Actress Tanya Roberts dies at 65 | ABC7 Los Angeles

Actress Tanya Roberts, a one-time Bond girl who appeared in "That 70s show" and cult-classic films like "The Beastmaster" and "Sheena: Queen of the Jungle," has died at age 65. Details on her life and career here:

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Omar Harris
Omar Harris:
She’s still alive but in critical condition. Her “death” was announced prematurely for some reason.
She was so beautiful. RIP Tanya Roberts.
Maggie Nunez
Maggie Nunez:
She was so beautiful loved her in Charlie Angels' with Jaclyn Smith, what gorgeous eyes she had may she rest in peace Amen.❤💜🙏🙏
And just like that, you're gone. Every moment must be appreciated.
J Lee
J Lee:
Just heard she is still alive as 1/4/21 not a joke.
John Pestano
John Pestano:
she played Donna mom on that 70s show man this is sad i didn't even know it was her may she rest in peace gone but not forgotten.
Bella Nieves
Bella Nieves:
My uncle died today too
Clancy Greenwood
Clancy Greenwood:
The prettiest beautiful eyes I seen.Very sad to hear the news of a gifted actress....RIP Pretty lady
Layni Playz
Layni Playz:
Later on: Okay so turns out she’s alive..
She collapsed and had to be put on a ventilator... why are people afraid of telling people they died of covid-19?
Pink Rose
Pink Rose:
My deepest condolences and sympathy to her family and friends 😭😭😭
Melissa Donnell
Melissa Donnell:
As of today, they're saying she's alive.
Susan Patocka
Susan Patocka:
May she R. I.P. 🙏🙏🌺🌺❤️❤️
Bruce Westoby
Bruce Westoby:
Wow first Dawn Wells now Tanya Roberts ! Losing our dream girls !
Right when you would retire...
Huge rip :(
RIP Tanya Roberts. I've always thought she was so beautiful since the first time I saw her.
In the age of medicine & treatments for all kind of illness.. 65 is like 40-50 years old.
Life is just a lottery... RIP.
Tremayne Young
Tremayne Young:
I had tears on my face when I heard the news. She was my favorite Angel!
Lindsey B
Lindsey B:
I heard she's still alive.
Mia Robets
Mia Robets:
Ohhh no may she forever rest in peace
Rest in Peace angel.
loved her in that 70s show
they just said shes alive on tv like a week ago was missing but she said she’s ok
Jeffrey DeCristofaro
Jeffrey DeCristofaro:
She will always be Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, swinging from the vines, commanding the animals, and riding the zebra to fulfill justice! RIP Tanya
Craig Elliott
Craig Elliott:
She's still alive. Bless her.
ricky Wright
ricky Wright:
RIP gorgeous 😭❤❤
Far too early for Tanya to leave us! I used to watch her in Charlie's Angels all the time and she made a "Pretty" good Bond girl also! RIP
O Man Laga
O Man Laga:
RIP Tanya
Rob S
Rob S:
Damn :(
2021 just started
Janet's Planet
Janet's Planet:
Loved Tanya on Charlie’s Angels! She added a greatness to the show!
Awan Farell
Awan Farell:
No can't believe this
Patty Borntrager
Patty Borntrager:
Pamela Cossey
Pamela Cossey:
Life is so short. Beautiful actress. May she rest in peace.
Scott Sansenbach
Scott Sansenbach:
What a beauty she was. RIP
Fritz K
Fritz K:
david zero
david zero:
God rest your beautiful soul Tanya. Much love to you.
Go-go Akins
Go-go Akins:
I will miss her ⭐️💎she will always be a goddess - Rest In Peace beautiful lady ..💐
Michael D. Williams III
Michael D. Williams III:
So many going and passing away nowadays so sad...😔💔🥀
Rip! She looks really good for 65
Rest in peace Bond-girl and Angel ♥️
char luna
char luna:
Omg that's the way to start the new year 1sr we lose dawn wells aka
Mary Ann Summers and now we lose a 👼 that's not right
Well this didn’t age well
Isaiah Mora
Isaiah Mora:
She’s alive someohiw
😲 how sad! God bless!🙏
Cristhian Perez
Cristhian Perez:
aaawww i wanted to see her in the reunion of the 70s show if their was going to be one :,/
Last Days
Last Days:
Wow I was watching episodes of Charlie's Angels Seasons awhile ago. She was very beautiful and had those gorgeous Eyes. RIP🌹
Rita Zuniga
Rita Zuniga:
They are saying she is still alive. Start of the Zombie Apocalypse! :D
Jade Duh
Jade Duh:
Whaaaa... Another classic gone 😞.
