5 Players Solskjaer's Manchester United Should Sign in the Summer…

Today we’re going to be taking a look at 5 Players Man Utd Should Sign! This video is brought to you by Football Index, the place to buy and sell shares in footballers!

Great form in 2020 saw Manchester United finish the season in third place, securing Champions League football and putting them in a position to attract some of the World’s best talents.

Despite Mason Greenwood’s impressive performances on the right, Man Utd still need strengthening in that position. As much as it’s an eye-watering amount of money, Manchester United should just buy Jadon Sancho. The 20 year old could quite literally lock down the right flank for 10 years and with the attacking numbers he’s put up in Germany, 120 million euros sounds like a bargain.

On to left back and the first player is a little bit left field. I’d love to see United sign Burnley left midfielder, Dwight McNeil and convert him to a left back.

In the modern game full backs are often a secondary attacking position and in a lot of the top sides, they operate more like wingers and allow the actual wingers to drift centrally.
We’ve also seen a lot of wingers extend their careers by becoming full backs. At United we saw the likes of Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young do it to mixed results but on the continent it’s been a lot more effective. I think converting a young attacker to play in that role could see an elite player develop.

The alternative is a little more traditional. Alex Telles. The Porto man has been a standout performer in Liga NOS since joining the club. The Brazilian is the quintessential attacking full back. He’s technically sound with a good range. A passing creative wing back in mould of Trent Alexander-Arnold. What’s more is he’s a threat from dead ball situations. His great technique means he delivers with shape and whip, resulting in very dangerous deliveries. And being left footed, he could allow United to send in in-swinging deliveries from both sides of the pitch. The question is whether he can adapt to life in the Premier League, if he could I think he’d be perfect to link up with Marcus Rashford.

Harry Maguire’s first season in the red of Manchester saw United go from the 11th best defence in the league to the 3rd best, but Ole Gunnar Solskjær wants to be number one. Like with Sancho, I think United shouldn’t beat around the bush and move directly for Dayot Upamecano, but with the Frenchman signing a new deal until 2023, he might not be available right away.

A good alternative could be Sevilla’s Diego Carlos. The 27 year old Brazilian has risen to prominence under Julian Lopetegui, using his pace to cover the attacking wing backs and impressive passing range to build out from the back. Another name linked has been Pau Torres, but with just 36 La Liga games at 23, he could be a little inexperienced.

A lower risk signing would be Lille’s Gabriel. The 22 year old would reportedly cost around 30 million pounds and would allow funds to be saved for areas that need heavier reinforcement.

And finally, defensive midfield.

Despite Nemanja Matic’s good form in 2020, he’s no spring chicken and looking for a long term
replacement for the Serbian would be smart. And whilst Ole has options at the club in Jimmy Garner or Scott McTominay, it’s unfair to put that burden on a 19 year old and a box-to-box midfielder.

Therefore, in my eyes, the perfect replacement would be Declan Rice. The 21 year old has come on in leaps and bounds after just his second season playing in defensive midfield and he looked excellent after the restart, where he operated as the defensive midfielder of the pivot, allowing Thomas Soucek to join the attack. Rice has all the attributes to be a top level defensive midfielder. But as good as he is defensively, I think he’s even better in possession. With the ball he’s extremely calm, especially when he’s inside his own box when a lot of players panic. He really would be perfect for Manchester United in defensive midfield.

But anyway guys what do you think? Who should Manchester United sign in the summer transfer window?

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100+ comentarios:

Statman Dave
Statman Dave:
Michael Flores
Michael Flores:
Never knew Mata was so informative about potential signings
Liam Burks
Liam Burks:
1. Jadon Sancho
2. Jadon Sancho
3. Jadon Sancho
4. Jadon Sancho
5. Jadon Sancho
Zack Marin
Zack Marin:
Let's get this party started Woodward.
Nuclear Atoms
Nuclear Atoms:
Man Dave is really frustrated with the in and off Sancho deal!!!
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho:
United can easily be a title contender in 2 years. (So 4 transfer windows)
Here is how:

Get Sancho 100%. He is key. With 4 (potentialy) world class attackers you are strong enough in attack.

Get Donny van de Beek and Ndidi.
I am an Ajax supporter who watches every game.
I can tell you that he offers a skill set no one else has at united.
He is like muller in finding spaces and short passes and a good finisher up close. Great for breaking down low blocks.
(Btw: for the people who think he is a possible 6 or 8. He is 100% a 10.
He can play 8 but that’s not where his strengths are.)
Ajax would probably let him go for €40/€45m.
(Grealish is overpriced)

Ndidi fits the matic roll perfectly long term. He will cost around €80/90m but he is definitely worth it IMO.

Defense: Get tagliafico and Škriniar. Škriniar is not really in conte’s plans as seen by his minutes. Conte is interested in Smalling. Do Smalling + €30/40m and you probably could get Škriniar who is an excellent defender.

Tagliafico: Quality leftback defensively and Attack with some great attributes.
Ajax would accept €25/30m

Keeper: Give Henderson a new contract

Overal this team would cost max €320m
Spread out of 2 years that would be €160m per year.
ManU should be able to afford that with champions league football etc.
Especially with player sales: (Smalling), Jones, Mata, Rojo, Lingard, Pereira, Dalot

Let’s pray🤞🏻

Ps: Theo Hernandez from Ac Milan would be my dream left back. Great in the build-up. Fast. Good physical. Great crosses. Excellent dribbler, passer of the ball and has a great touch.
If you can get Alaba 100 million% buy him
Papi Smoke
Papi Smoke:
Petition for Dave to be our DOF.
Fiachra Busher
Fiachra Busher:
Pretty sure we have never spent over £150 mil net in a transfer window.
Nino Chew
Nino Chew:
Declan Rice is really good but instead of bringing him in, I would like to see Donny Van de Beek or Grealish coming. As we already have Fred, Mctominay, and James Garner to cover Matic. But we only have Lingardinho and a old Mata to rotate Bruno Fernandes. I wouldn’t want to see Bruno in the injury list after half of the next season because keep playing him every matches just like what Mctominay was in last Dec.
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi:
Statman dave should replace Ed Woodward
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain:
I’m surprised how we haven’t signed anyone. We need 3-4 players that’ll take this team to the next step
Neil Lynch
Neil Lynch:
Are we sure Rice wants to go to Utd? Seems like he's got his heart set on a move to Chelsea. What about Denis Zakaria instead?
Abhi k
Abhi k:
I feel utd hardly gonna buy anyone, Woodward doesn't seem.interested
the McNeil signing was the most interesting one to me, a name i hadnt heard mentioned before and could have big potential - got no idea how much or how easy he would be to get. I am not optimistic theres going to be many signings though which is bs. bruno showed how much players can rejuvenate a team and this window could be a perfect opportunity to close the gap between the top2 instead theyre just going to let chelsea be the only one taking advantage of the window
Sancho at 100M + 4 other players? Unlikely. Unless Utd go for a much cheaper winger.
Doesn’t Pau Torres have the highest recorded speed this season for a defender in La Liga?
Pragadesh Prakash
Pragadesh Prakash:
Man utd are so incompetent with transfers for such a big club, it is so frustrating
010-MAE Nipun Mahajan
010-MAE Nipun Mahajan:
You please tell this to United, I'm not expecting more than 2 signings!
Brian Pedron
Brian Pedron:
When you were mentioning about Gabriel. Just 1 thing came in mind Vidic.
Daniel Alexander
Daniel Alexander:
9:15 not a good time to mention that haha, he conceded a pen against traore yesterday.
Thomas Putt
Thomas Putt:
I love that dwight LB signing shout
Owen Carey
Owen Carey:
Em. That’s only 4 players. Right winger, left back, centre back, and defensive midfield?
Dhruv Chawla
Dhruv Chawla:
Who's the 5th player? You mentioned only 4 - sancho, telles/mcneil, gabriel/upemecano/Diego Carlos and Rice
Daniel Mwendwa
Daniel Mwendwa:
Please sign up for the position of Director of Football for Manchester United 🙏🏾
Josh Parker
Josh Parker:
Dwight Mcniel as a left back would actually be great imagine if it works like Alphonso Davies, also Mcniel would class as a man united academy graduate?
Nathan Parsons
Nathan Parsons:
I heard that he replies to comments, is it true?? 😂🤔
RellLife Media
RellLife Media:
You had me up until Declan Rice. A better and much cheaper option would be Konrad Laimer from LB Leipzeg. A pressing machine and very comfortable infront of the CB's
X Æ A 21
X Æ A 21:
remember when man utd had young, small and blind defender
daany p
daany p:
Top top video. Love the McNeil LB idea
World Wide Reds Show
World Wide Reds Show:
Declan Rice seems nailed on for Chelsea, wouldn’t mind him at United though. My preference there would be NDIDI or Partey. What do you think about those 2 at CDM Dave?
Zach Harvey
Zach Harvey:
"GET IT DONE" hahaha dave is all of us
Arsene Who?
Arsene Who?:
Ha ha ha ha........"a perfect fit for Utd's defence would be Gabriel".....
Sorry lads, he turned Old Trafford down for a proper club..........The Arsenal.
Rikin Shah
Rikin Shah:
My 5 player picks in the transfer window.

