Abandoned $10,000,000 Mansion of Pablo Escobar (paint balled inside!)

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So while in Medellin Colombia, we couldn't resist going to explore Pablo Escobar's abandoned mansion. He's a very controversial figure in the country, so we're obviously not trying to glorify him or his history simply documenting his ruins.. and taking the chance to have some fun paint-balling.

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Who are we?
Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.

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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer, Derin Emre
Editors: Thomas Brag and Thomas Dajer

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Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar:
Stay out of my house. 😡😡😡
Hailey C
Hailey C:
pablo escobar was so big in the drug business, but he was still a better father than most are today😂
$500 million per month.... Thats how much Escobar was making. He pretty much pisses on every wannabe drug dealer, legit drug dealer and mobster to ever live in the modern world. Unbelievable
Aidan W
Aidan W:
"He designed this whole pool. Drew it himself."

It's a square......
"You can feel something here" calm down, dude....its the wind. Pablo didn't die in the house lol.
Anna Archuleta
Anna Archuleta:
They should make a cod map out of this
Nina Ganslandt
Nina Ganslandt:
He kept designing stuff, he should have become an architect not a drug dealer lol
Them: using a paintball gun
Pablo : comes from around the corner with a real gun “who tryna play ‘
Cody Roder
Cody Roder:
Probably will never happen, but it would be cool if someone would renovate it and turn it into a bar. It has very nice architecture.

Then name it “The Escobar”
Junior Cauley
Junior Cauley:
I’ve been watching something called narcos on Netflix
Tumi St
Tumi St:
It’s funny how they still scared of him even he has well more than 25 years dead
Los pepes wasn't a drug gang... they were founded by a anti-guerrilla group...with the help of ex-medellin members....they didnt sell drugs but their only movement was to kill escobar and everyone who worked for him in a barbaric and unconstitutional manner.
If I was a billionaire, I'm going to buy this mansion and restore it to it's original form.
O O:
Los pepes wasnt a drug gang they were a paramilitary, terrorist organisation that killed anyone associated with pablo escobar along with their families.
Owen Runge
Owen Runge:
White dude kinda looks like agent Murphy from narcos
Annie Parker
Annie Parker:
just think about how beautiful this place must've been when he lived there
UnSpeak Able
UnSpeak Able:
I swear if pablo Escobar was alive these people wouldn't be alive right now
matthew foster
matthew foster:
I can't imagine having all of that built on cocaine, murder etc. You know deep down he never really had a moment's peace.
Jessica Cuellar
Jessica Cuellar:
Can you imagine being his wife and used to have lived there and then seeing this video decades later
Cjcg 650
Cjcg 650:
Y’all should metal detect around there
UNCHARTED 6: "Drug Lord Legacy"
Colombia’s great. Been there 6 times and only ever saw one person get mugged.
Aditya Tripathi
Aditya Tripathi:
Why does this guy look like Steve Murphy? 😂
epic noob
epic noob:
It would have been so cool if it was in its old shape.
"Im on top of a watch tower Im not supposed to be here", haha man my tour guide took us there with a group of 10
I know Walter white is a fictions character but he come to my mind everytime I hear about pablo
EdCucumber ._.
EdCucumber ._.:
You just watched a few grown men who snuck into a drug dealer’s mansion that has been burnt down by other criminals...

