24 Hours With Cole Sprouse | Vogue

Riverdale's Cole Sprouse gets free coffee, visits some gravestones, and never forgets his camera.

Director: Lotfy Nathan
Fashion Editor: Justin Fernandez
DP: Ray Leve
2nd Camera: Jordan Tetewsky

Groomer: Michael J. Fernandez
Sound: Jesse Stormo
Edited by Jesse Threatt
Filmed at the Beekman, a Thompson Hotel, Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

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24 Hours With Cole Sprouse | Vogue

100+ comentarios:

Jaclyn Forbes
Jaclyn Forbes:
wow god bless cole sprouse what an angelic creature
Ruby James
Ruby James:
I love how he doesn’t act like a celebrity
Roses are red
Ketchup is too
If you love Cole
Then make this blue
Anyone: "Are you in love with Cole sprouse or Jughead?"

Me: Yes
I love how cole doesn’t act like he’s famous he is just really polite and acts like he has never been on tv
Jaylen Armstrong
Jaylen Armstrong:
**sees title**
“24 hours with Cole Sprouse”
**gets excited!**
video: 2:23 long
me: **sad**
Bergen Bakken
Bergen Bakken:
is no one going to talk about how sad it is that there's a headstone graveyard on the water and how he seems to have emotionally befriended one of the people
arixmotion ༄
arixmotion ༄:
Not one:
Literally not one:

Me looking for the Cole’s comment: 👊😔
Nina Sager
Nina Sager:
Is no one gonna talk about how sad cole was that he couldn’t find his befriended headstone
Annabel Armstrong
Annabel Armstrong:
A 26 year old who looks 16 and acts like he’s 40?
Manogna Srinath
Manogna Srinath:
Guys, sad news. The person who Cole replied to has deleted their account. Sorry!
Anie Tas
Anie Tas:
2:08 looking for coles comment
Compilation Queen
Compilation Queen:
Camila: getting nails and errands done

Cole: *searching old tombstones*
Shawna Leet
Shawna Leet:
POV: You're looking for his comment that was on the "Cole Sprouse goes undercover" video.
Vogue's logic
24 hours = 2 minutes
Cole Sprouse
Cole Sprouse:
Who actually found my comment?
Lucy Woodhouse
Lucy Woodhouse:
Just to say I’ve noticed in a lot of these videos that the celebrities often get there coffee for free when they go to shops, these celebs are probably all rich and have enough money to buy a thousand coffees but when a poor person who is struggling with money walks into a shop they have to pay. That makes sense
Shanica Gonsalves
Shanica Gonsalves:
Cole searching for that grave stone is me searching for Cole's comment 😂
Rachel Wilson
Rachel Wilson:
vogue logic: 24 hours = 2 minutes 23 seconds

also who is trying to find his comment cuz it must be deleted
Everyone say « Cole is 26 years old, he looks like 16 years old but he act like 40 years old » That was the the sentence for saying : He was a really good acteur.
Wadha Aljasem
Wadha Aljasem:
“I can’t find him.”
I don’t know if that’s sad or funny but I laughed
*me realising that he’s not wearing mask*
*looks at when this was posted*
me- “oh👁👄👁”
Imagine walking down the street and finding Cole sprouse climbing around on a bunch of headstones
The real Cole Sprouse
The real Cole Sprouse:
"24 Hours With Cole Sprouse"
*video **2:23*
me: *exCuSE ME?
Anjali Pal
Anjali Pal:
I cant get enough of him. He completely ignores the fact that he’s famous, not to mention hot.
I want to spend 24 hours with cole sprouse :(
Della Rúa
Della Rúa:
Seing this in covid crisis and getting stressed cause his touching everything jajaja
Mai Gandamra
Mai Gandamra:
Cole is literally jughead in real life 😂
Erika Oruga
Erika Oruga:
Am I just the only one who's looking for Cole's comment when he's in undercover.
Cole Sprouses day:
1.get black coffee and old fashioned cake donut
2. photograph things
3. chase bienvenita
Everybody tryin' to find cole's comment
kuona art
kuona art:
Most dramatic love story ever;
"i cant find him, where is he?"
Georgia Brampton
Georgia Brampton:
90% of comments: “I found his comment.”

Me: where’s Lili?
J C:
1:45 me looking for Cole's comment
Pvs 09
Pvs 09:
"BIENVENIDO" jajajajaja se mamó
Adi B
Adi B:
That was like 5 hours of his day; not 24.

I want my money back.
lina duček
lina duček:
hes so attractive omg
bitch fly away
bitch fly away:
Cole: **breathing**
Fans: AWWWWWWW!!! 🥰🥰🥰
I’m a simple person I see Cole sprouse I watch
mfking kali
mfking kali:
cole is my celebrity crush ☺
who else loves cole too??💕
kailey shivar
kailey shivar:
did anyone find his comment? i know it was like a year ago but still i wanna find it lol.
Roblox & Stuff
Roblox & Stuff:
Why is no one talking abt cole looking for a gravestone and then saying: i can’t find ‘em
Scelina Legarda
Scelina Legarda:
What other videos on YouTube has Cole💜 commented on?
Lia Baker
Lia Baker:
I wanna marry him now
Jojo Siwa
Jojo Siwa:
Cole literally acts like Jughead it’s so funny
Carmen Alvarado
Carmen Alvarado:
I would die for one minute with him ❤️🥺
I've been scammed I demand a refund.

