2x Haaland, 1x Sancho | RB Leipzig - Borussia Dortmund | 1-3 | All Goals | MD 15

#RBLBVB | Highlights from Matchday 15!
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Watch all goals of RB Leipzig vs. Borussia Dortmund from Matchday 15 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 0-1 Sancho (55’), 0:2 Haaland (71’), 0-3 Haaland (84’), 1-3 Sörloth (89’)

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A P:
that was a world class performance by Haaland.
Halland 2 goals
Sancho 1 goal and 1 assist
Reus 2 assist
Perfectly even
Ahmed Abdelhameed
Ahmed Abdelhameed:
Let’s not forget that Reus turned into the old powerhouse he was in the second half
Ayush Praj
Ayush Praj:
The more I watch Haaland, the more I love him.😄
Bundesliga commentators are full of energy
Oslo Norway
Oslo Norway:
And they said Haaland can't dribble. 😅 Bro, it wasn't even his best day. He just came back from injury.
cah solo313
cah solo313:
Haaland its monters
Khev Blond
Khev Blond:
In years to come, I see Erling Haaland as the new face of football.
Anto Maria Meshach
Anto Maria Meshach:
Bayern: drop points

Leipzig: hold my beer!!!
An attack with Reus, Sancho and Haaland... Borussia deserves more protagonism in Europe...
Ryan Purdum
Ryan Purdum:
That feeling when Halaand scores 🥰
Sagar Mane
Sagar Mane:
Borrusia Dortmund are a treat to watch - Period!
Sibusiso Ziths
Sibusiso Ziths:
Haaland is THE freakin BEAST!!
haaland is just getting better and better, he got some good dribling and vision for someone that big
Ramón Emiliano Preciado López
Ramón Emiliano Preciado López:
Reus is such an intelligent player
Haaland has now added 128 MB to his internal storage.
ur self me
ur self me:
Man of the match for me Reus
Pejuang Skripsi
Pejuang Skripsi:
00:22 damn Haaland turn into beast mode
Juan Carlos Román
Juan Carlos Román:
Halland make his enemies look like Kindergarten childs...
It's so good to see sancho on the scoresheet .... The man is returning to form !
Swetabh 333
Swetabh 333:
2 mind blowing passes from Marco,Sancho was amazing,Haaland is a force of nature,Can bossed the midfield and Hummels was amazing at the back.Great game after a long time
what a game by REUS🔥🔥
King Darwin
King Darwin:
These commentators are one of the best English commentators I’ve ever heard
Let's go Sancho is coming back to his best
Alonzo Trier
Alonzo Trier:
Haaland is a like a hungry bear. He feeds on every chance!
Keisam Yuvraj
Keisam Yuvraj:
dortmund finally with a well needed win...
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva:
Big win to boost Dortmund’s confidence 🤝🔥
Denim Kh
Denim Kh:
Cmon dortmund knok out sevilla. We need 4 Bundesliga teams in the final 8
Sifat Islam
Sifat Islam:
The scream of haaland after sancho's goal,
what a passionate guy!
Gabriel Chu Alendez
Gabriel Chu Alendez:
Everyone commenting about Haaland... am I the only one who enjoys Reus' passes more than the goals?
Apple Peel
Apple Peel:
Haaland was absolutely incredible but can we take a moment to appreciate Reus? He controlled the play out there and I'm so happy for him
Crystal Pen
Crystal Pen:
Erling Haaland, the boy is BRILLIANT!
Keisam Yuvraj
Keisam Yuvraj:
Those sweet passes from Reus....pure perfection...went in like butter
Blueblackfire97 18
Blueblackfire97 18:
That flick from Reus is 🔥
My boy Reus is back!
Jeffery Tang
Jeffery Tang:
haaland can pass, dribble, body block, head, and round the keeper... all in one game
Aditya Venkatesan
Aditya Venkatesan:
Finally reus is back. It was expected he'll have a slow start to the season due his long injury haul.
The most organized league no games missing
CrxnicOnCrAcK Op
CrxnicOnCrAcK Op:
This is the Dortmund I love to see
Black Hammer
Black Hammer:
Haaland the killer is back 💛🖤
Gorod Dahir
Gorod Dahir:
Name, Haaland
Job: scoring multiple goals every game
Haaland is awewome, great player.✌🏻🤘🏻 Hello from Bogotá-Colombia.
And some people say Haaland doesn't dribble
Robert gonzalez
Robert gonzalez:
Dammmm, beatifull game of Dortmund
Emmanuel Matu
Emmanuel Matu:
Haaland on Dortmund's second goal looked like Lukaku playing. Very physical, very strong.
Eric N
Eric N:
Damn Halaand is so good. Happy to see Sancho regaining form too
Shohan Ranasinghe
Shohan Ranasinghe:
I’m impressed by this quick and accurate passes from BVB 😯🔥❤️ well done team and coach
Huy Lê
Huy Lê:
Haaland once again proves why he is currently one of the best strikers. 😍😍
Juan Ignacio Arriagada Würth
Juan Ignacio Arriagada Würth:
And there was people who said haland can’t dribble 😂😂
M S:
Bundesliga is a treat to watch every match
ahmad kurdish
ahmad kurdish:
The golden boy is back

