24 Oras: CCTV video ng mga huling sandali ni Christine Dacera, hawak na ng PNP

Hawak na ng PNP ang CCTV video ng mga huling sandali ng flight attendant na si Christine Dacera bago matagpuang patay sa hotel sa Makati. Ang mga kuhang ito, inaasahang magbibigay-linaw sa imbestigasyon sa insidente.

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100+ comentarios:

ArLyn Paduganao
ArLyn Paduganao:
Ecstacy/cocaine can be fatal when mixed with alcohol or any drugs.
Yun siguro ang ikinamatay niya.Dahil di kinaya ng katawan niya.
Mig Guantero
Mig Guantero:
It’s all sadness, a lose-lose situation for everybody whose involved, including their families. A young promising life has wasted, a tolerating hotel management (not following Pandemic restrictions), the male companions surrounded her and their corresponding families, most especially, her bereaved mother who trusted her beings and let her away during the New Year’s celebrations, where majority of Filipinos celebrated with their loving families. Now, face the consequences.
Ely Reign
Ely Reign:
Christine's mother still fighting and insisting that her daughter's death is caused by rape. This is so heartbreaking. Lesson learned, make your parents know your true colors or identity. Naawa ako sa mama nya tuloy. Maling Christine ang pinaglalaban nya. Malayo sa kilala nyang anak nya.
Aqua Blue
Aqua Blue:
Other Countries: Innocent until proven guilty.
PHILIPPINES: Guilty until proven innocent.
Vashessy Melody
Vashessy Melody:
When I hit college (I started to drink and went to overnight parties). My mom only told me one advice "Never get drunk even if your close friends are gays. When you're all intoxicated, you don't know what the consequences are." I really brought that advice until the age I stopped drinking.
Saigone Turro
Saigone Turro:
She was a wild girl, living a wild life, surrounded by wild people. Tragic.
Smile Always
Smile Always:
Kung ako sa magulang ni christine, itigil na ang pag papa imbestiga, pumapanget ang image ng anak nila....
God's paradise
God's paradise:
She's putting her life in danger. It is very clear how she kissed the guy.
Donna Agtarap
Donna Agtarap:
She doesn't look like a decent lady herself. Sorry to say. May justice be granted...RIP.
Rip Christine. Sana maging lesson na ito sa lahat. Mas okay na maki-party sa pamilya kaysa mga kaibigan.
Shan Peter Esquivel
Shan Peter Esquivel:
This gives me a realization that staying with family is more relevant than with friends.
Adrian Sabellano
Adrian Sabellano:
Alam nyan ng mga kasama nya kung ano talaga ang nangyayari ayaw lng nila magsalita..God is watching whatever happens the Truth will Prevail..
Kawawa naman yung mga kaibigan nya pinagbibintangan ng madla, hinuhusgahan. Syempre magtatago yang mga yan alam nila kung gano kabulok yung tao at sistema ng pilipinas.
Jaymer Versoza
Jaymer Versoza:
grabe naawa ako nung una, pero lalabas talaga totoo. Wala sa itsura at sa kabila ng kanya trabaho. hindi ko iisipin na makakagawa Sya ng ganyan. RIP for you soul ☝️😇🙏
Vicenta Rodelas
Vicenta Rodelas:
RIP Cristine...wagmong patutulogin gabi gabi yung mga taong gumawa sayo ng masama,konsensyahin mo sila pra magsabi na ng katotohanan,Condolence to the whole family Dacera
Jayra Santiago
Jayra Santiago:
I won't say anything against this girl or her friends. I'm simply hoping that we will all know what really happened and get the justice if there's really a foul play. If her friends are actually innocent, I hope that they will be able to clean their names and get the apologies that they deserve. May you rest in peace beautiful young woman❤️
Allison's Adventures
Allison's Adventures:
Even with foul play or without, every details should be given an attention. CCTV can be a strong evidence pero mas matibay Sana if na autopsy agad yung bangkay before pina imbalsamo. How can you autopsy a cadaver if it's clean already and wala ng ma trace
John Wilson Dapal
John Wilson Dapal:
I feel like this year isn't about healing for most people, it's about destruction of innocent lives and negativity at its finest.
