Actor Fred Willard dies at 86 | GMA

The actor is well known for his performances in “Best in Show,” “Waiting for Guffman” and “Wall-E.”


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Storm Cloud
Storm Cloud:
RIP. I had no idea he was that old. He was always young at heart.
Merry May
Merry May:
R.I.P. Fred Willard---You will be missed.
A spot-on casting for Phil's dad
I thought 2019 was bad 2020 just punches me in the gut.
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres:
I remember he was The President in WALLE. I had no idea he was 73 at the time he did that movie.
Sergio Alcantara
Sergio Alcantara:
What!? He was sooo funny. Man. We’re losing all the greats. RIP Mr. Willard. 🙏🏼
Zaire Haylock
Zaire Haylock:
RIP Fred Willard.
Shawnye Abercrombie
Shawnye Abercrombie:
He will be missed.
Jamaal Curry
Jamaal Curry:
He had a long run. I thought he was a vampire. RIP to a funny man. He was always fully in character, so his humor seemed believable and silly at the same time.
I Am Trump's Comb Over
I Am Trump's Comb Over:
Wow! I didn't even realize he was in his 80's. 🙏
Kandi Wolfe
Kandi Wolfe:
My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family and friends...
Wendy Shell
Wendy Shell:
I LOVED this guy! He was so funny! RIP, Fred!
hoots 0808
hoots 0808:
I'm gutted but the one good thing for me his daughter said "he passed away peacefully" RIP and sorry for the family's loss p
Alma Velasqez
Alma Velasqez:
My he RIP and his family sorry for your loss
Fred Willard..was a legend in entertainment. Rip thank you for the years of enjoyment.
Jim B.
Jim B.:
First Jerry Fred Willard. Who's next?! 😭😭😭😭😭
Anoosh Damodar
Anoosh Damodar:
2020 is actually so bad it feels like a joke
Nick Danaluk
Nick Danaluk:
You forgot about his character, Herb Tarlek on WKRP in Cincinnati.
Michelle Rose-Keaton
Michelle Rose-Keaton:
Inspires many actors to keep working until their dying days. R.I.P Mr. Willard. 🙏🏾🎭
The Shattered Emperor piece #1000000
The Shattered Emperor piece #1000000:
2020 goin too far with this one
CircuitsAndStrings 2 Mr Stern
CircuitsAndStrings 2 Mr Stern:
He will be missed
Ross Harris
Ross Harris:
See you in the next World, "and don't be late...and don't be late.." Jimi Hendrix 🌹👋
Tara S
Tara S:
R.I.P. Fred 😥❤. Such a comedic treasure.
Marquis de Lafayette
Marquis de Lafayette:
Wow I can’t believe he was 86!! He looks like he was in his 60s. RIP Fred and I am happy that his work will be preserved in years to come.
“He was the cool dad. He was hip. He knew all the dances from Greece. He knew all the expressions. BFF - Best Friends Forever. TMI - Too Much Information BJ - Blue Jeans” R.I.P. 🙏
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez:
He was simply one of the greats.
RIP Funny guy, you will be missed❤️
Rest In Peace Mr.Willard.
Thank you for the countless laughs.
You will be missed. ✌️
He looked great till the end, when he was dead
Chick N Coop
Chick N Coop:
OMG Noooo.. that episode on Modern Family really had tears in my eyes.
sita Kromah
sita Kromah:
Rest in peace Fred Fred you will be really missed thanks for everything you did for the people of the United states.
Marc Avon Evans
Marc Avon Evans:
Ah man, what a legend and brilliant comedic actor in tv & film. Prayers for his family and friends worldwide. Rest in Peace, Mr Willard!
Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper:
I've seen him in a lot of movies and series. Really sad 😥🕯
kev p
kev p:
Rest In Peace, Fred Willard. You Were Also The Awesome Voice Actor of Albert "Pop-Pop" from Nickelodeon The Loud House. ( U _ U )
Mrs. Diva
Mrs. Diva:
Everytime someone at a old age passes away someone says aww man they passed gosh i wish they was still here for goodness sakes the man was 86 be glad he saw that many years smh lol
Josette Byrd
Josette Byrd:
R.I.P. Fred. Gone but not 4gotten!!!
Streamlined Thomas 175
Streamlined Thomas 175:
"F" For Fred Willard 💗😞
Altania Vincent
Altania Vincent:
Evan dang
Evan dang:
He will be missed :(
Reasonably Warm Beans
Reasonably Warm Beans:
RIP. Thanks for the laughs, Freddie.
DV Swia
DV Swia:
So you cover his death for two minutes, and Bieber's new album for sixty hours. Great job ass hats.
K H:
He was so talented! Rest In Peace Mr. Willard. 💕🙏🏼 Love to his family.
R.I.P Fred Willard, you were so talented and you will be missed.
I'm surprised he was already 86 years old.... I remember him from my favorite movie WALL-E... That means he was about 73 back then..
Tunisia Tucker
Tunisia Tucker:
R.I.P. Freddie!
Lisa Miller
Lisa Miller:
Praying for his family
Je'Daii Sicarii
Je'Daii Sicarii:
When I saw this reported last night, all I heard was, "Then we can fox with each other!" For those of you that don't know then go take a look at How High staring Red & Method.
R.I.P. Fred. I had no idea he was that old. America lost a funny man <3 <3
Melissa ann AZAZAEL
Melissa ann AZAZAEL:
I've always loved fred! He will be missed. Thoughts and prayers to his family
James Martin
James Martin:
When I first heard this, I told my friend that I had no idea that he was that old. He was on it forever. Got to respect those who put in that work for decades and kill it while doing it.