#littlescientist #littlescientist
#littlescientist #littlescientist:
me sitting in front of my screen watching them get exercise going up the stairs while i shove another spoon of ice cream in my mouth XD
Kyro Raj
Kyro Raj:
Imagine they found pablo in chair and says ive been waitin for you
1:27 he looks lien agent Murphy from Narcos
Chelsea Bramich
Chelsea Bramich:
Don’t let this make you forget that lil tay is still roaming
Luca Shi
Luca Shi:
2:12 look at that sick graffiti in the back wall
"Sneak our way in" your on a public tour with other tourists!
Jesus Visurraga
Jesus Visurraga:
Some say you can still hear sounds of someone snoring cocaine
Nicolás Noreña
Nicolás Noreña:
i loved when Ammar said "they're trying to get over it" that is completely true and you are the first person i hear it from.
Thank you so much guys.
Eri Escobar
Eri Escobar:
Even though my last name is “Escobar” I don’t think I’m related to him in anyway, but it still feels weird hearing people say your last name throughout the video LMAO
Nasru Naz
Nasru Naz:
I have this strong feeling that if we dig at some spot we might actually find some hidden dollars! 😂
imagine if the reason you weren't allowed in his room was because there was hidden money in there.
Jennifer A. Lucarelli
Jennifer A. Lucarelli:
6:12 What a beautiful landscape! Colombia is awesome :)
Ibrahim Butt
Ibrahim Butt:
Who were you sneaking from?
Black Duck
Black Duck:
Sounds familiar
B mane
B mane:
2:10 😂 I guess I found the club room he had (back wall)
Ofentse Mwase Films
Ofentse Mwase Films:
If you paint balled at my old abandoned house I would order a hit on you.
I'm from Medellin and Guatape is by far one of my favorite places to visit!
Simone Vinci
Simone Vinci:
0:40 He is like Steve Murphy on Narcos
2:09 did you notice?
Marc visalli
Marc visalli:
I love how his hippos are a real problem like an invasive species to Columbia just because of him lol

Escobar: "I am inevitable "
Just needs a little paint and a couple windows..
Jordan White
Jordan White:
Says it’s chilly out loud and whispers 2 seconds later 🤣
sara rosero
sara rosero:
Joshua S.
Joshua S.:
When I hear Columbia, I think
"Soy el fuego.."
You can visit an old house of al Capone <3
It’s local to me and it’s amazing
Aneeb Aneeb
Aneeb Aneeb:
Pablo Escobar could have been a trillionaire in some years tf
Wonder how much money is still to find that Pablo hide in different places.
yo that would make an excellent rap album cover
David Björkholm
David Björkholm:
They shouldn’t have touched it, imagine seeing how it looked inside
Nico Potter
Nico Potter:
sickest paintball map ever
that man was unbelievable, a terrible man, but, for some reason you get attached to terrible people.

Whatever you should probably be careful around Colombia, especially around his properties lol
The most beautiful thing about Colombia?