Alberto Soltero
Alberto Soltero:
The photo taken was s clear indicstion that the victim was high on drug, this drug make someone out of mind, and showed actions which is un usual. Its very impossible that a flight steward will give herself to wine with different brand, its clearly plan by some member of the circle to destroy the victim and pursue the crime they wanted.
Lightning Autumn
Lightning Autumn:
Drugs and alcohol kapag nag mix talaga walang maidudulot na mabuti. Sana naman yung mga kasama nya na tinuturing nyang kaibigan mag cooperate naman para ma solved na ang kaso. Justice para sa isang taong nais lang maging masaya sa new year. Na end up sa kamatayan kakalungkot naman. 😔😔😔
Erille Gammad
Erille Gammad:
It's sad that her mom doesn't really know her daughter. 😢
Abdulabad Kumbati
Abdulabad Kumbati:
I used to hang out with my wild friends before, but I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadows. If I fail, if I succeed I guess I'll live as I believe; no matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity 🎶
They say that aneurysm doesn’t happen in few min or few hrs it takes time. So I have a feeling she was abusing drugs already and with the combination of alcohol made it worst. 🤦🏻‍♀️
You look for trouble you get trouble. Sayang!
The Unknown
The Unknown:
Pa iba-iba ang lalaki 😌 (and the way she move/walk parang wala naman siyang mali/problem , she's just enjoying Her life sa point na alam niyang maganda)
Okik E.
Okik E.:
Sana kahit ano nangyari lumabas ang totoo, at sana walang inosenteng madamay, may chance kasi na gusto bumawi at magpapogi ng pnp sa mga issue sa kanila nila kaya baka pwersahin nila ang imbestigasyon at maging hero
Captain America
Captain America:
Doesn’t matter is she kissed the guy or get drunk.. important here she’s still a human being and does not deserve to die. Nobody is perfect. RIP.
Lou Pascual
Lou Pascual:
Pray for this girl makamit niya hustisya
Marlo Do leon
Marlo Do leon:
Walang sino man ang husgahan ang sino man, God knows the truth.. just pray the soul of that girl,.
Sangre Jeycee
Sangre Jeycee:
Sana naman wag ikulong ang mga inosente..lesson to learn bilang isang tunay na kaibigan sana kung alam nio na kpag isang kaibigan nio kpg naimpluwensyahan ng alak ay may nagagawang kakaiba sana wag nio hayaan malango sa alak wag kunsintidor lalo na kung babae..bilang isang tunay na kaibigan dapat alam mo panu aalagaan ang kaibigan mong babae.
Anton James Lee
Anton James Lee:
Imagine yung mga bagay bagay na ginagawa at nagawa na nya na walang cctv footage? Laplapan pa lang nakita natin.. Yes, we know na hindi nya deserve mamatay. Hanggang sa kwento at speculations nalang tayo base sa mga naririnig at nakita natin sa balita. Her actions resulted to these negative comments from netizens. But still, may she rest in peace in God's time.
Edgardo Limbo
Edgardo Limbo:
Most parents does not really know what kind of life their son or daughter are living. It is not because they don't know or they don't care but because their sons or daughter are hiding it. This is how they behave nowadays. Children will not even share their FB password to their parents. That is why the person we know inside the house is sometimes not the same person outside. They tend to hide personal things such as this. She has a loving family. Maybe social influence has taken her..
If a friend of mine told me to take some sort of drugs in a party or at least trying to drug me out of my consent. Our friendship is over already and consider them as a bad influence.
A person who's making you to try bad things just for fun will always be a bad influence for me.
Change my mind
Gilliane Betiong
Gilliane Betiong:
To be honest, the police must find what is or are the reasons kung bakit ba talaga siya namatay instead of blaming or accusing others. Yun yung major na tanong "ano ang dahilan bat siya namatay" since ang raa is bihira lalo na sa edad Niya. Maling mali ang investigation na ito. Masyadong minadali at sinisi kaagad sa iba.
