73 Questions With Emma Stone | Vogue

Emma Stone shows off her fabulous dance moves, belts out a killer Britney Spears impression, and admits to crying in front of Tom Hanks.

Filmed in a single shot, we ask some of our favorite personalities 73 questions to see what they like, what they hate, and most importantly – what they know.

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73 Questions With Emma Stone | Vogue

Created by: Joe Sabia
Shot on location at The Charlie Hotel, West Hollywood, CA

100+ comentarios:

These are fun to watch. But, they are so obviously very setup. Would be much cooler to see their actual first responses to questions.
Who wants 73 questions with the 73 quesiton guy
Rhia Lestrange
Rhia Lestrange:
So this man is getting paid by visiting celebrities houses. I would die for this job
Kim Liza
Kim Liza:
Most of the celebs in the 73 questions with vogue offer the guy water or coffee, and there's Emma "do you want a beer"😂
alexis hayashi
alexis hayashi:
5:12 never seen a camera man so gracefully dodge a mirror before
The Kae
The Kae:
Ah, the only one stone that Thanos will never get
Milan V.
Milan V.:
she's just incredibly attractive overall, but dear god, is her voice hot
Alexander Le
Alexander Le:
"I'll be there in 2 seconds" ~ Emma Stone: is there in 2 seconds.
asadel fadillah
asadel fadillah:
7:29 "It's still Spider-Man~ Petra..."
Aww... Nice to see she's still Gwen Stacy :v
Lola Figueroa-Clark
Lola Figueroa-Clark:
*when she died in spiderman i cried*
Qaadir Howard
Qaadir Howard:
The flute/recorder scared the shit out of my dog..
Young Nomad
Young Nomad:
My first question. "Will you marry me"
dead right but living wrong
dead right but living wrong:
seen her die in that spiderman movie and was dead inside for like 2 days.
YouTube Account
YouTube Account:
Emma stone was my celebrity crush until I heard her say her favorite thing to eat was beets
Detective Assassin
Detective Assassin:
9:02 That is why I have a crush on Emma Stone .
Dhiardana Rachmadiargo
Dhiardana Rachmadiargo:
this woman is a simple description of
Akash Chopra
Akash Chopra:
"What's Ryan Gosling really like in person?"
"Bloodthirsty and vengeful"

Anna Hendrix
Anna Hendrix:
Emma's house is so cosy and she has a beautiful portrait of Marilyn near the stairs. I like her she is so funny!
Kawaii kiwi
Kawaii kiwi:
Why is no one talking about how she just casually threw a flaming paper?! Like what the heck?
i just found out today that emma stone’s dog in the video (ren) has passed away :(
Vincent Bruce
Vincent Bruce:
Can’t tell if she is crazy at the end or just joking
Grace from Dogville
Grace from Dogville:
Guy: If you were stuck on a deserted island what's the one thing you couldn't live without?
Emma: A boat, to leave that island!

I would love to see Andrew Garfield and Emma stone in a spiderman movie again
"whos your favorite superhero?"
"its still spiderman!"
Recce Sam
Recce Sam:
I loved her up until she said, "gun control"...
Mary B
Mary B:
The most genuine, real, cool and humble actress hands down. Even now it’s clear that the fame has not gotten to her head. She just seems laid-back
Amber in the box
Amber in the box:
That girl just sniffed her nick blimpy lol I love that
Lana H
Lana H:
i love how she seems like shes really enjoying it! some others ive watched seemed almost annoyed..
shes so nice :)
guys of course this is fucking staged! These are her real answers though, packed in a very stylish one shot to make it look more interesting and smooth!
Anuja smartphone
Anuja smartphone:
Oh my God... She is so cool
"I'm pretty great with happy birthday" and "that was not planned at all" 😁
적당히 해라
적당히 해라:
So gorgeous love everything of her :)
Anika Ghosh Basu
Anika Ghosh Basu:
WHO SAYS "PROVE IT" TO EMMA STONE!??!?!??!?!??!?!??!
Pepperoni Pepper
Pepperoni Pepper:
Oh my God, that upper suit she’s wearing was like the one she wears at the Amazing Spider-Man dinner scene🥺
Avishkar Desai
Avishkar Desai:
EMMA STONE is insanely beautiful & talented. She is like an angel. I had a huge crush on her. I still do.
unknown player
unknown player:
The lady :- Hey Emma, who's your favorite superhero?
Emma :- its still spider man ✌️
Guy who figured out how to have a conversation with the elite in L.A.: “What’s the worst thing about being in L.A?”

Emma Stone: “The smog and my enemies.”

