5 Goal Thriller | Borussia M'gladbach - FC Bayern München | 3-2 | All Goals | Matchday 15

#BMGFCB | Highlights from Matchday 15!
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Watch all goals of Borussia Mönchengladbach vs. FC Bayern München from Matchday 15 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 0-1 Lewandowski, 0-2 Goretzka, 1-2 Hofmann, 2-2 Hofmann, 3-2 Neuhaus

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Ashish Thomas alex
Ashish Thomas alex:
The annual tradition of losing to mongengladbach is done🙄
Muhammad Abeer
Muhammad Abeer:
That was quick Bundesliga. 😉👏
Ahmad Ilmam Dasuki Bin Ismail Khalil
Ahmad Ilmam Dasuki Bin Ismail Khalil:
If beating bayern is an art, then monchengladbach are picasso of it
Oliver Peñafiel
Oliver Peñafiel:
I appreciate the quick highlights but for upsets like this, it would be great to watch every goal with replays and views from different angles.
Francisco Gandarilla
Francisco Gandarilla:
Wasn’t surprised after the Champions League performances.
Covid- 19
Covid- 19:
i stg süle literally turns into prime maldini then goes full on maguire for the rest of the match
Monchengladbach vs Manchester city should be a fantastic game. Can't wait to watch
F2P Gamer
F2P Gamer:
This year Bundesliga is tough and competitive
Rekha Tewari
Rekha Tewari:
What a game....M'gladbach did what teams like Barca PSG and chelsea couldn't do🙏🔥
Sule needs to improve his pace. Gladbach's forwards are outpacing him.
Black Hammer
Black Hammer:
MVP goes to Jonas Hofmann ~
cartoon cartel
cartoon cartel:
Commentator: it's a result to send shockwaves through the Bundesliga
Me: Gladach beat us every year. I hate it
Danny Ramirez Garrido
Danny Ramirez Garrido:
Props to hofenhime and monchegladbach for beating the best team in the world 👏
Siegmund Gehrke
Siegmund Gehrke:
Gladbach as playing good football this season. Kinda disappointed at bayerns defence today..
What a highlight 😁👍 All goals in 1 minutes well done admin 👍
The Fourth Chairman
The Fourth Chairman:
dont understand what the def thinking on the penalty
he definitely reached out and desperately wanted to touch the ball with his hand
Nuradin Ader
Nuradin Ader:
Cheers to Hoffman's performance 2 Goal and 1 Assist absolutely brilliant from brussia M'gladbach👏❤
Aziz rising
Aziz rising:
Wat a comeback against Bayern that too after conceding 2 goals, remarkable....Gladbadch 🔥🔥🔥👍
Nice to see a close competition in bundesliga finally, its time for other club to win it
Germans always effective, even at youtube clips, show only goals BRAVO !!
Sami Daass
Sami Daass:
Borussia is a very fast attacking team 🔥❤️
annoying lad
annoying lad:
Nagelsmann's dad would be really happy with the win 😁
Rueben Maraj
Rueben Maraj:
U guys are really consistent and upload at the speed of lightning 😅 , love this league
Falcon Ranger311
Falcon Ranger311:
Gladbach: I got 99 problems but beating Bayern ain't one
Anuran Kar Gupta
Anuran Kar Gupta:
My god the timings on the Gladbach runs for the goals were absolutely spot on damnnn
That Gladbach defenders deserved cleensheet
Jajaja XXV
Jajaja XXV:
Last week, Bayern comeback from 2-0 down, today, Bayern is the one leading 2-0 and their opponent get the comeback. Maybe Flick should just let them concede first lmao.
As a neutral football fan, I really want a team other than Bayern to win the Bundesliga this season.
Amal Das
Amal Das:
I can't believe Bayern lost against borussia mgladbach
Defense needs change.
oh~ borussia mönchengladbach good play
Rajat Chaudhary
Rajat Chaudhary:
Faster than Bayern's counter attacks😅😅.
Alex thunder
Alex thunder:
Guess soon that video will be renamed to “The game that made Bayern buy Florian Neuhaus”
Kennedy Onuabuchi
Kennedy Onuabuchi:
D commentary. Shouted for the second goal like he knew what would happen 😂😂
Mohamed El Shimy
Mohamed El Shimy:
You guys have the best highlights reel
Mobile Store
Mobile Store:
Wow what a come back
anonymous123 45
anonymous123 45:
Alaba and the whole defense isn't really helping when they just keep jogging back.
