7 players FC Barcelona regret selling | Oh My Goal

FC Barcelona have had fantastic players in their ranks. But sometimes, the stories didn’t always end well. And we’re not talking about fights! Just a sale or a departure which left the directors and the Barça fans full of regrets. Here are 7 players that Barça really regret selling!


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100+ comentarios:

Regret selling? They did not have a choice with Neymar. That was Ney's choice
Just me
Just me:
Everyone leaves to inter Milan and wins everything 😂
I’m sure Barca regrets selling me in FIFA 20
Justin Green
Justin Green:
I’ll never forget when they sold Thiago for pennies. What a stupid move. If Guardiola leaves you for Bayern, and is desperate to bring Thiago with him, what does that say about Thiago?
Who else is watching while they’re in bed?
Who is here after barcelona swapped Arthur for Pjanic
Why did i think Adama Traore would be on this list😂😂😂
CabSebas 10
CabSebas 10:
Barcelona didn’t regret selling maradona. He’s the one who wanted to leave. He may have scored 30 goals in 43 matches but he got injured one season and the other ended in a fight because they tried injuring him again on purpose.
—Everyone goes inter and wins everyting

Transfer rumors of messi and inter:
—let me introduce myself
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez:
Moral of the story you turn into a legend ruin it, start doing cocaine and end up in milan and win every thing.
This only tells us 1 thing..

Barca are well known for selling super-stars.
Kasper Lakshitha
Kasper Lakshitha:
And Eto'o won the treble with inter.
Gretchen Sloan
Gretchen Sloan:
I really wish Ney were still here, he was such an amazing player.
Akhil Chauhan
Akhil Chauhan:
So basically, Barca management always sucked
Mohammed Abbad Mohiuddin
Mohammed Abbad Mohiuddin:
They too regrets selling ronaldinho.
Task Force
Task Force:
Pølle Kenny Magnussen
Pølle Kenny Magnussen:
Laudrup was soo underrated
Just me
Just me:
As a Real Madrid fan to this day I wish Neymar never left him and cr7 were the best left wings in the world
Dung alex Bach
Dung alex Bach:
To everyone reading this comment, I hope you have a good day and stay safe from coronavirus
Tu colombiano Español
Tu colombiano Español:
Did oh my goal really say Ronaldo was at his best in real Madrid??
Fiat Multipla
Fiat Multipla:
Next video: 7 players Barcelona regret buying

Alternatively: 7 players Real Madrid regret selling
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
Oh my goal why not you do the reverse next time, like 7 players who regret leaving Barca
Lingardinho Da Goat
Lingardinho Da Goat:
Figo could've stayed if he rejected the wages
Usman Asif
Usman Asif:
Takefuso kuba might be a player they regret selling in the future
Abdirahman Dahir
Abdirahman Dahir:
"The club was not performing remontadas but were having remontadas inflicted upon them" good quote👌
Your Dose of Football
Your Dose of Football:
Msn was the best 🔥🔥
recker raph
recker raph:
I wish they could get back again like the old days
god god
god god:
First but don’t care just saying so no one else lying 🤥 does
Arjun Domi
Arjun Domi:
The fact is that neymar regrets leaving Barca more than barca regretting selling him
Stan Vici
Stan Vici:
The most effective one was probably samuel eto
Abdulrahman Elhassan
Abdulrahman Elhassan:
I want a video talking about what the hell happend to samir nasri?
s n
s n:
Pls do one for arsenal
Barcelona don’t regret selling Neymar, Neymar regret leaving Barcelona 🤷‍♂️
"coutinho scores 2 goal again barca in quarter final"

Me: make that 8
The Thanoid
The Thanoid:
Not first, but notification squad?
Btw the suarez in that video is a midfielder
Ali Z
Ali Z:
And players like adama traore, Hector bellerin , mauro icardi, and kubo
Joey Haneine
Joey Haneine:
Thiago left because of a release clause drop, he got injured and had nowhere near the minutes he was promised to keep his clause at 70 million and it dropped to 30. Something similar happened with Ronaldo
Besart Mujali
Besart Mujali:
What about Adama Traore?
I'm like 90th but I'll take it
Jaymar Jones
Jaymar Jones:
Alex Song too 😂who remember him
Oh My Goal, make a video about Ray Hudson, the craziest football commentator ever.
Yaseen Allam
Yaseen Allam:
Who ever is reading this:

Like to enjoy your evening 🙂
Me scrolling through YouTube for 15 minutes 😥

Me finding this channel😍😍😍
4:16 what you’re talking about old Suarez not Leo Messi??
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp:
Until today we hear
Barcelona wants neymar😥
Clever Knees EM
Clever Knees EM:
If my dream comes true and I'll be a football player i should seriously think about signing with inter....everyone who left barca went to inter and won everything

i swear to god this OG narattor can make anyone feel epic with his narration skills !
if i was in a race and heard this guy naratting me id run faster than the speed of light!
The Average Joe
The Average Joe:
Even Alfredo di Stefano even tho we technically didn't own him...
Apex predator 321
Apex predator 321:
Oh my goal:Neymar was sold for 250 million
Me:hold up,I think you got ya facts wrong
Also me:I think Neymar and many other players on this this list just wanted more many
Online Class Sucks
Online Class Sucks:
This video needs to be updated soon after Messi’s leave