2nd goal it's amazing... Haalland was Magic!
Muhammad Hamza
Muhammad Hamza:
Liepzing: We have a great team.
الحارث بن بلال
الحارث بن بلال:
Haaland will be the next goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Rodrigo Falcon
Rodrigo Falcon:
Haaland tiene muy buena definicion, tecnica y velocidad.
Esas caracteristicas me recuerdan al jugador ronaldo nazario (Por ahora haaland tiene mucho camino que recorrer para llegar al nivel de ronaldo pero tiene mucho talento).
DJ 17
DJ 17:
Come on we know haaland was not "injured",he when to change his batteries and mechanic parts
two norway internationals got their goal
Emma Mekzo M
Emma Mekzo M:
like a well oiled machine...1 touch passes..flicks and lay offs..well done coaching staff
Micheal Negash
Micheal Negash:
The golden boy is back 💪
quinton fortune
quinton fortune:
Who's also happy that Sancho is back in form 🚀🔥
Wasim Momin
Wasim Momin:
Adminho, could you please make these highlights atleast for 4 minutes long? Please?
Rodrigo Realista
Rodrigo Realista:
I am BVB fan but this result benefits Bayern, they lost but there wont be any consecuence
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
That feeling when Halaand scores 🥰
The 2nd Dortmund goal was a thing of beauty, so easy on the eyes😍😍
Martins Tardelli
Martins Tardelli:
Why are there no replays of the goals?
king kong
king kong:
Great play in haaland's first goal
Clueless, absolutely clueless. Nagelsmann has to sort that mess out. He's hopeless. Been beaten by a coach who's been in charge for a couple of weeks. He must bench POULSEN. Olmo was bad too.
The Football Central - News & Match Predictions
The Football Central - News & Match Predictions:
Haaland continuing from where he left off.
Alex OG
Alex OG:
Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: “Dios guarde a tu familia y a ti de toda enfermedad 🙏💕
Derick JD
Derick JD:
If Haaland wasn't injured, Lucien Favre wouldn't have been sacked
Marc Aomine
Marc Aomine:
The 1st goal was simply exceptional 🔥
Ahmed Emad
Ahmed Emad:
It seems we are gonna watch a deadly striker the coming years. Back from injury and scored two goals,Halaand is world class.
Kritik Modawel
Kritik Modawel:
i've watched that 2nd goal 5 times now and i still cant take my eyes off it
Fifi Aguera
Fifi Aguera:
okay, this is the start of my day. Haaland came back with a surprise for me
charlton charles
charlton charles:
Haaland's work ethic is so beautiful to watch!
Thanks to Dortmund for letting Bayern stay on top of the table.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
That feeling when Halaand scores 🥰
Jahva Audain
Jahva Audain:
I wish I could like this video just as many times as I watched it🔥
They missed him sooo much, when he plays their confidence levels are beyond the sky even if he doesn't score, I hope to see him in the prem soon or in a Madrid shirt
Lord Bendtner
Lord Bendtner:
Edin Terzic what a start to his manegerial career! I wonder if he can be the next Jurgen Klopp at BVB.
2nd Goal was absolute beauty!
Common Cold
Common Cold:
that second goal was actually world class. might be my favourite goal this season.
Marc Aomine
Marc Aomine:
Haaland is back with Reus and Sancho 🙌🏽
Kaustubh Datta
Kaustubh Datta:
Best dortmund played and the best they always get when playing energy drinkn
Redhyliansyah Muhammad P
Redhyliansyah Muhammad P:
Perfect combination 💛
Dortmund players : giving through ball
Haaland : Let me unleash my final form
Aman Ahmad
Aman Ahmad:
That second goal was something else, the built was like bvb's modern form of tiki taka
Allan Fonseca
Allan Fonseca:
I'm from Brazil and Haaland reminds me Ronaldo Nazario. Physically powerful, superb skills, great presence, lots of goals. Hope he can keep at this pace to become a legend, such as my fellow countryman.
Ilhamreus88 Channel
Ilhamreus88 Channel:
Wonderfull borussia dortmund
Man of the match erling Haarland
Jully Kamdar
Jully Kamdar:
That was absolutely INCREDIBLE football from Dortmund.
Marc Aomine
Marc Aomine:
What a skill by Haaland 🔥
Fandi Abdilah
Fandi Abdilah:
Impossible performance by haaland!!! ❤️❤️
PS Dom
PS Dom:
You can hear the photographers spamming their cameras 🤣
William Yeoh
William Yeoh:
Haaland positioning instinct is good as he knows when to run n where to place the ball in net.
You wouldn't get this from any other guy
You wouldn't get this from any other guy:
Dude, Halaand is just very good in finishing both foot kick and even heading.
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg:
Haland is the real Viking 🔥
Sudip KC
Sudip KC:
0:42 is so vikingish run
Dread it, run from it. Leipzig may have a great squad and also reached the CL semi last season, but they will never be superior to Dortmund
Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger:
That second goal was pure class