Andi Pandu Putra Pradhana
Andi Pandu Putra Pradhana:
The beauty of Bundesliga 👍👍
Lahiru Nimesh
Lahiru Nimesh:
Thank you M'gladbach ❤😂💪
damar andi
damar andi:
Wow, we got preoccupied by the thought about bayern's chance to retain the UCL. But now even retaining their domestic titles will be a tough fight, let alone UCL
fun fact: bundesliga upload every 5 seconds and I cant keep up
Mohamed Ghazey
Mohamed Ghazey:
Wow, this is hilarious how gladbach return and win, I think they can make deference in Uefa champs. Respect!
jevonte bryan
jevonte bryan:
What an incredible comeback from borussia
Home Lander
Home Lander:
Finally 🔥
KT Football
KT Football:
Why bayern are always losing to gladbach in their 1st game of each season?! 😡
Fankurve - Ultras
Fankurve - Ultras:
Gladbach Remontada 👏👏👏
아니, 체력보강이 급선무다! 남한의 장어탕을 드세요들!
Nicholash Bryan
Nicholash Bryan:
what a comeback
El clon de Hit
El clon de Hit:
Manchester City after watching this....HAHA
jocker 123
jocker 123:
Borussia 😍😍
Rifky Nur Ikhsani
Rifky Nur Ikhsani:
90 minutes to 1 minutes, so quick 😄
Nabeeh Fawzan
Nabeeh Fawzan:
For the 1st time in 10 years the Bundesliga is actually competitive
Connell Baduya
Connell Baduya:
and just like that, what a comeback! 👏👏👏
Eddy mmm
Eddy mmm:
makes me cry seeing such efficient highlights. Anywhoo... guess who came bach
Audy Ferrer
Audy Ferrer:
I need to see the line in that second goal
Samson Chithung
Samson Chithung:
I got the DNA of loving bayern munich loss the game..
RAIZINg Skyhigh
RAIZINg Skyhigh:
鈴木良平(Ryouhei Suzuki)さん、大喜び!
Ninad Mestry
Ninad Mestry:
Well Bayern have lost to gladbach every season since 2017-18 including once at home
Torino GustZa
Torino GustZa:
OMG !!
Germania Borussia
Germania Borussia:
Good game boys! Up the foals! 🖤💚
Muhammad Osama Qureshi
Muhammad Osama Qureshi:
2021 with surprises 🤣
ILyasse yt
ILyasse yt:
Amazing comeback 🔥🔥
Sakurai SP
Sakurai SP:
The editor losing the bet for sure.
irvan ali
irvan ali:
Bayern say, some player can be pock up
Sule needs to work on his pace for all three gladbach goals it was his fault
Gagan Sumawijaya
Gagan Sumawijaya:
I see Muenchen lose, I click
조지 클루니
조지 클루니:
요즘 뮌헨 수비가 개판이네 ㅋㅋ
Jose A. Censore
Jose A. Censore:
Amit Meena
Amit Meena:
Come on this is too short. Bring in the extented highlights
priangshu sen
priangshu sen:
please keep a highlights for atleast 5 mins.
Usaid Bhati
Usaid Bhati:
Gladbach clapped back !! 😂
Chesscom Support
Chesscom Support:
Bayern got too comfortable thinking they can concede goals every game and still win.
Angel Leung
Angel Leung:
Nooo! How!
Jeff Asante
Jeff Asante:
The high line isn't helping
Omed Saed
Omed Saed:
Shadow X
Shadow X:
I enjoyed this match😌
Info Nation
Info Nation:
Brilliant comeback!!
Gimson pasaribu
Gimson pasaribu:
Raphael Oliveira
Raphael Oliveira:
Gladbach sempre faz frente ao Bayern.
حسين محمد عبود خضير
حسين محمد عبود خضير:
What an amazing defence line
Lucca Caixeta
Lucca Caixeta:
Amazing comeback
ter Stegen is happy now 😂
Ines Horna Diaz
Ines Horna Diaz:
Braaavo Borussia M. Congratulations!!
Rakesh Nagarkoti
Rakesh Nagarkoti:
Wasn't the second goal clear OFFSIDE?
AdN bdr
AdN bdr:
admin uploads while crying
Sofyan Nedi
Sofyan Nedi:
Yess finally
Mohamed Pedrou
Mohamed Pedrou:
That was Hella fast!!
Syaiful Anwar
Syaiful Anwar:
Monchengladbach super power mode, wow!
Rodrigo Realista
Rodrigo Realista:
Congrats Mönch
Kweku Jobs
Kweku Jobs:
chimezie joseph
chimezie joseph:
Bayern munchen sign haaland now before is too late! I want to see haaland in Bayern munchen
Omg, I stopped watching after Bayern were up 2-0. I thought it was going to be another boring Bayern stomping. I was wrong.
Dr Manu
Dr Manu:
City will surely struggle when they face this team, really underrated
Yt User
Yt User:
Please Bayern and Germany national team , you need immediately a heavy investment in world class center backs
bocah polos
bocah polos:
Wkwk mantap
250 sports
250 sports:
Add more time for high light atleast 4 minutes 🙏🙏