I didn't see him wake up
I didn't see him brush his teeth
I didn't see him eat dinner

I'm disappointed.
Tora Zapp
Tora Zapp:
me: *sees the video* yess 24 hours with cole sprouse, thats what i needed

vogue: *finishes video after two minutes*

Dee Dee Bates
Dee Dee Bates:
This just in: Cole spouse is a normal person he drags his hand along the railings
heart speaker
heart speaker:
He's literally living the life of jughead
sarah camila
sarah camila:
can we just take a moment to appreciate cole's asthetic;-;
Jacinta Purple
Jacinta Purple:
My brothers name is Flynn so every time I hear Cole say “there’s Flynn” I get so sad that he said his name and not mine but at the same time I find it hilarious lol
I like how no one recognizes him.

*Yeah he’s totally not a freaking world star actor, pff.*
Rosie Bear
Rosie Bear:
Cole is a walking dictionary.

And I love it.
killua zoldyck
killua zoldyck:
ok soo he's literally jughead ...he doesn't play jug.....HE IS THE JUG
Iam Anahí
Iam Anahí:
Ni siquiera tuvo que hacer algo interesante en el vídeo y me estoy volviendo loca por este hombre!
Crazy Average Asian Bitch
Crazy Average Asian Bitch:
how come his every moves looks he’s modelling all the time ?!!
Gigi P.
Gigi P.:
I would’ve recognized him quickly if he would’ve been walking in the streets or in a coffee shop I mean: Who wouldn’t?
Crazy Average Asian Bitch
Crazy Average Asian Bitch:
this is actually him on set for riverdale , don’t lie to us vogue
He’s just genuinely a really cool guy.
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith:
What kind of a camera was Cole using? Does anyone know?
Morena Casas
Morena Casas:
I wanna be in a vogue's world so that the time is only 2 minutes. So I only have to go to school for 10 seconds. Who's in?
Samridhi Pandita
Samridhi Pandita:
woww!! they literally showed 24 hours in 2 minutes and 23 seconds.
Annabell R
Annabell R:
So he basically walks around looking all aesthetic and cute

Is that how you spell aesthetic?😂
I wouldn’t mind if this were actually a 24 hr long video 😍😍
Rickyrhriruri Barlow
Rickyrhriruri Barlow:
i live near this place and i saw this video while sitting on the bench near that so i went there looking for the stone with the name bienvenido and i found it

cole i found bienvenido!
alejandra vargas
alejandra vargas:
I wish I was a celebrity to go everywhere without paying 😂😂😂
yasmin shwaiky
yasmin shwaiky:
where are my 24 hours with cole sprouse these are only 2 minutes and 23 seconds i want the rest back :)
Alexis Salinas
Alexis Salinas:
Legend has it, Cole's still looking for Benvenido....
Sabrina Zayonce
Sabrina Zayonce:
After looking for he's comment for two hours I can't find it...so..um..I totally found it..
John Cabrera
John Cabrera:
"I cant find him" (me watching this thinking that he was going to find it =v=)
Brooklyn Brummel
Brooklyn Brummel:
The fact that he is so much like jughead in real life
Ninka Griffons
Ninka Griffons:
I think that entire cafe was like ‘’OMG!! COLE SPROUSE!!’’

Vanessa Chiadikobi
Vanessa Chiadikobi:
I love how his voice is as calm as lili's❣🦋
Ori Malfoy
Ori Malfoy:
0:48 Jughead sal de Cole
Anastasia naidoo
Anastasia naidoo:
I went right til the bottom looking for Cole's comment and it seems likely was deleted or something there's no sign of it.
Anna Kennedy
Anna Kennedy:
I literally just want to hang out with Cole. Not because he is famous or anything. Just because he seems like such a fun guy I would be friends with regardless.
Nikita Hingorani
Nikita Hingorani:
Does 2 mins were 24 hours?! Atleast keep 10 mins of it !!!
maddietsa yt
maddietsa yt:
I was expecting like 30 minutes you know it’s 24 hours obviously but it’s two minutes it takes me 10 minutes to get up out of bed 😂😂😐😐😐😮😮😮
Daniela Landin Ruiz
Daniela Landin Ruiz:
Soy el comentario en español que esperabas:)
Sasha Augusto
Sasha Augusto:
VOGUE ARE YOU SERIOUS?? What I need is 😍79 questions with Cole Sprouse 😍
Y'all that's the tea.
b !
b !:
Well I guess he spent the left 23h and 58min looking for “Bienvenido”
Tobias Bichler
Tobias Bichler:
What camera is that?
Plot twist: That's dylan
You know:3
You know:3:
Можно тоже провести с ним 24 часа?)
foto genica
foto genica:
Yo me pregunto como la gente de ahi no se emociona yo grito lloro lo muerdo no se
Gresha K. Music
Gresha K. Music:
Cole: talks to a rock
Me: I want to be a rock
Weird Folk
Weird Folk:
after that, everyone in the shop at that point demanded no charge. The word got out that they don't charge, so that shop went bankrupt.
Valeria Gonzalez
Valeria Gonzalez:
1:58 Just me that loves when he does that face 🥺🙏
Arnold Ramirez
Arnold Ramirez:
Man I'm giving up searching for that comment 😂
Shivwani Anand
Shivwani Anand:
He has this 90's vibe to him that I adore
broadway zjm
broadway zjm:
I think he still thinks of himself as Jughead offset lmao
Amyyy Mercado
Amyyy Mercado:
1:45 bienvenido! Awwwwwww Is very cute
Like si me entienden,

AMO a Cole!❤️😍🙊
Saludos desde México!❤️🇲🇽❤️
Ульяна Пенькова
Ульяна Пенькова:
I adore him . he is the best actor. love him.
Sofia Flynn
Sofia Flynn:
This man be getting no charge I wanna live with him