5 ways Man United could SIGN Jadon Sancho! ► OneFootball x 442oons

The OneFootball x 442oons show is back with 5 ways Man United could SIGN Jadon Sancho! Although the deal looks to be all but over, do Man United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ed Woodward have one more trick up their sleeve?

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100+ comentarios:

OneFootball English
OneFootball English:
Anybody else got a better idea of how to sign Sancho? 🤣
The Unknown
The Unknown:
There is one simple way and that is to pay 120 mill
Freakshow217443 YT
Freakshow217443 YT:
Anyone spot how Roy kean flying the helicopter
anir s
anir s:
Imagine Mark goldbridge if he doesn't sign!!🤣
If one of them actually worked I’d be surprised
Jaazib Shah
Jaazib Shah:
So in the end .... pay the €120M for Gods sake 🤦‍♂️
I love how BVB Manager sounds just like Mbappe 🤣
Dave Bonera
Dave Bonera:
Ed Woodward 2017: I'm Ed Woodwood, I make deals done.

Ed Woodward 2020: Mr Negotiator strike again.
Yevtey Fernandes
Yevtey Fernandes:
2:14 Roy keane 🤣🤣🤣
Alex Aly
Alex Aly:
Ed: "£70 million and a PS5"

Lucien: "You managed to get one on pre-order?"

I'm dying here 😂
10k subs to show grandpa
10k subs to show grandpa:
Have you seen their fitness trainer there's no way that Jadon is going anywhere
Bianca Mullner
Bianca Mullner:
Two 442oons videos in 3 minutes?! What is this, a Vardy hat trick?
I know how Man.United would definitely convince Sancho to come...

*Just sign the Borussia Dortmund athletic trainer*
No just give up and buy Higuain he's a lot better and has a lotttt of potential
E B:
The guy can’t even score against Augsburg for god sake 😂😂😂😂
0:35 or just use clone age acceleration from Star Wars...but that would be 10 years
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi:
Sancho not coming ill given up go for Zaha sarr or dembele as alternatives
Joshua Zhao
Joshua Zhao:
0:50, honestly for a second there I thought the trailer with money was connected to the truck, so then they would just drive off with the money when they got Sancho.
Nico CF
Nico CF:
Keane was flying the helicopter 😂😂😂
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown:
I started laughing when Maguire pushed Sancho into the river😂
Knowing Manchester United, they will end up paying 150 million 🤣🤣🤣
Vin cent
Vin cent:
„70 million and a PS5“ „You managed to get one, tempting...“
The Terminator
The Terminator:
Finally 442oons named their reporter. Jim Orange. Sounds like the name of a type of soup my grandma buys from the market
Soumyashis Mukhopadhyay
Soumyashis Mukhopadhyay:
2:12 Roy Keane as the pilot😂
Oisin O'Byrne
Oisin O'Byrne:
Anyone recognise that Roy Keane is the pilot of the helicopter trying to get rid of Halland 🤣🤣🤣
Omar Nairi
Omar Nairi:
The Bruno 😂😂 the movie is good
Very unprofessional trainspotting.
Very unprofessional trainspotting.:
2:04 who noticed Roy Keane.
dan cahill
dan cahill:
2:14 anyone else realise that Keane was flying the helicopter????
Zain Haider
Zain Haider:
422ons also just posted a video i am early on both lol
anir s
anir s:
yes time travel 6 weeks back and kidnap ed wood ward with bayerns board
It is genius😎
Adrian Vergio
Adrian Vergio:
0:58 Genius same currency
Geography Gaming
Geography Gaming:
0:55 Ole’s at the wheel,

Jadon:Tell me how good does it feel
Eryk Melgaard
Eryk Melgaard:
"And the new XBOX "
Zombie Ninja playz
Zombie Ninja playz:
Here’s number 6 : pay the asking price
Adrian Salaverria
Adrian Salaverria:
2:05 I though Haaland could break anything
larry david
larry david:
Way #6: Threaten to send Roy Keane to foul Erling Haaland. Keano is already experienced in the ways of kicking a Haaland
Never been this early
sihan Dangalla
sihan Dangalla:
Nearly firs
marek vasky
marek vasky:
the thing about PS5 was hilarious. :D
Magic Donkey
Magic Donkey:
One of 442oons’ funniest videos for sure
John Johnson
John Johnson:
Here's my favourite one: PAY THEM THE MONEY
442oons and OneFootball

