A Tribute to Gilbert Gottfried

RIP Gilbert, thanks for the decades of laughs.

Movie Clips from:
Problem Child 1 & 2
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
Beverly Hills Cop 2

A Million Ways to Die in the West

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Enrique Medina
Enrique Medina:
When Louie Anderson passed away, Gilbert Gottfried shared on Instagram a photo of him, Louie, and Bob Saget together with the caption, "This photo is very sad now". This photo is even sadder now. Life is short, the legends are gone, but the laughs live on.
Nathaniel Foga
Nathaniel Foga:
It really hurts just how many comedy legends we’ve been loosing for the past year, and this one definitely stings the hardest. Rip
I'm gonna miss him :(
Sallie Neblett
Sallie Neblett:
For millennials of a certain age, Gilbert Gottfried has always been a part of our lives. No comedian made me laugh harder than him. He was truly original and fearless in his comedy and it hurts that he is gone . RIP to one of the greats.
Justin Pollock🃏
Justin Pollock🃏:
His last voice acting role was as the voice of "God" in the adult swim animated series "Smiling friends", how ironic but fitting.

R.I.P Gilbert Gottfried, I may have discovered you as the voice of a "parrot" on Aladdin being a 90's born kid but you died a comedic legend.
Evelin Bishop
Evelin Bishop:
That's a beautiful tribute, this is how I learned he died, and, honestly, it was a sweet remembrance. Rest in peace, Gilbert. Thanks for the eye-rolling laughter through the years. Thanks, Hats Off.
Tim J
Tim J:
Unbelievable that everyone knows Gilbert Gottfried for his comic persona, completely transcended the cultural zeitgeist for decades, yet remained underrated. Guy was a genius.
Giovanni Orellana
Giovanni Orellana:
The greatest actor who played multiple annoying birds. Annoying in an endearing way!
I'm going to Miss Gilbert Gottfried. I was introduced to this man through Problem Child and Aladdin. He had a unique voice and was always hilarious.
Game Czar
Game Czar:
Devastating loss, his podcast was a love letter to old Hollywood.
Besides the endless laughs from Theatrical films like "Problem Child," "Beverly Hills Cop 2," and especially his own incredible documentary in 2017, I had gotten so used to hearing him, almost every week on his "Amazing, Colossal" podcast. The "Strawberry Malted" impression, and his Groucho: "Chico needed the money," will forever echo in my memories. A master "Roaster," immicable Voice Artist, and a true "Monster Kid" at heart. He was a final link to the days of Vaudeville and Classic Horror. RIP. Very fine tribute, HOE.
Gilbert unfiltered is one of the funniest dudes I've ever heard. Like seriously. Cry laughing. Filtered, he was focused and deliberate with his character. But unfiltered, the dude would just keep going, and it was a damned rollercoaster. A fun one. RIP, Legend.
Trina Q
Trina Q:
Rest in peace, Gilfred. Between the "Problem Child" and "Aladdin" movies, you made my childhood, and brought much needed laughter to it. You'll be forever missed. 😘😇
Jeremy U's ReevU
Jeremy U's ReevU:
R.I.P Gilbert. You truly were an amazing actor.
Bong Man
Bong Man:
RIP to a true legend. UP ALL NIGHT and MONSTERVISION shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you for this lovely video.
I know this only recounts his live action appearances, but he has an extensive library of VA work too. I remember him most fondly as Digit on PBS's Cyberchase.
Great tribute and may he rest in peace!
Kyle Shiflet
Kyle Shiflet:
We're gonna miss you Gilbert your voice gave us so much joy R.I.P
I've grown up with him literally. Listening to his voice as Iago, to him making the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Caroline Rhea, Jimmy Walker and even at times himself crack so hard on Hollywood Squares.

He pushed the boundaries of humour, even at the detriment of his own career. He was truly an artist. An inspiration to me.

