39 Goals! Hat-Trick for Lewandowski | FC Bayern München - Borussia M'gladbach | 6-0 | All Goals

#FCBBMG | Highlights from Matchday 32!
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Watch all goals of FC Bayern München vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach from Matchday 32 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 1-0 Lewandowski (2’), 2-0 Müller (23’), 3-0 Lewandowski (34’), 4-0 Coman (44’), 5-0 Lewandowski (66’), 6-0 Sané (85’)

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100+ comentarios:

Lewandowski is close to achieving something very, very Gerd indeed 🤩
Was a lawyer .
Was a lawyer .:
Muller didnt lie when he said LewanGOALski
Liverpool Ynwa
Liverpool Ynwa:
If Bundesliga had 38 games and Lewy didnt get injuried he would of had 50 goals in a season
J M:
Lewandowski is unreal, had he been available for the PSG Uefa game definitely PSG wouldn’t have gone through
Veton Ibraimi
Veton Ibraimi:
Imagine Lewandowski were at the Game of Bayern vs Paris 🤫
Mayureshan Muhunthan
Mayureshan Muhunthan:
Lewandowski’s second goal was absolutely brilliant🔥🔥🔥
lewandwski goals:
1 showing who he is
2 incredible scissor kick
3 a perfect penalty waiting in what foot the goalkepeer put his weight
A P:
3 goals, 1 assist, 1 crucial play. Now tell me if Lewandowski played PSG in the first leg it wouldn't have been a different outcome.
Arham Arisha
Arham Arisha:
What a season LewanGOALski is having. Didn't win the Ballon D'or in 2020 but he should this year
Henry Khiangte
Henry Khiangte:
No one's taking away Lewandowski's golden boot this season.
I'm really proud that he's from Poland too
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi:
Bayern wouldn't have lost against psg had lewandowski was not injured. They missed him badly.
Nashhh Boy
Nashhh Boy:
PSG and mancity were lucky Lewandowski was injured...also Gnabry was injured..
Perfect Champions
Perfect Champions:
This is what a fully fit Bayern is capable of. We would have defended the CL if we had all our players especially Lewandowski.
Nate Bezanson
Nate Bezanson:
What an insane game, bayern were ruthless
Go for the record, Lewa!
Gerd Muller is proud of you.
Mihir Vinay
Mihir Vinay:
0:44 he is the same commentator when Lewy did 5 goals in 10 mins
Ryan Purdum
Ryan Purdum:
First polish to win the European golden shoe 👏👏
Marc Béliveau
Marc Béliveau:
Someone subtract 10 years from Lewandowski’s age pls.
If france football don't give Lewy his ballon d'Or, I will never watch football again
The Preacher
The Preacher:
Man...How the heck can someone stop Lewandowski scoring? 😅
Midi Ssz
Midi Ssz:
hes just a legend
Retro Berry
Retro Berry:
At this point Lewandoski deserves a ballon D'or
Suroj Paul
Suroj Paul:
If Lewandowski was fit,, then Bayern will again this season UCL champion,, no doubt,, Respect this man
Sonitabh Yadav
Sonitabh Yadav:
Just 2 more and he would have done it in 5 games less than gerd. LEGENDOWSKI
Sebastian Drewnowski
Sebastian Drewnowski:
Shoutout for the whole team to keep pushing for goals while:
A)being 6:0 in the match
B) having a championship already
C) being one man down on a pitch
Muller didn't lie when he said LewanGOALski.
Neukx L
Neukx L:
And his first 2 goals are brilliant strike.. not just a tap in
Robert Lala
Robert Lala:
One word for Robert LewanGOALski - INCREDIBLE
If LewanGoalski was there PSG had no chance of beating Bayern Congrats Bayern from A BVB Fan🙌
Liberty or Death
Liberty or Death:
Robert Lewandowski is worthy of the Balloon d’Or!
He must win Ballon D'or. The best player of last 2 years
Fabrizio Zegarra
Fabrizio Zegarra:
Brutal lo de Lewandowski!!!👏👏👏👏
Joseph Fayek
Joseph Fayek:
The commentator @ 0:40 :
Muller, looks for Lewandowski, finds Lewa-AOAAOAOOHHHH!!!!
Mateusz Muklewicz
Mateusz Muklewicz:
If lewanGOALSKI ever goes missing they should get Muller with a ball to find him ! What a inspirational team !
żabka pą
żabka pą:
1:38 - So, now everyone in Bayern wants to be Lewandowski? ;-) :-P
Agusha F
Agusha F:
Lewandowski would definitely be able to set a new record if not his injury. So I wish him to achieve it, he had tears in his eyes knowing that he will need to recover in weeks before coming back to play !
He really deserve to get a new award, he is absolutely outstanding and hard working great player ❗️
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger:
it is really sad that flick is leaving , i don't think Nagelsmann will be as good
Joel O. Ramos
Joel O. Ramos:
I strongly believe that a Bayern with Lewandowski, Gnabry and Goretska would've been able to beat PSG 8 times out of ten.
Prenish Baniya
Prenish Baniya:
Had Lewandoski been available for the game against PSG, CL story would have been different.
mitasi sarkar
mitasi sarkar:
Just 2 more to break Gerd Muller's record of 40 goals in a single season.
Even after missing 5-6 games due to injury and managing to score 39 league goals, and doing consistently well year after year is just brilliant
Emmanuel Twumasi
Emmanuel Twumasi:
Yes yes yes Lewandowski can score 41 goals and set a new record⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
Nikkon Reinold
Nikkon Reinold:
Most sympathetic world elite player. You would never see CR9 being happy for a 4-0 by a teammate if he had the chance to get a decades old record.
If Lewy doesn’t get ballon d’or this year I’m done
5 years ago
5 years ago:
I hope this news of Lewandowski leaving Bayern don’t be real , because sell lewa would be the biggest insanity ever
World class pass by Müller, world class goal by lewangoalski 🤩
Hafid Córdova Lavado
Hafid Córdova Lavado:
They don't win this champions League, however they are already the best team in world 2021. What a football!
clay jensen
clay jensen:
Lewy the greatest in budesliga history .... Hope he stays at bayern ❤️❤️❤️ #miasanmia #9echampions
Leszek Lepkowski
Leszek Lepkowski:
Lewandowski is great , amazing, talented player but his true extraordinary effects are not (ONLY) from skills but from knowledge and discipline how to work in team. He is not selfish, like most top players but work like parts of machine, team. I think, that NOT his personal score account is the most important, but his team. God luck, Robert.
The Real Madridista ✅
The Real Madridista ✅:
Lewandowski is just crazy 😧 he should be arrested for this, how can you be that good
Aadeeshvar Singh
Aadeeshvar Singh:
This guy won’t stop now he is all set to break the record congratulations Bayern Munich
Sub if you hate TikTok
Sub if you hate TikTok:
Mönchengladbach- defeats Bayern 3-2
Bayern- *I took that seriously*
James Kipsang
James Kipsang:
Lewangolski 🔥🔥
Polish doctors : lewangoalski can't play 10 days . German doctors: nooo 4 weeks because he can't score 40 goals
Muhammad Caesar
Muhammad Caesar:
"Gladbach can go home now" 😂😂😂
Gladbach : beat you on 3-2
Bayern : 3-2 ? 3×2=6 , 6-0
Gowtham Mukkati
Gowtham Mukkati:
If he wasn't injured, We could have watched Chelsea vs Bayern UCL Finals.
César FC Bayern
César FC Bayern:
Ehh Robert Lewan lewangoalski, ROBERT LEWANGOALSKI 😍
Tanish Sakdeo
Tanish Sakdeo:
Lewandowski what a goal!!
Atharva Kale
Atharva Kale:
Gladbach be like: They had us in both the halves , not gonna lie😎😎
mario meister
mario meister:
Bravo Robert Bravo Bayern I hope that Robert will be able to break the Müller record
Jonathan De La Peña
Jonathan De La Peña:
Commentator " Lewandowski"
Harshvardhan Rai
Harshvardhan Rai:
Leva carried Bayern this season. His absence cost them in CL semis.
Kuku Nase
Kuku Nase:
he was definately missed in UCL
Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody:
todos los alemanes de este equipo deben de ir a la selección, son unos jugadorazos, me encanta el tipo de juego aleman, esa garra con la que juegan me recuerda al juego de antes...
Yuan Choi
Yuan Choi:
I love LewanGOALski
Shreyas Saireddy
Shreyas Saireddy:
Best striker in the world and yet some people say that it's all because of the team.The finishes he does are unpredictable.
Steven Almonte
Steven Almonte:
No matter how old he is,he can score more goals than you're idol
Robert Lewandowski najlepszy jest🤩🇵🇱, jestem dumny że reprezentuje nasz kraj ✨😊
Ameen Nishan
Ameen Nishan:
Tip: Play 0:39 in 0.75 speed