My 2 favourite YouTube channels ❤️
Goi Makuot
Goi Makuot:
Ahaha he say 70 million and PlayStation 5 🤣😂
Itz Blitz
Itz Blitz:
Mr Negotiator Strikes again🤣🤣🤣
Hugo Plays
Hugo Plays:
See you back in 2040 to see if Jadon Jr has grown
Y T:
Two videos a day - What a treat!
Brother Nero
Brother Nero:
I can really imagine that they are negoitating like that ffs
I love how Roy Keane is the pilot
MameKlay ;P
MameKlay ;P:
He's so powerful! 1:58
Ravi Ahmad Sutardia
Ravi Ahmad Sutardia:
To give up is a great idea 🤣🤣
Gorilla Orangutan1
Gorilla Orangutan1:
my whole life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
Here's my favourite one: PAY THEM THE MONEY
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
Jadon ain’t signing for Man U, Because of the new fitness coach of BVB 😂😂
Alias Anderson
Alias Anderson:
Fergie come back we are a mess 😩
Jayvnyn Russell
Jayvnyn Russell:
I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
Jadon ain’t signing for Man U, Because of the new fitness coach of BVB 😂😂
Kyllian De boer
Kyllian De boer:
Another 442oons video?!!
Task Force
Task Force:
An Xbox and PS5 +70 million for Sancho. 🤣🤣😂
Hello Hello
Hello Hello:
Both u and South Park uploaded at the same time lol
Noam Zrihan
Noam Zrihan:
0:56 why lucian is angry he can win monoply easilly
Aditya Shirolkar
Aditya Shirolkar:
woodward: I didn't think this thru...
Me: Do you even think about ur transfers at all?
Lukas Engelsmann
Lukas Engelsmann:
Augsburg is my home town 😭😢
Mo street
Mo street:
I lol’ed at the ps5 bit😂😂
Steven Wertyuiooo
Steven Wertyuiooo:
Sack 1K wage worth lower employees so you can offer him a good contract like Arsenal did...
ProfessionalPogger Georgie
ProfessionalPogger Georgie:
Just sign dembele so then you can get a player and we still get the money 🤣
Atharva Patil
Atharva Patil:
#4 was just amazing 😂😂😂😂
Man United might as well get Dortmund new Fitness coach so that their players could get better
usha ali
usha ali:
Weldon Sirloin
Weldon Sirloin:
These are always very solid videos. Sancho dodging a bullet by avoiding signing with United.
Tony Clarke Sr
Tony Clarke Sr:
#4 was by far the funniest one 😂😂😂😂
Rockstar 1996
Rockstar 1996:
I do enjoy the Peter Dickson voice for Woodward. It gets me all the time
Funny as usual 😁💯😂
Farhan fidzz
Farhan fidzz:
1:56 who’s bruno?
Logan Deem
Logan Deem:
They could cut his hair and pretend it is one of his teammates
Mikaeel The Legend
Mikaeel The Legend:
JADON sancho has to sign for man utd
Magic Killer
Magic Killer:
1:52 who is he
Ellis Jack Griff boi
Ellis Jack Griff boi:
70 mil + 50 mil
Juan Diego Salazar
Juan Diego Salazar:
I love this
yxng_ jxmian
yxng_ jxmian:
It’s gone to the point when Man Utd have made a drama of a signing that @442oons have had to make a video of how to sign Sancho...
The cooking apple
The cooking apple:
2:11 is Roy Keane the pilot lmfao
Odemwingie is parked outside Old Trafford 🤣🤣
Chevaughn Crowl
Chevaughn Crowl:
120€ for Sancho this is going two ways either flop or a star
zwilakhe buthelezi
zwilakhe buthelezi:
70m and a PS5😂😂💀🙌🏾
When you saw United windows. I would say there is none.
Fox Inc.
Fox Inc.:
I would take Adama Traore at this stage hes a good on the RW strong why not
Rahel Yebalhe
Rahel Yebalhe:
I LIKED THE 4th one it's so funny
Lukas Montemayor Bertha
Lukas Montemayor Bertha:
Reason 11: Pay 120 million
At this point getting into heaven will be easier than Man United signing Sancho.
Ankit Fullonton
Ankit Fullonton:
One way : Get a hot Victoria Secret super model as your fitness coach.
whitterz !!!
whitterz !!!:
Ismaile Njie
Ismaile Njie:
Good video!
Man Utd should just do a swap deal with Lingard and Sancho then Dortmund are gonna accept
Mohamed Serhan
Mohamed Serhan:
lmao the 4 th one
90 million + my underwear
Tyrel Mccarthy
Tyrel Mccarthy:
Couldve said 85mill or 95
Ilario Sollai
Ilario Sollai:
Devesh Mittal
Devesh Mittal:
Superb Video Bro Fantastic ❤️❤️❤️ Keep It Up
jannew _
jannew _:
Wow I can smell how much you britains want to see Sancho on the Island again