Sancho (RW) or Ismaila Sarr (if we can't get Sancho)

Telles for (LB)

Zakaria or Bennacer (DMF)

Malang Sarr or Gabriel (CB)

Grealish or VDB (MF)
Ben Shallicker
Ben Shallicker:
i’ve noticed some people just see who plays well on fifa and say “ThEy ShOuLd BuY hIm” instead of doing research lol
Said Iman
Said Iman:
I think we should loan out Chong and next season be our attacking left back
Mehrki Doom
Mehrki Doom:
Lets make statman daddy director of football @manutd
Nikhil Ganesh
Nikhil Ganesh:
United board should see this😂😂👌
Recommends Pau Torres

Me: *looks at Pau Torres signed for 40million in my FM20 save*
Eivind L
Eivind L:
Looking at this after Man Utds reported agreement with Alex Telles. Especially happy to see that he is a quality left-footed set piece taker. Sorely needed at United, imho. I'm also of the opinion that not ALL new signings need to be around 21 yrs of age - great to have a little spread age wise. Now let's hope the deal gets done!
1:43 My favorite part of the video
Anay K.B
Anay K.B:
I'd be happy with Sancho , VDB and Gabriel/ CDM ( Rice ?) With the other in the January window
Hopefully a statman Dave video can finally convince United to pay up for Jadon Sancho
FC United Forever
FC United Forever:
OMG just so you know, Dwight is a former youth player... I'd love to see him back @ Utd , good talent but very raw.... deadly left foot and free kicker... as a defender ..... are u smoking something funny lol ... good going foward, dribbling but too easily depressed
Kha_lis 53
Kha_lis 53:
Dave can you send this video to Ed Woodard so he finally wakes up?
Ephraim Etu
Ephraim Etu:
Don't see us going for a DMF this window..
But I agree that Alex Telles as a cheap option will be welcomed. Brandon will now provide cover for AWB.
Gabriel will be good too considering his price..

