A Day In The Life with James Charles

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I wanted to take you along with me for a day at work! It was a busy day with uploading a video with Charli & Dixie D'Amelio, I had a photoshoot, filmed Tik Toks, did my makeup, and ended the night with a friend's birthday party. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

100+ comentarios:

James Charles
James Charles:
The party situation is addressed in the video! Would really appreciate people watching it before leaving a comment. Love you! <3
James should vlog more i like watching him and his personality.
Iyanu Alalade
Iyanu Alalade:
I like that James is showing his true self in this.
Emma Halstead
Emma Halstead:
that noise of James's nails touching his phone is sooooooo satisfying
Arya Patel
Arya Patel:
James: has like 30 different outfits for one day
Me: sitting in my pjs
Bethany Fisher
Bethany Fisher:
The fact that he still did the entire intro in his bed
*I like that James isn’t being so polished nowadays. His personality is a lot more fun to watch.*
CloudiiSkies YT
CloudiiSkies YT:
I love how James is showing his inner self in these videos, his personality is amazing and I don’t think anyone should judge it
Kiera Cal
Kiera Cal:
i like how James is a freakin millionaire and still eats those nasty uncrustable things that they serve at school cafeterias!
Elle Glass
Elle Glass:
i love how he’s vlogging and there’s like 5 ppl just walking around in his house
Claudia Rose
Claudia Rose:
James in a conference while in a BATHROBE is just a whole mood.♥️🔥☺
okay i didn’t know that james has a stylist to pick outfits for every single thing and a private tiktok dance teacher
Anushka Subramani
Anushka Subramani:
He honestly looks pretty good even without any makeup!
Paula Oldenburg
Paula Oldenburg:
i love how trevor is like being james dance coach for tik tok lol
Taylyn Moratti
Taylyn Moratti:
james: has 15 outfits per day
me: hasn't changed in 9 days
Geeta Panigrahi
Geeta Panigrahi:
He is such a sweet human being
And l love that!
The Shiniest Golden Egg
The Shiniest Golden Egg:
I don't get why people hate James he is such a positive person, entertaining and an inspiration to others much respects
That Broadway Girl
That Broadway Girl:
He just always looks amazing. Seriously, can I trade lives with you James?
herminecraft_cat KItty
herminecraft_cat KItty:
What is great about James, is that he does not need a makeup artist to do his make up! He can do it himself for free!!
YoGirlLauren B
YoGirlLauren B:
Even tho this was like 5 months ago I still love James bc even tho he went to the party he still told us that he tested negative and just for letting us know that he was good is just beyond amazing. Ur amazing James. 💕✨
Irma Gumauskiene
Irma Gumauskiene:
*the fact that James has someone tie his shoes I-*
11k subs for this egg notis on
11k subs for this egg notis on:
James should vlog more i like watching him and his personality.
Michael’s CHICKEN
Michael’s CHICKEN:
James: *having a schedule and doing all of it*
Me: *having a schedule and not doing any of it* anyone relatable?
Patches The_devil
Patches The_devil:
I love how you always say "hi sisters" it will never get old
I have the same dog food bowl as james and I literally got so happy when I saw that I'm gonna cry
Nix Six
Nix Six:
I literally have been looking for a good make up remover! Thanks for the suggestion 😁 definitely gonna try out Patrick’s product now
Harry Bailey
Harry Bailey:
“I don’t deliver tea, i drink coffee” AND THIS IS WHY WE STAN 🤠
Lewis Triemstra
Lewis Triemstra:
I have so much respect for u! U are a man who does makeup even with all the hecklers and u strive thru it and I love it because u inspire people to just be themselves nd not do what others want them to.
i send all my love!!!
Its so humble, lovely and thoughtful how he put that text at 17:15 about social distancing and all that <3
I love that James is a boy I feel like he is a big influence and an amazing person keep up the Great Work😀
Bayli Whyde
Bayli Whyde:
I literally watch this video everyday. 😂😂😂😂😂
The Shiniest Golden Egg
The Shiniest Golden Egg:
I don't get why people hate James he is such a positive person, entertaining and an inspiration to others much respects
Muffinelly 09
Muffinelly 09:
never actually realized how busy james' day is
Karina Rughoeft
Karina Rughoeft:
I love this video. James is so cute and good person. 😍❤️
how is James still single!? I love how he show his personality and isn't so polished :D
Natalie beatty
Natalie beatty:
I love his personality coz he does a bunch of stuff with his friends I love it when he does his makeup coz it's super trendy
Jacequeline Bennett
Jacequeline Bennett:
"Sorry, I don't deliver tea I drink coffe" - James Charles 2020 this why we stand James
Hana Blacklow
Hana Blacklow:
i love how its 5 and hes still in his dressing gown lmao ilysm!
Suchismita Chatterjee
Suchismita Chatterjee:
He's so beautiful even without the makeup >o<
Kelci Danley
Kelci Danley:
Lewis doing the tik tok to help James is everything 😂❤️
Anita Tewary
Anita Tewary:
In love with your nails they are so pretty 🥰🥰
Kory Brown
Kory Brown:
“I don’t deliver any tea, I drink coffee”

I will live by this quote
Hi James. I love the intro part when u showed us your organized day, what's that app called? x
Have an amazing and beautiful day fellow sister.
James is living the good life!
Ashley Swenson
Ashley Swenson:
I love you James you are such a good make up artist
Toka Mohamed
Toka Mohamed:
James: "Season 2 is coming very very soon"
me: Getting excited because I LOOOVEDD season 1
me now:(9 months later)" SO James, what exactly happened too soon?"
PS: Please don't take this too seriously whoever is reading this. it's a joke I know these things take a while I'm just joking around.
FineCastle IE
FineCastle IE:
"I don't deliver tea, I drink coffee"