Starving homeless people: “Am I a joke to you?”
b h
b h:
the interviewer and stone really did have a sort of unforgettable, zesty and powerful chemistry throughout the entire piece
Raad Raad Raad
Raad Raad Raad:
Emma stone you want very emotional when you was singing what's the resones. ..? Mo?
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh:
She looks cute and humble
Antonio Labaš
Antonio Labaš:
I love her. She is cute, funny and talented actress.
Sake Sithole
Sake Sithole:
I love her voice but she's just a cool person overall
This girl has one of the brightest smiles I've ever seen. It truly warms your heart.
selai morin
selai morin:
She's so beautifuly cute.
labrada*-* •-•
labrada*-* •-•:
The first movie I've seen of emma stone was "zombieland" that was the best movie
Jazzy Kherl B. Aparicio
Jazzy Kherl B. Aparicio:
*I’M STILL MAD* she died in Spiderman.
Sebastian Bliss
Sebastian Bliss:
Tiresomely manufactured and staged.
VOGUE let them answer, dont give them a damn script
5:02 wow what a perfect landing
Jalyka Po
Jalyka Po:
what is your favorite plot twist in any movie?
her LaLaLand's ending could have been the perfect answer if it was made earlier
p k
p k:
She sounds like Jennifer Lawrence! (Is it just me)
Alexis Anna Aguirre
Alexis Anna Aguirre:
“What’s the biggest surprise you ever had?”
That resonated with me on such a spiritual level.
Raad Raad Raad
Raad Raad Raad:
Sweet a Queens best British actress Emma stone your lifestyle history incredibly stunning me baby I absolutely love it my best wishes and happy new years to you Emma stone. By Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?
Raad Raad Raad
Raad Raad Raad:
Emma stone you got beautiful voice singing that will pay you off honey seriously incredibly stunning voice go to studio and engo your own songs recording trust me honey. ? Mo?
Melissa Meeks
Melissa Meeks:
This made me laugh love her personality lol
Ashley Feinberg
Ashley Feinberg:
"That's when I apply the prosthetics." HAAAAAAA. I love you.
Henry Martin
Henry Martin:
As cringe as this is, the worst part is that he didn't even drink the beer.
Clitorine Vaginal
Clitorine Vaginal:
When she said beets and anything with mayonnaise I was like FINALLY
KrisTheGoat 30
KrisTheGoat 30:
Gwen, I’m still crying about her dying in tasm 2 they did her so wrong 😭😭
2:28 That smile 😍
It's interesting how some people are more humble than others on this. Emma seems like a really good person.
Hana Uhler
Hana Uhler:
"What's the biggest surprise you've ever had?" "BIRTH." If that ain't me
Bukhari Technologies
Bukhari Technologies:
She is so cute and funny.
P.a.r.k 12
P.a.r.k 12:
I love this vogue guy. He’s so polite and well prepared! Cute guy.
Nina Freimuth
Nina Freimuth:
"Well people mostly call me M and my real name is Emily, so Emma is actually a short for that, so please call me Emily." :D
Mark Stone
Mark Stone:
Why is her fridge empty, the door on mine has like 3 bottles of A1
Caroline Vermeir
Caroline Vermeir:
'What's Ryan Gosling like in real life?'
- 'Bloodthirsty and vengeful'
Especiosa Dias
Especiosa Dias:
Ah, that's a prettier stone I've seen rather than diamond 😁💯
Dyn Jarren
Dyn Jarren:
I like her! She’s fun and has a personality!
She would be fun to hang out with! And she has a cool apartment.
MC Mark Markson
MC Mark Markson:
She really loves the color red, it's like all over the place XD
Dick Swett
Dick Swett:
“You wanna come in”

Yes Emma, I do...
Shannen Granger
Shannen Granger:
"It's still Spiderman.." OOHHH the feelsssss
Cary Coller
Cary Coller:
She definitely fits in those jeans.
I’m never gonna be with anyone bc im saving myself for Emma
Lily Jordy
Lily Jordy:
She has the sunniest smile I’ve ever seen
Ketan Bhave
Ketan Bhave:
1:11 "I see the resemblance"
Raven Yaw
Raven Yaw:
She's cute, charming and lovely
This was very weird...

Tried to seem off the cuff but was planned. Very surreal.
Chris Carter
Chris Carter:
Kinda love that she doesn’t live in a mansion. #relatable
Thungbemo M Odyuo
Thungbemo M Odyuo:
We don't know much about her cause she is a Scorpio...😂😂😂
Jessica Hofstee
Jessica Hofstee:
She’s so awesome. I know “73 questions” is staged, but this one feels more natural than the other ones I’ve seen so far.
Raj Kittur
Raj Kittur:
Thanos can't have SHARON & EMMA STONES.
TheSavageIs Me
TheSavageIs Me:
“Who do you want to shoot a love scene with”
Me: Betting and praying for her to say me really hard
“Marlon Brando”
Me: sad human noises
“Do you want a beer?” My kind of girl😍
Richard A
Richard A:
These things are terribly scripted and feel weird, but this Emma one isn't as bad as others. I'd also like to see her type 100 WPM because I don't believe that.
Diego S. Brenes
Diego S. Brenes:
FINALLY! I've found an artist who is not interested on impressing people on these videos, just a human being as all we are, Love Emma how lovely she is!
Ei missing Elsa
Ei missing Elsa:
She's so adorable
Dharma Chatterji
Dharma Chatterji:
Fine Emma kind hearted, great,
The Actual Frozen Cactus ❄️🌵
The Actual Frozen Cactus ❄️🌵:
“The Smaug and my enemies”, yum how fiesty
erick mbemz
erick mbemz:
Emma stone's eyes is scary and beautiful in the same time
smell u later
smell u later:

"What's your favorito superhero?"

"It still is Spider-Man!"

Melissa S
Melissa S:
5:09 She loves The Glass Family! Now I officially love her. I don’t know anyone else who has read more than the Catcher in the Rye and maybe Franny and Zooey-let alone “Raise High the Roofbeam Carpenters”. Annnd it’s her favorite!
Perfumery By Pratiksha
Perfumery By Pratiksha:
She is so casual and yet fully present. That's such a treasured combination
Ageless beauty and adorable. Would be awesome to have a friend like her around.
Jay Hanneman
Jay Hanneman:
Emma: Wanna come in/
reporter: yeah let's do it
Me: I see what you did there
k s.f.
k s.f.:
Not a cringeworthy moment in sight. This woman is delightful!
Myat Soe Htun
Myat Soe Htun:
I love Emma. She's so humble in her answers
Jonathan Trauner
Jonathan Trauner:
Emma Stone has a fabulous house
James Dad
James Dad:
This interview got me to love Emma. She's so sweet!
Emmanuel Ogoe
Emmanuel Ogoe:
She looked at me when she said she can't live without love <3