3 Goals! Haaland unstoppable | Wiesbaden vs. Borussia Dortmund 0-3 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal 1. Round

Enjoy the Highlights SV Wehen Wiesbaden vs. Borussia Dortmund from the 1. Round of the DFB-Pokal 2020/21.

Goals: 0-1 Haaland (27‘), 0-2 Haaland (31‘, Pen.), 0-3 Haaland (51‘)

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German Football
German Football:
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Haaland is just unbelievable
Haaland 60 games 60 goals for Dortmund that is madness 🤯
Martin Hultberg
Martin Hultberg:
He looks even better this season. His touch, his physique and finishing top class.
HR - G
HR - G:
Haaland is a force of nature if he wasn't a footballer he would be the goat in some other sport like 400m hurdles and so
Osmar Velasquez
Osmar Velasquez:
Even the penalties are given because of his amazing plays.
everyone is fascinated by the game of haaland but reus also does a great job
Vervito United
Vervito United:
This guy is gonna become the best striker in the World, his passion, energy, drive and confidence is over the top, it's just too much.
Sergio Trejo
Sergio Trejo:
Haaland could have scored 5 goals. Reyna is doing very well reading Haaland’s movements.
60 goals in 60 matches is ridiculous. We are watching the most talented forward in decades, ceiling is limitless
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's:
halan, It is a beast of the goal. a great player
Wio Dallas - Lineage 2
Wio Dallas - Lineage 2:
The way Haaland could've scored but passed so the other guy can score too.. What a nice person.. don't even wanna talk about his football qualities.
Rumpel JA
Rumpel JA:
Imagine if he could use his right foot. He be unstoppable.
Chris L
Chris L:
It's amazing how good Haaland is at dribbling given what a big fellow he is.
Teomen Teo
Teomen Teo:
Best striker in the world by far.....his ability and movement on and off the ball is amazing....top class player
Imagine seeing this man in the BPL! Oh my days.
Fletcher Cruz
Fletcher Cruz:
Reyna seems like such a smart passer to link with Haaland. If he clicks at that level with Malen too I could see Reyna getting 13+ assists this season
Devon Smith
Devon Smith:
He always has such amazing positioning and finishing, He's going to be absurd 2 years on
Marlon Martins ramos
Marlon Martins ramos:
Monstro ! Joga muito ... Será melhor do mundo só aguardar .
Harland is the dream striker for every team... powerful, fast, precise, cold blooded 💥💥
Busisa Lukwe
Busisa Lukwe:
I really like Rues s involvement, taking charge and showing great captaincy and seniority
Yahia Olama
Yahia Olama:
Hats off for Reus for waiting untill Haaland was clear of offside before making the pass, great insight and experience.
Realest KE
Realest KE:
It's good seeing him thrive 💯✔️
jasbeer ahmed
jasbeer ahmed:
Ever since Haaland Came, nobody talks about Marco Reus🥺, My favourite player🥺
Haaland is the best young player in the world right now
Ellie / Bakonoe
Ellie / Bakonoe:
His composure to step around the keeper instead of shooting first time is impeccable. Even as good as he's been I see a big improvement in his play
Obitrice For life
Obitrice For life:
Haaland makes me envious honestly. The guy deserves every penny. Just built different.
Haaland does push-ups after taking a penalty 🥶
Jorge Andrés Linares Guerra
Jorge Andrés Linares Guerra:
That’s the start that He performs… no doubt he’s going to be the next best player in the world… this season he will probably take over
Craig Scott
Craig Scott:
This man is an athletic specimen
I hope to see Dortmund achieve massive success this season.
Hey You
Hey You:
New legend is continuing to make history! Amazing guy.
He’s an incredible player and one every level club would love to have in their team, but some of that defending was laughable
I wish we could have him he’s so amazing!
Mayckel Delgado
Mayckel Delgado:
Haaland is just unbelievable
So epic!
Josh Lamingo
Josh Lamingo:
Halaand is a beast!!!!! This guy with good defence is a guaranteed champions league title. He's the last player you'd want shooting the ball as opposition, he's that good.
Abel Mwangangi
Abel Mwangangi:
His movement without the ball is everything for me..he opens the space ..great positioning
Ali Yasin
Ali Yasin:
This guy is a freaking machine, he reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo Everytime I see him play.
Let's hope that he can be as consistent as the goat
Gen Franco vel Russex
Gen Franco vel Russex:
Reyna & Haaland = new dream duo! What a masterclass both player.
Diego Alberto Velázquez Pérez
Diego Alberto Velázquez Pérez:
Haaland seems to improve with every single goal
Aditya Venkatesan
Aditya Venkatesan:
Those 2 passes and free kick from reus absolute class
Watrahyal Fali
Watrahyal Fali:
Erling Haaland is so exceptional no doubt about that
crimson glory
crimson glory:
Haaland is the epitome of 'built different'
the instant acceleration and stretch for that first goal was insane. how did he get to it thought it was way ahead
Jason W
Jason W:
