73 Questions With Cole Sprouse | Vogue

Actor Cole Sprouse invites Vogue into his picturesque Vancouver dwelling as he answers 73 rapid-fire questions. As Cole walks around his suite (while highlighting the magical views) he talks about his love for photography, archeology, and cooking.

Directed by Carrie Irwin
Interviewed by Joe Sabia
DP: Briggs Ogloff
Producers: Jenna Allchin, Pip Groom

Associate Producer: Arielle Neblett
Production Manager: Emily Yates
Edit: Daniel Poler
Color: Oliver Eid
Post Sound: Nick Cipriano at BANG Audio Post
Special thanks to Fairmont Pacific Rim

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73 Questions With Cole Sprouse | Vogue

100+ comentarios:

he looks like a french divorced billionaire painter enjoying life in his mansion
evannah jade
evannah jade:
If johnny depp and leonardo dicaprio could have a child together, he would look exactly like cole
Juicy Jeon
Juicy Jeon:
Cole with moustache : 48 years old
Cole without moustache : 12 years old
Okay Buddy
Okay Buddy:
For acting as Ross’s son, he realllly resembles Chandler.
Saiba A
Saiba A:
This isn't 73 questions, its watch Cole and Joe flirt for 13 minutes straight lmao
Paula Colon
Paula Colon:
The fact that the interviewer and Cole have the same sense of humor makes this interview 100x better
Ryan Hatfield
Ryan Hatfield:
I can't tell if he's going to sell me baguettes or tie me to the train tracks.
Kore Spring
Kore Spring:
Face - Johnny Depp
Style - Leonardo Dicaprio
Humor - Chandler bing
= Total of Cole Sprouse
Joseph: Do you like camping or hotels?
Cole: *has flashbacks to years of filming 'Suite Life'*
Cole: Camping, for sure
Nat Tr
Nat Tr:
I need him as a villain: a mastermind, genius, kind of quirky type of villain. The kind that would get me smirking and then think “no, Natalia he’s the bad one!” The type to explain he’s plan while he’s
Cooking. The type that interrupts himself cause he just HAS to rearrange the thing you moved.
Akasya O
Akasya O:
I love how he’ doesn’t talk like every other celebrity he just sounds realll unlike many celebrities we know
Tay Aitken
Tay Aitken:
Then they had a romantic dinner and no one can tell me otherwise.
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem:
this was actually surprisingly very therapeutic to watch.
Oksanna Shulgach
Oksanna Shulgach:
Vogue: "You started a super fun ig account called cameraduels. What was the inspiration there?"

Cole: "Rage."

the honesty 😂
Clara Pereña
Clara Pereña:
The way he was Ross' son and all his personality screams Chandler
bella bellz
bella bellz:
who else just wants to be friends with cole really badly. he seems so cool i don't know how he tolerates acting in riverdale 😭😭😭
A star is born
A star is born:
He looks more passionate about photography than acting.
Rakel's Aligned Life
Rakel's Aligned Life:
this was really interesting. even though he was being sarcastic and was kind of acting a little throughout the interview, he is a lot of depth to him. a mysterious, eccentric sort of nature that he is not afraid to hide, or doesn't try to conceal. he isnt like a majority of actors his age. I admire his multi-passionate investments as well, and real perspective on acting - like the fact that he didnt try glamorise it and say it is the best career ever.
"do you ever go back and watch old episodes?"
"um when i'm drunk, or feeling really narcissistic."
Gabrielle Sawh
Gabrielle Sawh:
i feel like cole both loves and hates acting...also this entire interview was basically one giant sarcasm
Leena Owens
Leena Owens:
I swear he’s a mix of Jonny depp, leo and chandler bing😂
Queen Abbyy
Queen Abbyy:
One of the most genuine person I’ve ever seen on here and I just watched this after Kylie’s. This dude has SOOO MUCH PERSONALITY I just wanna be his best friend lmaooo the food looks bomb too
Atara Me
Atara Me:
He’s soo nice calling Joseph by his name, talking with him and not just for the camera like others do.
I think it’s simple manners.
zainab giwa
zainab giwa:
Ngl the reason he is so good as jughead is the fact that he IS jughead 😂😂😂 their humor 😂😂 identical
Shifali G
Shifali G:
Looks like Ben spent too much time with Chandler 😂
Adoniyah DeLisi
Adoniyah DeLisi:
"ill say it, I think we should all be eating a lot more bugs." -Cole Sprouse, 2021
Andrea Guzman
Andrea Guzman:
is anyone else a little bit concerned for our homeboy, Cole? He is hilarious in his sarcastic, philosophical ways of answering these questions though
Aubree Walls
Aubree Walls:
I love how he is so down to earth and genuinely seems interested in what he’s talking about and how educated he is. He doesn’t act famous.
R. Syed
R. Syed:
I feel like he’s such a normal guy but he’s still on Riverdale only to pay the bills at this point lol
There's always something about cole which'll make you appreciate him! He seems socially awkward but totally acceptable in his own league. His fondness for little things in life is truly appreciative.
queer as frikc
queer as frikc:
cole casually flirting with joseph for 13 minutes straight
Macabro TV
Macabro TV:
He acts like a teenager making jokes with a very juvenile vibe despite being 28 years old, I love it
Addison Miller
Addison Miller:
Hahaha it’s so funny that Cole doesn’t laugh when the jokes get dry. It makes me laugh.
Petition to do a 73 Qs with Joseph the interviewer. I just know he's dope.
Hannah June
Hannah June:
he’s so well spoken, I love it.
Shehreen Khattak
Shehreen Khattak:
ross who is a palaentologist, his son, who looks like chandler, is an archaeologist has mediocore chandler sarcasm
“Guanciale...sounds so romantic”