I'm gonna miss you Gilbert.
Tom Pollock Jr
Tom Pollock Jr:
This past Valentine's Day I got my wife a Cameo of Gilbert. He did a great job, and spoke to her about how he taught me the mystical arts of seduction... Prayers to his family and friends.
Gilbert had one of the most iconic voices in America. It's one that no one will ever forget. He will be missed for his wonderful life and voice. RIP Gilbert, I hope your in heaven comparing voices with God to see if you got it close.
Andrea Patane
Andrea Patane:
R.I.P. Gilbert Gottfried, you were a funny man. You'll be missed forever.
Devastated to know he’s passed. His legacy lives forever ❤ Rest In Peace Mr. Gottfried
travis Lastnámê
travis Lastnámê:
And Artie outlived another great one.

His ability to stick to the character of Gilbert is damn impressive
This is just so sad he had alot more years to live for but RIP Gilbert
Carlos Batres
Carlos Batres:
"World-class athletes are a dime a dozen; clowns?...they're at a premium" - C.B. R.I.P. Gilbert
I M:
Beautiful tribute! His “Amazing, Colossal Podcast” is one of the greatest out there. I was part of the live stream where he interviewed Weird Al last year and I cried from laughing too hard several times. The episode where he has Bob Saget on was too much for me to handle. I laughed so hard I cried!
Some Guy
Some Guy:
I was just listening to his latest podcast. A truly fearless and unapologetic comedian.
Peter Morgan
Peter Morgan:
MacDonald, Saget, Anderson, and now Gottfried. The legends are leaving us, and it hurts every time.
Calvin Katt
Calvin Katt:
I didn't become a Gilbert fan until recent years when I discovered Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast. Beyond just being funny, it allowed us to visit with older actors and directors and hear their stories. It's sad that it's now over, but it's nice to know that all those shows he and Frank did will be there for us to go back and listen too.
These past couple of months have been brutal on my childhood. I'll never forget watching Problem Child as a 6 year old and absolutely loving Gilbert Gottfried's voice, he instantly became one of my favorite comedic actors without me even knowing.
Shaine White
Shaine White:
RIP, Iago. He'll always be the voice of reason.
Shiny Agumon
Shiny Agumon:
I didn't even know he died.

New Message
New Message:
The afterlife must be a hilarious place nowadays...
Samuel Carrigan
Samuel Carrigan:
R.I.P Gilbert Gottfried 1955-2022 this is such a funny, sad and beautiful tribute
It's a sad day. Feels like the world's lost an icon. I learned of his passing through this tribute, and it truly is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man and comedian.

R.I.P., Mr. Gottfried.
Isaiah Hall
Isaiah Hall:
What a legend, now he can eat all the liquorish he wants… RIP and thanks for all the joy you brought
I remember him from some movies and his unique voice had mischief that gave off laughter. Rest in peace Gilbert Gottfried.
I can't believe this. I just can't. His poor family. I thought this man was hilarious, and you could tell he was a really good man. RIP, pal.
Man your quick with these brother…he’ll surely be missed…losing so many of my childhood icons lately…No Tears only smiles..thanks for the memories RIP Mr. Gottfried
The Fan Without a Face
The Fan Without a Face:
Also wow this is depressing. I freaking loved listening to this guy, the first time I saw Problem Child 2 the scene with him in the Principals office calling Junior's dad a moron left me laughing for so long that at Dinner my parents told me repeatedly to shut up or to walk away until I stopped.

I just wish I could've met the man.
Asher Schmutz
Asher Schmutz:
Out of the celebrity deaths that have happened so far this year, this one was honestly the most f*cking heart dropping to me.💔
wesley mcqueen
wesley mcqueen:
His Comedy Central roasts would always leave me in pain and tears in my eyes from laughing so much, one of the all time greats.
Can't get enough of his voice. Loved him as a kid, still love him now. He'll live on and be there for a laugh if we need it
Jerry Rowe
Jerry Rowe:
RIP Gilbert, thoughts and prayers for you and your family 🙏
Samuel Sangster
Samuel Sangster:
If 2022 wasn’t already bad enough.
R.I.P. Gilbert.
Man, I wasn't expecting that. I enjoyed his podcast a lot.
Geronimo Jehoshaphat
Geronimo Jehoshaphat:
Always loved Gilbert. One of the few outrageous characters who was also truly funny.
Gaylord Focker
Gaylord Focker:
Why? We're losing the best we have. And there's no replacements. This is the saddest year in comedic history. Judging from everything I've heard, Gilbert was a legitimate and kind human being.
Gangsta Maguire
Gangsta Maguire:
While I may have have my "thoughts" on Problem Child, I have always really enjoyed seeing this guy on screen, RIP Gilbert Gottfried.
That goes the most unique voice in cinema. You'll be missed Gilbert.

