500!!! Miguel Cabrera hits 500th home run of career!!

Miguel Cabrera hit his 500th career home run, becoming the 28th player in MLB history to do so!

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100+ comentarios:

Carson Claws
Carson Claws:
Grew up watching Miggy my entire life so happy for him! One of the greatest hitters of all time!
Julian Wyllie
Julian Wyllie:
Classy response by the Blue Jays fans. Now I'm hoping Miggy gets 3,000 in Detroit for their fans.
Rooted Rotor
Rooted Rotor:
Great job Toronto - as a Tigers fan - we appreciate you being a class act.
Cabrera is one of the only players that can perform a successful curtain call on the road lol
Zack Hample
Zack Hample:
CONGRATS, MIGGY!! (Wish he'd done it earlier this week when I was in Detroit.)
Andrew Gabriel
Andrew Gabriel:
*Thank you Toronto for being a class act. -Sincerely, Detroit.*
USNY Fishing Kid
USNY Fishing Kid:
His home run was actually decently close to the target😂
360 JOE
360 JOE:
I love the appreciation from the Blue Jays fans it shows that people can appreciate greatness.
Laze Fondue
Laze Fondue:
Congratulations Miggy! That's one milestone ticked off the list. 3,000's next!
Reverse flash
Reverse flash:
Props to the announcers for keeping it quiet and letting a historic moment play out
Nuestro Miguel Cabrera, es el primer Venezolano en la historia de las grandes ligas con 500 jonrones, orgullo nacional! 🇻🇪 Congratulation Miggy
Scott -O
Scott -O:
I think sometimes we forget this guy hit for the triple crown in 2012 and his stats from 2004-2016 are just mind blowing😳🤯congrats to Miggy👏🏻👍🙌🏻
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal:
That's alot of home runs. It takes a great baseball player to do something like that. Congratulations!
Mr Corona
Mr Corona:
What a good guy that Matz guy is. Helping Cabrera make history.
Miggy is a hall a fame player even if he didn’t hit that 500th career home run
Janet Partyka
Janet Partyka:
Thank you, Toronto, for showing Miggy some love. We Detroiters appreciate YOU! Thanks to Shep, C Mo, and Dan for allowing us to enjoy the moment without a lot of commentary, it was wonderful. :) Loved Miggy's curtain call.
Julio Miguel Matos Castillo
Julio Miguel Matos Castillo:
Muchas Felicidades al pueblo Venezolano, merecido el HR 500 de Miguel Cabrera. Ya era hora que Venezuela pusiera nueva vez en alto el nombre de su nación, en los libros de historia de MLB con tal proeza y nunca mejor exponente para ser el primero de dicho país que Miguel Cabrera que es un orgullo para toda latino América por su consistencia y gran entrega al Baseball. Un abrazo desde República Dominicana 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴
William Henry
William Henry:
Dodgers fan here, if this were at Dodgers Stadium I would be screaming on top of my lungs if Miguel Cabrera hit the 500th HR. Congrats to the future hall of famer and to the Tigers fans who witnessed greatness that day. ⚾️ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 ⚾️
Jose Morales
Jose Morales:
Big props to the Toronto fans for their warm reception. Here's to you, Miggy! From being a World Champion on the '03 Florida Marlins ( yeah, he's been playing in MLB THAT long ) to getting his 500th HR! God bless you, man. You might be the last CLEAN player to achieve that HR mark...
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard:
Potentially one of three players ever to have 500 homers, 3000 hits, and 600 doubles. The two that have already done that are hank Aaron and Albert pujols. One of the greatest hitters ever
Why am I arguing with these stupid people on utube
