4 Goals in 17 Minutes - Hoffenheim's Comeback after trailing 0-2

Hoffenheim comes back after being 0-2 down vs Schalke

With 4 Goals in only 17 minutes, TSG Hoffenheim complete the comeback against FC Schalke 04 after being down 02 at halftime. Kramaric's beautiful freekick lead the way and goals from his teaamates Akpoguma, Baumgartner and Bebou kept the streak alive. Which of these goals is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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71 comentarios:

This sums up Schalke's entire season in 2 mins
V-boy boys
V-boy boys:
Schalke:yh were gonna to win
Hoffenhem: You’ve completed the tutorial.
Dreams Wet
Dreams Wet:
Mustafi the only player in the whole back line that seemed he was at all bothered to concede goals it's gonna be a long way back for shalke
Safwan Chowdhury
Safwan Chowdhury:
A team gets 4 goals in 17 minutes

Meanwhile a world class player casually scores 5 goals in 9 minutes
Rishabh 31
Rishabh 31:
It had to be Schalke didn't it?.. what a dismal season this is for them...
Michael Nyuthe
Michael Nyuthe:
They'll suffer more at the second division with this kind of performance
KIhairil Amirul Imran
KIhairil Amirul Imran:
When I saw Hoffenheim trailing 2-0 I had a heart attack but great comeback Hoffenheim, beautiful goal Kramaric
Keynesian Economics
Keynesian Economics:
As an Arsenal fan, I thought we had it bad. Look at Schalke; absolutely abysmal.
Chacho Carrera
Chacho Carrera:
Amazing comeback 👏
Mohammad Aun
Mohammad Aun:
The strongest is the one whose fallen the hardest , yet stands on its feet. Hope Schalke are strong enough to launch a comeback next season
Fae Zae
Fae Zae:
Doing a fifa 21 shalke RTG is a pain in the a$$ but satisfying when you see how good that team can be with team work. 😅
Addo Densu
Addo Densu:
Hope hoffenheim competes very well next season playing direct Bayern like football
Nepalese BadLiar
Nepalese BadLiar:
This is awesome..❤️
Oh So
Oh So:
Of course Mustafi blamed his teammates for the last goal even though he played a part in it.
Debarshee Talukdar
Debarshee Talukdar:
When you get what's you want but not what's you need
In this case Schalke gets the goals which they want but not the victory which they need.
Max Volpi
Max Volpi:
This sums up Schalke this season I guess
Omed Saed
Omed Saed:
Amazing comeback
Schalke need a new keeper, period
Patrick Kolk
Patrick Kolk:
Great free kick 👍🏻
MD. Mahfilur rahman
MD. Mahfilur rahman:
What a freekick!!
Vibing on YT
Vibing on YT:
I like how Bundesliga holds many records in football
Emilio Vargas
Emilio Vargas:
Rip shalke 80 goals against⚽️ abd 20 in favor
Schalke can’t even hold a lead correctly lol
Poor schalke💔
Saibal Ghosh
Saibal Ghosh:
Lewa: Hold my beer
Ahnaf Ariq
Ahnaf Ariq:
And it had to be Schalke again?
User Unknown
User Unknown:
Adminho...you didn't show us Schalke's goals
lilypad 11
lilypad 11:
schalke.... come back stronger please

also kramaric is crazy
But can you do 5 in 9 tho?
Why Schalke drops the Joystick?
Ramelio 2.0
Ramelio 2.0:
Cuidado con el cohete 🚀 :C
J Simm
J Simm:
4 in 17??
Lewandowski ok: hold my 5 in 9
Hoffenheim didn’t want the embarrassment of losing to Schalke twice
Kramaric is a beast
Piero Mejia Lezama
Piero Mejia Lezama:
Schalke's defenders look like statues, which is why in almost all their matches they have been beaten.
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba:
I really feel bad for Schalke
Mustafi will be on fire next season......Mark my words
Ahmad Salah
Ahmad Salah:
🌟🌟 Elegant 🌟🌟
Robin a
Robin a:
Hoffenheim is the greatest football club in this universe.....😎😎😎
Mark Akoury ꪜ
Mark Akoury ꪜ:
Lewandowski: amateur
Tobias Astro
Tobias Astro:
relying on mustafi is a big mistake
Thami odhiambo
Thami odhiambo:
Wow now that was a game
Roberto Izquierdo
Roberto Izquierdo:
Poor Schalke
What happened to Schalke??? Now they will join Hamburg in B2
XO Tour Llif3
XO Tour Llif3:
Man i fell bad for schalke
Raahim Zuberi
Raahim Zuberi:
Schalke in a nutshell
Santhosh R
Santhosh R:
Hoffenheim to Schalke:- I don't care about you scoring twice I can score 4 in 17 minutes

Leipzig to dortmund:- I don't care too I can score 2 in 5 minutes

Barcelona after 60 minutes in every game:- Ya me too even 4 goals in 23 minutes

Everyone:- What was that punk??

Wolfsburg:- 'He said amateurs'
Robert Lewangoalski enters with his men in Red

Dortmund fan here but that 5 in 9 was legendary status
Neiko McCalla
Neiko McCalla:
Why is 1 team playing without a keeper?
Olmedo Guzmán
Olmedo Guzmán:
excellent review, no fclickbaits
Unlucky 😹
Siddharth Vyas
Siddharth Vyas:
It's impossible to not to win against schalke
Atish Limbare
Atish Limbare:
can they sacked him also?
Grief of link Ocarina of majora
Grief of link Ocarina of majora:
no schalke goals ok , guess they only care about commercials , what life has come to
Adhitama Avianto
Adhitama Avianto:
fahrmann = karius
Bawantha Darshana
Bawantha Darshana:
Mustafi should learn how to defend. It's a shame he claim himself a defender. For the last goal, he didn't even try to stop their attack and then putting blame on the other players after the goal! What a shameless player...
Guides For Free
Guides For Free:
D O.
D O.:
nice flip baumgartner
4 in 17 just like 5 in 9
Tity Thomas
Tity Thomas:
Lewandowski: pathetic
White Ravens
White Ravens:
jarrett burton
jarrett burton:
Lol schalke
Yung Max 1 9 9 6
Yung Max 1 9 9 6:
Error 4*04* Schalke not found
Nier Automata
Nier Automata:
Mustafi 🤡
มินตรา โฉมเฉลา
มินตรา โฉมเฉลา:
priyanshu kunwar
priyanshu kunwar:
Schalke is good for nothing😬poor team to watch
มินตรา โฉมเฉลา
มินตรา โฉมเฉลา:
Sorry shalke : /
football 876
football 876:
Happy birthday 🎉🥳 to me
Shine Flame
Shine Flame:
Their defence is just trash
Devesh Mittal
Devesh Mittal: