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Sid is our resident hyperpolyglot. He grew up in Brazil and after some journeying around the world, he now lives an exciting life in New York where he works as a Sugar Trader.

Teaching has always been one of his passions and he has led groups of young leaders since 2006. He has given workshops, talks and classes in 3 different continents and is currently a Master Teacher in Skillshare where he teaches classes on nurturing happiness and learning foreign languages.
Sid is also the founder of I Embrace You (formerly called Hug Don't Hate), based in Boston. After presiding over the organization and leading over 100 volunteers annually, he was recognized with the top leadership award in his graduating class at Boston University. He also holds an MBA from Purdue University and from Leibniz Universität. http://guywiththesmile.com

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Jasiel Calixto
Jasiel Calixto:
Wow. I'm from Brazil and when you spoke in portuguese I thought to myself: Are you sure you're not brazilian? You speak portuguese better than me. Perfect Accent! I studied English by myself and now I want to learn german and french.
Atanas Baychev
Atanas Baychev:
I tried the shower technique... Long story short, we got into a fight.. we're not speaking to each other anymore 😒
Constanza Arroyo
Constanza Arroyo:
This dude seems like the nicest person in the world. <3
How to speak any language:
1) Learn the language
2) Speak
Timuçin Hasan Altun
Timuçin Hasan Altun:
Step 1

Change your games' language
It was a really nice video and give some good motivation to start to learn a language. Thank you for sharing... and it is true that we can do some miracles when it comes to learning a new language quite fast.
Flora Green
Flora Green:
5 Skills/ techniques
- deep breath, relax, make mistakes
- scrap the foreign alphabet
- find a stickler (feel comfortable)
- practice (shower conversations with yourself: both sides of conversation)
- use language: buddy formula
Lionel Lion
Lionel Lion:
I'm Brazilian, his portuguese is perfect.
Amy Gough
Amy Gough:
"Take a deep breath...."
doesn't say to breathe out
*turns blue*

edit: I hate to be the person that does his but thx for the likes!
Are we going to ignore his "What I'm most often asked other than for my phone number..."
Omg I’m not the only one who talks to themselves in a different language in a shower. That’s how I learned I have a pronunciation problem 😅
Arjun Muraleedharan
Arjun Muraleedharan:
Me: Duolingo.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee:
Is this a permanent record of the happiest person in the world?
Michael Moniz
Michael Moniz:
Dude looks like his magic mushrooms started kicking in right as he hit the stage
Esther Jesintha
Esther Jesintha:
I know seven languages too...C, C++, Python, SQL, Javascript, HTML, and what did I miss? Oh yes, English!
Sudan Thebe
Sudan Thebe:
The only two ways to speak the language fluently is: listening and speaking as much as you can. The End..
Michael Kao
Michael Kao:
13:21 Recap
1:29 0.Take very deeeeeeeep breath (relax)
1:57 1.Make Mistakes
4:36 2.Scrap the Foreign Alphabet 8:00 8:11
8:26 3.Find a Stickler
9:20 4.Shower Conversations
11:07 5.Buddy Formula
14:31 哈~這翻譯真逗趣,連中文都翻...只是結尾翻糟了.~"現在你們都可以走“"了”XD.
user name
user name:
i’m brazilian so i feel like i cheated when he asked me to say the portuguese words out loud
He reminds me of the snowman in frozen, olaf?
Michael Ventura de Souza
Michael Ventura de Souza:
Awesome this guy grew up in Brazil, I'm from Brazil...
Magdalena Flisiak
Magdalena Flisiak:
Shower conversations, yes! I always used to have deep talks with myself when I was learning English. Good to know that I wasn't alone, haha
When I'm feeling negative and down, I want him to just talk to me.
I speak English, Australian, British, American, and Canadian.
Ushito Oso
Ushito Oso:
I don’t speak nothing well, and it is getting worse. Pretty soon I’ll be a mute. Will have to learn sign language. 🤦🏼‍♂️
He's eaten the smily emoticon
Niya Bellaqua
Niya Bellaqua:
The smile is glued on his face. It’s good to see people who are very presentable looking.
Alina B.
Alina B.:
Ok, so speaking 7 languages is achieved by already knowing 4 since childhood? Got it.
Raviranjan kumar
Raviranjan kumar:
I have watched 10 vedio of this type

Nothing work😔
Sid Efromovich: Im amazing i speak 7 languages

Laoshu505000:Hold my 61 languages
Music For Kids
Music For Kids:
I wanna learn italian
Rafael Machado
Rafael Machado:
Brazilian Portuguese is wonderful! You all should try this beautiful language! 💗
Kitty Vu
Kitty Vu:
I love how the next two comments in the row are just how people either want to punch or hug him because he's so happy
Gokhan İlter
Gokhan İlter:
I am so happy when he is talking because he is always smiling
that dude flexed on us hard at the end
He should be promoting pyramid schemes internationally
5 techniques to learn ANY language

I paraphrase...