(Look at the ball) pure satisfaction
Thank me later
Fajar Perdana
Fajar Perdana:
The second commentator was laughing all the time 😂
Congrats Bayern 👏
Bester Stürmer der BL Geschichte …
Salvador Villegas
Salvador Villegas:
The final of UCL definitely it must have been with BAYERN
Manuel Z
Manuel Z:
LewanGOALsky a truly beast ⚽️👌👏
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great Performance by Lawendowski ❤❤❤, Great three goals, two more needed for bench mark,
Przemek Wójcik
Przemek Wójcik:
Polish Power🔥🔥🔥
David Alex
David Alex:
There is a downside of being a Bayern fan and that is you keep winning too many goals every match. I need another boring team! I'm tired of winning..
Zahraa Ashkanani
Zahraa Ashkanani:
Robert LewanGOALski 💪🏽❤️
#MiaSanMia 🤍
This teams is fire 🔥
M hossain
M hossain:
What a video, it started with the match ending 😂
Who would have thought that someone could beat gerd's record but it has been done
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
Lets keep our fingers crossed for Lewa... C'mon Lewa! 🔥❤️
Mini Kim
Mini Kim :
Brilliant goals
Tekkz Football
Tekkz Football:
What a delight for bayern and what a way to win the german league, now lewy only needs one to equalise
Lewy is gonna break the record of 40 goals
rifa fauzi
rifa fauzi:
LewanGOATski fantastic
Manju Singh
Manju Singh:
Simply a super star best player in the World Lewangoalski
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp:
Sane scored the last goal I think the last time they won 6-0
Cobra Mortal
Cobra Mortal:
There are players, then there are ballers. Lewa is balling out of control. 🐐
Saluden al bota de oro, Lewangolski
Yash Koolwal
Yash Koolwal:
Congratulations Bayern Munich … Watching from Nepal 😍😍
Wilderness And Me
Wilderness And Me:
If only Lewandowski was fit vs PSG.
Chos3n ZW
Chos3n ZW:
Lewa Beast 🙌
R K:
Great man, great human, great sportsman. Both have something to proof on this world. And thay did.
blue line
blue line:
The end before the start was in this video. Congratulations to Bayern 9 in a row
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
the league i love is slowly turning into a farmers league....
Obaidah Shaherli
Obaidah Shaherli:
Crazy numbers, great job Bayern! 🔥
Fuerte Farmer
Fuerte Farmer:
My god if we had Lewa against PSG we will be in for the final 😢