Lola Pi
Lola Pi:
Sa akin lang,oo makulit,masayahing sya,barkada,may ganyan talaga,sila nasusunod,kasi may work na maganda,nakikita ko may pagkakamali din sya,pero bilang INA ANAK pa rin sya,masakit para sa amin,lalu na hindi natin alam siguro may kabutihan pa rin ung anak.
Sana aral na ito sa lahat ,lalu na sa mga babae,SAMAHAN AT INGATAN TAYO NG DIOS
Lloydi Pikachu
Lloydi Pikachu:
For everyone reading this, May God protect you and your family this 2021 🙏
Get Real
Get Real:
Yeah, pahiya ang mga judgmental na pinoy. Atat kasi sa justice kaya gusto agad as soon as possible may masisisi. Puro paniniwala lang sa diyos pero mga ugali naman 😏😒🙄
Ronald Dulay
Ronald Dulay:
Prayers and justice for Christine
Yu Anna
Yu Anna:
As what i have read and watched. They're all having fun...enjoying the night specially Christine brave sya at alam nya na safe sya para sumama sa ganung party na nag iisa lang syang babae. In short friends and trusted nya mga friends nya. Ang naging problema lang may namatay. It looks like everyone has no bad intentions...tsk...rest in peace🙏
Happy Life
Happy Life:
Mga drug addict!
Kung mangyari yan sa kapatid yung babae...
Ano ang gagawin nyo sa mga lalaking ito bitay o castration?
Juliet G.
Juliet G.:
On new years Eve. I was just alone in my room. I thought it was my saddest evening but I’ve realized how thankful and blessed I am... kaway kaway sa mga co OFW jan
Reymar Elloso
Reymar Elloso:
Ano't-ano pa man, karapatan ng pamilya na mabigyan ng hustisya ang pagkamatay ng kanilang anak. Purket ito ang bago, huwag sana ilihis at kalimutan ang mag-inang pinatay ng isang pulis na kamote. Simple lang, managot ang dapat managot.
Marjorie Alvarez
Marjorie Alvarez:
One thing that makes me just curious is that kung walang foul play, or di sila nag drugs nung Gabe bakit hindi sila lahat nag surrender sa police??? Di nila inaasikaso ng maayos si christine?
Samuel Reyes
Samuel Reyes:
Dito mo makikita na it’s ok to be drunk with friends but not too much kung matino kang babae dimo lalasingin sobra sarili mo Hindi lang to be protect sa mga predators but also for your health also
Diwol Carespin
Diwol Carespin:
Ang mga taong inggit or pangit na mukha,mga NEGATIVE COMMENT Ang nais iparating sa namatay na si CHRISTINE D. Pero sa halip na sabihin nyo na Lang Sana sa nahimlay na REST IN PEACE or condolence..pasalamat ka nga Kasi kahit pangit mukha mo buhay ka pa..at sau Ma'am Christine rest in peace po..condolence sa kanyang pamilya..justice will prevail
Be responsible to your self,Don't be too overwhelmed on what the world has to offer. Masyadong yumakap sa kamunduhan. To all the young ages out there, let this be a lesson for every one. Maiksi lang ang buhay wag natin hayaan na mismong sarili natin ang sisira sa atin. Take care of our selves, not just for you but also for your family. Let them be proud coz they raised a good man and woman like you.. RIP Young lady fly high...
mj eleven
mj eleven:
The way she kissed the man shows how wild she is.
In this video it shows how aggressive she was. She's the one who initiating the kiss to that guy. Aneurysm source of death. Why the mother wants a second option? To pay for the result that they want? RIP
Lhoi Kastilyo
Lhoi Kastilyo:
Naawa ako sa family nya specially sa mother nya. Sana laylo muna sila sa social media para di nila mabasa yung mga masasakit na komento ng mga maria clarang pinay at maginoong mga pinoy.
Ely Reign
Ely Reign:
Clearly, based sa new release na cctv footage, medyo mapusok yung babae. Imagine sya pa nag initiate. Liberated masyado. Parang sya din ang humukay ng libingan nya. Sinagad nya ang alak sa system nya. Kaya yung sinasabi nya na parang may mali sa drinks nya, inaatake na ng aneurysm yan, itinulog nalang. Mas naawa ako sa magulang nya, mas lalo nyong idinidiin na rape, mas nasisira reputasyon ng anak nyo sa madla. Party goer, hilig sa alak & wild.

