A dapper-looking Ben Affleck celebrates his daughter Seraphina’s graduation

A dapper-looking Ben Affleck celebrates his daughter Seraphina’s graduation with family at Baltaire Restaurant in Santa Monica.

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26 comentarios:

Gossip Bae
Gossip Bae:
Jennifer Lopez goes out for lunch with a friend at San Vicente Bungalows in West Hollywood. https://youtu.be/uEaLTGBjrKU
Ana Sueiras
Ana Sueiras:
They need to let this nan and both sets of kids live there lives. Give Ben snd JLo the chance you didn’t in 2003. Wasn’t that enough for you.
Linda Roselli
Linda Roselli:
Who care what this guy does. Leave him and his kids alone
Alejandra Bel Gutierrez
Alejandra Bel Gutierrez:
Seriously you're not going to stop following them
This is sick. Leave Ben Affleck's kids alone 🤔
In House
In House:
Creepy is the person that is photographing the kids with Ben. Police should look into it.
Did you ask Ben's children for permission to take pictures and film them?. This is a family special day!! ATROCIOUS of you paps to be invading their privacy at a special gathering that has nothing to do with JLO. Harassment of their kids and family much? Did YOUR PARENTS NOT TEACH YOU ABOUT RESPECT?
Am rose
Am rose:
So much for hiding behind masks in LA still picked him out. Hmm the school have like valet parking??
Betty Barron
Betty Barron:
I read how JG is so controlling, yeah he's a grown man, he looks happy with Jlo, JG is always pissed when he's tryna hang out with his kids, she's like a helicopter mom.
Mohamed Ell
Mohamed Ell:
Ben affleck use to be so neat years ago hair well groom an face ..
Dont know why he dont up keep himself anymore ..
Yulia Kudjavina
Yulia Kudjavina:
Stalking is in his best
Please leave them alone!!
Jennifer Justen
Jennifer Justen:
That's a bad ass suit hes wearing..
Fermin franklin Jimenez
Fermin franklin Jimenez:
Dan asko!!
The will not stop following this people until we stop watching this videos that’s why they do it 🙄
Mohamed Ell
Mohamed Ell:
These celebrities tip of the papparazi an tell them where they are going to be an to follow them ...
This is how they make there money.
The kardashians use to always say in an interview that they do tip of the papparazi
Marianne Kenney
Marianne Kenney:
Before Anyone Else
Before Anyone Else:
Rosa Olvera
Rosa Olvera:
Ya dejen de joder con los Judios y los Boricuas! En serio los van a perseguir jasta el bano? Que se casen y asi los dejan en paz!
Mary Deherrera
Mary Deherrera:
Are these going to public school
Am rose
Am rose:
Or resturant.
Lori Guttilla
Lori Guttilla:
Thats Ben's mother walking with Ben, and looks like she was giving him, her disapproval of his relationship with JLO. But as you can see, Ben kept on walking, and she almost missed the place, and he totally ignored his mother. He's not going to allow his mom, ruin his relationship with JLO. Not this time..he's body language says it loud and clear..lol..Ben, I'm proud of you..you are not a child to let mom manipulate you ever..lol..is Bennifer all the way..👍👌♥️👏🤙
Aww Ben is so nice
Am rose
Am rose:
He has been to rehab before he met Garner after he won for Good Will hunting was in recovery. Garner probably did fall for him hard he was already broken up with JLO Then he probably realized how much responsibility family is and 3 kids is it takes two to Tango, she says she not high maitance at all. Likes to be in jeans and cargo pants most of the time. He started to get bored and fell back into heavy poker playing or boozing it up or more trips to Las Vegas he probably gave her some pricey gifts of jewerly to make up and that only works for awhile till she probably realized he like wanted to like conitinue his swinging bacholor style in the marriage be high stakes poker, cheating nanny incident, Garner propably tried to put up with it best she could he got his second Oscar maybe due to her. She probably still loves him but had to divorce him to save herself and the kids give them a stable home life with her in LA he just shows up for kid events as required in joint custody maybe. He went on tv and said he regrets the divorce from her probably trying to win her back mentally but she probably moved on new relationship stable maybe. He already had some new gfs lined up before the divorce was final so kind of says alot he never appreciated her or what she had to go through.
Mary Deherrera
Mary Deherrera:
That their Jo to take pictures of movie star jlow and Ben are movie star they are rich because of it. We like to see Ben because he going out with jlow. Ben use to and so is jlow the kids aren't because no body care till now. That life in the movie star Business.
Minesh and Nudosh
Minesh and Nudosh:
Ben best boy