tell a story as well. Great vehicle and still “ King of the Road”
Alfredo Jaquez
Alfredo Jaquez:
Holy moly, this was an awesome review ever, this Escalade it's a gorgeous half luxury , half sportiness cool looking truck, what an awesome review u guys, god bless u guys and keep up the great reviews. 😉👍❤
I would be needing coupons too if I bought one of these.
Jeremiah Allyn
Jeremiah Allyn:
That is nicer than my house lol. I'd just live in it, I mean it literally has more tech and luxury than most people's homes, geeze. Once again, it's so cool to see roads on here that I drive on all the time 👍😀
Hubert A Blake
Hubert A Blake:
Great review guys! I love the fact you guys actually got full access to the vehicle and even took it for test drive! Yes it is expensive but you get what you pay for. Keep up the great work guys 👍🏿👍🏿.
Matthew Ballard
Matthew Ballard:
Great review guys, love the new Escalade!
Kenneth Merritt
Kenneth Merritt:
As usual you guys nailed this review, I love the fact that you always include the pricing. I'm still waiting on how much I can get for my kidney in order to buy one but I will be in a blk on blk one this summer. Thanks for this awesome review.
Glenard Coleman
Glenard Coleman:
If I ever win the lottery, I will have one of these. This is beautiful.
Carissa Kinder
Carissa Kinder:
This is amazing . Dream suv.
Wow love the Escalade nice work guys.
D Tay
D Tay:
Best suv of the year
Acc Ccx94
Acc Ccx94:
I just wish it still has virtical headlights design.😥💀🔥 Also good review guys.
Don't be surprised once the economy is back on track, monthly volume could average monthly between the upper 3K to lower 4k units. This is the best Escalade ever and every trim has something for everybody and then some shopping in this segment.
Robert Ainsworth
Robert Ainsworth:
Articulate, concise and straight forward detailed review. Well done.
as always 🔝
Bigdog Bulldog
Bigdog Bulldog:
That’s how I paid for my house in 97
General Motors Jeff
General Motors Jeff:
Love this!!
Pascack Valley Line Trains
Pascack Valley Line Trains:
WOW this is very luxurious, keep up the great work guys! Soon enough you will be at 1M subs 😁
Rena Frazier
Rena Frazier:
This Thing is Sooooooo Beautiful
Lloyd Collins
Lloyd Collins:
Great channel, watch regularly! Would like to suggest that you “hand-off” to your brother (like a sportscast) during the reviews. You guys are so similar, it’s hard to tell who’s talking unless you tell us. Just a suggestion.
Markus Williams
Markus Williams:
Carbon fiber or aluminum would be a better option for the sport trims
Cant wait to buy it in a few years when its worth 30k 😎
Stel Toronto
Stel Toronto:
Excellent video guys keep up the good work ! 😀👍
afzaal Inayat
afzaal Inayat:
I really appreciate it...the way you describe the sound system
Beautiful review!
Darrion Tunstall
Darrion Tunstall:
I love the 2021 Cadillac Escalade, it’s very nice and Luxury and expensive! I love it, I bet the owner is very happy!
This redesign for this Escalade makes it look like the esv model for the old Escalade. Here in the coastal part of SC I’ve seen a lot of Escalades old models and new models.
Ryan Frisby
Ryan Frisby:
Howdy, great review as always y’all! This is a good car, and far better than the LX imo!😸😻😸
Asia H.
Asia H.:
Love love love this Suv
Naubahar Bukhari
Naubahar Bukhari:
Your channel is so underrated!!!
Wow, an Escalade in a sport trim, very impressive!
Jerry P
Jerry P:
Great video, thank you 🙏🏼
Ferg The DIDDLY:
It's my dream car!!😍😍❤❤🔥
Ruth Balladares
Ruth Balladares:
Amazing!!! Can you review the Escalade ESV??🙂
Ryan Frisby
Ryan Frisby:
Well howdy there Mason and Drew! Man, I got here 34 seconds after it was uploaded!😸
David Kang
David Kang:
you boys are my favorite car people !
always enjoy the videos!
if i decide to get the caddy, its because of you two!
Cedric Titus
Cedric Titus:
Great job guys. Thanks.
Ray Mathews
Ray Mathews:
Wow, very impressive.