Accdg sa news, walang nakitang party drugs sa hotel
Baka may underlying medical condition na sya to begin with. Hindi lang na check kaagad.
Pwede din lifestyle ang maging cause ng aneurysm bukod sa hereditary.
No Matter how Grateful u are with your friends... spend time with family is incomparable
Bernie Dagdag
Bernie Dagdag:
People can act like this when they are blind drunk.
Dodong Sarip
Dodong Sarip:
Kawawang bata.. maiiwasan naman ang pangyayari kung hindi siya nagpabaya sa sarili. Nakikipag inuman ka sa maraming kalalakihan sa hotel pa hindi nya ginamit talino niya. Hindi naman sa nakikialam ako pero wala nang kadaladala sa mga nangyayari ng nakaraan. Nakipag inuman babae sa mga kalalakihan nalasing ginahasa, sinamantala at nanlaban tapos pinatay. Lesson learn wag kang magtiwala kahit na sino sabi nga nila pag may alak may balak.
Mood Lyrics
Mood Lyrics:
Clearly di lang matanggap ng mother niya yung pagkamatay kaya sinisisi sa kasama. Obviously your daughter is a party girl, wild. Syempre sa interview sa nanay sasabihin mabait at hindi nag dodroga ang anak ko, as if naman kilala mo ang anak mo pag kaibigan na ang kasama. Kung alam niyo na ang totoo much better stop the investigation pumapangit nalang image ng anak niyo.
Diana Jane Capiral
Diana Jane Capiral:
Stay Safe out there
Please be careful every day
Aisa Layug
Aisa Layug:
Maria Christine
Maria Christine:
There is no tragic death that need to be paid attention of than this is the Gregor family, we all saw from the footage that Christine enjoyed every moments she had before the fatal incident took place, she could have control herself though. But it happened, rest in peace young lady
Maganda Me
Maganda Me:
Kawawang Ina hnd alam ang tunay na ugali ng ina..Kababae kc tas sasama sa 11 na lalaki.
M Elliott
M Elliott:
Randolf Aquino
Randolf Aquino:
these are no longer relevant public consumption kawawa naman yum babae pinagkakitaan ng media.. NBI should step in. All involved have a tendency to sensationalize the facts. Sad and Frightening how cases are handled
Filipina living in Turkey
Filipina living in Turkey:
Wala ako karapatan husgahan kung ano ang ginawa o inakto ng babae at ng mga kasamahan niya kasi una sa lahat, wala akong alam sa tunay na nangyare. Ang tanging karapatan ko lang gawin ang ipagdasal na nawaway maging maayos na lahat at maresulbahan na ang tunay na nangyare. My deepest condolences to the bereaved family. 💚
Richard Luzande
Richard Luzande:
Yan dahilan ng kakulangan ng pag iingat. Hirap kasi sa mga ganitung sistema alam nya na babae sya pagkatapos wala sya kasama ni isa manlang na kahit ka close nya. Yan ang nagagawa ng kulang sa pag kaalam ng mga bagay na dapat lagi nya ipinasisiguro ang kanyang sarili. Kung ako ang na sitwasyon na ganyan hindi ako makikisama sa kanila bagkos uuwe ako sa mga magulang ko para sa kaligtasan ko din aanuhin ko ang kasiyaahan kung ikapapahamak ko naman nakakasiguro ba ako na lahat ng nakapaligid sa akin ay mga taong pag kakatiwalaan. Kahit pa kamaganakan kaibigan o kahit pa boyfriend mo wag na wag kang mag titiwala lalung lalo na pag ang alak na ang pag uusapan dito. Sayang matalino nga sana pero kulang sa pag kaalam ng mga bagay na sana ang una nya silangalang ay ang kanyang sarili at kaligtasan.
sg vs
sg vs:
From the looks of it, it does not really look like she was raped. I am not trying to blame the victim, but it was clear that it was her fault as well. It’s sad because I believe that her mom was not expecting that behavior from her. She cannot believe that her daughter took drugs and played around. She and the other guys she was with should be the ones held accountable for her death.
