A Fight Breaks Out in the Waiting Area - Grey's Anatomy

Jo (Camilla Luddington) talks through her embarrassing experience with Jackson (Jesse Williams). Outside, a fight breaks out in the waiting area and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is injured. Watch 'Grey's Anatomy' THURSDAY 9|8c on ABC.

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Llenos, Seth Angelo
Llenos, Seth Angelo:
I dont think jo needs any relationship right now...
Michelle Iturbide
Michelle Iturbide:
Jackson and Jo? Such a weird combination. Avery has practically dated the whole hospital 😂. He is such a Mark Sloan lol (I miss him btw). Jo should be with Jack (Station 19) they seem to have a lot in common.
Jackson needs another storyline that doesn't involve him falling for the wrong person.. again. They could bring up a sibling he didn't know about, get him sick... the possibilities are endless
As for Jo, her husband and the love of her life left suddenly leaving only a letter. How about you make us see how she copes, her struggle, her frustration...
Not everything needs to be arounf stupid romance
Angela García
Angela García:
Levi needs to get away from Nico, he’s terrible to him
chelle benitez
chelle benitez:
jackson belongs to april kepner. biggest heartbreak on greys anatomy.
Camila Brasil
Camila Brasil:
nico is always so rude to levi 🤬 he deserves better
jo and jackson are so awkward i dont like them together, they both just got out of relationships they need to focus on themselves first. alex just left jo clearly wasnt ready to move on yet. i want this season to not focus too much on jo and jacksons relationship and focus on the characters individually i would love to see jo succeed in her career and to see jackson work on himself. it's kinda weird that they made jo and jackson kiss when they never really had chemistry.
Razel Hollero
Razel Hollero:
and all of people saying Owen dated literally everyone... like hello Jackson??? lol
A B:
So happy to see TJ on the silver screen again, he was AMAZING in Bones
Andy 1611
Andy 1611:
Jackson and Jo hardly ever had any kind of interaction despite being on the show for years and now the writers want us to like this "ship"? Why can't they give Jackson a good story line? His character practically hasn't had a good plot since Mark passed away and that was years ago!
Jackson just out here kissing every one of his coworkers...😳😂
What’s The Deal?
What’s The Deal?:
I’m gonna be totally honest, I’ve never liked anyone Jackson was with, idk if it was just because I felt they weren’t good enough, but Jackson was always the pretty boy and the only relationship of his I liked was his friendship with Meredith
03. Achyuthan S
03. Achyuthan S:
Bubbye Nico.... go to that fellowship you loved sooo much if they still have him and get him out of Levi's life
Ryuko Matoi
Ryuko Matoi:
I just can’t get over Alex leaving Jo for Izzie. Like I just can’t deal with it! So out of character and ruined a great relationship. Everytime Jo is in a scene I just feel sad. I know Justin wanted to leave but it’s really hurt the show badly imo
Cailin Price
Cailin Price:
Greys never dissapoints with drama
I'm sure the people who would fight like this in a covid ward watch grey's.
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez:
I know it’s terrible to say, given the circumstances, but I think COVID might’ve actually made me a lot more interested in the show.
The mic’s in the masks are slightly weird lol.
Wait.. so was THAT why Bailey was on the gurney in the trailer because of her hurt ankle?
McKenna Neff
McKenna Neff:
When first saw TJ I freaked, I love Dr Hodgins he’s amazing.
Miss Phat Fatin
Miss Phat Fatin:
OMG!! Dr. Hodgins!!! Love him in Bones!!! Damn he looks good.. 😘😘
Ilahmae Cunanan
Ilahmae Cunanan:
LMAO Bailey 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Clarita Orosco
Clarita Orosco:
I just now noticed the mics inside their masks ✋🏽👩🏻‍🦯
maria lestari
maria lestari:
JACK HODGINS !!!! is the guy behind the angry mask dad ..
Jamie Wells
Jamie Wells:
I’m watching these clips and I keep thinking I’m going to see Alex😔
Tatiana B
Tatiana B:
with this season I have a big problem

I like this program but I cannot stop thinking that all these actors have better protection than many of the doctors and nurses who work in my country in regions with few resources
regina harrigan
regina harrigan:
Yes this clip shows how people been with masks thing so sad
Jo and Jackson doesn’t make any sense. They should hook her up with some from Station 19!
Yesenia Aguilar
Yesenia Aguilar:
Omg yasssss this needs to happpennnn!
Havilah Driver
Havilah Driver:
This is stupid. Hook Jo up with Jack from Station 19.
sparklerz bliss
sparklerz bliss:
This Jo and Jackson storyline is so gross. I was so grossed out the whole time watching them in these episodes. 🤢
YourAuntGaryFromConnecticut Boo boo
YourAuntGaryFromConnecticut Boo boo:
Bailey: “oh alright I guess I get involved”
Pooja Kadakia
Pooja Kadakia:
At least their shooting is safe :)
M St-Pierre M
M St-Pierre M:
Hope they show more on how real this Covid-19 is because my Canadian fellow don't all believe this is even it real.
Oh Levi, no sweetie. This isn’t a good idea.😰you’re just setting yourself up for more heartbreak.
I don't know what writers are doing with Nico. He was such a nice character with potential and like that that this character’s personality does a 180 like Alex. What is going on?
Marta Lazovic
Marta Lazovic:
is Japril back?❤
life with Julia
life with Julia:
Jackson dates everyone...lol
Levi deserves better than Nico
Is anyone not going to talk about the fight?
V R:
Why not just close the show whenever the time comes leaving some people to be single.. if someone is single that doesn't mean the worst thing. This show sends out such bad messages.
Channel 12345
Channel 12345:
Omg its Jack Hodgins from Bones
Camila Brasil
Camila Brasil:
lmao bailey falling 😂
grey's anatomy will never be the same without the OG CAST
Oh please, if this is the last season, then give Levi a good love interest or leave him alone with his friends.

