73 Questions With Gal Gadot | Vogue

Gal Gadot sips tea on a rooftop in Los Angeles before her Vogue cover shoot and answers 73 rapid-fire questions. While getting fit for the shoot, the Israeli actress talks about her upcoming blockbuster film, Wonder Woman 1984, her current obsession with Dua Lipa, and how she met her husband. Gal also, once and for all, confirms how to pronounce her last name.

Shot at Montage Beverly Hills

This episode of 73 Questions was filmed before social distancing and stay-at-home recommendations began taking hold in the U.S. The release of Gadot's film Wonder Woman 1984 has been rescheduled to August 14.

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73 Questions With Gal Gadot | Vogue

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100+ comentarios:

This episode of 73 Questions was filmed before social distancing and stay-at-home recommendations began taking hold in the U.S. The release of Gadot's film Wonder Woman 1984 has been rescheduled to August 14.
Emma Mikaelyan
Emma Mikaelyan:
Petition for 73 questions with the 73 questions guy
tara de la rama
tara de la rama:
Gal “I want to look stunning”

God: there’s nothing else I can do
Ako Budoy
Ako Budoy:
She is the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen
Help Me Reach 10K Subs Before 2022
Help Me Reach 10K Subs Before 2022:
I liked how she didn't act like a celebrity, she kissed the interviewer and greeted him unlike the other celebrities who treat him like an alien.
Preeti Gusain
Preeti Gusain:
Am I the only one who was staring at those fries the whole time 🍟
Her smile should be nominated for 7 wonders of the world.
"It's not just for women, it's for everybody. Be yourself and be kind to yourself". Now, I respect her more.
alternative title: 73 questions guy falls in love with gal gadot for 13 mins straight
She lit up immediately when asked about her husband and kids. Unlike so many today, she’s not afraid to show her attraction. I respect her for that.
Nevil Sunny
Nevil Sunny:
People commenting she'd make a good Bond girl and I'm thinking she'd make a good Bond 😅
She's like one of the most positive women ever.
Music Tune
Music Tune:
I pray whoever reads this becomes successful
Teen Titan
Teen Titan:
Who's here after watching ww84
Jackie Smith
Jackie Smith:
She is so perfect in every way, those who don't like her is just jealous.
jasper maapi
jasper maapi:
Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds movie? OH MY GOOOSH
Dude, she is beautiful, smart, nice person. This is one of the best vogue interviews.
A R S M:
She is a real life angel, we must protect her at all coast
Madalina Popescu
Madalina Popescu:
She kinda looks like Dua Lipa in a way, isn’t she? Even the way she talks and the voice 😊 Anyways, she’s a beautiful women, hardworking and sweet.
Jade S.
Jade S.:
Gal (along with Emilia Clarke) is the definition of sunshine. She just lights up the room
She definitely was made by the gods. No doubts
God went overtime when creating this perfect women.
News alert: a celebrity claimed " lucky me" when speaking to an ordinary citizen. This lady is classy and kind.
You can tell the interviewer felt especially energetic and excited when interviewing Gal :)
Rina Kay
Rina Kay:
I love how she basically asked "how are you?" to the interviewer three times!!! So down to earth.
lzzoh mwas
lzzoh mwas:
She is actually wonder woman...i like her personality
Anastasiia Yaroshynska
Anastasiia Yaroshynska:
She literally streams light to this world. Wonder Woman.
Michael Crenshaw
Michael Crenshaw:
Bro I HATE her for being so perfect. & I'm not even only talking about how she looks. She creates such a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere even through the screen
Daisuke's Parachute
Daisuke's Parachute:
After watching this, i've come to the conclusion that....

She was sculpted by clay and brought to life by Zeus
Jason Gates
Jason Gates:
"What would you tell your biggest fan, if they met you?" "Thank you." Best answer.
Mutant Max
Mutant Max:
this is the most excited the interviewer has been
Questionable Lexi
Questionable Lexi:
The most naturally beautiful actress/human on earth!
Martin Croker
Martin Croker:
She's so beautiful on the inside and out..
Love her.
Angad Thatai
Angad Thatai:
73 questions with Scarlett Johansson please
Sıla Özgören
Sıla Özgören:
She's so down-to-earth and she sounds so friendly and kind. She's beautiful inside and out.
Marlene Gonzalez
Marlene Gonzalez:
when she said “i wanted to look stunning” i was like girl!!! YOU ARE STUNNING. 🥺❤️❤️
this is what charisma looks like
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev:
She married young and she had kids when young. And she still has a career.
She would actually make a good Bond girl.
the Sententious Vaunter
the Sententious Vaunter:
Everybody anti-Semitic 'til Gal Gadot says "Shalom."
Kelsie Slagle
Kelsie Slagle:
Her face is so mesmerizing it's like looking at the sunrise
Petain Phaphilom
Petain Phaphilom:
Q: When do you feel most beautiful?
A: When I am Resting
Such a beautiful Answer. 😌
Gal: I want to look stunning

God: that's the last if it
Pooja K
Pooja K:
When shen is talking about her husband
Look at her stunning smile
Willmandon Lyngdoh
Willmandon Lyngdoh:
Everyone: talking about how gorgeous she is
Me: I wonder what that chocolate tastes like
Ani Casma
Ani Casma:
Is anyone else blushing? What an amazing person.
Fany Apartsev-Faibyshev
Fany Apartsev-Faibyshev:
As an Israeli, I couldn't ask for a better representative than Gal ❤️
Raegan Young
Raegan Young:
the interviewer is CRUSHing on her but who can blame him
Hannah Reed
Hannah Reed:
5:23 "YOU HAVE THAT EFFECT OF M..PEOPLE" hahaha he rly is crushing hard
why am i smiling throughout this entire thing i cant stop someone send help
Giselle Valles
Giselle Valles:
She’s so stunningly beautiful omg
Jimmy The Clown
Jimmy The Clown:
She's not like most modern actresses
Gal Gadot is effortlessly Beautiful
Destinywolf1 lol
Destinywolf1 lol:
Gal gadot inspired me to become fit and stronger and become my own wonder woman thank you so much gal I really needed that
Ps I'm 12
A Bit of Everything
A Bit of Everything:
The way she smiles..she looks..she talks..even when she breathes..... it looks stunning!!
She's enigmatic and just looks so so much beautiful even when she does absolutely nothing!
Gal Gadot♥️
Chris Williams
Chris Williams:
What they mean is “73 Question with the most beautiful woman alive /vogue”
noga flaishon
noga flaishon:
ran into her in a shop in the cramel market (tel aviv) with my dad... he had no idea who she is and randomly struck a conversation about the food...while I was having a stroke in the background. she is so lovely and down to earth. i should have asked for a selfie but I died.
Nguyễn Lan Anh
Nguyễn Lan Anh:
the best makeup a woman has ever worn is her smile
Walter Ngano
Walter Ngano:
The 73 questions guy would do really well on a date 😂😂
tagabicolini pinay
tagabicolini pinay:
I don't even know what she's saying I'm just so lost with her beauty 💖💖💖 ( and I'm straight.)
Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson:
"It's Gal Gadot".
"Alright, Gal GaDORT".
Ms Chanandler Bong
Ms Chanandler Bong:
They couldn’t have chosen a more perfect Wonder Woman.
Tanya V.
Tanya V.:
“be kind to yourself” resonates so much ♥️
pratibha Saraswat
pratibha Saraswat:
When Gal Gadot kissed him 🤤🤤
Elijah Hunter
Elijah Hunter:
All of the vouge interviews feel so staged and acted but this one feels genuine. She’s amazing and she inspires me
The only interview where the vogue guy actually seemed breath taken by her beauty
Asung T
Asung T:
Gal Gadot has that purity and innocence that many celebrities don't possess them. It oozes out of her.
She must have one of the best faces out there.
Prosenjeet shil
Prosenjeet shil:
Happiest 12:54 minutes of my life. Watching her puts a smile on my face.
World changers World changers
World changers World changers:
Can't say how much I love her... her personality is just incredible. Always smiles and looks happy, simple, friendly and beautiful.
Colleen Jennings
Colleen Jennings:
"You do not look like a broom..."

- Vogue dude, 2020
HBK Zay:
The amount of times I’ve watched Wonder Woman for her.
victoria rose
victoria rose:
I have a essay to write can these stop being so entertaining
Ayes Kidman
Ayes Kidman:
I actually crying because she's so humble beautiful and stunning God I lover her
Hodaya Siri
Hodaya Siri:
She has such a pretty smile
Krittika Khandare
Krittika Khandare:
"Its not just for women, it's for everybody" THATS MY WONDER WOMAN!
She is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. I love everything about her, her smile, her voice EVERYTHING!😍😍😍😚😚😚
Brenna castilleja
Brenna castilleja:
She so beutiful I love everything about her!
Natasha St Hilaire
Natasha St Hilaire:
This is the most natural 73 questions I've ever seen
Aadya S
Aadya S:
She’s soo underrated
Aylin Roland
Aylin Roland:
Gal has so much natural radiance and charm oozing out of her smile.
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar:
She is the type of girl I want to marry and spend my life with ❤❤
priyanka singh
priyanka singh:
"But, you know, life happened."
Svetlana Padil
Svetlana Padil:
I love her to bits. She's an amazing woman, a really good role model. Simple and elegant. Such a sweet heart.
Ms Califragilistic
Ms Califragilistic:
I think there is a bit of Audrey Hepburn in Gal, especially when she smiles!
I'm female and straight but if I met her for a second date, I'd probably propose too. Smart husband.
Brie Acanto
Brie Acanto:
73 Questions
- Elizabeth Olsen
- Dakota Johnson
Annanna Mukherjee
Annanna Mukherjee:
"What would you tell your biggest fan if they met you ? "

Gol Gadot - "THANK YOU "
oh gods my heart stopped beating she's SUCH a kind soul.
Ralf Smitheringale
Ralf Smitheringale:
I still can’t get over how beautiful 😻 she is!!
This man is one lucky man one of the best jobs in the planet
Mgd Kns
Mgd Kns:
She’s a beauty! And that dress! 🌹
This felt so genuine and unscripted compared with all the other interviews I've seen. Loved it.
Clara Thompson
Clara Thompson:
i love gal gadot. She’s so pretty and such an inspiration.
fairus abd wahab
fairus abd wahab:
What do you like Gal Gadot?

-Voice of laughter
-Voice of talking
-Body and face
Rpv 101
Rpv 101:
10:14 her silly little giggle was so adorable 💜
Tremmy Onyango
Tremmy Onyango:
For anyone who didn't Google, Lisa Howard was an American journalist, writer, and television news anchor who previously had a career as an off-Broadway theater and soap opera actress. In the early 1960s, she became ABC News's first woman reporter, and was the first woman to have her own national network television news show.
Galgadot, a woman of good personality, tall height, and so lovely.
Soma Sameh
Soma Sameh:
I love her so much she's such stunning and her smile is shinning like a moon 🤗💕🖤
Wibowo Gunawan
Wibowo Gunawan:
Gal Gadot really gorgeous, remind me of the girl Claire Forlani in "Meet Joe Black"
She's sooooooo freaking beautiful~~~~~~~~~~~