Nonoi Bancosta
Nonoi Bancosta:
Managut ang dapat managut..makulong ang may sala..kawawa nmn ang mag inang walang awang pinatay
Mavie Pie
Mavie Pie:
I am a mother and a woman too. I passed the partying stage in my life but am always guarded by the fact that there could always be bad possibilities when you are in the company of the opposite sex. And in this instance medjo off guarded si Miss Cristine. Sabihin na nating close friends niya ang mga yun pero when you look at it how could she be complacent to be with the crowd of those boys with her as the only female in the group? Nakakasad nga talaga ang nangyayari pero parang she too is putting herself in danger. I am pretty sure masakit sa pamilya nya. To the mothers out there let's not forget to reprimand our daughters about the possibility of the danger they could have with friends. Parang nakakalimutan na kasi ng mga kabataan ngayon ang modesty sa friendship.
Ang hirap maging judgemental kasi wala tayo don mamaya makasira tayo ng inosenteng buhay. Sana maging fair yung justice para lumabas na yung katotohanan sa pag kamatay ni Christine.
Jerom Seno
Jerom Seno:
Ung pangalawang lalake tlga grabe kinarga talaga tigang na tigang. Sana lahat sila managot at makulong or mabitay, kasi lahat naman sila lumabag e.
cherryl tej
cherryl tej:
Kung dinala Lang nya Ng ma ayos sarili nya cguro buhay pa sya..Kaso di nya ginamit utak nya professional pa naman. Sobrang wild yung behavior nya kitang Kita sa vid. Hindi reason Ang naka inom kaya sya naging wild.. ikaw nagdala sa sarili mo sa kapahamakan. Rip!
Greatian Vicente
Greatian Vicente:
The girl also had some responsibility. You should drink controlled. Especially kapag babae ka. Walang mationong babae na magwawalwal lalo pag puro lalaki kasama mo. She must be really wild.

stay safe & alert girlss
little conco
little conco:
Autopsy can give enough information on the cause of death. The only problem is how they would use it to put an end to all this chaos happening right now to all the people involved.
mist leigh
mist leigh:
She's living a happy and satisfying life,full of hope,full of prideand yet in just a second in the eyes of many she died without dignity.
unice millan
unice millan:
Napaka aggressive ni girl. Kasalanan nya kung matino syang babae d sya sasama sa ganyang party lalo nag iisa syang babae. Kung d namatay patuloy parin ganyan gawain nya. Rest in peace nalang sayo cristine. Sana matapos na itong kaso marami pang mas importanteng asikasuhin na kaso.. Just saying lang po.
Von Agatha
Von Agatha:
We are sorry for what had happened to her. Her mom is still defending her daughter out of guilt. It is clear why she died. She wasn't raped. Her family should stop staying Christine as a victim. Hay naku mas lalo napapahiya ang anak mo sa ginagawa nyo.
rhea Nico
rhea Nico:
Hnd ko feel side ng babae.
Mas feel ko ung magina na pinatay ng pulis sa tarlac.
jairo sandi
jairo sandi:
Alguien que explique en español por favor
therese gamboa
therese gamboa:
Kawawa naman si Cristine decera 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭☁😞☁☁☁☁😞☁
I feel so sad
Johara sultan
Johara sultan:
Bakit agad ito binalsamo.d man lang ito agad pina alam sa mga pamilya.
Anung dahilan para ibalsamo nila agad ito.d na nila mamalaman ang sanhi ng pag kamatay n dacera
Nestlei Marsamolo
Nestlei Marsamolo:
Experience ko with my ex bf muntik rin akong mamatay sa drugs na hinalo niya. Thanks God at binigyan niya ako ng chance at mabuhay. It's true nakakamatay talaga yong drugs and liquor combi 1 in a million lang ang magsusurvive non.
Babae ako pero wag laging gagamitin ang Feminist Card para lagi nalang tama. Condolence nalang sa family. Di talaga lahat Ng malinis na panlabas ay malinis din sa loob.