How many times will the official scorer write "Goal: Haaland, Assist: Reyna" this year?
Oscar Martinez
Oscar Martinez:
Haaland es un jugador increíble
muhd safwang
muhd safwang:
0:33 What a freekick what a save.
Y A H Y E  M O H A M U D
Y A H Y E M O H A M U D:
Haaland Really Unstoppable🔥
halland is pretty much taller than most defender. strong balance, insane speed . what a machine .
SLM Boxing
SLM Boxing:
He's worth paying the £150 million right now for a top club to secure his signing, quality player and would be envious of any team that had him.
3 buts dès le premier match de la saison 🔥
K G:
And he still has room for his body to grow. Any club that gets him from Dortmund will be blessed for years.
Kratos of Sparta
Kratos of Sparta:
Im getting 2013 Dortmund vibes, they can win this league this season and if Haaland keeps up his performance, they can even make it to the UCL final
Lloyd Wills
Lloyd Wills:
Genuinely believe if he stays away from serious injury he’s gonna give Ronaldo and Messi’s goal records a run for their money
max fletcher
max fletcher:
Look at that line from the defence!! I'm shocked he didn't get 6 goals
Ibo Jr Berzenji
Ibo Jr Berzenji:
Håland so good that he trades passes with the opposite goalkeeper
I better not be hearing any Barca fans saying they’re getting Haaland this summer anymore. Barcelona barely have enough for their printer ink. They can probably afford Haalands hair shampoo thats it
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer:
He just went up another 10 million
Rohit Jaiswal
Rohit Jaiswal:
He is a Beast. ❤️❤️❤️
Kevan Chong
Kevan Chong:
Haaland is the flying norse man, just flying and kicking anything into the net
Barber Music Project
Barber Music Project:
This guy is unstoppable. The world need Son Goku to fought with this monster.
FeelsBadMan n
FeelsBadMan n:
Dude Halaand has it... he is just the new Adriano from Inter back then.. I Swear... Shot power: 99 - Body strength: 99 - speed: 99 .. Tall and physically insane..
Allan Omondi
Allan Omondi:
His team teammates really know how to find him...just a through pass and he's in
Hakim Amirul
Hakim Amirul:
Sad to see such a good player getting old. Maybe this is his last season before retiring. who knows.
Strong start from Dortmund.. well done.
edvan vanvan silva
edvan vanvan silva:
Haland joga muito
Haaland is just monstrous.
Haaland might be normal in FIFA but he's just too op in real life
Nathaniel Liddy
Nathaniel Liddy:
He's laughably good it's unreal 😂
I’ve never seen haaland dive ever. Class player
Mohamed Ally
Mohamed Ally:
He takes position so good. But he need to keep on improving for the game by which a defender give you no time to be alone can be tough
haaland is like messi or ronaldo born for football 😭❤️👌🏻💯
World Record Egg
World Record Egg:
Haaland is an absolute monster dude
Marko Déchaîné
Marko Déchaîné:
This new look really fits him. Looks even more intimidating
Bruno Monteiro
Bruno Monteiro:
Haaland on fire, 🔥🔥🔥
Kaustav Borgohain
Kaustav Borgohain:
He will definitely be the 2nd best scorer this season
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio:
Reyna & Haaland = new dream duo! What a masterclass both player.
Alexis Wambugu
Alexis Wambugu:
It is a good time to be a Borrusia Dortmund fan
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan:
Lets go for 68 goals in a season, Haaland.
Norse drengr
Norse drengr:
It’s hard to tell how good Haaland is because his teammates are so good
This man is to good for his age….wow
Damn I wanted haaland in my premier league team this season...
Hidden Leaf
Hidden Leaf:
Haaland would have been the top of my list for any club that could afford him. Above Messi and Sancho for transfers.
Jonathan Peña
Jonathan Peña:
It will take a month or so to really know how things will pan out this season, but he's my #1 pick for the golden boot this year.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
Ever since Haaland Came, nobody talks about Marco Reus🥺, My favourite player🥺
Gutted we didnt sign him when we had a chance to. But still happy with Lukaku.
Haaland on point 👌🔥
Jan Marzecki
Jan Marzecki:
Haaland beast 🔥🔥
mllop aeet
mllop aeet:
Ever since Haaland Came, nobody talks about Marco Reus🥺, My favourite player🥺
His movements and positioning are like van basten and lewandowski.
Logan Harris
Logan Harris:
I hope he ends up in the prem. He's too good for any other league
abdikheir osman
abdikheir osman:
just after we thought Sancho was the reason for his goals. The lad is just marvellous.
He looks incredible this season
oh my gosh, what is this player he is a machine for goals that don't get tired 🖐🖐
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Dortmund ❤❤❤. Haaland harrick was phenomenal effort 👍👍👍💪💪💪👏❤👏
OSSS Boys:
Imagine haaland in Manchester city or Bayern or real madrid
Fahmi Andriant
Fahmi Andriant:
Haaland is being Haaland 🔥
Axxess Mundi
Axxess Mundi:
Halaand is a natural goal scorer. Revenge of the Nord!!
Daniel Obiefule
Daniel Obiefule:
He’s def coming to Manchester United end of season.💪🏼
Darren Matthews
Darren Matthews:
Who ever gets this player next is going to dominate