Jonathan Hansen
Jonathan Hansen:
Never missed “Fernwood 2Night” back in 77’ just to watch his ad libs, which were brilliant, and hilarious!
Se 9f
Se 9f:
He was 86?!! He just seemed ageless. Loved EVERYTING he did. Bless Fred.
He was so good on Tim & Eric.
Hector Castillo
Hector Castillo:
I was so confused I was like wasn't he a dr. On some show he seems familiar and till now I'm noticing he kinda looks like dr.oz
blood born
blood born:
Rip to man born in the dark times ww2 was a hard one
Reminds me on Tom Willet who has a YouTube. Featureman is his name on here.
I watched him the most from Modern Family, I just remember watching him lose all those weight, gonna unhealthy level, I knew his health might be at jeopardy. Thank you Fred, will miss you!
kev p
kev p:
Thank You For Completing My Childhood Memories, Fred Willard. ( U _ U )
Frozen gamer
Frozen gamer:
The people we watched and laughed with are slowing leaving this world😢
Seen over the years in movies to Tv Shows, He Lived a Life giving u Laughs over some though times. R.I.P Fred Willard Thank You
he was so young at heart no one realized how old he really was. Rip fred.
God Bless. I didn't even know he was so up there in age. I thought he was in his 60's. I'll miss him. He was one of my absolute favorites. RIP
Wow what legend. RIP.
Jeremy Horne
Jeremy Horne:
Rest well Fred. Lovely fella. I remember Fred in Salem's Lot. He played Larry Crockett. We've lost too many amazing actors and actresses.
Jim R
Jim R:
You're my Hero Fred Willard, the whole world going to miss you rest in peace God bless you.
Clinton Nebraska
Clinton Nebraska:
The curse of 2020 strikes again, loved his dry humor. 😢 🌵
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash:
*His role as Ed from Anchorman will always be my favorite*
My favorite comedy skit of Willard was Tim and Eric as the manswering machine
Frank Zavala
Frank Zavala:
"my dad boinked a lion"
- Fred Willard
Rebecca Turner
Rebecca Turner:
Rest Easy Freddie!
Jon MacDonald
Jon MacDonald:
He put it down like a Boss in the Movie How High!
Steve W
Steve W:
Thank you, Fred. Thank you very much.
You will be missed Mr. Willard. Thank you for all the times you made me laugh
Ashley HW
Ashley HW:
I most remember Fred Willard from Sister Sister, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Modern Family. Rest In Peace.
Vyshakh Vathielil
Vyshakh Vathielil:
I grew up watching him on Everybody Loves Raymond
Joshua Flores
Joshua Flores:
condolences to his family he will be missed on the big screen and tv! 😔
Brandon Giordano
Brandon Giordano:
Dangggggg. Rip he was really funny in everything I've seen him in
Ismael Mora
Ismael Mora:
Rest In Peace Fred funny man god bless 🙏🏻👼🏼
Leonor Arellano
Leonor Arellano:
I liked the way he shows how inspiration can grow
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson:
I really enjoyed his show DC Follies (back in the early 80s). Would be great to revive this show in this time of political turmoil. Alec Baldwin as the bartender.
sharon tisherman
sharon tisherman:
He was amazing! I will never forget the first time I saw Best In Show!! The whole cast was so wonderful
Surge Kulikov
Surge Kulikov:
Fred Willard will always be in our hearts and memories. Thank you Fred for all the awesome comedy you created our future generations will enjoy.
Wow, quite honestly wasn't expecting that.
Rip..I'm so late
...I never heard about his until now. Rip
Caleb Flood
Caleb Flood:
Good thing he just finished filming his scenes for Space Force. RIP, you goofy gobbler. 😩
Tamera Herrod
Tamera Herrod:
He had a great bit in Spinal Tap as well. No matter what he did, this guy was brilliantly hysterical.
Good actor man I remember him in how high haha
Blessings Prayers and Love!
Thank you for making us laugh so many times! You will be so missed!!
Mike-O Vaca
Mike-O Vaca:
Fred fred fred.... loved you sir! I will forever remember u from those jay leno skits from the tonight show! You lived a full life see u on the other side
Jessica Roig
Jessica Roig:
A comedy genius
rest easy Fred thanks for the laughs you will be missed 💐
Chimchim Wafflemouth
Chimchim Wafflemouth:
Omg the number of greats dying is mind boggling. Are we going through some sort of curse?
mary jane
mary jane:
Thank you Jimmy Kimmel for reintroducing him to the new generation
Zachary Foley
Zachary Foley:
Omg, I grew up watching him. Can't believe he's gone
Mitch Kahle
Mitch Kahle:
"Jerry Hubbard"
julian fishman
julian fishman:
RIP Fred Willard. You were so amazing in Everybody Loves Raymond, Modern Family, WALL-E and The Simpsons. Your best work will never be forgotten. You will be missed.
Harrison Mitchell
Harrison Mitchell:
Rip fred u will be missed dearly
Martin Moore
Martin Moore:

I didn't know he was in Disney and Pixar's Wall-E, at first.

Good movie though.

Although I haven't seen the rest of it yet.

WALL-E is on Disney Plus, by the way.

Years ago, both my mom and my nephew watches WALL-E on TV.
RIP,... but I hope it wasn't the China virus and Yes China virus came from China and CNN help to lie for China as did WHO too and China still lieing today and Mike Bloomberg has most of his stocks in China.