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The football all Manchester united fans were loving has suddenly stopped and come to a grinding hault. The goals have dried up and united have found themselves falling behind city I the league and back into the top 4 pack. Why has it all stopped working for Manchester united.

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Adam breaks it down



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Can manchester united be fixed? - https://youtu.be/lo2H9ikrY6w 

worst season ever! - https://youtu.be/akfqK9RPF90


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24 comentarios:

Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Great video tonight Adam, thanks to you and guests. Devastating to see this squad fall of the past 2 matches, but this squad still needs additions. Our squad currently has one winger, James, one tue CDM, Matic, and 2 injury prone pacy CBs. We still don't have a backup RB. With these few additions, our squad will greatly improve. This squad isn't currently in the shape of a City, Munich, etc. Supporters complain about late subsititions, but I think that is just evidence for Ole not trusting these players. Multiple reports he was willing to let James and others go to get his targets, but never came to fruition. Until the board starts doing their job, I worry that we will fatigue and drop off second half of the season. Even with Ole using upwards of 18 squad players regularly. We don't have the quality in depth to legitimately fight on 4 fronts. Great stuff, COME ON UNITED
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies:
Selecting a passive team when you pick Lindelof, then McTominay substitution that change the style of play. VanDeBeek should have came on to carry out the momentum to win the game shows due to poor decision making from the start encourage this outcome.

The feeling is we should have maintained the 4.4.2 diamond so more chances could have been created for the forwards. Another Missed Opportunity. If we can bring in Roy Keane as Assistant Manager, that would help to get the players & staff to improve on their focus, performance, consistency and achieve more!
Fred Mandingo
Fred Mandingo:
If it wasn’t for the Glazers love affair of Martial he’d be gone by now.
Kelvin Tan
Kelvin Tan:
It all starts with the manager. If the manager is clueless himself, what chance do we have that he surrounds himself with proper coaches?
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin:
Well said Adam Risk and reward footballs better than that performance we gave yesterday.
Well said to beat the the low block you need to have more creative players aka VDB.
Omar El-Kikhia
Omar El-Kikhia:
What's with all the doom and gloom. We're second in the league in a congested and condensed season. Ole and the staff are doing a great job rotating the squad to minimize chances of injuries while not losing on the road in a year. There's going to be a let downs during this season. There's going to be mental fatigue as a result of the games coming thick and fast. Ole didn't get backed in the summer with a Centerback, CDM, or RW yet had this team in first place.

It's a marathon, not a sprint. Still clearing out the deadwood. Bringing in the right players and this team doesn't stop fighting and they keep grinding out results despite Martial, Greenwood, and Rashford not in form. When this team switches on they'll finish with another run like last year and the year before.

Give Ole the players he wants and a proper preseason then start judging Ole. Until then Saeed Out!
AA Sackis
AA Sackis:
I m Ole out but I m scared that Saeed is putting too much on him when most of these players have not delivered with more than 2 managers.
AA Sackis
AA Sackis:
Wingers are meant to defend too. Our problem is our forwards are very selfish hence midfield doesn't trust them to run forward as they won't be given the ball or protected when we loose it.
Red Geordie
Red Geordie:
Sancho is the worst transfer saga for me because I knew it was never going to happen from the start.
Jay C
Jay C:
Contradictions all over this lol. Mary wants pace but then moaned Mata and VDB didn’t play. Liverpool’s front 3 are rapid and yet break down these teams week in week out and don’t bring on different type of players for low block teams
jean-gerome PUE-FESSE
jean-gerome PUE-FESSE:
Now watch 3 reasons why a good fart is always better out than in.

End of the transfer window. He will be lucky to come 5th. Now he is 2nd and in a title race. Let’s all slate Ole. Unbelievable. 40 games we have the most points in a calendar year. Let that sink in. He might not be your cup of tea but to say Ole out it’s just horrendous. Can’t condone that in our fan base. Ridiculous.
The guy with the clipboard is Richard Hartis, Senior GK coach who brought in a Burnley GK coach to coach De Gea? Let that sink in.
Jay C
Jay C:
This is a big overreaction in my opinion lol. Struggling for top 4 Mary said but a week ago we was in a title race. Flip flopping at its finest
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin:
Money Penny
Money Penny:
Fernandes is our best midfielder. Easily. I don’t think Cavani & Marttial gel.
Lord Nelson
Lord Nelson:
Martial is the problem this season. Greenwood is the best left winger in our team. He has been benched so martial who is not performing because of his mentality (Cavani) could play where he said he doesn't want to play. Mctomonay is our most consistent cm. Pogba already gave is one month as usual every season. Fred can not tackle without giving dangerous free kicks, his positioning is horrible passing is sub standard. Degea can not defend corners, Ole in game management is relegation standard. Last season people were say he did not have the bench players. What is the excuse now?
John O Neill
John O Neill:
Love d channel...utd fan since 1989...ole always talks about small margins when we lose but never when we win...we have won so many games by d odd goal and were very lucky(fine margins)... we wont even get top4 dis season never mind title talk with ole as manager...tell me another club who would take ole if he wasnt at united
9 -0
Ted Stan
Ted Stan:
Lets just get the season done and then we can take a look at things.
One thing is for sure theres no chance of winning a title with Ole at the wheel. His mandate from Woodward and the Glazers is always to get top 4. Our ambition ends right there. There is zero pressure on Ole to win things. And thats what is holding us back.
Stian united
Stian united:
The problem is not the Manager , He has not got the players he wanted , Imagin if we had Sancho and Haaland , Grealish now we would be 10 points infront of Liverpool . Rashford and Martial has to be taken of and be rested now , they are not playing well at all. Putt on Van de beek and Diallo , or Greenwood and Cavani in front i am shure we will score more goals:)
Mark Pugh
Mark Pugh:
The team is just shit and not good enough they have no bottle and the manager isn't good enough for too long individual brilliance has been bailing them out and luck there is no proper style of play and they never dominate games even against the shit teams they should be putting away easily
Paul Graham
Paul Graham:
Brilliant discussion chaps. The problem is Ole. Just not good enough. Two years of ground hog day.