Why am I arguing with these stupid people on utube:
I've been watching the games one of my top 5 players of all time as a reds fan! Way to go miggy way to get 500. 3000 is next
Matematica para Niños
Matematica para Niños:
Que felicidad Miguel Cabrera 🎉🎉🎉 Viva Venezuela! Que orgullo!!! Ahora vamos por los 3000 hits!
We are so happy for you Miggy (like they call you)!!!
Congrats to Miggy. And 👍 to the Jays fans for the Curtain Call to a Visiting Player.
As a jays fan I’m so happy yet deep deep down I’m so mad on tying the game
James Liao
James Liao:
Still remember the year when he is a triple crown, good old days
Mark Brunell
Mark Brunell:
Toronto fans appreciate greatness like miggy's 500th home run, just like Kansas City fans appreciate the greatness of miggy winning the triple crown in 2012,class acts who not only love their own teams, but the game as a whole. They know when to give credit where credit is due
Rafael Bruce
Rafael Bruce:
Congratulations Miguel. Welcome to the 500 home runs club. That one was absolutely crushed into the seats.
Marisabel Túpano
Marisabel Túpano:
Felicitaciones Miguel Cabrera, que gran alegría y orgullo sentimos los venezolanos.
Jen Moloney
Jen Moloney:
Congrats Miggy!! Total class act by Toronto...thank you for recognizing Miggy!!
Hadouken Hadouken
Hadouken Hadouken:
Class act by all fans of the MLB. Grats MG #500!
Classy, classy show by the Blue Jays fans. As a Tigers fan, thank you.
Atul Ganesh
Atul Ganesh:
As a Tigers Fan: I am so happy he has reached the 500-club. Gives me something to celebrate.
Heavy Metal Music Head
Heavy Metal Music Head:
Thankyou Toronto for showing the love. Y'all are some classy fans.
James Dever
James Dever:
He's got the most amazing hits at the most amazing times of any player I ever saw so he's the best in my book. Congrats Miggy!
Watched his whole career. Loved him on the Marlins, but then he went to Detroit, and hated not rooting for him. Triple crown winner, 500 hrs, eventual 3k hits… truly amazing to witness. Very proud of him. He’s still a 20 y/o rookie on the Florida Marlins to me
Congrats to the goat! Next is 3,000
Charles Houghton
Charles Houghton:
As a Braves fan, I must say Miggy is one of the most likeable guys in baseball. Congrats to him
He has been my favorite player seance I was three. I'm twelve now. Thank god the tigers bullpen got it
Payne, Inc.
Payne, Inc.:
Outstanding from a Braves fan 👏🏽
Fausto Mondaca
Fausto Mondaca:
Ante una hazaña de esta magnitud, mis congratulaciones para este deportista, ejemplo de disciplina, constancia, y dedicación,,, ese es el resultado, mis respetos DLB🙌🙌🙌
Ernst Genzs
Ernst Genzs:
A legend! I’ll never forget seeing that young Miggy starting with the Marlins. Since I saw him I could see something different. The sound of the ball coming off his bat, the beautiful smooth and confortable swing. He was a unique player. Congrats!
IYF Kuz:
Perfect area to hit your 500th. He’ll have that ball today 🙏🏽
I remember Miggy hitting a home run off Roger Clemens now his 500th another milestone for Cabrera
kevin say
kevin say:
I’m an A’s fan but, I always love miggy. Always such a fun person. Especially with fans and when runner gets on base he always clowning around. Congrats miggy!!!
Harry Feld
Harry Feld:
Notice this change is out of the zone and he just “flicks” at it. Amazing, amazing hitter.
Pingas Studios
Pingas Studios:
This is my childhood Tiger right here. I got super emotional watching this. Miggy for life!!!
William G.
William G.:
Here is the list of hitters with at least 500 HR, 2,955 hits and a .300 lifetime average in Major League Baseball HISTORY:

