4 Years of the Trump Presidency in 6 Minutes | NYT Politics

We revisit memorable moments from the past four years.

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100+ comentarios:

Trump presidency begins with Muslim ban and ends with Twitter ban
Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady:
I seriously cannot believe any of this actually happened. I lived through this and it still hasn’t set in lmao. What a wild 4 years
Alexander Manuel
Alexander Manuel:
Imagine showing this to someone in 2015.
Veselina Kasapova
Veselina Kasapova:
The Irony of ppl storming one of the most sacred buildings in the USA and shouting "USA. USA. USA" is tremendous.
Lindsay Borglum
Lindsay Borglum:
The longest 4 years/6 minutes of my life.
Rachel Hosey
Rachel Hosey:
I can't believe those four years were my high school years....
Wicked Shades Productions
Wicked Shades Productions:
they didn’t mention the good things he’s done:
benefiting the meme economy
not blowing up the world
and leaving
Why would anyone want 4 years of Trump in 6 minutes when we just had decades worth of Trump in 4 years?
Matt H
Matt H:
My favorite was when the athletes came to eat at the White House (I forgot what team it was) and he served plates stacked with fast food.
Joe Biden saying “shut up man just shut up” was so funny 😂😂😂
Oh my god, I almost forgot that "Alternative Facts" thing.
Darrle Ennis
Darrle Ennis:
The one thing I'll always remember about this presidency is all of claims that he made and never showed any proof of them and all of the claims made against him that were proven with evidence
Sushil Sapkota
Sushil Sapkota:
1:45 "a country without borders isn't a country" *Laughs in european union*
Butter Pie
Butter Pie:
The first president to have more impeachment’s than terms in office
For once, the president didn’t age at all during his tenure. Instead he made all of us age.
“Coming up next in Keeping Up With America...” This is legit a reality show at this point smh
We are missing a TON of stuff but understandable since you only got 6 minutes lol
Trump did leave us with some really good meme worthy moments though... enough to last a good century
I still can’t believe this happened. Like seriously.
ray ray
ray ray:
I just wanna say they'll make atlest 10 movies movies out of his presidency not to mention the docu-series and the books
"It will go away, stay calm"

"Stop the testing"

"It is what it is"
Chuck M
Chuck M:
0:45 I love how the Mooch said he was going to be very brief.
Benny G
Benny G:
The way he acted after he lost the election was absolutely disgraceful.
chip block
chip block:
I could make this into a 5 second video. I would show his rear leaving the Whitehouse for the last time, it's all anyone needs to see!
This is gonna show up in some kid’s recommendations in like 10 years
Holowaty Vlogs
Holowaty Vlogs:
Scaramucci: “I’m going to be very brief.”

“Thank you.”

Scott Smith
Scott Smith:
From day one, they told us exactly what his term would be. An Alternative Truth.
Politics in Six
Politics in Six:
These were the years that I knew I wanted to go into politics, from 7th to 11th grade
Quincy Birwood
Quincy Birwood:
There was a lot missing but you can't get 4 years of sh*t in a 6 minute bag.
Idea Fountain46
Idea Fountain46:
one word: Chaos
Gary Henzler
Gary Henzler:
And considering how the G.O.P. stacked every major court in the country to work in their favor means we'll be dealing with the damage done from this presidency for the rest of our lives and beyond.
Lazarus 1
Lazarus 1:
The crazy part is this didn't come even close to how bad it actually was. It was only six minutes of four years.
Natalie Alsup
Natalie Alsup:
I cant believe I lived thru all this
Jack Tapman
Jack Tapman:
Trump: The only president to have more impeachments than terms
"i'm going to be very brief, thank you" was the best sound bite
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis:
The worse part is it's not over even after his presidency ended. He left a huge mess that seems to not go away and he's still planning to be in the 2024 election.
I know we only have 6 mins but the injecting bleach/disinfectant thing was significant
Xander Becker
Xander Becker:
Love him or hate him these were some wack four years.
Luisa Mamede
Luisa Mamede:
students will be watching this for their apush finals in 30 years lol
"Lets walk down Pennsylvania ave" - spurs. Meanwhile.... spurs watches his traitors trying to overthrow their own constitution from afar. Another lie his traitors believed.
Spider Web Marketing
Spider Web Marketing:
"If we had a vaccine, that would be very helpful"
Rio Roy
Rio Roy:
In that four years...US has become more divided, Radicalised, racist and 🔥🔥🔥
Nico Z
Nico Z:
OMG.. Are we even sure it was only 4 years ? All over the world, it felt like mad crazy 40 years...
Timur Ryssuly
Timur Ryssuly:
I would have loved this video to be 6 minutes of screaming
Why hasn’t he been arrested for “hush money for hookers?” Or ten counts of obstruction of justice?
We’re living in history everyone... Record it as much as you can, or you’ll regret it forever
Alexis Rios
Alexis Rios:
I love how at 4:52 when he's talking about recovering from COVID, he says ''Don't let it dominate you'' as if people have/had a choice.
Florian Johannes Pössl
Florian Johannes Pössl:
This Netflix comedy special looks interesting - when will it launch worldwide?
how you managed to fill a whole 6 minutes is beyond me, the story of his presidency could be told in seconds... "Donald J. Trump, he had small hands. The end."
Amanda Norman
Amanda Norman:
Translation: the only thing positive about Trump's presidency was his COVID test.
Bert Ernie
Bert Ernie:
That second impeachment really did him in...
What realy shocked me was that he denied a handshake with Political leaders from democratic countries like in the case of germany Angela Merkel but willingly shakes the Hand of an Dictator. Thats something to think about
100% pure Love
100% pure Love:
Fastest 6mins in HISTORY..
sure wish it had been 6 minutes long.
buster brown
buster brown:
Craziest thing is 74 million people defend that, including priest.
Joseph Lo
Joseph Lo:
Hey New York Times, you forgot Four Seasons Total Landscaping.
Wild Oglala
Wild Oglala:
When Trump got Coronavirus I knew then Trump would lose his Reelection attempts
I need a cigarette after watching this and I don’t even smoke.
Lily Kosloski
Lily Kosloski:
I feel like this didn’t cover enough of that nightmare we had to had to live through.
Cheshire Ket
Cheshire Ket:
Saving this in my "Show The Aliens" playlist
Masato Indou
Masato Indou:
i don't think trump really cared about suleimani, he just needed his own "bin laden" moment
Bravo. It's a beautiful sight
Gabriel Galicha
Gabriel Galicha:
They forgot all the golfing he did
Patrice Dhanis
Patrice Dhanis:
Never thought I would see this. Thank God he is out!
Nathan Gibney
Nathan Gibney:
What a movie! Imagine if this was real? 👽
the Rock25
the Rock25:
I needed a stiff drink to detox from that four years. Wow
Matt Thambirajah PT
Matt Thambirajah PT:
I feel sad he left.

