73 Questions With Emma Stone | Vogue

Emma Stone shows off her fabulous dance moves, belts out a killer Britney Spears impression, and admits to crying in front of Tom Hanks.

Filmed in a single shot, we ask some of our favorite personalities 73 questions to see what they like, what they hate, and most importantly – what they know.

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73 Questions With Emma Stone | Vogue

Created by: Joe Sabia
Shot on location at The Charlie Hotel, West Hollywood, CA

100+ comentarios:

These are fun to watch. But, they are so obviously very setup. Would be much cooler to see their actual first responses to questions.
Rhia Maximoff
Rhia Maximoff:
So this man is getting paid by visiting celebrities houses. I would die for this job
Kim Liza
Kim Liza:
Most of the celebs in the 73 questions with vogue offer the guy water or coffee, and there's Emma "do you want a beer"😂
Alexander Le
Alexander Le:
"I'll be there in 2 seconds" ~ Emma Stone: is there in 2 seconds.
asadel fadillah
asadel fadillah:
7:29 "It's still Spider-Man~ Petra..."
Aww... Nice to see she's still Gwen Stacy :v
guys of course this is fucking staged! These are her real answers though, packed in a very stylish one shot to make it look more interesting and smooth!
Dhiardana Rachmadiargo
Dhiardana Rachmadiargo:
this woman is a simple description of
Why is no one talking about how she just casually threw a flaming paper?! Like what the heck?
Avishkar Desai
Avishkar Desai:
EMMA STONE is insanely beautiful & talented. She is like an angel. I had a huge crush on her. I still do.
Detective Assassin
Detective Assassin:
9:02 That is why I have a crush on Emma Stone .
Ah, the only one stone that Thanos will never get
Grace from Dogville
Grace from Dogville:
Guy: If you were stuck on a deserted island what's the one thing you couldn't live without?
Emma: A boat, to leave that island!

Nyoleiyi Ayemin
Nyoleiyi Ayemin:
I don't know why but she just gives me positive vibes.
Mary B
Mary B:
The most genuine, real, cool and humble actress hands down. Even now it’s clear that the fame has not gotten to her head. She just seems laid-back
unknown player
unknown player:
The lady :- Hey Emma, who's your favorite superhero?
Emma :- its still spider man ✌️
Qaadir Howard
Qaadir Howard:
The flute/recorder scared the shit out of my dog..
I would love to see Andrew Garfield and Emma stone in a spiderman movie again
I loved when she voiced amanda in sleeping dogs
Sake Sithole
Sake Sithole:
I love her voice but she's just a cool person overall
Anuja smartphone
Anuja smartphone:
Oh my God... She is so cool
"I'm pretty great with happy birthday" and "that was not planned at all" 😁
Pepperoni Pepper
Pepperoni Pepper:
Oh my God, that upper suit she’s wearing was like the one she wears at the Amazing Spider-Man dinner scene🥺
Lola Figueroa-Clark
Lola Figueroa-Clark:
*when she died in spiderman i cried*
Perfumery By Pratiksha
Perfumery By Pratiksha:
She is so casual and yet fully present. That's such a treasured combination
Nina Freimuth
Nina Freimuth:
"Well people mostly call me M and my real name is Emily, so Emma is actually a short for that, so please call me Emily." :D
N. q1
N. q1:
Is anyone talking about how beautiful this apartment is??? Like...the banister of the stairs, the colours....
Myat Soe Htun
Myat Soe Htun:
Regardless of the questions are scripted or not... it's all about her smile.. that's so beautiful to me and bring happiness and warm
Will Chadwick
Will Chadwick:
She is so attractive and classy.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
In India- you want coffee?
In America- you want a beer? 😍😍😍
Shannen Granger
Shannen Granger:
"It's still Spiderman.." OOHHH the feelsssss
Mohsen Ayoub
Mohsen Ayoub:
Emma is True to her cause. I love this new wave of kindness
She was my first celebrity crush probably because of the Andrew spider man movies
We don't know much about her cause she is a Scorpio...😂😂😂
J Ro
J Ro:
Her Britney impersonation was on point 🎶
"whos your favorite superhero?"
"its still spiderman!"
Vanessa Macabare
Vanessa Macabare:
her name is Emma and her first pet named is Norman hahah it's just reminds me of "The Promised Neverland" name casts hahaha
Wandering Soul
Wandering Soul:
Idk why but her answer to the favourite superhero gave me some kind of satisfaction :D
Anna Hendrix
Anna Hendrix:
Emma's house is so cosy and she has a beautiful portrait of Marilyn near the stairs. I like her she is so funny!
shanija Russell
shanija Russell:
"Pretty great with Happy Birthday" 😂😂😂😂😂
Tom Spires
Tom Spires:
"What was your biggest surprise"


Haz & Lou 28
Haz & Lou 28:
8:49 the best part
Questioner's reaction lmaoo
Alonsoide A4
Alonsoide A4:
Emma is so cute 🥰
she's so down to earth, i love her :D
Can never tell how legit these interviews are, I mean surely Emma can visit Costa Rica if she really wants no?
Hana Uhler
Hana Uhler:
"What's the biggest surprise you've ever had?" "BIRTH." If that ain't me
Myat Soe Htun
Myat Soe Htun:
I love Emma. She's so humble in her answers
Amber in the box
Amber in the box:
That girl just sniffed her nick blimpy lol I love that
Ivon Z
Ivon Z:
I love her!! She so amazing
God I love her so much she’s the cutest
This girl has one of the brightest smiles I've ever seen. It truly warms your heart.
regina onnagan
regina onnagan:
I came here for the houses! They're beautiful!!
Dennis Villa
Dennis Villa:
Sometimes I feel like the soul is scaping my flesh my body. Like I could die of being so tires
Pranav Patki
Pranav Patki:
What's your favourite color?
Probably red
What's the hair color you'd like most?
Probably red
Who's the funniest person you know