1. Hank Aaron
2. Willie Mays
3. Miguel Cabrera

I've been watching him play for the past 10 years, so amazing to see this milestone
K.D.F. 1974
K.D.F. 1974:
A huge congratulations to Miguel Cabrera and his 500th home run. A huge milestone indeed! 3000 hits just around the corner. I'm glad I "invested" a couple of his rookie cards.
Joaquin Sanchez
Joaquin Sanchez:
First Class Player👏👏, From a Dodger fan to Cabrera all I can say is Congratulations chief 👏👏👏👏
Hiza Y Fernando
Hiza Y Fernando:
Excelente Miguelito felicidades por llegar a tus 500 homeruns bendiciones a tú familia Dios te bendiga siempre 🤗🤗🤗🤗⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾
Christmas Hake
Christmas Hake:
If you listen closely at 0:30, you can hear the sound of a first-ballot ticket to Cooperstown being punched. :)

Congrats, Miggy! One of the best of his generation for sure, right up there with Pujols. Well deserved!
David Kaiser
David Kaiser:
Congrats to Miguel Cabrera! 500th career home run! It will take many years to hit that many. A lot of reaction around the country including in Michigan and the rest of the Midwest.
Pablo Rivas
Pablo Rivas:
CONGRATS, MIGGY!! Orgullo venezolano...Primer venezolano con 500 cuadrangulares en la historia de la MLB...
Michael Youngstrom
Michael Youngstrom:
Congratulations Miggy! Everyone on the opposing side should stand and applaud for this and shake his hand. What a milestone!!
As a Tigers fan, this is one of the very few times I get to see something good. It’s crazy to see how much his stance changed from his rookie to now. Guaranteed first ballot. Should be unanimous.
one of the greats, 4 batting titles and a triple crown to go along with 500 home runs, something very special. 22nd all time in rbi, and now only 45 hits from 3000.
Gatlinburg Hussey
Gatlinburg Hussey:
Feels like he's been playing since I was 20.. and I'm 47 now..lol. Congrats
N P:
And the game couldn't have been won without out. Great job, Miggy!
Anthony Calhoun
Anthony Calhoun:
That's awesome! He definitely deserves to be in the hall of fame someday....500 homers isn't an easy accomplishment by any means, especially when you're doing it with natural talent/skill rather than steroids.
EVANGELISTA Alexander Ortiz Poche
EVANGELISTA Alexander Ortiz Poche:
Felicidades 👏😭🙌 para miguel cabrera Dios lo bendiga y viva Venezuela 🇪🇨🙏🧎‍♂️
Mark's Real Life Stories & Variety Channel
Mark's Real Life Stories & Variety Channel:
Very classy, Toronto. Congratulations, Miggy!
Shannon K.
Shannon K.:
Congrats Miguel Cabrera!!! Always loved your game. One of the best right handed hitters of all time. Exciting to see most of your milestones in the Old English D.
My favorite player ever since 2003. I remember that season he was a rookie and I said that’s gonna be my favorite player. Congrats Miggy
Wesley Pollas
Wesley Pollas:
Congratulations Miguel!!! This moment right here is the punctuation of your great hall of fame career.👍
Albert De Peña
Albert De Peña:
Near 20,000 played the game and to be only the 28th to hit 500 is so amazing. Very happy for him, 500 is a big deal.
Texas Rangers Fanatic
Texas Rangers Fanatic:
Magical. Also.... no ones gonna talk about how pujols could hit 700 by the end of next year???
Scratch King
Scratch King:
Honestly, he is one of the kindest souls in baseball. Such a good ❤heart.
Two Seasons
Two Seasons:
Congratulations Miguel! Cooperstown has their doors open for you when you retire.
Elizabeth Ferszt
Elizabeth Ferszt:
So happy for Miguel, what an accomplishment! And in Toronto, no less!
Ian Snyder
Ian Snyder:
God, how time flies..... I still remember him coming up with the Marlins as a tall and lanky kid in 2003 like it was yesterday.
Nelson García
Nelson García:
Congratulations Miggy... One of the greatest hitters of all time. De Venezuela pal' Mundo. 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪
What a great player!
Yo recuerdo cuando todo comenzó y mira ahora 🐯🐯🐯🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅 el tigre mayor
Pedro Briceño Carpio
Pedro Briceño Carpio:
Que bonito como se emocionan sus compañeros de equipo
Burp Burp
Burp Burp:
Doesn't matter who you are rooting for, always awesome to witness history. Congrats Cabrera!
Nic Ortega
Nic Ortega:
Pretty awesome of the Blue Jay fans to show Miggy that type of love and respect 👍👍
Paz peace salaam shalom shanti
Paz peace salaam shalom shanti:
Much respect to miggy. Since a skinny kid on the marlins I've been watching you now to a certain hall of fame.
From A Dominican much admiration to a Venezuelan.
Angel Condes
Angel Condes:
Thanks Miguel Cabrera for that 500th home run, despite having a bad situation, you give us a reason to be proud of our country.
Edgardo Herbales
Edgardo Herbales:
Kelvin Birch
Kelvin Birch:
Congratulations Miguel! You Forever Be In The Hall Of Fame ⚾️ ! Well Done And Great Career !!!
Congrats to Cabrera great job. 500 homers that's a feat. Continue being great.
amazing record!!! Congrats on Cabrera-san.
Becky Chenoweth
Becky Chenoweth:
Proud of you MIGGY!!! What an amazing carrer to be having!
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes:
Happy for you Cabrera. God Bless you brother
The Tremendous Triple
The Tremendous Triple:
It is so crazy how the fans were so happy in it was in Toronto 😂
jose jil
jose jil:
The last player to complete the 3 crown . Beautiful achievement for the big guy.
Hi OK:
Aye so he managed :D was anticipating it in Detroit against the angels (was there for ohtani but still was hoping for miggys HR when I found out how close he was to the milestone). Gratz miggy (:
Sean Carrico
Sean Carrico:
Congratulations Miggy I've watched you since I was kid, good to see you join the elite
I've been fortunate to see soooo many Tiger greats as a 'lil slugger' since the late 70's. The '84 World Series will always be best to me but to see Miggy be Miggy for the last decade n' a half has been very sweet. His Triple Crown was pure magic. I am hurtin' that we didn't get one of those World Series again though against the Cards or Giants. Congrats Miggy!....
and I hope you got the ball!
Nik Sommer
Nik Sommer:
I was at this game, the entire stadium was cheering🙏🏼🔥
Missy B
Missy B:
I am happy for him n I’m glad I grabbed his rookie off season for a steal!!
Phenomenon since he was a child, congratulations to Miggy and baseball in general, quality, style and great power ... a luxury!!
Rodd Dos Santos
Rodd Dos Santos:
Always like that guy.
Congrats Miguel!
seth m
seth m:
"The 1-1. Deep fly ball. Right center field. That's got carry, it's GONE! Number five-HUNdred! And history for Miguel Cabrera!"
Armitage D
Armitage D:
Love it landed in the perfect spot. Got it back. Congrats Hall of Famer
Andore Rolents
Andore Rolents:
Awesome player, one of the most dedicated ones
jim kramer
jim kramer:
Congrats Miggy! One of the best, if not the best to ever do it!!!
Miguel Cabrera will always be awesome!
We won’t see another Baseball Triple Crown Winner for generations to come.