He made 2020 bearable with his comedic performances
Stupidity isn’t a virus
But it sure spreading like one - Sandy Cheeks
Started rough ended in absolute disaster
Pelosi tearing that paper behind him still makes me laugh. 😂
I LOVE this video! Great job New York Times! I can't believe that good Americans had to endure 4 years of that maniac and his equally insane/low IQ supporters.
Eric Systrom
Eric Systrom:
I started caring for a family member fulltime when, he announced he would be running for office . A loud cable news cycle daily ended the first of September 2019. I catch up with the news but, out of self preservation in smaller doses and, better sources . Watching this you forget some of the ineptitude . A case study of the forth stooge. A reduction of the other three painted orange and hopped up on stimulants. Tweeting and tweaking. Patterns emerge.
SJ L.:
You missed “covfefe”, throwing paper towels at Puerto Rican’s, and so many more...
Darth Zayexeet
Darth Zayexeet:
Trump: „Mr. Coronavirus, I don’t feel so good…“
The most crazy thing to me is that as loud and as bombastic as trumps presidency was, it all ended with a whimper at the end.
Golden Boy
Golden Boy:
If trump was elected another 4 years, I would die of old age…
Sheila Anne
Sheila Anne:
The whole thing was a disgrace. Thank god it's behind us.
It was good. I liked this season of the American show. Here in Europe we expected a season finale a little bit more..."explosive" but it's fine. It has been entertaining.
Lucas Y
Lucas Y:
This brought up some memories I blocked out lol
Sir. Doge
Sir. Doge:
I love that one of them said "this confirmation process is a disgrace"

Was there one to begin with?
No beacuse the president is chosen before votes are even casted.
Gary Jones
Gary Jones:
Puppet master Putin is laughing all the way to the bank
Mike Clements
Mike Clements:
The next headline I'm anxiously awaiting is, "In 6 minutes, the judge sentenced trump to 40 years!"
Kelly L
Kelly L:
This video left out a lot, to start with just think of all the international organizations and agreements he's pulled us out of...
“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” 
“So do I, and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
T L:
He has left a stain on America that will be hard to get rid of.
Boy Prince
Boy Prince:
Felt like I held my breath until 5:00 into the video!!
Stacey Luba
Stacey Luba:
Omg this has been the longest four years ever!!! This all feels like it took place over 20 years
Ken Eaton
Ken Eaton:
Six minutes is just about the amount of time he spent working over his 4 year term!
There's still many families, neighbors, friends, and relationships broken due to this man child. Hopefully things will eventually go back to normal someday, but really doubt it. As long as people continue to wear those silly red hats, and fly those faded out flags. That just shows some people are willing to put party before our country.
Perfect! I'm a Brazilian guy... waiting for bolsonaro's fall! Pray for us!
Reiner Braun
Reiner Braun:
Well, the good thing about all this is that at least we now know that something as bizzare as having a manbaby for a president can happen. So next time we'll have our guard up.
I like this condensed history video of what happened with the US in the last few years
Let's Talk.
Let's Talk.:
4 years of the trump presidency in 5 seconds:
Bad. Just horrible.
Great summary 👍
And crazy people hope to see him again next August 🤣
Roman's Travels
Roman's Travels:
We need the curb ur enthusiasm theme playing over this video for its entire duration
I'm starting to think he wont release those tax returns
Henk Smit
Henk Smit:
America should be very happy to be delivered from this man
these were such meme years
Katherine Rosen
Katherine Rosen:
Did you have to include the Women's March? It was organized by one person until Linda Sarour, anti-Semite was asked to leave.
Doc Baby
Doc Baby:
SO nice to have a competent administration , outfitted with great cabinet members who know what they are doing and will be effectual, unlike the garbage "actors"we had the last four years