Me, an Italian: yeah, ‘pig cheeks’, that’s so romantic 🙂
John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
Its Anna
Its Anna:
He looks so French, like he’s about to offer you a croissant and teach you about fashion.
Man, Joe really missed a chance to say "So you're a BUGHEAD?" when Cole said he liked bugs, didn't he?
The Unknown Limelight
The Unknown Limelight:
I swear....this guy, Cole, has such a rich vocabulary, I love it!!
•S W A G G Y•
•S W A G G Y•:
Cole: The way to my heart is through a nice cooked meal

Me: *note taken*
Cloudy Glory
Cloudy Glory:
Cole: Are you the government?
V- What’s the best-
Omg I died right there 🤣🤣🤣
Rahtuak Izak
Rahtuak Izak:
Cole is the definition of “I’m not like other men”
jordan 2.0
jordan 2.0:
he is an ordinary guy who just happens to be famous pls he is literally amazing!
Siena Schopper
Siena Schopper:
I died when he said he was living the “suite life”
His humor makes him moooooore attractive. 😆 which is why i love him so much!
J B:
Some how behind his walls of humor and sarcasm I feel like he is having a hard time right now
Erin Trolley
Erin Trolley:
I feel like him and Harry Styles would be friends
Naomi McIlvaine
Naomi McIlvaine:
Okay, I'm a little weirded out by how much I relate to Cole (hobbies, interests, food, emotional sponge)
Sharon Meeks
Sharon Meeks:
Cole can cook he's smart good-looking. Rich and funny wow
Thomas Reichard
Thomas Reichard:
Idk why but I laughed so hard when he asked about his childhood and cole like oh jeez 🤣🤣🤣
Khaalilah Muhammad
Khaalilah Muhammad:
The vibe he's giving off in this interview reminds me of that episode of the Suite Life, when Cody moved into the closet 🤣
sade watkins
sade watkins:
“The Humanity . .
and the Paycheck baybay hehehe”

I wasn’t expecting that but facts.

It’s always nice to see him
(especially doing well (which i very much hope he is) cause idk what they be doing to them Disney children at the expense of our entertainment but him and Dylan where a big part of my childhood in a positive way so i be tryna keep up with them and see how they doing.

