A Kansas professor finds a rare recording of James Naismith | THE HERD

A professor at the University of Kansas discovered an old recording of James Naismith describing the first game of basketball. .
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A Kansas professor finds a rare recording of James Naismith | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd:

40 comentarios:

Kevin Masters
Kevin Masters:
The Pacers–Pistons brawl aka "Malice at the palace" in 2004 pays tribute to the first basketball game.
How does this only have 4000 views? What a disgrace.
Calvin Broedis
Calvin Broedis:
Basketball's history is never explored enough.
Chylan Bros
Chylan Bros:
I choked when he mentioned Kobe!!!😨😂
Absolutely incredible.
that game was in Springfield, Mass. He did start the program at Kansas though and spent a long time there.
Sounds like the first game was played by the pistons from the 90’s
Hailey Naismith
Hailey Naismith:
I love hearing his voice! Great great great great grandfather ❤️
The gym was in Massachusetts, not Kansas.
Mathew Rubert
Mathew Rubert:
Rock chalk!!! KU has the rules!!!
The home of basketball is Springfield college in Boston. Naismith started the first basketball program at Kansas where he also coached the team.
J Hale
J Hale:
This is amazing. It’s probably because I’m a history nerd but this is absolutely incredible. Such clear audio.
I had heard that he was forced to invent an indoor game to play during the winter, because the boys at the gym couldn't play American Football and were getting too rowdy. So rowdy in fact that several of the staff working for or Dr. Naismith's predecessors had quit. They couldn't put up with the young men in the gym anymore. Hearing what happened during the first game of basketball seems to confirm that the young men playing in that gym were nuts.
Why does he sound like vector from cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2?
True facts
True facts:
He’s a Canadian and the first nba game was in Canada between Toronto huskies and the ny knicks
David Roussell
David Roussell:
Wow, this is AMAZING and COMPLETELY HILARIOUS!!! The one and only James Naismith!!!
Wow! This is amazing!
Justin Norman
Justin Norman:
The most ironic thing to me about James Naismith was he was the only coach at Kansas with a losing record. In fact, his over-all record was 55-60. I just think that is so crazy that the inventor of the game has a losing record in it!
Javier Vasquez
Javier Vasquez:
I wouldn't be surprised if Kobe denied interview requests from Colin Cowherd. He's so bitter towards the Mamba, it's despicable. Look, he may be washed up now but his success and accomplishments are remarkable.
John Seymour Unitas
John Seymour Unitas:
Awesome they found this audio. However, Kansas has nothing to do with this story. Yes, Naismith spent a lot of time there, but he invented the game in Massachusetts, and really, the game as we know it today flowered in Indiana at the high school level.
ayva yots
ayva yots:
i’m related to him🙃periodt
Sweet James Jones II
Sweet James Jones II:
We need a espn doc on this
Pete cruz
Pete cruz:
I thought this real until he said Kobe! Smh I hope it’s real
Serafim Karalexis
Serafim Karalexis:
What happened to Springfield College in Springfield Mass? Wasn't basketball invented there?
Btw He was Canadian
Bøbby Løwe
Bøbby Løwe:
awesome awesome awesome
Rajesh Chilukuri
Rajesh Chilukuri:
The commentator need to get his facts straight. The first game was played in Springfield MA in a YMCA and not Kansas.
Some of y’all in the comments are making jokes and don’t know how historical this is.
That Kobe joke didn't age well....
Chris Dodges
Chris Dodges:
Matt Cundill
Matt Cundill:
Interestingly - This Canadian Heritage Moment says Springfield, Mass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiJJIacdF-E&fbclid=IwAR2cO6hckWelWZUhXwkbd4DZrSwQ6uOeLjcugzYQqmFT5GCsxj4MPMFTVpw&
My great great great great great uncle
Erin Lee
Erin Lee:
James Naismith is Canadian
kenneth hopkins
kenneth hopkins:
Javier Vasquez
Javier Vasquez:
Mitch Finnegan
Mitch Finnegan:
amazing how much is wrong in both this video and the one by Sen. Ben Sasse. Here's the truth:
Dr. Naismith was a graduate student at and instructor on the faculty of the Physical Education department of what is now Springfield College in Springfield Massachusetts (get it--that's why the Basketball Hall of Fame is there!), but was then known as the International YMCA Training School (formerly the School for Christian Workers). This was NOT a YMCA--it was a post-secondary training school for men who wanted to go into work for the YMCA as either an Association Secretary (present day equivalent would be a branch Executive Director) and for Physical Directors. The class was among young men (college age) training to become Physical Directors. Naismith worked under the direction of Luther Halsey Gulick, who is considered the founder of American Physical Education. Naismith later went on to coach and teach in Kansas, but the game was NOT invented there.

By the way Colin--long way around to get to a cheap shot at Kobe!
The Universe Galaxy
The Universe Galaxy:
i love youtyube
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez:
But he was Canadian not American
Marc S.
Marc S.:
In Kansas? This man is an ignorant.