Pd: It's funny how his last role was being God in "Smiling Friends". Makes so much sense now.
Loved him even before Aladdin. His whiny comedic voice was unforgettable. RIP.
Gottfried was a true legend who always funny. Someone that when he had a joke would say it no matter the consequences. RIP
J. Grawn
J. Grawn:
Gilbert was iconic. His voice just drew you in. Rest well. A unusual angel. Loved him!
Nick Rebish
Nick Rebish:
I tell his jokes all the time, giving him full credit of course. Child of the early nineties, he was way underrated but loved by the funny comedians. His Africa bit is still the best.
Terrell Townsend
Terrell Townsend:
I'll always remember him as the voice of Iago. Rest in peace, Gilbert Gottfried.
I never laughed so much or so loudly when Mr Gottfried appeared on the Hollywood Squares "You fool!" episode. That has to be one of the funniest TV running gags I have ever seen. If people reading this comment have not seen that episode, drop what you're doing and watch it now. Hilarity at its finest and nuttiest. RIP, sir!
john jones
john jones:
Rest in peace Gilbert, you are definitely one of my favorites of all time
Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher:
So sad to see we keep losing comedians so fast. Gilbert Gottfried R.I.P 😢
D J:
I’ve never felt truly attached to an Actor like Gilbert Gottfried.

