22 Year Old Wrestler Hana Kimura Takes Her Own Life - RIP

RIP Hana Kimura.

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Fuck Bullying.
Mark Kenneth Villafuerte
Mark Kenneth Villafuerte:
Let's be strong as we face the darkest days on WWE and the wrestling world. RIP Hana Kimura and Shad.🙏🙏🙏
This is Sad. We lost Shad Couple days ago. Now another one but not a ex WWE star. R.I.P Hana Kimura
Oran Aka cm punk
Oran Aka cm punk:
This as been such a terrible week/year

Rip shad and Hana
Seth Colby
Seth Colby:
disgusting how people try to get after her with death threats
social media is screwed up , no matter what a person does , it does not give you the right to ask someone to die
it's messed up and that message stays in their mind for a long time , now i don't really know hana but from what i heard she had potential to be a top star, which is quite sad tbh , i give my condolences to her friends and family
R.I.P Hana Kimura
Steve Giles
Steve Giles:
People today are so stupid that when people are hurting and down in life they keep attacking. Why can't people understand the pain like she felt has deep cuts deep in your soul. Only if these jerks would shut up . maybe she would be here today.
Sometimes I think of what life would be like if Social Media didn't exist.
Ken G
Ken G:
Why dont people understand words hurt....one thing I hate about social media.
I really hope there's screenshots of proof of the messages sent to her, and those individuals are tried in court for what they've done.
ello there mate
ello there mate:
2020's is the worst year i tell u...
R. I. P
Kitsune Metal
Kitsune Metal:
This is why i am not on social media people can be downright nasty on the platform and telling someone to end their life is a federal offense they hide behind their keyboards and monitors and think that there is no consequence for their actions and now she is gone and can't defend herself may Hana rest in peace and be away from pain and be with god.
Tyrese Wormely
Tyrese Wormely:
RIP Hana Kimura. If you ever feel suicidal, feel free to talk to somebody.
ALfiemanxxx96 gaming j channel Figueroa7
ALfiemanxxx96 gaming j channel Figueroa7:
These people online are cowards for bullying a young talent that’s messed up Y’all be careful please #stopcyberbullying
The Downright Ugly:

People bullying Hana to her death
Cameron Nyedhuff
Cameron Nyedhuff:
It’s one thing to die from an accident like what happened with Kobe Bryant. It’s one thing to die a hero like what happened with Shad Gaspard. But to die of suicide because of spineless idiots on social media bullying someone like Hana Kimura was just sickening! No one should end their own life because of bullying. Rest In Peace,Hana Kimura.
This is so Depressing. RIP Hana Kimura & Shad Gaspard 😢
Just Cast.
Just Cast.:
RIP you will be missed. We will never for get you shad and hana 💗😭
Shad:you were funny,tough, and a very nice man RIP shad 1981-2020
Hana:like shad you were funny cool and nice and you never gave up RIP hana 1997-2020

Remember to not bully and treat others how they want to be treated

Do not bully love one another.
Roman Reigns : Believe that
Roman Reigns : Believe that:
RIP Hana Kimura 🙏🙏😢
Peely Banana
Peely Banana:
We lost shad some days ago and now her? Cmon yall NO CYBER BULLYING
Branden Simmons
Branden Simmons:
RIP to hana cyberbullying sucks

Has Vince not seen the problem with Charlotte flair video
This is truly heartbreaking news. I have recently fallen in love Hana's in-ring work and she was just breaking out as a star. To hear she removed herself from this earth, with a fruitful, bright future ahead of her, over a swarm of toxicity that persists in the Internet saddens me deeply. I can't possibly imagine the grief her mother and her fellow TCS members are going through right now.

