24 Hours With Debby Ryan, From Making Pots to Throwing Punches | Vogue

Vogue's 24 hours with Debby Ryan involves everything from a glam touch-up to boxing, Michelle Obama anecdotes, and the brand-new challenge of pottery. What can't the 'Insatiable' actress do?

Director Amanda Brooks
DP Scott Perry
Sound Patrick O'Leary
Editor Aman Singh

Filmed at Mud Matters, Bout Fight Club, Public Hotel

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24 Hours With Debby Ryan, From Making Pots to Throwing Punches | Vogue

100+ comentarios:

Shon Gorgeous
Shon Gorgeous:
She's literally looked the same for the last 10 years
Felicia Tran
Felicia Tran:
she looks like she hasn’t aged since 16 wishes.
Nathalie W
Nathalie W:
She sounds like Miley Cyrus in the beginning.
she's like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus 's daughter
Sammy Aisha L.
Sammy Aisha L.:
Is anybody watching this in 2020 because everyone's DRAGGING her on tiktok?
Her voice is like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus ✨
Filipe Goncalves
Filipe Goncalves:
surprised she didn’t murder anyone within those 24hours
Al fie
Al fie:
I love that she specified “Obama”
It's scary how Debby sounds EXACTLY like
Miley Cyrus
Saemah Begum
Saemah Begum:
Literally the bangs giving us a sixteen wishes throwback
When ever she was doing things for the podcast did anyone else think of radio rebel
Erin Salva
Erin Salva:
Anyone else here to see if she is normal?
lesly appiah
lesly appiah:
Is it just me or does she actually look younger than when she was on Jessie?!
Snap D
Snap D:
she is just soo chill and I like her vibe.
Oy Vey
Oy Vey:
“Debby that met the president....OBAMA” hahaha that made me laugh 😂
Paula Martín-Albo
Paula Martín-Albo:
Why isn’t no one talking about the fact that she is now josh dun’s fiancée 💛
You guys are comparing her to much. She’s her own person 🤷‍♂️
Emma Gallagher
Emma Gallagher:
Why did nobody tell me she is actually radio rebel.
Oyin Pabin
Oyin Pabin:
Patty after winning Miss American Lady 😊
For those asking "Why does she sound like Miley Cyrus? ". She has a cold. She was literally blowing her nose in the beginning of the video 😂 it's her nasal congestion
I'm looking at Bailey Pickett, wow
Brilee's life
Brilee's life:
Then: she just has a cold
kimiya fadardi
kimiya fadardi:
Why is there no mention of Josh Dun in this I am dissapointed
"do you guys have a bowl here... that's a joke cause, you know... it's a pottery class..."
Debby be like: aight, imma skate out
Cassia Fonseca
Cassia Fonseca:
she is literally the cutest person alive
Maria Sætre
Maria Sætre:
73 questions with Debbyyyyy!!!!!!
Tamanaaa TV
Tamanaaa TV:
Y’all talkin bout how she’s a mix of Selena and Miley buhh I’m over here like she’s bailey Pickett, Jessie Prescott, AND radio rebel soo...
maria lopez
maria lopez:
i love how she clarified "president..Obama" LMAO
Olivia Mason
Olivia Mason:
the girl at the pottery place is beautiful
If Selena Gomez and Chrissy Tegan had a baby it would definitely be Debby 😂
Debby is that person that gets prettier as the years go by
Jacqueline Davila
Jacqueline Davila:
I can't believe she's 26 but she looks the same if you agree like this button plus love her💖👇
Bridgette Teap
Bridgette Teap:
okay i love her voice edit: OKAY debbie boxing makes me love her 🥺🥺🥺
Milena Cuellar
Milena Cuellar:
“Comparison is the thief of joy” absolutely love that! 💖
Kay Chekpa
Kay Chekpa:
I totally see why Josh loves her🤧
Okay, wtf. She looked cute when she blew her nose.

*Can't relate.*
꧁Tatiana Mitchell꧂
꧁Tatiana Mitchell꧂:
9:03 Is it just me or this reminds of Radio Rebel 😭
I can't be the only one who thought it said 'Making Pot' in the title...
Zeynep Arslan
Zeynep Arslan:
When ı was a little girl ı thought this jessie girl was selena gomez..... aaand when I figured this out I was like wtf?
9:04 she is radiorebel!!
She looked absolutely gorgeous when was boxing
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres:
I miss the Zach & Cody shows on Disney Channel.
Pyt. Shaq
Pyt. Shaq:
Debby got those hands don't play with her on the low
cinnamon chiclets
cinnamon chiclets:
I think Debby is just so talented. Like, girl, share some with us, please.
Maja N.
Maja N.:
Hey Jessie it feels like a party every day
Sofia Macalindol
Sofia Macalindol:
Anusha Popli
Anusha Popli:
I really thought Josh Dun would make an appearance.
Fibonacci Boi
Fibonacci Boi:
insatiable did her GOOD.
Sara medrano
Sara medrano:
OMG it's debby, I love her so much she killed it in INSATIABLE!!!
L S:
Wait, how does she do this AND pageants?
Liz Liz
Liz Liz:
lmao she says “i think of 3 words” but only says two, “lady like” 😂🤣🤣
Malia Paganucci
Malia Paganucci:
radio rebel flashbacks when she did the podcast haha
Arturo Verduzco
Arturo Verduzco:
The hair at the beginning is very 16 wishes reminiscent. Love it !!
Bubble Chester
Bubble Chester:
It so crazy cause I just saw her first interview in set with “suite life on deck” she was soo shy and timid now she is really out and about. Idk why people are forgetting she has her Netflix series but anyways ❤️❤️
Camila Domaniczky Chaparro
Camila Domaniczky Chaparro:
Anyone got this recommended after the “Debby face” meme?
Evin Nazya
Evin Nazya:
Girl’s voice is so rich and pretty ... it’s actually v similar to Selena’s, except more raspy.
• oetori •
• oetori •:
It's funny how most of you are too young to remember Suite Life and thing she started out with Jessie lmao
iihxney_beee !
iihxney_beee !:
"When I think of Debbie Ryan, I think of three words, lady like."