I’m 23 now and grew up watching him and this is one the first few actors passing that I felt a bad feeling in my gut and actually broke down. This man will always be remembered
Gothic Smile
Gothic Smile:
Just read about this, Rest In Peace Legend, damn, we lost Louie Anderson, Bob Saget and now Gilbert Gottfried. Such Legends.
Wario' Says So
Wario' Says So:
WOOOOW!!! I did not know that Gilbert Gottfried had passed away 8-O. He was only 67 years old.....
Nooooo, he was such a charesmatic, easy and fun going comedian with the best comedic voice ever.
I can sadly assure you all, we will never have anything similar like him.
Rest In Peace Gottfried, may you entertain all the angels in heaven.
Boobermin Franklin
Boobermin Franklin:
Thanks for bringing us such a nice tribute. The strong remembrance and final legacy death brings is always one of the best parts.
Litch of Camelot
Litch of Camelot:
This man was everything , Now his presence is everywhere
Gilbert was so underated. It's been a sad couple year's for comedy legends we've lost , I don't have to name them . If you're a true comedy fan you know the one's, I'm talking about . I will say though I don't get bothered by celebrity deaths, but Norm's death hurt me .
Jorge Zaldivar
Jorge Zaldivar:
I grew up with his works...
Rest in peace, Gilbert.
hello world
hello world:
I grew up watching Problem Child 1 and 2 as a kid and just now I realize I've known Gilbert Gottfried all my life. I loved his cameos on Cold Ones these past years too. Aw man, I want to thank him for all the good laughs I had because of him. May his soul rest in peace.
Gunther The Quizmaster
Gunther The Quizmaster:
His legacy will live on in our hearts for all eternity.
Gilbert has always been a top favorite of mine since Up All Night when I was a kid plus all the classic other 80s stuff he did. Stern of course. RIP to one of the goats. What a unique guy
Sage Parra
Sage Parra:
I didn’t even know he was in A Million Ways to Die in the West. I’m sure he was the best part, as he usually was in movies he was in. RIP.
Thank you for including the podcast. Listening to his oft repeated stories of Cesar Romero and this are such a warm memory. First time I've ever cried and laughed at the same time.
Allan Bard
Allan Bard:
5:07 still makes me laugh and always will. Thank you, Gilbert.
bri plancarte
bri plancarte:
This feels unreal I havent felt like this since the death of Robin Williams 😭😭😭 rip Gilbert
I can not believe he’s gone he’s a legend and awesome voice 🙏🙏🙏
Eli Chilton
Eli Chilton:
You can always count on him being irreverent and absurd. Thanks for all the laughs. Rest In Peace Gilbert Gottfried.
VideoVoid TV
VideoVoid TV:
rest in peace to a true legend. its been a rough year for comedians.
Tyler McCurry
Tyler McCurry:
I think I remember him best as the voice of Iago in Aladdin, but also as the voice of Doctor Bender from the first few seasons of the Fairly OddParents. Such a talented voice actor. He had a gift for sure.
I'll always love his countless appearances on radio talk shows and podcasts over the years. Every time Gilbert was on something I knew it would be funny. One of the true greats.
Arnold Munez
Arnold Munez:
This guy got shafted so hard just for making jokes. One of my favorite old school comedians, hope the afterlife lets him make his jokes in peace.
radion oakmont
radion oakmont:
my deepest respects and condolences he will be greatly missed
patrick charles
patrick charles:
his reading of Fifty Shades of Grey was pure gold, RIP Gilbert Gottfried
Fallen Monk
Fallen Monk:
Thank you for an amazing childhood filled with laughter and smiles. RIP Gilbert 😢
Jason Sum
Jason Sum:
not going to lie this video made me both laugh and also brought a tear to my eye! RIP Gilbert only the good die young
Patriarcus Rex
Patriarcus Rex:
This was a beautiful thing you've done Hats off. This news saddens us all and you honoured him with a lovely tribute.
Much respect my friend and RIP Gilbert.
ROCKY DarKnight
ROCKY DarKnight:
Comedians passing always hit hard. Made a living making people laugh, at times teaching how to see the world in different ways. t's sad him passing away. Next to Robin Williams his passing on is sad. His with Jon Ritter up there. RIP man.
Syiboi Iobiys
Syiboi Iobiys:
I'm gonna miss this man, it's true what they say, appreciate the people you live alongside because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Fortunately his back catalog will bring smiles for countless years to come.
Simon Black
Simon Black:
I just found out minutes ago he died. He will be greatly missed! RIP!
Super Bender
Super Bender:
I will forever miss this man
I loved him so much
He was a amazing guy with a beautiful soul
I hope he makes god laugh very hard, he truly was the greatest of all time
R.I.P Gilbert Gottfried
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson:
Sad to say goodbye to Gilbert this month. Memorialised by his work, remembered by his fans. Immortal in his media.
Sad Boi
Sad Boi:
RIP my friend. Thanks for being a true original who never backed down and stayed ruthless. Rest easy.
Wonderful tribute.

Rest in Paradise, Gilbert. Thanks for all the laughs, kind sir. Say HI to Norm, Louie and Bob Saget for us!
Vinnie Ger
Vinnie Ger:
He’s one of the few people that gets funnier the more he yells, I can’t explain it but know it to be true.
Devastated by the news of his passing. His podcast was my favorite thing in the world
Mothman 46
Mothman 46:
I loved every appearance he made. He was a trailblazer. R.I.P. my friend 🙏
Ive been a patreon sub of Gilberts for a few years, I knew somethings been wrong the last few months bc he hasnt posted new content. He is normally really good.
Cody Thompson
Cody Thompson:
You brought joy and laughter in all of our lives. You always know how to make people laugh when we’re going through stressful times. You will always be a Legend and Legends never die. Rest In Peace Gilbert.
Rest in peace an icon such a part of my childhood. ✝️❤️
Chris Gullo
Chris Gullo:
If only he'd projected more in his line delivery, he might've had a great career
Xenos N.
Xenos N.:
Awww, this is how I learned he died. Rest In Peace, Gilbert. Your voice will never be forgotten.
omar olmos studios
omar olmos studios:
When I Heard the News I felt super down since he was part of my childhood rip legend
Thank you for this. He'll truly be missed.