Most importantly SANCHO has to join
Aimer Ang
Aimer Ang:
Chealsea, spurs, liverpool, City, all signed someone and yet we have yet to close any deals.
X Æ A 21
X Æ A 21:
Ed Woodward watching this: 👁👄👁
5 players man utd shouldn’t sign
Jim Mellor
Jim Mellor:
Amazing vid!! Great mcneil idea. I’d go for Gabriel (30 mil) telles/mcneil (30 mil) rice (50/60 mil) and sancho (100-120mil) coming at under 250 million.
Christopher Figueroa
Christopher Figueroa:
We gotta Raid Woodward’s house to make him sign players
Slim Turk
Slim Turk:
Waiting for this Vid😍
Why play winger at back. I dnt think thts right way to go. They might help the attack but I dont think they will defend so well which is also very important.
Naryan Virk
Naryan Virk:
Dave, if u got connects with United is it possible that u could talk to the club?
Is Chong good enough? I personally haven't been impressed with him. He seems very lightweight
vitumbiko vinkhumbo
vitumbiko vinkhumbo:
Dave for Football Director!!!!
Theo Paul
Theo Paul:
Great video, however you only mentioned 4 players to sign.
Maguire needs Gabriel alongside him.i feel that is the best cb pairing
Leon Kiely
Leon Kiely:
12:35 hmmmmm Grealish and Rice.... wonder what they have in common 🤨
Wise ?
Wise ?:
Agree, i do really like to see McNeill plays for United.
He's capable unlocking a deep sitter teams.
Would be a huge upgrade if we sign both Sancho and McNeill.

Mine Dream transfer would be:
Jadon Sancho
Dwight McNeill
Konrad Laimer
Ibrahima Konate
Jack Grealish
Jamal Lewis

Siddhant Karpe
Siddhant Karpe:
I personally think Sancho is must.... Grealish would be perfect if any injury happens to Bruno or pogba.... Fred and Scott can still learn alot from Matic.... If we can't get Sancho... Then adama traore can be a good addition....
Overly Critical
Overly Critical:
You cant argue with this man lol
Don't agree with Mcneil suggestion he can't defend,here are my alternatives: Theo Hernandez or Lucas Digne!
Hi Statman I’ve been trying to get hold of you on all platforms, including email...
Sebastian Marquez
Sebastian Marquez:
Definitely Sancho, after that maybe Alex Telles or tagliafico, Defensive midfield i think Rice does the job but no way we are getting all this anyways😂. We could sign Sancho if the astros aline and god decides to put a little bit of inteligence in woodward
Dean da feen from ballinadreen
Dean da feen from ballinadreen:
While Rice's stats may be good going forward as a DM he doesn't provide enough cover for the defense, this is proven with westhams 62 conceded goals in the league which is the 5th worse defense in the premiership.
PlEase sign Declan rice ole
omar eldeeb
omar eldeeb:
I appreciate the work you do very much، thank you
(From egypt)
Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams:
Why buy a left back when dan james can fill that spot just need some more training
Gavin Summers
Gavin Summers:
Imagine Theo Hernandez and Marcus Rashford on the same wing 🔥
Langelihle Hlatshwayo
Langelihle Hlatshwayo:
You could swear statman Dave is a United fan love him♥
Sancho doesn't really play as an out and out winger at all and we'd be doing him a disservice having him play like Antonio Valencia. Hakimi was the player who held the width for Dortmund when Sancho played on the right, while Jadon played quick one twos and dribbled coming inside.
Thanks for working on my suggestion
Though I know you were doing it anyway😜😜
Right lad?
TopTens SuperFunz
TopTens SuperFunz:
Stopped watching when he mentioned Dwight McNeil at left back
Eeasr Sebola
Eeasr Sebola:
The perfect window
1. Sancho
3. Koulibaly
Zareef Yeasin
Zareef Yeasin:
sancho is a must
gabriel is the best option for cb [low risk high reward]
and alex telles for left back[although it is highly unlikely]
if these three signings were made and united keep playing like they are I feel like we may be one step closer to the absolute top
lukey whitebread
lukey whitebread:
I think United need a left back, although with funds in the current climate and the sancho deal I feel like serviceable yet not great positions (such as lb) should be left to next year
Manchester United
Manchester United:
Dave why not another CAM as backup for Bruno. If he is injured who replaces him. We don't have a single player who can do that. I am losing my trust in this club. Ole will be left with little to go with and another fuck up season coming.
shai A
shai A:
Your knowledge is impressive you should look to work for a club in some capacity would love to see the vlogs and would be an amazing use of this talent
Jia Diff
Jia Diff:
Would love to see these type of transfer videos made into a series with other clubs too👍
Emperor Prinzy
Emperor Prinzy:
I can't believe we might spend 50m on McNeil someone who was in our academy🤦🏾‍♂️
Ritesh Singh
Ritesh Singh:
I would love to see Adama traore(RW) and Ruben Neves(CDM)
Abhay Kharoo1
Abhay Kharoo1:
Get it done was the highlight. Well done Dave.
dont agree with luke shaw, he has been the key for manchester united this season
Ketan Jadhav
Ketan Jadhav:
We were very confident about Sancho' and that farmers league's second class club is trolling us on social media....
Forget about 5...
Only good thing our board did is that getting rid of Sanchez..
Emzy 1738
Emzy 1738:
If we get Sancho, I doubt we could get anyone else.