Me, a barista: oh damn, what a roast
Gracie Girl
Gracie Girl:
Wait...are they actually making a season 2 of Instant Influencer?!?! OMG im so excited
Jen Mar
Jen Mar:
Yes please do podcasts!!! I’m not a make up person but I love your energy so I end up watching your videos anyway 😄
Helena Carrig
Helena Carrig:
Trevor and James are literally an iconic duo PERIOD MAWMA💕👑
James please, PLEASE give us more vlog type of videos!
*I like how James is being himself these days. He’s not trying hard to project an image, which makes him likable.*
Eleazar Sison
Eleazar Sison:
"Why do you look like you got hit by a bus" had me wheezing BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Erica Beattie
Erica Beattie:
I’m not asking much… I just wish I had a schedule to follow everyday like James so I actually feel productive 😂
Christina Beck
Christina Beck:
More videos like this James!!! ❤️❤️
Wambui Eddie
Wambui Eddie:
It was really fun. You're really good at this
olivia callahan
olivia callahan:
“I don’t deliver any tea, I drink coffee”

I will live by this quote
hey, idk if u are gonna see this but i love these kinds of vids im not a huge makeup fan, but you are very talented with your makeup. love the drunk makeup tutorial and the frozen one there very funny. keep up the good work.
Cheyenne Manor
Cheyenne Manor:
I loved seeing James' fun personality, lol. He reminds me of Bretman Rock.
I love watching day in the lives and I love urs!
Bihmama Mendong
Bihmama Mendong:
I justed subscribed and I am loving your videos. I love the way you do your makeup 💄. Your such an amazing person 💜❣️.
The Shiniest Golden Egg
The Shiniest Golden Egg:
I don't get why people hate James he is such a positive person, entertaining and an inspiration to others much respects
Suzy Cervantes
Suzy Cervantes:
James Charles has the prettiest house I’ve ever seen! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰
Despite of having long nails he types faster than me 🥲
Vigga Londero
Vigga Londero:
This is definitely one of my favorite videos that james made in 2020
Berklee Cole
Berklee Cole:
I love this video thank you so much for making these I love you so much you are the best
charley einstein
charley einstein:
use the like button as a “James is stunning” button.
Desiree Collins
Desiree Collins:
James I love you and your videos! You are SO awesome!
Savannah Vergara-Dykes
Savannah Vergara-Dykes:
i love when he said i love you partric 19:18 and we all know he loves you back james lol
volg more of these i love them
DeAnn Lawson
DeAnn Lawson:
Yes add more please. It was entertaining to watch but then again you always are.🤗
I like that james isn't being so polished nowadays. His personality is a lot more fun to watch.
My respect for James: very high I just couldn't find the right Emojis Hahahahah
Desilyn Baccari
Desilyn Baccari:
James you should try doing a day without makeup or use EVERY makeup product you have in one makeup look
Lunar _thefox
Lunar _thefox:
I love the harp sounds when fin comes in the room
Umaiza A. Joiya
Umaiza A. Joiya:
he looks SO GOOD without makeup too
Ashta Monzon
Ashta Monzon:
Honestly, if James did a day in the life every day I would watch it
Ashton Sampson
Ashton Sampson:
I just love how “oop shore” is said so many times in this video 😂😂❤️❤️
Aris life
Aris life:
The way that he said that to the paparazzi 😂
Mason James
Mason James:
I wish James and Trevor would date 😭 they’re so cute together 🥰
Even though it was early in the morning you still look beautiful 🤩
Mackenzie Drake
Mackenzie Drake:
imagine having a whole team to film tiktoks 🤧
if only james had actually done season two of instant influencer 🥺🥺
Lealol 💜
Lealol 💜:
James I honestly think you are a wonderfull and beautifull person, I love your make up. I am realy fan yours. And Im sure you wil get 1 billion suscriptors 💜
Tina de Vere White
Tina de Vere White:
Only the OGs knows that James has an obsession with Coke! You be you James!
Sonja Baker
Sonja Baker:
I love him I have been watching him for 2 years
olivia h
olivia h:
Ok, I love everyone that was at Larray’s party, but how come James is the only one taking responsibility and wearing a mask?😂

Edit: thx for the likes. This comment was just to show that James is a good influencer. I’ve never got this many💜
Hi James I just got your palette and I LOVE it 😁
Mirabel Emenike
Mirabel Emenike:
James is beautiful without or with makeup
Noelle LaVoie
Noelle LaVoie:
Okay I’m obsessed… and I don’t even wear makeup. Been binge watching James…💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Lil skull
Lil skull:
I've never seen a James can before you are the best.
Lil_ YT
Lil_ YT:
Honestly, I don’t know why people even hate on James. He’s positive, funny, and kind. Like why?
Dustin looks like he would have the energy of a main character ✌💀🔫
Bailey Krueger
Bailey Krueger:
Omg james do a podcast I would LOVE it
James pls do more vlogs we love your vlogs if you do a new vlog we will be very happy let's goo sisters
Sabina Sweety
Sabina Sweety:
Hi, I absolutely love your home. Please please can you tell me where the beautiful green plants are from around your house? Xxx
I like that james isn't being so polished nowadays. His personality is a lot more fun to watch.
madykate h
madykate h:
i think you should do more of these
i loved this
Toni Cuddeback
Toni Cuddeback:
How do you look so good QUEEN/KING
Julie Gilmore
Julie Gilmore:
JAMES is a good makeup artist that he should teach me