Hossein Forghani
Hossein Forghani:
Recommendations who was the real luiz suariz
Mahfouz The Nightmare
Mahfouz The Nightmare:
I like how Xavi helped them win one more Champions League before leaving.
Xavi really is one of the greatest.
Soham Kambli
Soham Kambli:
Ney's an amazing player, but Barcelona need to bolster their defense instead of signing him
Safira Hallal
Safira Hallal:
I think I must be dying because I'm looking at Heaven.
Sharif Zaim
Sharif Zaim:
can this guy learn how to pronounce a players name ? I got a stroke when he said zlatan's name
Jorge Arria
Jorge Arria:
Add Arthur to the list
Shoeb Mohammad
Shoeb Mohammad:
Loved “ All Barca fans could do was crying” isn’t it their habit ? 😂😂
Chinmoy Talukdar
Chinmoy Talukdar:
Barca had two Luis Suarez's wow
Emmanuel Ballestas
Emmanuel Ballestas:
I'm so damn triggered he said champions league in the 1960s
Adrian Filimon
Adrian Filimon:
Imagine giving one of your hard working players for that overrated, loud mouth that is zlatan.
Owa Mosebo
Owa Mosebo:
You could've also put up Adama Traore... Messi is amazing with passes and Traore is fast... They would make great combinations
lunvtic Vxrt
lunvtic Vxrt:
Neymar tops the chart😭
Sanjukta Jena
Sanjukta Jena:
Now another regret is coming to Barca as Arthur's selling.
Omari Renisis
Omari Renisis:
1:08 Bayern 2020 😂😂
Mrunalini Unawane
Mrunalini Unawane:
Who is here after Arthur's sell...? ☹️☹️
Ryan Playz
Ryan Playz:
Now it's a different Suarez leaving 😭😭😭
Manish Dulal
Manish Dulal:
Right now they are regretting sending Coutinho on loan to Bayern...😂😂😂😂😂
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
We didn't sell Neymar. He wanted to leave so we had to let him go
Mushfira Karim
Mushfira Karim:
You forgot about Adama Traore
Bishwarup Dash
Bishwarup Dash:
Coutinho loan 🤣
pratiz adh
pratiz adh:
You forgot Dani. We love you Dani and miss you.
Ashish Jose
Ashish Jose:
Now Messi will be added in this list

Edit : Suarez too!
Gamerx - GP107HD
Gamerx - GP107HD:
Setién is going to be one of the best coach!
vignesh nair
vignesh nair:
Please make a list of players barca regret buying...I ll give u headstart gtiezman,Coutinho,dembele!!
Chris Musau
Chris Musau:
oh my goal you missed on Adama Traore
Creative Genius
Creative Genius:
MSN the trio 😂😂😂😂 keep the jokes comming
Chidiebere Udechi
Chidiebere Udechi:
According to this video the Inter stole from Barca multiple times
Himaghna Dhar
Himaghna Dhar:
Where is coutinho ?
Neys was his choice he went to psg for money
Two One
Two One:
Didn’t sum of em had release clause?
Ayush Arav
Ayush Arav:
Make a video about how aquar lost his weight in 24 hours
Rotua Frans Manalu
Rotua Frans Manalu:
Next episode, 1 player United regret selling
you know who....
Funny how most of the players are legends on fifa now that must rub it In on Barcelona
Can you please remove the names at the top right it spoils it a little for me and I try to cover it up with my phone
Saswata Chatterjee
Saswata Chatterjee:
Do other clubs as well
makubo daniel
makubo daniel:
Alinda Aldrine
Alinda Aldrine:
you missed adama traore
Obinna Oguadinma
Obinna Oguadinma:
Hey! Add Leo Messi to the list😁
Alex Messi
Alex Messi:
They missed Adama traore
Neymar just left barca didn’t have a choice
A great Gamer
A great Gamer:
Where is Rafael ruis 😂😂😂
K- S
K- S:
Barcelona will regret for everything they have done for business
.....and they can even sell their Talîsman.....Leo Messi
God gamer King
God gamer King:
imagine if MSN was still a thing
gabriel gavriluta
gabriel gavriluta:
Nieshawn Charles
Nieshawn Charles:
Xavier Mbuyamba is the next one 🤣❤💯
Kenya Sihami
Kenya Sihami:
Coutinho 8-2😂😂😂
Im shocked maradona goes to us for no reason he selected us
Abdullah Abbas
Abdullah Abbas:
But signing messi so cheaply at the age of 13 was the signing of the millennium.