Noah Charles Vogele
Noah Charles Vogele:
J love this escalade
John Roberts
John Roberts:
So large it could have its own Zip Code - absolutely the ultimate lux American car - just jaw dropping gorgeous. You guys really have super credibility as reviewers if a dealer simply hands you the keys to a $110k Caddy!! Even your coupons could get nicely chilled in the on-board refrigerator - bet it was a fun drive! Cheers! 😎
Andy Muradyan
Andy Muradyan:
Waiting for my 2021 Escalade ESV they are great SUV this will be my 3rd one since i always lease them but this year i am buying it
Carmine Pierce
Carmine Pierce:
My dad has the 2016 platinum long wheel base and it’s really nice and has swade ceilings
Florida Yacht Broker - Jim Ross
Florida Yacht Broker - Jim Ross:
Great review!
Even though im a Navigator guy, Cadillac really outdid themselves with the escalade, if i was rich, i buy a navigator and i would buy this, cause why not both lol. One day.
Monique Villegas
Monique Villegas:
This is going to be my car !!!!!! I claim it in the MIGHTY Name Of Jesus 🙏👀💙💘AMEN!!!!!!
Tytaw K
Tytaw K:
Plz could you guys do the premium luxury platinum version of this very car...thx in advance....this review was excellent
this monster needs at least 500hp
Mustafa Haboglu
Mustafa Haboglu:
Thanks again for the review. One Remark though, please do not touch the leather and the other trim surfaces, the touching sound is so irritating, it may be just me but no need for us to hear the crippy sound. Cheers guys.
Nice runaround though a tad expensive and very poor on MPG, could this be the US's answer to the Range rover series from the UKGB ? Hmm. I think a vehicle of this size should be 4 wheel drive as standard with the option of going to 2 wheel to save fuel, nice review Guys.
Dude that intro-beat goes haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard
one time
one time:
Great review thanks. !
Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan:
Thank you for posting.
This car is really gorgeous
michael frasard
michael frasard:
does it give you a full body massage,a happy ending!
Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen:
There's enough metal. Leather and glass to make 3 cars
Yaser Al-Yami
Yaser Al-Yami:
Is it true that the cupholders can cool the drinks? Like idk is it ventilated or what exactly. I hope someone corrects me if I'm mistaken.
I thought the "P" was for pay, as in per drive🤪.
toufik Lebcir
toufik Lebcir:
Very Beautiful desgin 👍👍
Acy Jones
Acy Jones:
Love it
HalfMan HalfAmazing
HalfMan HalfAmazing:
I honestly wish the Escalade was good as the cosmetics make it appear. Underneath all of that glitz, and glamour it is shoddily built and a fortune to maintain. You would do better with a Denali, or a Navigator.
Buster Hoodstar
Buster Hoodstar:
$110k is what I'm paying for the ESV Platinum Luxury. Why is this one so much?
Ron McCullock
Ron McCullock:
Fantastic review of a fantastic vehicle
iShine 101
iShine 101:
Instead of that wood finishing I’d rather want carbon fiber for the price imo. Got me thinking about trading in my 2019 suv amg63..
Rod Herscher
Rod Herscher:
Good job...cheers
I like the dark wood look better
Beautiful vehicle but not worth 109k😂😂
afzaal Inayat
afzaal Inayat:
Great Review Bro 👍👍💗
Clarence Powell
Clarence Powell:
Avery Norman
Avery Norman:
Omg!!! Best model ever!
Aditya Ghosh
Aditya Ghosh:
Please review the premium luxury platinum model
David Jones
David Jones:
I’m going to have to work 5 jobs to afford this escalade.😂
Fernando Ullaguari
Fernando Ullaguari:
I’ll definitely get one similar to it. Probably in 15 years.
The Other Jay
The Other Jay:
I wonder how that comparison with the Navigator would go now.
Ben Spiritas
Ben Spiritas:
Car confections Can you do a video on a British Bentley bentayga from Carlock motor cars Nashville
Kwik Lessons
Kwik Lessons:
Luis Garza
Luis Garza:
Armindo Alves
Armindo Alves:
No one can do a review like Matt Watson from car wow
Dan C
Dan C:
I would love to have a red 59 Cadillac Deville with this interior in white.
Vaughne Del rosario
Vaughne Del rosario:
Please review the ussv rhino gx
Lolita Cajucom
Lolita Cajucom:
Very gorgeous large SUV. Inspiring interior designs. Modern and highly electronics advancments. Perfect for any travels.
Rolling status symbol. Love the interior.
Cncdeoew Seawoier
Cncdeoew Seawoier:
Dan C
Dan C:
They should have big fins on the back blended with the lights like they did in 59.
Mitchell McCormack
Mitchell McCormack:
Ordered mine with a diesel, now just the waiting game
This video is the best
Beautiful! Only thing missing is a wireless charger.
mr bigglesworth
mr bigglesworth:
I thought sport platinums only came with the silver Cadillac emblem on the grill
Was hoping this had Supercruise and you could test it out.