Rest easy, Hana-san. Arigatou gozaimastu!
Andre Israel
Andre Israel:
This year has just been unbelievable. I can't even fathom it at this point.
People can be so pathetic sometimes SMH 🤦🏽‍♂️
Lae-Ze Panda
Lae-Ze Panda:
Daamn.....2020 is not the yr
Why is bullying even a thing people now and days people just dont care about other feelings it all fun for them until someone dies
I honestly had no idea who the heck Hana Kimura was but damn.
Oni Gaming
Oni Gaming:
Why the hell is Charlotte being inserted into everything despite already being a champion? God, this is annoying.
Diana P.
Diana P.:
This situation is very sad 😔😔
Rest in pace Hana Kimura
Peace for her soul
abdiel miranda
abdiel miranda:
Kyoko would be really sad now that her daughter is dead. RIP Hana kimura
Lifeless Humans
Lifeless Humans:
She was so young. However, it breaks my heart she ended her life instead of taking on the bullies or talking it out with the close ones. 'I experienced bullying in my third year, but after being i called up my close ones. Indeed, they came the very next weekend and spoke to me' That was really helpful for me. Also, i decided to cut out those people from whom i felt disrespected or who mocked me for being me.
Captain Palsy
Captain Palsy:
As someone who has been bullied they are idiots, that's is no reason to take your life that just let them win.
Christyandi K
Christyandi K:
Why was she bullied ?
I can't understand peopls nowadays. I'm not even sure If those things still count as "people". Bullying is disgusting.
The_54 Gaming
The_54 Gaming:
5:14 how else is she supposed to beat her daddy’s record
Honey Bee
Honey Bee:
She was so beautiful, so strong, so lovely, and had a great personality, why is cyber bullying still a thing? Haven’t we all grown up? #StopTheCyberBullying
Mind you guys, its not even June yet, I’m scared about the rest of the deaths to come.
Giany Rivera
Giany Rivera:
Damn, Hana Kimura is the same age as me

It's crazy how someone can just go away at such an early age. Wish she could've found a way to combat the trolling and negative behavior online.

Damn, it reminds me a lot of Etika and how all the negative trolling and Internet attention eventually took his own life. It's always the good and/or innocent people that pass away early. For certain people words can hurt, and they can't properly cope with this type of attention

RIP Hana Kimura and Shad Gaspard
Erica Vikernes
Erica Vikernes:
Oh MY God! R.I.P. beautiful Hana.
this is a sad state of affairs when a young lady like that with such a bright future to look forward to is bullied to death. and then the cowards who did it scatter like cockroaches and delete their media. thats not gonna help you. you know what you did and will always have to live with it. RIP Hana
Chris Jones
Chris Jones:
It's hard for some people to grasp, but there are people on the other side of the screen. Anything you say online that you wouldn't say in person shows your character. R.I.P.
Northern Hoarder
Northern Hoarder:
M-u-r-d-e-r disguised as bullying, prolly had dirt on the higher ups
Lawrence Rodriguez
Lawrence Rodriguez:
I don't care if her last name is Flair. Charlotte has to be booked in everything, why?
Ending your life because of some characters on a screen. Absolutely tragic.
16bit Classics
16bit Classics:
"Nearly 100 frank opinions every day. I couldn’t deny that I was hurt. I’m dead. Thank you for giving me a mother. It was a life I wanted to be loved. Thank you to everyone who supported me. I love it. I’m weak, I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a human anymore. It was a life I wanted to be loved. Thank you, everyone. I love you. Bye.