*1. EXPLORE THE LANGUAGE* - try new words don't worry about getting it wrong or right. *Immediately* the more words your exposed to the more experience you will gain.

*2. PHONETIC LANGUAGE* - scrap the foreign alphabet (you don't understand its sounds) in favour of a domestic alphabet (English that you do understand sounds). *Immediately* removes a layer of mis-information

*3. USE CORRECTIONS* - using honest accurate feedback to correct your speaking/spelling/understanding of a new language.  *Immediately* enforce minimum standards so you don't waste time learning the wrong sounds/grammar/etc

*4. PRACTICE BY YOURSELF* - using imaginary scenarios have new conversations to stretch yourself beyond the class content.  *Immediately* you practice the better you get, you also expand the potential experience envelope by considering new scenarios

*5. PRACTICE WITH OTHERS* - use a buddy for conversation. Use a buddy who only has the target language in common with you. *Immediately* you will be forced to speak in the target language forcing you to get better "if you are to be understood". Both will be motivated if you only have one language in common.

Makes sense...
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse:
He:"By the time I turned 18, I already learned 4 different languages."

Dude. I grew up in India.We speak 4 different languages together from birth!!!
Joshua Allison
Joshua Allison:
He's happy because he's worth money
I talk to my cats in Swedish to practice it,, it works pretty well
I tried shower conversation for 3 years, finally I am able to speak in 3 languages. thank you so much.
Flaviane Teixeira
Flaviane Teixeira:
Quando ele fala o português é perfeito! 👏 obrigada por essa palestra! Incrível ❤
Ray yooo
Ray yooo:
Shower conversation 😂 I always do it and my family think I'm crazy 😂 I also do it anywhere since I'm alone
承 mynn
承 mynn:
Omg he needs to make a channel on YouTube he’s so charming i would saw his videos hours and hours
Kowther Elmisurati
Kowther Elmisurati:
omg i love his smile
he's like radiant with positivity
Alex Norbert Teschenberg
Alex Norbert Teschenberg:
1. Make mistakes
2. Scrap the foreign alphabet
3. Find a sticker
4. Shower conversations
5 Buddy former
Pokémon Defeituoso
Pokémon Defeituoso:
14:17 quando o português estrangeiro do cara é melhor que o seu nativo kk
Светлана Егорова
Светлана Егорова:
They key is that you need to damn learn lol. Just learn every day, constantly, don't stop and bam. One day you're able to understand someone's conversation. In my experience all those people who ask HOW you did it , don't even know any other languages but their mother tongue and don't really learn. JUST DO IT, LEARN MFKAS!:3
I know russian,english ,learning german and Japanese,also some norwegian:3
Veni Vidi Amavi
Veni Vidi Amavi:
I feel like this guy would be a great preschool teacher, he's so happy :)
Ana Cavalcante
Ana Cavalcante:
você é incrível!! Congratulations!! bisous de Bresil!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Um Zé Ninguém Fazeno Nada
Um Zé Ninguém Fazeno Nada:
Gente, ele é brasileiro? Ele fala igual um nativo daqui kkkkkkkkk
BOUTAIEB Mohammed:
so i m here who want to help me to improve my english skills speaking ...i will be so greatful
Miqueias Santos
Miqueias Santos:
Nossa, ele fala português muito bem, Incrível!
Denise Parungao
Denise Parungao:
He's so happy I wanna hug him
I'm a Chinese speaker, his Chinese sounded great!And the accent is beautiful too.
Abdi Hafiid
Abdi Hafiid:
thank very much Sid by inspiring us to learn many languages in order to learn many about our self if we are human being . All the 5 techniques are perfect , but for me the most perfect one is find stickler.
Nina L
Nina L:
He looks like he loves life. Amazing human
Victor Ulhôa
Victor Ulhôa:
5:22 the first foreing person I hear making the -ão sound perfectly right
Music Gaines
Music Gaines:
#1 make mistakes
#2 forget your languages rules
#3 find sticklers
#4 shower conversations in the language ur learning.(dosent have to be in shower.)
#5 coversation buddy
Luís F. V. Peres
Luís F. V. Peres:
"private conversation in public" is just rude
Patricia Sigaki
Patricia Sigaki:
Had to Google him (got a feeling that he was Brazilian 🥰).
Daniela Pinto
Daniela Pinto:
Well, when he said "puerta" so naturally I actually wanted to ask him his number HASHSHSH
Luan Batista
Luan Batista:
Just Messi
Just Messi:
I will save you the time;
1) Make mistakes. 2) Scrap the foreign alphabet. 3) Find a stickler (helping buddy) 4) Shower conversations (like really, speak in the language and ask for directions) 5) Repeat number 3 😂😂😂
Victoria Nwachukwu
Victoria Nwachukwu:
Wow, I am truly educated, inspired and perplexed by this message. Good public speaker and linguist.
Thaís R
Thaís R:
Eu estou impressionada com a pronúncia dele em português! He's very smart :)
meshal mashol
meshal mashol:
Oh my god, this man is extremely wonderful, I wanna be like him in the confidence.
Gabriela S. C. Cobellache
Gabriela S. C. Cobellache:
Mano que sotaque perfeito que ele teve em Português no final! Chocada!
I want to learn Japanese so I can watch anime without subtitles
Thiago Santos
Thiago Santos:
I'm Brazilian and his portuguese was simply perfect
Manaya Komori
Manaya Komori:
I wanna learn English.
Please teach me English.
I can teach Japanese.
Lenonn Bizz
Lenonn Bizz:
4:42 When i saw those words i was like: hehe braziliam boi!!!!
I love languages too.... Currently have German (native), English, French, and Spanish in school. Out of school i try to learn polish (parts of my family are from there so i wanted to learn it). It's very hard to find a website, book, person whatever that can teach you the language perfectly so that you actually understand it...
He’s so smiley and cute, I like him!
3:05 When you have taco bell for 5th time this week
Felipe BD
Felipe BD:
14:17 I don't know much about the other languages, but I he sounded just like a native there.
Neuzeli S.L
Neuzeli S.L:
Obrigada!! Maravilhoso!!🤗🤗
İsmail Demir
İsmail Demir:
add him some long hair, take out the glasses, then say hello to Daenerys Targaryen.
Khyati Pandey
Khyati Pandey:
his smile is so contagious.. I was smiling the whole time
Blue Fluke
Blue Fluke:
or, have a shower conversation with a buddy
Driellen Joseph
Driellen Joseph:
Português ❤️
jelisson greg
jelisson greg:
The best part is, I understand what you're speaking. This means that I'm learnig.
Ivanilde Cavalcante
Ivanilde Cavalcante:
Muito bom. Great!!!! Fala Português perfeitamente, sem nenhum sotaque.
Luque Henry
Luque Henry:
Aaaah he's Brazilian!!! I realized at the moment he spoke Portuguese ❤️
Aya Mansouri
Aya Mansouri:
Omg I admired him sm !
his smile's so shining
Ok... I'm alone here at my room watching this, and for some reason, I applauded in the end.
Pero si dices puerrrta te vamos a entender perfectamente ❤️💕 y valoraremos tu intención de aprender
Vaneza Tutor
Vaneza Tutor:
Awww his smile makes me smile too. How contagious 😍
日本の猫Japanese cat
日本の猫Japanese cat:
I'm a Canadian learning Japanese! It's going well:) keep practicing! 😊💗
oi Sayago
oi Sayago:
Cara ele fala português mto bem meu deeus
Qdo ele falou "mão" eu fiquei tipo :000
I think I spend too much time looking for the "perfect method" when I should just be practising it!
Andrea Estrella Coelho Netto
Andrea Estrella Coelho Netto:
Seu português é perfeito. Um típico native speaker! Congrats!
Tomás Fontes
Tomás Fontes:
I'm Brazilian and his Portuguese is perfect !
Jane L
Jane L:
Amazing! He is so open, pleasant and kind person) His smile and speech were incredible!
Vignesh Ram
Vignesh Ram:
I really loved your facial expressions with a smile always from beginning to end of the video . First of all ,I though it is a kind of regular video but at last you took everyone in the peak of speaking 7 languages continuously ...However, i am also a learner of english language for many years still i couldn't find a way of really being a native speaker Furthermore i will try these steps to overcome and being fluent in language.
eyelash Z
eyelash Z:
my steps are just:
1. learn the alphabet (except for mandarin and its dialects because mandarin is a rebel).
2. learn phrases. don't just cram new words into your head.
3. break down the words and see how a sentence is structured. then make your own sentences.

EDIT: by sentence structure I mean like Subject, Verb, Object kind of thing.
Squidneythe Squid
Squidneythe Squid:
Oml I have conversations in Spanish in the shower all the time, a lot of the times it’s Spanglish tho lol
biszarre ಢ
biszarre ಢ:
This made me realized I always knew how to learn a language bc I did all of this when I tried to learn norwegian but I gave up cus I’m too lazy
Ngonidzashe Katsande
Ngonidzashe Katsande:
His presentation skills💪.. How me and my social phobia wish it was me
Golden Gate
Golden Gate:
The final section of this video was awesome. Really I admired his ability and techniques but we need to discover different thing for this issue.

Greetings from Turkey! :)
Mitrran Elavarasan
Mitrran Elavarasan: