96-Year-Old Fashion Icon Iris Apfel: Ripped Jeans Are ‘Insanity’ | TODAY

Legendary fashion icon Iris Apfel, who retains her passion for fashion at age 96 sits down with Donna Farizan, aka Donnadorable. Apfel says the secret to fashion success is: “You have to be original, but not to the point of nutsy.” And she has some blunt opinions: She loves over-the knee boots, but expensive ripped jeans are “insanity.”

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96-Year-Old Fashion Icon Iris Apfel: Ripped Jeans Are ‘Insanity’ | TODAY

100+ comentarios:

DC Mc:
[email protected] "I didn't win, but I didn't care. The war came and they closed the office. Haha."
I aspire to be a savage like her at 96
Hahaha she's such a new yorker 😂❤
Christina C
Christina C:
Wow. She looks great for her age. So awesome.
What a legend. Her documentary was fantastic!

96! icon.
Marie Zona
Marie Zona:
96 and still interesting ,hope I am like that if I ever make her age.
Blessing Goodthings
Blessing Goodthings:
She looks fabulous at 96❤️👍🙏.
Verbal Volley
Verbal Volley:
This lady rocks! What fun she must be to hang out with!
I love this woman! So happy to see she is doing well. Better than well! Spunky entertaining and delightful!
Omg I loved her! She is so energetic. I love she how speaks her mind.
Cooking Lessons for Dad
Cooking Lessons for Dad:
What a fun lady!
Veah F
Veah F:
" I mean what business is it of anyone" 😂😂😂 I love her iconic glasses
Mari Laucher
Mari Laucher:
I love her. I wore big round glasses in the sixties (went to a fashion school). .Even my teachers never got it ( well perhaps it was just the academic ones). I worked at Bonwit Teller(first job),then moved to L.A. So square back then, just hippies and conservatives. No fashionistas. Did I say I lover her?
Terri Sargent
Terri Sargent:
I love her, been following her for years, she has been my inspiration and taught me "not to care", follow my style.
Oh my this women oozies confidence and is completely at home with being herself 💞a 96 year old super women hero for fashion 👜👗👒👠🤓
Skipper Moses
Skipper Moses:
Original, not nutsy! Lol Ya gotta love this lady, blunt, forward and straight to the point.
Straight up with no chaser! Lol 🤓
She's a very lucky lady because she met and married a man who loved her for herself and was confident enough not to care when people looked twice at her amazing outfits. Real men like that, who are comfortable in their skin and confident enough to allow their lady to live her life as her most authentic self are as rare as hen's teeth!
Latoya Wiley
Latoya Wiley:
I enjoy watching a PBS special on this lady here that's how I found out about her, and I want to just say she is totally "RAD".
Aida M.
Aida M.:
This lady is a true fashion icon! I absolutely adore her! And thank you Iris 👏 sweatpants look absolutely hideous with heels and pajama look is for bed only!
Jenn Pearson
Jenn Pearson:
Love her! She’s such an inspiration
The Nesbitt Experience
The Nesbitt Experience:
She is awesome!
January Teas
January Teas:
Love her, she is legendary!
Queen LaReefer
Queen LaReefer:
I looove her Style..her jewelry is amazing! Chunky, bold, awww! 😍
RiRi J
RiRi J:
She's absolutely hilarious!! 😂😂😂👌❤🏾
Is she a designer?
Kecia Harris
Kecia Harris:
I'm adding her to my 'Dream Team BFF'! I love her. We could be BFF's!
She is such an ICON!!! LOVE 😊
Danielle Denis
Danielle Denis:
Absolutely loved her!! She had style!!
Josh B
Josh B:
Love Iris so much. Such an awesome and cool lady. ❤️
luvvinallmusik 57
luvvinallmusik 57:
Go on, girl! I hope I'm doin' it like that if I reach 96. She's a hipper Betty White!
I just love how Ms Apfel looks, what she wears, her philosophy on life. She is my style unicorn!
Jennifer Stubbington
Jennifer Stubbington:
LEGENDARY. She is the epitome of living a “colorful” life and that NEVER ages.
Face In The Crowd
Face In The Crowd:
I hope she's got a good few years left x
Caroli Brad
Caroli Brad:
I love her. She is amazing!
Miss Jai Williams
Miss Jai Williams:
She is everything I live for her!!
She's still so smart and relevant...she inspires me!
M Catherine W
M Catherine W:
I adore her. She makes me so happy!!
kitty 1905
kitty 1905:
God I love this lady!
Rachael H.
Rachael H.:
this was such a great interview