Nico is handsome man, I got it, but this is getting ridiculous, he's treating Levi like shit.
Also, Levi has an interesting personality, don't turn him into a puppy that can't live without Nico
I swear this show is all over the place
Quinn Quinn
Quinn Quinn:
This may be an unpopular opinion, but Jackson needs to die or move away. He literally has no storyline and the creators are just putting him in relationships like it’s a personality trait... Vic, Maggie, and now Jo? He needs to go, and I feel like it would make sense.
J's Channel
J's Channel:
Super Dino
Super Dino:
Bailey* SECURITY!!!!
A J:
Hard to believe how people are actually on Nico's side. Nico is a horrible person.
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis:
Me if I was the patient: 🤕👂
Noah Voris
Noah Voris:
Ok this Jo and Jackson thing REALLY makes me uncomfortable...
Is that jack hodgins😀
Timber Dolezal
Timber Dolezal:
I’m waiting for TJ thyne to bust out with an entomology fact
Portia Darani
Portia Darani:
Poor Dr. Bailey!
Yara Asfour
Yara Asfour:
Why is Jackson acting like he wanted to date Joe?
Joshua S
Joshua S:
Dam he still same angry dr from bones
Macdaniel Dimla
Macdaniel Dimla:
Dr. Hodgins making a cameo.
Trinity J Magee
Trinity J Magee:
I’m going to love Jo and Jackson together!!
Wolfs ForLife
Wolfs ForLife:
I have 3 things to say...

One, like Jackson has been in this show for a long time, and they still haven't found him a good storyline (other than the whole harper avery thing).

Two, I feel bad for laughing but the way bailey fell tho. 😂 she was so dramatic.

And three, man, Levi needs a new guy. Nico is just starting to get annoying. And plus Schmitt don't deserve that treatment, he's a baby.
Sofi 56
Sofi 56:
1:47 Dr. Hodgens ?
taliyah jenise
taliyah jenise:
jo & jackson was just SUPER unacpected. but jo avery does NOT sit right with me.
squishies funny
squishies funny:
Hope she is OK
Elena Moreno
Elena Moreno:
Let’s start a thread. Who all has Avery dated ? I’ll start
Heather Mayhew
Heather Mayhew:
What happened to the kids the dads were fighting over
Thimna Pinda
Thimna Pinda:
Oh noo hunny Jo and Jackson is a No a big No....what happened to Vic? Vic is waaaay better than Jo please dont let Jo and Jackson happen....and as for Nico🚮🚮 oh no baby
Marisol Christina March July
Marisol Christina March July:
Please put on Netflix
They have paprs and actual medical people don’t.....Jesus
Lauren Bruges
Lauren Bruges:
Wait when did Levi and Nico break up????
Nellie Bolton
Nellie Bolton:
Nor Farion
Nor Farion:
Leave it to Jack Hodgins to amp up the drama...
Catherine Nieves
Catherine Nieves:
Bring back April!
hodgins 😦😦😦😦😦
Neisha James TV
Neisha James TV:
PLEASE put back Jackson and Maggie.. I like Jackson and April, but she found her love, which is Matthew, I don't want him to get hurt again. Bring back April and Matthew, let Jackson and Maggie get back!!!
Amy Victoria
Amy Victoria:
Schmidt needs to LET.HIM.GO ,so clingy and whiny ,Niko isn't an emotional anchor from the start.
angelo karl canaleta
angelo karl canaleta:
Camila Brasil
Camila Brasil:
i feel bad for shipping jo and jackson
Poetic Queen
Poetic Queen:
Liz is bek
Seth Bender
Seth Bender:
Ew I hated this. The whole covid thing. They have mics everywhere and the sound is wild
Jeniya Campbell
Jeniya Campbell:
Levi is pissing me off get away Nico! Leave him alone!!
Lauren Daley
Lauren Daley:
The coronavirus could've been handled much sooner and easier, now over 250,000 dead and many sick, a vaccine is on the way so I have hope, and I will say I am glad that our "President" is being replaced. It seriously breaks my heart.
Sonya Jay
Sonya Jay:
Jackson is toxic asf 🙄🙄🙄
Nicole Hope
Nicole Hope:
Trying to push the mask agenda🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jackson is trying so hard to be relevant lmao. bby just move away or work in another hospital...