Rest in peace Mrs Roberts.
Cess Outdoors
Cess Outdoors:
This is how we start 2021?
Julio Hernandez
Julio Hernandez:
She was amazing as Kiri! Very sad news :(
Liz Schneider
Liz Schneider:
Muzafar Md Yusof
Muzafar Md Yusof:
Rip Tanya
Michela Palmisano
Michela Palmisano:
I love you my dear!
Angie Reyna
Angie Reyna:
My sincere condolences to the family I know how it feels to loose someone God bless them n gives the the peace no human can give n strength as well
Meychoy Saelee
Meychoy Saelee:
R.I.P 🙏🏽
Trang Le
Trang Le:
Anna Brown
Anna Brown:
SmileyD Crosby
SmileyD Crosby:
Gas Mask
Gas Mask:
i will miss her amazing eyes
Denny Hutton
Denny Hutton:
Nathan Noble
Nathan Noble:
Don’t let this distract you from the fact they saw a ufo in Hawaii
I just got an ad that only allowed me to skip during the last 2 seconds. I was also an ad that allowed me to skip 5 seconds after the ad started but this was before the one I stated above. Why YouTube?
ASMR Variety of topics!
ASMR Variety of topics!:
This is incorrect. She's actually alive:)
Tonya Roberts
Tonya Roberts:
Gamaliel Aviles
Gamaliel Aviles:
She’s alive y’all
Loretta Wilmoth
Loretta Wilmoth:
Oh no ...😱❤️❤️
Helane Solomon
Helane Solomon:
Still alive!!!
Erma Allen
Erma Allen:
Why hasn't this been removed since she is still Alive!!
Little Tut
Little Tut:
Oh wow.. I remember actress Taya Roberts. God rest her soul.
armen 05/12/66
armen 05/12/66:
Rip Gorgeous
michael beck
michael beck:
she passed away at around 9 p.m. Monday night I'm not trying to be heartless but i heard er Dr's say passed away from a urinary tract infection and got hepatitis c a few years ago rip sweetie you had a very beautiful heart and soul
She’s actually alive and in critical condition.
Rick ferrari
Rick ferrari:
She was hot loved her in the beastmaster
The SwapMeet Flea
The SwapMeet Flea:
Oh, she played Donna's mom on that 70s show , "Mige" ( I probably spelled it wrong) anyway , damn, Rip. She was hot.
Gustavo Demetrius
Gustavo Demetrius:
Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Allan Vargo
Allan Vargo:
AWE! So sad...the last of the 3 Charlies Angels. What a beautiful lovely lady! Some times life just isn't fair to take us so soon! My condolences to her family! May she rest in piece. She will be missed!
John Horton
John Horton:
Rest easy beautiful.
Michael S.
Michael S.:
Dusty K
Dusty K:
Brian Mars
Brian Mars:
She's alive had nothing to do with covid-19
Maiden fan
Maiden fan:
Goodbye tonight to the news' credibility once again.
Dee Ess
Dee Ess:
Rest In Peace
She will be remembered
RIP Tanya. You are so beautiful.
Alexander Ealley
Alexander Ealley:
J/K we are the media and we have no idea what’s really going on; we just report what we hear...she is very much alive.
John Chipol
John Chipol:
One of the most beauiful bond girls
Alex Keaton
Alex Keaton:
Just goes ta show, ABC is incapable of telling the truth!
Amy Meanor
Amy Meanor:
Greg Dailey
Greg Dailey:
Absolutely Beautiful Lady.
Undertree Cat
Undertree Cat:
I just heard she was still alive.
Ma P
Ma P:
The end of these video clips is so inappropriate. While the content might be "great" it would be nice if they considered the story they were telling.
RAHUL Rathore
RAHUL Rathore:
Ron Mendoza
Ron Mendoza:
News reports say that Tanya is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cal Walker
Cal Walker:
This aged well
yolanda ramos
yolanda ramos:
She’s still alive......
Lisette Elise Paris
Lisette Elise Paris:
Bye Tanya, rest easy.
Jalissa Olivarez
Jalissa Olivarez:
She was donnas hot mom omgosh this is sad 😔