Probably red
*Happy angry bird noises
Brandon King
Brandon King:
Biggest fan of hers. Goddess at her best.
5:12 never seen a camera man so gracefully dodge a mirror before
Master K
Master K:
This guy is so lucky, he gets to visit Emma Stone’s house and talk to her. Emma Stone is a great actress, love her in the Help as Skeeter and her role in La la land
Kushal Sisodiya
Kushal Sisodiya:
She is so pretty 😍 I love you so much Emma stone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Caleb Villanueva
Caleb Villanueva:
saw La La Land. love it ♥♥♥
5:02 wow what a perfect landing
Felis Asininus
Felis Asininus:
Never seen a fish inside a chicken smoking a cigarette this pretty.
Randy Obama
Randy Obama:
she is a great actress. pure talent. I have seen some of her works these are what I personally consider masterpiece
1. Birdman (2012)
2. La La Land (2016)
3. The Favourite (2018)

that is all I have for her
and she is absolutely gorgeous.
live a happy life!!
smitha s
smitha s:
I love her sooo much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Malsawma Khiangte
Malsawma Khiangte:
Ohh how beautiful she is!!
Bindu Devi
Bindu Devi:
She so cute ❤️
Diego S. Brenes
Diego S. Brenes:
FINALLY! I've found an artist who is not interested on impressing people on these videos, just a human being as all we are, Love Emma how lovely she is!
L Miller
L Miller:
There's presence and there's Emma Stone.

What's the biggest surprise you've ever had? Birth.

And her dog is named Ren. If she had a cat named Stimpy...oh, she's not going to get any cooler.
Realize how she talks about Jessie Eisenberg? Full of good memories!!!
Derick Johnson
Derick Johnson:
M is All they tweeted, talshasee laughed😍I trained him.
“Do you want a beer?” My kind of girl😍
Alexis Anna Aguirre
Alexis Anna Aguirre:
“What’s the biggest surprise you ever had?”
That resonated with me on such a spiritual level.
Peter park
Peter park:
how lovely she is!
Bukhari Technologies
Bukhari Technologies:
She is so cute and funny.
Melissa Meeks
Melissa Meeks:
This made me laugh love her personality lol
Naraendra Reddy
Naraendra Reddy:
Next time someone asks me for a magic trick, I'm gonna lite up a paper and throw it off 🤣
Júlia Bastos
Júlia Bastos:
she's so simple, loved it
iTs Messiah
iTs Messiah:
So that was the most accurate description man 😂😂
5:03 The way the flute falls perfectly in the middle of pillow
I’m never gonna be with anyone bc im saving myself for Emma
청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF
청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF:
We love Emma Stone so much!!!
We are fan of her as well.
She acts very well!!!
Caroline Vermeir
Caroline Vermeir:
'What's Ryan Gosling like in real life?'
- 'Bloodthirsty and vengeful'
oskar oskarssson
oskar oskarssson:
I get the sence that she makes her own laundry! Love that. She seems very natural
Keturah Glenn
Keturah Glenn:
She's the one who playing Amazing Spider-Man2 such a fan she is really pretty too he's a good movie actor
David Konevky
David Konevky:
although these interviews are very obviously staged, I still kinda love to know more about her, she seems overall an interesting person to be around
Detective Assassin
Detective Assassin:
8:58- 9:03 The very definition of badass .
Kenzie Roe
Kenzie Roe:
HER Britney impression was amazing omg
Tom's Diner, bro! Love her ❤️
Emmanuel Ogoe
Emmanuel Ogoe:
She looked at me when she said she can't live without love <3
Martino Italian American
Martino Italian American:
Ok how do they answer so fast...lol I’d have to think on most of them
Raad Raad Raad
Raad Raad Raad:
The miracle remarkable 17 age a Queens Emma stone incredibly stunning personality super super super talented beautiful gorgeous charming Yong lady I absolutely love it 600k times 500k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?
Who wants 73 questions with the 73 quesiton guy
مهدی صمدی
مهدی صمدی:
I hope that she will be successful forever because she has an great heart. Emma had followed the method acting in all her roles and cinematic personalities. I would praise her in la la land because she acted to skilfully. I wish that become support more than this. she won Oscar for one time and she has been Oscar naminies for several different time
She is G R E A T !!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰⭐💖💕
Moody McClane
Moody McClane:
I didn't remember this video.
She's my favorite actress.
Great video
Steven Shaw
Steven Shaw:
haha, I guess that scrap of paper was still burning when Emma looked down on the ground
PPDO ComVal:
when she answered her fav superhero <3 SPIDERMAN
Swagat Salve
Swagat Salve:
Emma's dog is a time traveler
- yours sincerely
Dark fan.
Wilfred Reid
Wilfred Reid:
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Tony Chavez
Tony Chavez:
My question to Emma Stone would be "do you wear yellow household gloves when you do the dishes or clean?"
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh:
She looks cute and humble
She has the cutest smile ever, major crush right now
엠마 스톤 너무 좋음 ^^