Carmelita Manalo
Carmelita Manalo:
Whatever the cause of her death I pray that she will rest in peace. Condolence to the family.
julia chan
julia chan:
It seems like she’s been with different men one after the other and she looked so wasted as she initiated the kiss but who knows what really went on only those involve knew the truth
May B.
May B.:
Ask the hotel manager (supposedly her friend) and yes, she probably overdosed with alcohol and drugs, at the same time, and probably an undiagnosed underlying medical condition.
It's clear naman na walang rape na nangyari. Ang sure ay may drugs na involved sa nangyari. Bakit hindi sila doon magfocus? Alamin nila kung voluntary o pinilit ba si tin na mag take ng drug, ecstasy or kung ano mang yon. Hindi yung pinipilit nilang tignan yung angulo ng rape kahit sinabi na ng autopsy report na HINDI SIYA NAGALAW.
Pearly Ramos
Pearly Ramos:
That will be happened to a liberated woman like her, celebrating New Year's Eve to her friends instead of her family there in the province. She didn't choose what kinds of friends they were. Her priorities are her friends than her parents and siblings. Too sad, she had bad friends and they were evil, too.

Hope, this will be a warning to female ladies not to be too much independent and liberated at that. Be careful whom your friends with.
Let's just say she had a good life. It seems like nagawa niya mga gusto niyang gawin. She had parents that loved her so much & she knew how to have a great time. Let her RIP. I understand that biglaan kasi for the family kaya sila nagreact nang ganun. I hope they finally come to terms with her death. She has lived life to the fullest & did it on her own terms. Not everybody can say that about themselves.
wally avila
wally avila:
WTF she wasn’t rape. She was seen kissing another person.
Little Oven
Little Oven:
Unfortunately, Rest In Peace is for the people really who serve God
Feodore BG
Feodore BG:
Kawawa naman siya huhu
Proud PHL
Proud PHL:
That is how cruel people are nowadays!
TJ Bigornia
TJ Bigornia:
People can have fun but not all the way. Some would forget the word 'limit'. May she rest in peace.
San Jose, Rodel P.
San Jose, Rodel P.:
Before we jump to conclusions. Until we prove everything and the truth comes out. It is obvious that the suspect is destructed for what Christine is doing by telling her "ANO KA BA BES?" I can also say that I have female friends who are like this, they kiss me when they are high but that is not an issue for us and it’s not a big deal. Poor media! 🙂
Belay Gorg
Belay Gorg:
May she relly be in peace. Put her in peace. There's no one to blame about the case, focus on the Gregorio baka sa kaka ungkat niyo sa kasong wala naman patutunguhan malalaman namin promoted na si Nuezca sa ibang branch
Diana rose Belizar
Diana rose Belizar:
Be responsible all the time and disciplined yourself folks .lesson learned
Ms Pretty Kawaii
Ms Pretty Kawaii:
Kung totoong may naglagay ng droga sa inumin nya he could get away with that is so sad because of judgement from this video
Rhea Villanueva
Rhea Villanueva:
This is a solid evidence! clearly shows that there's no such thing as rape happened that day. I wish her family finally accept the justice they truly deserve. And for the 11 guys who were judged, humilliated, bashed by the public , i hope they can sleep with ease na.
colin augustine
colin augustine:
too much alcohol u never know what u doing ,ingat from now on ang mahilig mag gimik and always know or let your parents or family who is your friends introduce it to them ,.watch who is with your friends friends too is , always be careful ,u never know whats gonna happen with you ,.hope this case give a lesson to all the young ladies out there.thanks ,peace .
Madz Ph
Madz Ph:
Sabog na Sabog sya kitang kita naman sa CCTV grabe and wild nya 😭😭😭
Eunice Cabrera
Eunice Cabrera:
Ano kaya ang masasabi ng Pal dito sa vedio na ito sayang ka girl yong iba nga tinangal sa trabaho samantalang ikaw hindi tapos ganyan lng feeling nakalutang sa alapaap.😥👻
aesthetic vibes
aesthetic vibes:
Jay Ocampo
Jay Ocampo:
Naaawa ako sa nanay nya. Mukhang mapapahiya pa siya dahil parang yung anak nya ang sabog sa droga.