5 Ways To Stop Erling Haaland From Scoring Goals - Powered by 442oons

How can Erling Haaland be stopped from scoring goals?
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Erling Haaland is a master of scoring goals - and the yoga celebration! But FC Schalke 04 need a lot more to stop the young Norwegian on the upcoming Revierderby versus Borussia Dortmund on Matchday 26 in the Bundesliga. Together with 442oons, we catch a glimpse at David Wagner's tactics and how he prepares his Royal-Blues for the big clash! How do you think Schalke can stop Erling Haaland? Let us know in the comments!

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Ian Theunissen
Ian Theunissen:
Who is here after he scored
Kevon Spacue
Kevon Spacue:
"oh no we cant stop erling halaand"
roy keane: "allow me to introduce myself"
While you're doing that, Jadon Sancho will be scoring the goals.
Haroon Malik
Haroon Malik:
Who’s here when he scored
Adam Lammert
Adam Lammert:
How to stop Haaland:

Sign Roy Keane
Let'splaybros TV
Let'splaybros TV:
Erling: Me scoring is ineviteble
Some guy from Gladbach: Are you sure?
Will McKenzie
Will McKenzie:
Just call Roy Keane he’ll break his legs like he broke his dad’s.
Jovan T
Jovan T:
Why admin😢😢

Now they know how to stop him😅
But one thing we learned: We cannot stop this lad
Lil Football Pros
Lil Football Pros:
You can’t stop him he will just meditate and score
Mr. Hardcore
Mr. Hardcore:
Tell him that Zidane is outside waiting for u to come now
5 Ways To Stop Erling Haaland

Step 1: Don’t try, u can’t.
Diana Villarroel
Diana Villarroel:
The best to stop erling haland:
Get Roy Keane to do the career ending tackle on him
MikWo Wolny
MikWo Wolny:
My way:
PSG kit = heart attack
Oliver Scott
Oliver Scott:
Literally Nobody: Haaland: I am Inevitable
Fortnite Hater
Fortnite Hater:
And they failed to stop him
And he scored again
Joaquin Alvarez
Joaquin Alvarez:
When your so early there’s no teenage kids saying first
Libaan Ahmed deeq
Libaan Ahmed deeq:
He scored u failed
ILF Football
ILF Football:
So See You Tomorrow For The Revierderby !
Ayan Chowdhury
Ayan Chowdhury:
Wow I’m ear-

Wait no one cares
Magical jne
Magical jne:
He scored...
Max Bandicoot 98
Max Bandicoot 98:
Stop Haaland with Roy Keane, he already stop his dad's career 😂
Spoiler: he scored
Luke TheApplejuiceMan
Luke TheApplejuiceMan:
Just call PSG, they did it in the second leg
Peter Nabil
Peter Nabil:
The bundesliga is back with a 4-0 for dortmund against Schalke 04
Torben Namdal
Torben Namdal:
The Bundesliga Channel its acually a Haaland fanclub
Pseudo original mais pas trop
Pseudo original mais pas trop:
Simulation #6 : Kimpembe disguise
James Cusack
James Cusack:
I like how Sean Dysche was voicing the computer Hehehe
Adamo Adamo
Adamo Adamo:
Look on Todibo !!
I'm really excited to tomorrow's games !! Finally!
Haaland has been stopped
no one , litterly no one
Jadon scores LOL
Ihab Ammoury
Ihab Ammoury:
0:09 why sean dyche voice is there 🤔
The Amazing Cuber
The Amazing Cuber:
I love these 442oons videos! Especially these (as a Dortmund fan)
Can This Potato get 5k subs
Can This Potato get 5k subs:
He goal in the derby was “inevitable”
It sounds like Sean Dyche is saying the simulations 😂
Seats: *empty*
When Håland scores, crowd: *YAAAAAAAAA!*
George pig Is adopted
George pig Is adopted:
This is stupid everyone knows u can’t stop him
Mission failed will get him next time
Never Give up
Never Give up:
again he scores a goal seems there is no way to stop haaland
juna Et
juna Et:
He already scored❤❤❤
Dave is God
Dave is God:
He's already scored
Zachary Crystal
Zachary Crystal:
Adminho can stop him
Simulation 6 failed....
mo #LFC
mo #LFC:
Haaland scored just now and I had to come back to this vid
Bianca Mullner
Bianca Mullner:
Send a bomb to Mbappe, then crush Ole with a bench. Luckily, Dortmund’s got Sanchüller (Müller disguised as Sancho).
Ilhan Fakhry
Ilhan Fakhry:
he scored the first goal 😂
If roy keane had a son erling haaland wouldn’t have a long career
A Guy With Thumbs
A Guy With Thumbs:
Didn’t know Sean Dyche was in this
Theo Zetterlöf
Theo Zetterlöf:
Lol he just scored he is unstoppable😂
The fact that he actually scored 😂
Lara BVB
Lara BVB:
I want to see Erling’s reaction to this 😂
Simulation : Buy Kimpembe and Marquinhos. Haaland won't leave their pocket
Kwamena Baiden
Kwamena Baiden:
Will the match be live on this channel tomorrow.
Tommy Boyle
Tommy Boyle:
We all know he’s going to go to Bayern Munich not Man U or real
Matthew Cheung
Matthew Cheung:
He scored😂😂😂
King 09
King 09:
And he scoreeeee
Dhruv Mehta
Dhruv Mehta:
He scored the first goal for Dortmund today!
The first goal in the entire football World after the quarantine.
Johanna Annie Sabu
Johanna Annie Sabu:
Halland : I am Inevitable
Todibo : And I...... Am.......