— Hana Kimura, Twitter
Daes Gatling
Daes Gatling:
What is with the commentators hard on for LIv Morgan? She's tolerable as a wrestler at best but her mic skills are terrible and she's not ready for a title attempt.
Controversial Opinion: This is murder.
R J:
Cyber bullying should be made a felony.
Awesome Elite1000
Awesome Elite1000:
Bullying is childish who ever bullies people are miserable with they damn lives
king kai
king kai:
People don't seem to understand their actions have consequences, poor girl
Darius Hailey
Darius Hailey:
That moment of silence really hit the Heartstrings this is why I subscribe and joined you I respect the fact that while this is entertainment you actually see people as human beings who have intrinsic value I respect you you will have a subscriber and a virtual friend for life I hope you see all your blessings man rest in peace to the wrestlers and condolences to all the families who's experienced tragedy this week
Nkiru Onuoha
Nkiru Onuoha:
Women's titles: **exists**
Charlotte Flair: Dammit I'm in!!
This is all messed up, RIP. :'(
Fraulein Kunst
Fraulein Kunst:
Very sad to see that after such a tragedy there is so much ignorance in the comments essentially blaming her for not simply choosing to "turn off your phone" or "be tougher".
People like that are part of the problem.
So sad even in a situation where someone takes her life people do not reflect
Jedi Luis
Jedi Luis:
2020 and ppl still bullying? With everything going on, can we just be kind of each other..
Davon Baxter-Davis
Davon Baxter-Davis:
R.I.P. 😭🙏🏾
"As far as your Anti-bullying campaign is concerned, you (Vince McMahon) are the biggest bully I have ever met in my life." - CM Punk on RAW in 2011
l miller
l miller:
Why would she care about what some losers say about her they're just jealous haters anyway!
Takaho Demboski
Takaho Demboski:
Hana was a sweetheart.
She even answered my questions & replied to all of us on the STARDOM live stream last month.
I can't believe she's already gone...
kevin gunther
kevin gunther:
It wasnt just cyber bullying it was on person too after the show she was on. People treated her terribly in real life too after that.
Official Jtrivett
Official Jtrivett:
RIP Chris Von Erich. Shot himself at only 21🙏🏼❤️
XxbrandXx 546
XxbrandXx 546:
My thought and prayers go to her family I hope cyber bullying can stop for ever
Mark D
Mark D:
Saw her twitter today what a beautiful soul absolute pricks who did this
2020 was never a great year anyway.
RIP to Hana Kimura, she’s a really great person and she doesn’t deserve any of this upon her.
Southwest Turk
Southwest Turk:
People are sick 😢🤦🏾‍♂️

Natyla deserves a decent run atleast 1 time but won’t happen lol
Soto Films
Soto Films:
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter:
Absolutely heartbreaking. A young woman with a promising wrestling career ahead of her cut short because of the actions of stupid people on the internet. Sad how social media can bring us together, yet drive us apart at the same time. R.I.P. Hana Kimura.
Jerry Dunham
Jerry Dunham:
Society is tearing itself apart.
I'm seeing things that would have never happened back when I was a kid.
Yeah, bullying has always been around. But social media has given bullies some protection.
I'm sick of this. Sick of platforms like Twitter and YouTube not only ignoring it but in some cases, protecting the bullies because they make them money.
Its only going to get worse. And after all the things you all call drama, I see as just another symptom of what's coming.
Society as a whole really needs to grow up. And yes, that includes me.
I've seen things and let my mouth run ahead of my brain.
John The Sports Archivist
John The Sports Archivist:
What could Hana Kimura possibly have done to warrant being bullied. I don't think she was a malicious person at all. Granted, I never met her. BUT I still don't think that there was any excuse to bully her at all. Especially to the point where she commits suicide. NO EXCUSE.
Tobi Madara
Tobi Madara:
This is disgusting stop bullying people seriously

Shumunya Cho
Shumunya Cho:
I remember a week ago when I started watching Stardom Wrestling via YouTube & calling Hana Kimura the female Kazuichi Okada. She was a rising star along with so many other great talants in that company, such as Giulia, Jungle Kyona & many others. She was so quirky & full of life, brought the excitement to Stardom every single time she appeared, had a unique style of attire & a ton of wrestling prowess. Just when I started to become of fan, something like this happens. Those bullies who cyberbullied her to her death, deserves no ounce of sympathy. Still can't believe this has happened. For anybody who is being cyberbullied, all I want to say is stay strong, don't give into your problems, avert them as best as you can. RIP Hana :'( I'm sure the next Stardom event will honor Hana & her family.
EX Fusion
EX Fusion:
Pepole never learn be kind to each other treat others with respect if you don’t have kind words to say don’t say anything treat others the way you want to be treated but no this cycle still continues with pepole treating other pepole like trash all I have to say is be positive to other pepole you don’t know the mental strength they have just be kind .
Emma Daly
Emma Daly:
she is one of my boyfriend aaron harte's favorite wwe divas of all time
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous:
"deleted their accounts" that won't save you especially after causing someone's death..once you put something on the internet it is there FOREVER and there will ALWAYS be a record of it,don't think you can just delete your comment and it all goes away someone is dead FOREVER and their family will pursue making your life hell until you die
Jakub Sokol
Jakub Sokol:
RIP to her and Shad.