But if we somehow miss Sancho:

- We could re-sign Zaha for cheap, possibly 30 - 40 Million and that's such a bargain

- I'd also rather have us sign Van De Beek for something near 40 -50 Million over that overpriced Grealish

- A back up CDM is required since Matic is aging and the current players like Fred and Scott don't seem to fit that role. Declan rice is also another ridiculously overpriced English player. The perfect replacement could be the wonderkid Sandro Tonali which we could also get on a steal since his club has just been relegated so I see a deal near £20 Million whereas, we could go in for a European proven player like Thomas Partey whose release clause is on a shockingly low £40 million for a man of his quality

- Definitely a secondary left footed LB which seems necessary for Rashford to thrive and would also provide a much more threatening competition for Luke Shaw like Reguilon or Tagliafico who should be both be near that £30 million price range

- And of course a left footed CB like Gabriel who is a much more of a ball playing centre back and is only 19 whereas Alessandro Bastoni who is in the same team as Tonali who have been relegated so we could get him for really cheap, potentially lower than £15 Million.
Sagar Sharma
Sagar Sharma:
Statman Dave for Director of Football..👍
Iron Purush
Iron Purush:
Woodward OUT. Dave IN
Pavlen Georgiev
Pavlen Georgiev:
@Statman Dave I love your videos and watch almost all of them. But it really throws me off when you start mentioning statistics. By the time I figure out what exactly you're trying to say (example: "He has more shots, than any other player, played 500 minutes or more, when starting from the bench in the last 25 games, that would exclude the 3 cup games and the 5 CL games, when playing in the top 2 to 6 leagues across the Western part of the Southern Europe". I totally made this up, but that's how it sounds to me sometimes) and then trying to see what's written - I get totally lost what your point is.

I really wish you adopt some other way of delivering key stats, that would be easy for us to understand, especially those whose native language is not English.
Nevertheless your content is great and I really enjoy it.
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser:
Great video, Dave. Solid analysis. Liking your McNeil shout.
Man has no name • 20 years ago
Man has no name • 20 years ago:
@Statman Dave
Hey dave do one on Teun Koopmeiners please. I believe he could be a perfect matic replacement.
Rice and Sancho in the same window would be amazing additions.
gary byrne
gary byrne:
Would love to see sancho
& rice, which would cover 2 key positions. Unfortunately I don't think are budget or are boards negotiating tactics would be competent enough to pull it off...
Sam Baxter
Sam Baxter:
Great video. Love the options but sadly man united are not capable of getting deals done.
Who we should sign imo:

Jadon Sancho

Dennis Zakaria

Alex Telles

Laurent Frangie
Laurent Frangie:
8:36 to skip the advertising part....
prabhala loknadh sasank
prabhala loknadh sasank:
Statman Dave
if possible, plz forward this video to floks at ManU who take responsible transfer decisions., and woodward for sure.
2 Tears In A Bucket
2 Tears In A Bucket:
V.arrnholt is a good attacking full back and there for the taking
George Logan
George Logan:
Sancho and Rice would be great, I also think we need some back up for bruno in his number 10 role so he doesn't have to play every game. And Football index is amazing.
wil fred
wil fred:
why dd i jus see this channel now - cool reviews - impressive coverage
Boyd Jeremiah
Boyd Jeremiah:
This was a good party😂