6 Goal Thriller! | Borussia M'gladbach - Borussia Dortmund | 4-2 | All Goals | MD 18

#BMGBVB | Highlights from Matchday 18!
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Watch all goals of Borussia Mönchengladbach vs. Borussia Dortmund from Matchday 18 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 1-0 Elvedi (11’), 1-1 Haaland (22’), 1-2 Haaland (28’), 2-2 Elvedi (32’), 3-2 Bensebaini (50’), 4-2 Thuram (79’)

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German efficiency: 1min video highlights whether there's is 1 goal scored or 6.
Dc Memphis
Dc Memphis:
The sound the net makes when the score goals is a bit addictive
oL9 - Minecraft, FIFA, and more!
oL9 - Minecraft, FIFA, and more!:
Dortmund defense is awful, needs immediate upgrading.
الحارث بن بلال
الحارث بن بلال:
Next : Erling haaland 27 goals in 27 Bundesliga games
ahmad al-harith
ahmad al-harith:
"Attack Wins You Games, Defence Wins You Titles"
Mira here
Mira here:
That goal from bensebaini tho 😶
Says it all when Dortmund are struggling and Haaland is still just scoring for fun. This team has some top talents but still major rooms for improvement
roe Ssam
roe Ssam:
What a fantastic goal by Ramy ! 🔥🇩🇿
Halaand incredible goal scoring ability , also Ramy's consistency is quite impressive .
Yoga PS
Yoga PS:
I'm waiting another Haaland goals compilation from adminho
Penaldo the penalty merchant
Penaldo the penalty merchant:
bro i'd say that dortmund's current coach is even worse than lucían favre 💀
Munchengladbach this season beaten Bayern, Dortmund, and Leipzig

Man city : r'n
Robert Lewandowski Memes
Robert Lewandowski Memes:
As a bayern fan I would say this is shocking.Beating our rivals and beating us in the same season.
Black Hammer
Black Hammer:
Sommer what a goalkeeper.. he's really a wall.
LaMillion !
LaMillion !:
Bvb is so underwhelming sometimes smh
Niklas De Guzman
Niklas De Guzman:
I love how Haaland is still the focus of the title even when we lose
Sub if you hate TikTok
Sub if you hate TikTok:
Marcus Thuram is back with a bang 💥 👏
Redna Xela
Redna Xela:
What is happening to Dortmund?😭
A win after 12 defeats against Dortmund is so sweet!! Love from South Korea💚💚
yaakob benseghier
yaakob benseghier:
Bensabaini what a special goal 😍
Josiah Lutchman
Josiah Lutchman:
Dortmund at the end of last season had 7 losses, it's midway through the season and they have 7 losses
Dortmund must improve the back line players
Haaland and Sancho are just brilliant, Dortmund need to improve their defence and buy a new keeper this guy Burki guy isn't good
Alla Zeroual
Alla Zeroual:
Bensebaini coming back so good ❤
Aritra Chakraborty
Aritra Chakraborty:
The second finish from Haaland was just 🔥🔥
Mohamed Hussain
Mohamed Hussain:
What a strike from halland and great sancho🔥
Abdul Manaf Ent
Abdul Manaf Ent:
Haaland: On the way to the GOAT level 🤩
BvB: We are going to win Bundesliga
Burki: Not on my watch
Sub for subway
Sub for subway:
Bensebaini is very underrated. I said this once and i will keep saying it! He is surely in the top 3 left backs in the bundesliga and the best left back in africa! Passing,shooting,defending,ariel duels what a player! Crimminaly underrated imo.
Mnm mash
Mnm mash:
Glad bach having the most craziest come backs this years
Love the bundesliga when there is big games there's always goals flying 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⚽
Evan Way
Evan Way:
Title should be "Elvedi Brace in 6 Goal Thriller".
Devendra Rajpurohit
Devendra Rajpurohit:
Can we just appreciate the finishing of this beast called haaland... On way of becoming legend.
Vinit Kakade
Vinit Kakade:
The other team won 4-2 still the title is haaland's brace
Nice way to capture viewers
Forget for the winner of match, haaland headline is more interesting 🤣🤣
Shima Rin
Shima Rin:
Haaland is definitely what man city needs someone who can score from anywhere in the box
khireddine nazim
khireddine nazim:
dortmund need a new expert coach this summer dortmund need a big name not just a trainer
Mohammed Benaissa
Mohammed Benaissa:
What a game thanks for the entertainment!
Sibin Starson
Sibin Starson:
When i saw the thumbnail I thought dortmund won the game
Muhammad Seghir
Muhammad Seghir:
0:47 that's the clearest " Bensebaini " i've heard from a non-arabic speaker
Ahmed Fouad
Ahmed Fouad:
Bensebaini is perfect player i wish of him success ❤️❤️
mouhamed babacar mbaye
mouhamed babacar mbaye:
Haaland il est fort🔥❤️
HAlland was making any sing but Dortmund today was unlikely 😔💔
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony:
Haaalaaaaaaaaaaanddddd 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Endrit 19
Endrit 19:
Dortmunds GK is smth else man😂😂 Idk how he's still playing there
Astro Not
Astro Not:
Just sell Sancho and Haaland to Man utd. They're wasting their time at Dortmund
justtry shop
justtry shop:
Dortmund needs to buy patricio. He's underrated GK but one of top five i guess
Just Merve
Just Merve:
What a player ramy bensebaini 🇩🇿💚
Rafael Andrade de Azevedo
Rafael Andrade de Azevedo:
Dortmund title chances now are flopped
abdelillah mebarki
abdelillah mebarki:
Ben Sebaini's goal is very amazing, the best goals in a game that was difficult
Muhammad Hanif Ridho
Muhammad Hanif Ridho:
The first i've ever seen most defender productive and active to assists the strike