(I don't really know who she is but now I do. But R.I.P and Shad as well.)
Art Edmonson
Art Edmonson:
Sad news, prayers to her family and friends.
On a separate note, I thought that smackdown would have more than the memorial photo for Shad...seeing it come towards the end of the show and I am really hoping that they didn't do it to keep viewers tuned in. At the same time, I am keeping Shad's family first and that they may not have wanted anything more than that. This has been a sad year, so many lives lost. May they all find peace.
Emma Daly
Emma Daly:
she is one of my best friend melissa ryan's favorite wwe divas of all time
Lucas Gomes
Lucas Gomes:
Why would people bully her she looks so sweet smh people these days
Theodore Tekkers
Theodore Tekkers:
This is one of the reasons why I deleted my twitter. I don't want to associate myself with a network that is full of trolls and bullies
Brad Dier
Brad Dier:
People disgust me with the way they treat others. RIP young lady.
rest easy kid :( to hell with those people who drove this young lady to her untimely demise...
Rich V
Rich V:
R.I.P to everyone in the industry that has passed this year. 😥
it's ya boy epic gamer
it's ya boy epic gamer:
🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼♥️ gone but never forgotten she was great in and out side the ring hope here mom and dad are doing good and we will see her again
Leon Valeeni
Leon Valeeni:
It's with people like that make me wanna...

"Do the Moon Easter Egg"- In real life
Jason Gabe
Jason Gabe:
Can't believe bullying is still a thing
We need screenshots of the harassers' comments as proof for a trial. Hana didn't deserved this, and my condolences to the Kimura family.
I hope the trolls are riddled with guilt for the rest of their lives.
winter fox
winter fox:
We need too go after her bullies.
chris gamechannel
chris gamechannel:
Damn bruh another wrestlers I just found out Ashley had die rip to all the wrestlers
Rest In Peace, Hana Kimura.
Blaze Mordecai
Blaze Mordecai:
Life was so much better before cell phones, the internet, social media etc.
It was a totally different world and honestly a better world.
www world wide web in hebrew is 666
The internet will help bring in the new world order in 2030
You've been warned
Miguel Robb
Miguel Robb:
This is why I don’t get too deep into social media
Emma Daly
Emma Daly:
she is one of my favorite wwe divas of all time
Alien Frequency
Alien Frequency:
What could a beautiful, 22 year old girl have done that was so bad, that she got cyber bullied to that level?? I'm not saying it's ever justified, I'm just curious.
Yolo Masta 69
Yolo Masta 69:
Rip Shad And Hana, you both had a lot going for you and even if you’re both gone neither will of you will ever be forgotten. Thank you for the memories from a fan of both.
Brian McAndrew
Brian McAndrew:
I would have argued that the downright ugly was the Charlotte booking. She’s overexposed as it is.
Alan Maxfield
Alan Maxfield:
I always find it so sad when a young person takes their life. I always wonder why shouldn't it have been me? I am 70 yo. I have lived a long long life and when I see things like this it truly breaks my heart.💔
Wtf I just watched a video of hers she's beautiful
Jrich Flow
Jrich Flow:
My heart and prayers goes to her family and friends 🙏🏾😭❤️
Robert Persaud
Robert Persaud:
You think bullying is only effective face to face or in close interaction. This shows cowards with a computer/phone who can now be anonymous be just as same. Down with the bullies. Cowards!
We need teach our children to reject this at all cost meaning being part of all aspects in their lives.
Erik Carranza
Erik Carranza:
We lost both Shad and Hana😢😭, What next British Strong Style, if they three of them were dead I will be sad 😢😭😣😳
Queen Hela
Queen Hela:
But why people take social media so seriously?
It's for entertainment.
I can care less about what stupid people say.