Ruthann Amarteifio
Ruthann Amarteifio:
Love this lady-----
And totally agree w/ her!!
Cappi Catcopo
Cappi Catcopo:
Beautifully unbothered n I love her. ❤
Nikki Stiletto L.M.
Nikki Stiletto L.M.:
I love her!!! So true what she said, fashion you can buy but style you must possess. Fabulous!!! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
michelle moore
michelle moore:
I love fashion myself an I have been inspired by this ladies confidence in who she is personally
Dorothy Lewis
Dorothy Lewis:
What an icon she is. Buy her items from hsn. Just classy sharp dresser fashion queen I love it
Mandy Friday
Mandy Friday:
I, Adaora
I, Adaora:
YASS! I agree with her on everything!
adam m.
adam m.:
LOVE her! An (almost) centurion whose definitely fashion SANE. Bless you dear.
M Vee
M Vee:
I love people like her who are fearless and do their own thing and look amazing. If I tried I would end up looking like a fool. She’s so right about being born with style.
C B:
I admire her ways! What a beauty.
Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine
Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine:
Agree with all of her statements
I love Iris!
Limone & Lime
Limone & Lime:
She's hilarious - I love her!
Common Sense Corner
Common Sense Corner:
Love her! I dress for me as well and I don’t follow in other’s footsteps!!!
itsoVery Julia
itsoVery Julia:
Love her signature glasses! I wonder where i can buy one 🤔
Marie Faith
Marie Faith:
I wanna be like her when I grow up
LOVE HER and ABSOLUTELY , 100% agree with her about ripped jeans ..! ..... They are not only TACKY but also RIDICULOUS ...!!!
Barbara Eifler
Barbara Eifler:
Always loved this lady!
Kaid Gardner
Kaid Gardner:
Iris you are great. I love how you look. so jealous
j beaupre
j beaupre:
Fantastic woman.
David R
David R:
Iris was in Hong Kong last year. Lots of love from fans in Hong Kong ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Didi Wong
Didi Wong:
I love her so much. Because I am crazy just like her. Great!
Deborah Watson
Deborah Watson:
Totally Fabulous!
A rare bird indeed! 🥰
Gabriel frost
Gabriel frost:
I love her! #Iconic ❤💋
Mira Batyrkhanova
Mira Batyrkhanova:
wow, she's so cool!
Elsie Jaime
Elsie Jaime:
I love her! ❤️
Olivia Ellis
Olivia Ellis:
This made me smile ugh so good
Sweet sranang Lobi one
Sweet sranang Lobi one:
Take notes people. Wisdom is speaking❤️👏🏾
Queen Lex
Queen Lex:
I LOVE you Iris! ❤️❤️❤️
Monika Ratniece
Monika Ratniece:
‘A dry cleaning bag?’
‘I’m speachless’
That just cracked me up 😂
"The war came, and they close the office" 🤣😂🤣😂
Corey Smith
Corey Smith:
I met her today in NYC, what a sweetheart she is :)
Why do i feel like theres 101 dalmations hiding from her as we speak
Belmont 216
Belmont 216:
Fashion vs. style, awesome!
Elfego Chavez
Elfego Chavez:
She's quite an icon and inspirational.
Keisha Bryant
Keisha Bryant:
Love this and her style
Jackie AQ
Jackie AQ:
Love it, love it, love it 😍Ripped jeans worse “fashion” ever 🤣
Randy D. Rosario
Randy D. Rosario:
just love her!
Rachel Rodgers
Rachel Rodgers:
Love her ❤
Those glasses are "insanity."
sean love
sean love:
love her 😍
Marion Tom
Marion Tom:
I love her
Leslie Arnelle TV
Leslie Arnelle TV:
she is amazing!
Ms. Gurl
Ms. Gurl:
Iris is my idol! I have an "Ms Iris" board on Pinterest!
Brad Hammer
Brad Hammer:
i love her
Joni Heisenberg
Joni Heisenberg:
She has the BEST accessories !!
Granny Winkle has finally classed it up! Go Granny!
Gabby C
Gabby C:
I love her and what she said how fashion can be bought but style can't!
love it! hate the ripped jean too!
Nurse Ratched
Nurse Ratched:
I LOVE her, I believe "Edna Mode" was fashioned after her in the movie The Incrediables!
Nadine Webster
Nadine Webster:
She’s Fabulous!
odie bilya
odie bilya:
When you just look at this insanity to forget corona 🙄👽
We love you Iris! #fashionicon
marielle larisse
marielle larisse:
Hope to live long enough, healthy enough with enough money to be as fabulous as she is. True inspiration.
In love😍🤩
coolest grandma ever easily
Leslie Living on a Budget
Leslie Living on a Budget:
Adore Iris. I wish I could be as stylish as her when I get to that age.
E Roll
E Roll:
I love her❤❤❤
Gloria Taharount
Gloria Taharount:
Love her
She look great