The Konstantin prince Ramy Bensebaini💪💪🔥🔥
Islam Djane
Islam Djane:
What's a goal of
⚡Rammy Bensebini⚡
fire 🔥🔥🔥
Dennis Kwakye
Dennis Kwakye:
Some of these goals need replays🔥🔥
Zothan Puia
Zothan Puia:
You need to extend the highlights (about 3/4 minutes), it's so short, and also add details like their formation, substitutions, etc. Btw, good job, keep it up
Another Part of Me
Another Part of Me:
Loving the sound of net when goal
Vinni Jr 25
Vinni Jr 25:
First ever hearing Derek Rae actually commentating in real life😂😂
Prem Singh
Prem Singh:
Haaland would leave Dortmund soon. I think 🤔
Beyond Added Time
Beyond Added Time:
Title: Haaland brace...
Elvedi: Am I a joke to you?
Dortmund is so useless, now I know why Sancho is so desperate to come to United, the young lad deserves a better team and that team is United GGMU🔴⚪⚫
Roberto Lawes
Roberto Lawes:
Jah Jah. Dortmund is now Fartmund.
My Friend
My Friend:
I think now man city will have hard time playing with gladbach in CL.
salah ouah
salah ouah:
Haland final touch makes him one of a kind player and great goal by bensabaini
Sancho so smooth w it 🔥
Mika Yass Lee
Mika Yass Lee:
Monchen won but highlight on Haaland! How fair that is
Ankit Chowdhury
Ankit Chowdhury:
This season is simply on par with the greatest ever Bundesliga season as we're seeing goals in plenty and some major setbacks as well...
Haaland is the best there is right now
Mgladbach is such a great team! All players have quality including the coach. Its a pity they’re 4th. I dare say they are better than bayern
Pradana Hafiz
Pradana Hafiz:
3 goals from set piece 😂
Zelfi Lês Parisiéns
Zelfi Lês Parisiéns:
0:41 Awesome goal
Rithesh Rao
Rithesh Rao:
Time for haaland to leave Dortmund 🙁
Halland 😍🥵 the best player in bundesliga he will be one of the best player in future i am sure
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson:
Haaland might just be the best finisher in the world at the moment.
Wahidin Irhas
Wahidin Irhas:
Dortmund lost again:(
Hamado Sana
Hamado Sana:
Maybe they want to be a new Monaco or fc valance😂
Agerien et fier de l'etre
Agerien et fier de l'etre:
Bravo !! M.Gladbach after Bayern ,Dourtmound today victimes
Undefeated in 6 in all comps!!!!!!
Let's go Gladbach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😉🖤💚🤍
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen:
Haaland will play for Liverpool next season 🤗
maxi max
maxi max:
Ramy bensebini what a goal!
lucio rojas
lucio rojas:
Goalkeeper is responsable at least in 3 goals😕
Please include replays of goals!!
Abhiram N
Abhiram N:
HAALAND scores special goals
Fernando Ortegón
Fernando Ortegón:
Need Zakaria and Sancho at Old Trafford 🥺
cuma lihat-lihat
cuma lihat-lihat:
The video ends on 3-2, where's the last goal?
farid wise
farid wise:
Ben seb3ini is the best player of the match, we are proud for you
Google d2
Google d2:
Gladbach just love comebacks
Sumeet Chand
Sumeet Chand:
The Need of the hour for Borussia Dortmund is
"Thomas Tüchel"
Lezzyy 11
Lezzyy 11:
Geez Sancho was dancing!
His team loses and your title is about Haaland 🤦‍♂️
Arturo Brin
Arturo Brin:
That's it's how you show a game goals short and clear.
Fabrício Costa
Fabrício Costa:
Haaland is fantastic wow
Sister Ataa
Sister Ataa:
I really like the team work between jadon sancho and erling haaland
Silvio Nkohkwo
Silvio Nkohkwo:
Sancho’s showing sum signs of life 😊, overall, it has come to the conclusion that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT count on Dortmund to bring the Bundesliga title anytime soon 🙄
Bundesliga: Haaland Brace!!
Elvedi: :(
mohsin diwan
mohsin diwan:
Beautiful highlights.
Pallanti Akb
Pallanti Akb:
Haaland> Mbappe
Sancho is world class
Bit Frost
Bit Frost:
To the victory , B G'ladbach ! , they can win Man City in UCL 21 if they keep this outstanding performance up !.
Nii Teye
Nii Teye:
Wow what a thriller 👏
วรศักดิ์ ทองบุตร
วรศักดิ์ ทองบุตร:
john honai
john honai:
1 minute silence for those who said City paid money to get easy opponent Gladbach in Champions league R16.