*Is nobody gonna talk about that-*

1. Lady

2. Like

3. ?????
When I close my eyes I hear Miley Cyrus 😂 I’m really loving her personality and energy even when she’s sick I wish I could be so energetic like her.
Safa Air
Safa Air:
She is such a good hearted person but still so underrated 🤧
Michael Streich
Michael Streich:
You cut off right when she was hitting the clubs!
Shoulda been 26 hours.
her voice is so calming my god
Isabelle Garcia
Isabelle Garcia:
She looks like when she was doing the movie 16 wishes with that hairstyle
Clare Weitzel
Clare Weitzel:
She’s so sweet and funny and y’all need to stop dragging her for her teen years.
She skates, models, acts, she likes pottery, she’s active and likes training, she seems so chill, relaxed and fun.
Brynne Faltinsky
Brynne Faltinsky:

Debby Ryan:
"HaVE SoMe ExPeRiEnCeS"
try wiranto
try wiranto:
omg she looks like a Selena Gomez, sounds like Miley Cyrus 😯
Technicolor Demi
Technicolor Demi:
When she was doing her podcast I thought of radio rebel. 😂
Déa s l o w e d
Déa s l o w e d:
Aw i just wanna be her friend 🥰
Chloee r
Chloee r:
8:45 radio rebel vibes
Pauline D.
Pauline D.:
She has the same voice as Miley, that's crazy!
Ken Ken
Ken Ken:
I never knew she was this cool! Josh is so lucky 💛
Low key have a crush not gonna lie she's very pretty
She’s literally Selena Gomez + Miley Cyrus + this emoji 👄
priscila hurtado
priscila hurtado:
Omg she’s LITERALLY Radio Rebel!!!!! 😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍
Rose Arellano
Rose Arellano:
she looks like bailey in suite life on deck again <3
Alyssa Pizzola
Alyssa Pizzola:
I love Debby Ryan I wish people were nicer
9:03 I'm getting radio rebel vibes 😌
Frankie Romero
Frankie Romero:
Honestly love the aesthetic and camera filter on it and I didn’t know she skates! WHAT A baddie😎.
smøl bean
smøl bean:
Da queen herself
Gina Maiwald
Gina Maiwald:
She is such a great inspiration and person for me and for million others ❤️
Zaktøp K12
Zaktøp K12:
Uuumh excuse me...WHERE IS JOSH ?!
6:27 thats literally selena's voice
Shelbee aline
Shelbee aline:
Whenever she was doing the podcast "radio rebel"
Anyone else miss the suite life of Zack and Cody and suite life on deck? I swear they were the best shows on disney
Amber Lyrics
Amber Lyrics:
I love her so much 🥰❤️
Kaleb ASMR
Kaleb ASMR:
Why does she remind me of a mix between Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus lol
Johanna Charlie
Johanna Charlie:
Love her voice ❤ Its a bit like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez 😮🥰
soy karol sevilla
soy karol sevilla:
00:05 miley???
iloveselenagomez yeah
iloveselenagomez yeah:
she looked EXACTLY like radio rebel when she was podcasting
The Official Kasiya
The Official Kasiya:
She should like Hannah Montana 😂
Gamermaya TripleXXX
Gamermaya TripleXXX:
7:43 y’all see how soft she is🥺😭😂💗
Aurora Hayden
Aurora Hayden:
Her and her fiance, whom I also love, are adorable together. This wasn't about the video, it just needed to be said
Florencia Paz Cousiño
Florencia Paz Cousiño:
that radio rebel moment tho
jacob macayaon
jacob macayaon:
Lmao to find out that her radio rebel dreams have been realized is incredibly settling 💆‍♂️
jordan wilson
jordan wilson:
“Comparison is the thief of joy”

Y’all over here comparing her to Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez
Jocelyn Harrison
Jocelyn Harrison:
I've always loved Debby Ryan. Shes so beautiful💛
sofia princess
sofia princess:
she sounds like Miley Cyrus in the beginning
Agnes ROBINSON [08F]
Agnes ROBINSON [08F]:
Debby looks like a puppy at 7:25

In a good way