Mr Hamez
Mr Hamez:
How to stop Haaland

Buy him
Fiona Sheehan
Fiona Sheehan:
How to stop earning haaland

Get Roy Keane
Teratik Koanan
Teratik Koanan:
I​ love​ this.cartoon.​ Keep doing it.​
Lothepus 2021
Lothepus 2021:
Prediction: Haaland with 2 goals, and Brandt with 1
Josh The Boy
Josh The Boy:
I signed Haaland in Fifa 19 when he was at Molde for Tranmere Rovers and im never shutting up About it
It’s Unruly
It’s Unruly:
Roy keane Should have been The defender😂
AG3NT乡 woLF:
Ok everyone know they failed to stop him. Maybe really he is Inevitable 🤔.
Dkanover Sace
Dkanover Sace:
"I am inevitable"
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog:
Ever look at a comment and say “man I wanted to say that”.
Knight Of Games
Knight Of Games:
I know how to stop Erling and Sancho, terminate them
Bobs Ramen
Bobs Ramen:
Solution: PSG
This aged well...
erhancent 0706
erhancent 0706:
Just injury him or make him send off
Now we know why Schalke is called 04
Admiral Royale
Admiral Royale:
Well the last one failed too
Why when haaland scores the croud cheers, if theres no crowd
Chaudhry Munawwar
Chaudhry Munawwar:
Lol, apparently Schalke didn't watch this video.
Hei Chan
Hei Chan:
Make adminho join Dortmund and let him score own goal to cancel out his goals.
Ngolo The Smiling King
Ngolo The Smiling King:
Roy Keane enters the chat: “I’ll help ya with that one”
Teli Kaffes
Teli Kaffes:
Goooooalllll haaland 1:0
Callum Pola
Callum Pola:
I already watched the dortmond v schalke and haaland scored 1 goal today and dortmond won 4-0
My Best Dortmond Match Ever
Itz Gamer Here
Itz Gamer Here:
(After the game)
"I've got it"
Nop they clearly didn't.
Zvi Reuben
Zvi Reuben:
Wow he actually was inevitable. He scored the first goal!!
The only way to beat erlind halland is to ingure him ( wait minute is imposible to injure him)
Even Erling is gone, Sancho is still here, so you have yo figure out how to stop them all at the same time
Jack's raging bileduct
Jack's raging bileduct:
Yaa, it was inevitable, Haaland scored.
lamp y
lamp y:
yeah so these didn't work
S_ 94
S_ 94:
Well that didnt last long😂😂😂
Dr. Elijah Ngurare
Dr. Elijah Ngurare:
This is interesting 🧐
Piojo Celebrando
Piojo Celebrando:
simulation 6: Roy Keane son
Hashim Ali
Hashim Ali:
They stop him
Ciro Marandet
Ciro Marandet:
It doesn't work :v
Aubameyang's memes
Aubameyang's memes:
1:13 more I'm inevita-ball😀😀😂😂
Sports Station
Sports Station:
Who's here after Haaland was inevitable?
Nathan Forbes
Nathan Forbes:
That didn’t work 😂
Aparta Neymar
Aparta Neymar:
Simulation number 6
Call Roy Keane
Harry Young
Harry Young:
just offer him some eyebrows
Halo Invasion
Halo Invasion:
Spoiler alert from the future they couldn’t stop him 😂😂😂😂💪💪💪
chase malton
chase malton:
He scored aswell!
Shadowalker YT
Shadowalker YT:
whos here after dortmund is 2-0 up haaland scored
Liverpool fan 69
Liverpool fan 69:
this aged well