Plus i love 73 questions. It’s a nice lil vibe
Alessandra Grigore
Alessandra Grigore:
I'm Italian and I was moved when Cole explained the correct recipe of carbonara
Myha Dixon-Johnson
Myha Dixon-Johnson:
Cole him he just has charming and sweet calm personality and we need people in this world like him.
pretty sure this is the only 73Q I’ve seen that seems natural and not staged
False God
False God:
I can't stand riverdale but Cole has such a good sense of humor ! Its alws fun to watch his interviews
Ananya Kesh
Ananya Kesh:
he literally walks, talks and has expressions of chandler.....
Naomi McIlvaine
Naomi McIlvaine:
"A lot more special than Take Three on a long running production" that broke my heart a little bit. Cole (and Dylan) are underrated minds.
I swear he looks so much like those Italian artists you would see in Italy that love to cook pasta, yell in italian at other people for stupid things, driving a vespa and sitting in their mansion with a huge cabinet of super fine red wine
Rachel T. M.
Rachel T. M.:
I feel like one day he's going to be the star of a Leonardo Dicaprio's biography movie in 2050 or so. Like, ''The man who deserved an oscar''
Madison Moore-Lynch
Madison Moore-Lynch:
his answer to the traveling question was phenomenal
Anjali Pal
Anjali Pal:
he has an elite sense of humor, he can cook, he’s an amazing photographer, he’s an incredible actor, his voice is beautiful, and he’s the most adorable human being on the planet. seriously, what can’t he do?
Rainbow Grace
Rainbow Grace:
The fact that he still looks good and he has the best humor is A M A Z I N G 🤪
Αναστασια Δασκαλάκη
Αναστασια Δασκαλάκη:
Ok now we need one with Harry Styles
3:23 “are you the government” after that stutter had me dying.
Laura Mora
Laura Mora:
2:00 "It does seem like some other people will be thoroughly impressed wirh your cole-linary presentation"
Gee Nobby
Gee Nobby:
Does anyone else think he seems so awkward yet so charming at the same time?
Ari M
Ari M:
when he said “I’m living the suite life” and I was immediately brought back to the suite life of zack and Cody
Paola Alvarez
Paola Alvarez:
He’s so down to earth❤️
Meryem Louni
Meryem Louni:
"a lot better than take 3 on a... long running production"
"i'm gonna pretend i don't know what that means"
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty:
Joseph: Do you like camping or hotels? Cole: has flashbacks to years of filming 'Suite Life' Cole: Camping, for sure
Casie Silverman
Casie Silverman:
I’m not a huge fan but, i love how he carries himself. The confidence.

And when he always calls the interviewer by the name! “Joseph!”
Brooke Morgan
Brooke Morgan:
he still looks amazing 🥰
Haya James
Haya James:
I'm just happy Cole back acting in movies ...and with his blonde hair..can't wait for moonshot to be release
Mommy Journey
Mommy Journey:
Cole: "you can keep whatever you like".
Me: "so can i keep you?" 😂😂😂
Smarty McFly
Smarty McFly:
Cole: “Some nice views for the people watching me bathe.”

Me: **Falls off the side of the suite window sill whilst trying to look like I’m inconspicuously cleaning the windows**
Emerale Hill
Emerale Hill:
I love his authenticity, honestly & readiness for questions! Aww he’s seems like an amazing person 💛💛
Dharmishtha Kothari
Dharmishtha Kothari:
I feel like this video has justified that Chandler is his Godfather!! Now I can die in peace.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
"ill say it, I think we should all be eating a lot more bugs." -Cole Sprouse, 2021
Nisaa beydon
Nisaa beydon:
I just love his dark humor ! Honestly funny
Honestly it's like Ben was raised by Chandler and Monica, with the sarcasm and the cooking skills aye
Mahek Zarah
Mahek Zarah:
i'm just wondering how Ross would physically react to his son's love for bugs and how will Monica for his nephew's love for cookin'
I'm impressed by how many interests he has! That's awesome.
nicky pieters
nicky pieters:
I saw him first time in ' five feet apart '. Everlasting impression. Loved the film and loved both actors. A good, deep, touching believable story brought perfectly by the perfect actors. Even If he doesnt do anything big anymore for the rest of his life, ill always remember and admire him for that Role.
I watch this again, my comfort video of him and it's 4th August here <3
Monica Medina
Monica Medina:
I just love how he opened the door and said “Vouge” 😂😭
cj wins
cj wins:
He’s so chill. Love seeing him all grown up and doing so well 🥰
He’s so intelligent yet warm yet amazing
Asdo Wayne
Asdo Wayne:
I hope he is coming in this friends reunion. I want a banter of him and Matthew Perry
Majerli Becker
Majerli Becker:
I admire Cole's dry sense of humor along with how he is both deeply unimpressed with everything and yet appreciative of all the most important things, like food and travel. A true artist suffers within existence and yet finds a way to make it bearable. Somehow.
Naomi McIlvaine
Naomi McIlvaine:
Cole has a lot of experience in hotels, that's for sure
Juana Case
Juana Case:
i love his sarcasm
Jalen Jones
Jalen Jones:
I’m so glad he’s still fond of suite life and doesn’t resent it
Vee Rose
Vee Rose:
I'm so used to his voice in the sweet like of Zack and cody because I grew up watching it that I wasn't expecting that deep voice 😂. I forgot he went through puberty years ago.
"you consider yourself romantic?"
"only when vogue shows up and i have to flex on the internet"
He's really the best narcissistic sarcastic guy out there.
Rachel Proudfoot
Rachel Proudfoot:
I love this interview, almost feels like two best friends hanging out :P
Francesca Fiorucci
Francesca Fiorucci:
OMG thanks Cole, reale Carbonara! Form Rome with love 😂❤️
Cole seems like a chill dude to hangout with!