Oh snap,Pablo Escobar is dead now

*That gives me the confusion of the movie "Pablo Escobar" in Netflix,He looks alive*
Dillon Collins
Dillon Collins:
Pablo escobar: deigned his own pool
Pool: Square
Fatima Desousa
Fatima Desousa:
I know who lived there and it's history. Was a stunning home. To bad after it was burnt that even more people came to vandalize it. It's Just a empty shell now. Knock it down.
I hear the undertone in the outro sounds. Powerful sounds that make you want to rewatch anything/everything they've made, ever. 4th. world problems eh.. ;) I smell you, farth over to the north
Gabriela Garcia
Gabriela Garcia:
I love the fact that you used Andean music in some parts of the video 💕 the Andean influence in Colombian culture gets often times overlooked, and coming from southern Colombia (Nariño, which might as well just be an extension of both Ecuador and Bolivia lol) this makes me really happy 💕💕💕💕
Karfottel Edits
Karfottel Edits:
On the Wall you can see Ammar+Matt
Nolan Comer
Nolan Comer:
6:24 is an amazing view of moisty mire
Sara Leoni
Sara Leoni:
3:17 did it say ammar in the heart? XD
Subscribe to Ban Bass Tabs
Subscribe to Ban Bass Tabs:
"snuck inside the house"
its just some police tape
YvP69 Gaming
YvP69 Gaming:
2:15 he seriously looks like the other DEA agent wih penã in Narcos ! Doesn't he ?
Dolly Sharif
Dolly Sharif:
Just remember the ground Pablo walked on was brought by young children who died because of him. The government should blow all traces of his existence to ashes and we should close the book
Karla valencia
Karla valencia:
You are taking me back home omg my heart is so happy that you got to see such beautiful places I love and I’m so glad you loved it as much as I love it too
Rebecca Raphael
Rebecca Raphael:
I don’t get why hobo’s don’t start living there 😂 it could be beautiful with some cleaning and painting, and its free! And btw living in a home owned by Escobar should be reason enough 😂
Victoria Blackwell
Victoria Blackwell:
This is so mind blowing to watch. I just discovered y'all's videos today. After seeing this place, it makes you wonder if this beautiful place was maybe the place where Hollywood got the idea for the Drug dealer's mansion in the movie Bad Boys. When you see the things Hollywood puts out, you realize that they are giving us a glimpse of the world, only through rose colored glasses. Even though we go watch the movies, laugh and get excited with our friends, we don't realize the truth behind all of the glitz of Hollywood. It is much more serious than what they portray. This video gives us chills and open our eyes. Thanks for making us aware of the difference. Stay real, guys! Great job!
Coochie Catcher
Coochie Catcher:
My grandpa used to deliver prostitutes to him (no he wasn’t his personal driver, but a taxi driver)
Sam 100 Bars
Sam 100 Bars:
That's something I wanted to see from a very long time🔥
Stav Miguel
Stav Miguel:
All that Terracotta....Amazing...reminds me of the homeland back in Sicily where my family is from.
eddie harman
eddie harman:
I'm sure it must have been the absolute best of times in this beautifully stellar mansion/compound. Rolling in piles of cash with completely naked young ladies while doing all the blow you wanted. I most definitely couldn't live that life.Their are a couple of small reasons why. Always looking over your shoulder thinking the United States were getting ready to close in and arrest you. Constantly in fear for the lives of your wife and children. Worrying that your mother could be taken hostage and tortured to the brink of death. WOW! It must have been a blast!
When you get a Loving Pablo movie ad lmao
Now people who went to paintball their can say “ I shot someone at Pablo Escobar’s house yesterday “ or whatever lol.
Really Doodlee
Really Doodlee:
Is it just me or does Thomas kinda look like agent Murphy from narcos
pierceston jackson
pierceston jackson:
When they say we’re going to try and “Sneak” in they really mean go get a permit .
Christian _
Christian _:
Watch out, I think that pool water is laced with cocaine
Allison Gutierrez
Allison Gutierrez:
Imagine an escape a room in his entire house...
this channel is amazing. there’s culture. experience. fun. mystery. thrill. 😍 I’ve stumbled across this channel only two or three days ago and I’m almost finished with watching more than half of their videos. it’s amazing. great job guys (y’all deserve more subs) hope to be able to meet y’all one day.
Logan Lash
Logan Lash:
2:10 examine, you will see
Connor Kudeba
Connor Kudeba:
This is legit how I want to live my life
Parminder Dhesi
Parminder Dhesi:
Great video apart from one thing, Los pepos are not drug dealer gang they are vigilante group against Pablo Escobar
Sergio Martínez
Sergio Martínez:
thanks for the ending! and showing people that light in all the darkness my country had to go through!!!!!!!!!!
you do really got the best editor! the cuts, music and everything, its so awesome!
Genesis Rodas
Genesis Rodas:
2:00 there’s a guy laying down 😂😂
Lucas Ponton
Lucas Ponton:
3:12 someone screams
Juan Benito Laiton
Juan Benito Laiton:
As a Colombian I’m glad you guys see my country evolving and telling people we’re not stuck in the past, Colombia obviously had a difficult past, and it’s great how it’s building up again. I’m super happy you guys liked it, and I hope that you come back again...
Theres alot of myths that say that theres alot of hidden money in the house..
Craig Fowler Campbell
Craig Fowler Campbell:
I love seeing this vid I went to most of these spots with my family
Thomas could be Agent Murhpy from Narcos.
this is my favorite house in the entire escobar empire, the Hacienda Napoles
syifa maulida
syifa maulida:
This is in my recomendation after i watch fyre fest video
Imagine paintballing inside when he’s alive
Isaiah Sam
Isaiah Sam:
I just wanna know why was the mansion abandoned in the first place I wondered what it would have looked like in 2018