AdamCast IRL- Kyle Rittenhouse, Artificial Photosynthesis, Canadian Covid Vaccine, 3d printing

August 27th My thoughts on the past days events

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Jesse Rains
Jesse Rains:
They would have killed him if they got a hold of him
Cobalt Menace
Cobalt Menace:
This should be the intro to every episode if it already isn’t ( the guitar solo )
Jason VonIrsik
Jason VonIrsik:
You can place blame at the feet of the MSM every last one of them. This ain't GTA5 there is no respawn. Humans are descending into hell and there will be no comeback. We need to make our moves now. I vow right here right now that as a Humanitarian Moralist I will never cast judgement upon anyone unless you harm another human being intentionally.
Norbit Rice
Norbit Rice:
The skateboarding community is holding this loser as a martyr because he hit him with a board. He was mall grabbing ffs
Paradox Effekt
Paradox Effekt:
I love Adam way more, his voice doesn't put me to sleep
FYI: Pedophiles dont change.
Jason VonIrsik
Jason VonIrsik:
Also I was going back and forth between you and Tim and I'm leaning more your way every episode. I just don't have time to spend with both. You have a more organic feel where as Tim is very mechanical and heavy.
chris mills
chris mills:
Free Kyle and get these corrupt prosecutors out! That M4 was pretty damn good though crazy how every one of the three shots, after he fell, hit target including the guy whose arm got shot that had a gun in the hand
Ray Koren
Ray Koren:
Is Adam really going to be on the RNC? Amazing, I’m so stoked for you Adam!
David Mc
David Mc:
Missed the show tonight... :/ oh well, watching now and SMASHED the Like button!
Jesse Rains
Jesse Rains:
These people are playing people against one another
Forward Trace
Forward Trace:
Adam, love the music intro! It's a unique and excellent transition into the show. In this time of crazy it's good to set a mellow tone at the start.
Kat Jones
Kat Jones:
Wow. Congrats on the rnc speach!!! Wow
Phantom Liberty
Phantom Liberty:
ADAM! Please do reverse chronological order for your live show playlist. Once more are added it'll really be necessary so the newest stays on top.
jen barra
jen barra:
Best fries ever are lobster poutine made by world renowned chef Chuck in Montreal Quebec Canada
Keep On Keepin On sir
Justin Time
Justin Time:
You should try a deep dive on Jesus. Then you'll know. Love the show!
Duck Grenadine
Duck Grenadine:
I smashed, then booped, and then smashed again!
Norwegian Smores
Norwegian Smores:
No, a lot of your streams are NOT In-fact on the playlist. put them all up or remove unlisting. fix that shit.
Jayden Boy
Jayden Boy:
Adam’s awesome! The resurrection of “Soy Jesus!”
Cory Ernewein
Cory Ernewein:
Beautiful intro my friend!!!
[Opening music]
"Metal Gear..."
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong:
Awesome intro!!!
Anthony Romasco
Anthony Romasco:
Since you covered 3D printing, look into "molecular scissors".
It's used as an AIDS vaccine, and is being tested as a cure!
Darq Shark
Darq Shark:
AYYYYYE, is that a Destiny shirt I see? My man.
Josiah Bradley
Josiah Bradley:
Thanks dude 👍
K.s. Me
K.s. Me:
Whiskey taste video someday? Get the modern rogue and their connections in on that. 😂💯
Thank Yo
Wow, cool intro Adam.
john taylor
john taylor:
Adam, let me begin by telling you, I love you and your a smart dude!!! From the while I've been watching you, in my humble opinion your deep dive shows have been the best I've seen. Have you considered doing 1 show a week doing deep dives??? You are the best in the biz in this area. Would you consider doing less shows so you can concentrate on your deep dives??? Love you bro, I just see your strengths, and then theres the stuff you do that everyone else does. Your deep dives set you apart from other shows. This is my humble opinion and the choice is yours. God Bless bro, I have to admit I haven't been watching as much as i could cause your covering what everyone else is. Deep dive Bill Gates, please !!!! ❤
Bill Hall
Bill Hall:
I hear star trek style replicators in the maybe 30 to 50 yrs!
Bruce Gilder
Bruce Gilder:
There's 17,985 different law enforcement agencies with 686,665 officers in America. We have one-off instances like this every once in awhile.

Fact of the matter was there were nine unarmed black man shot by police last year. 9/686,665= 0.0000131068 of officers were involved. That means 99.99868932% of officers did their jobs without killing unarmed black men. You're drinking water out of your tap isn't that pure. You have to buy a reverse osmosis filter system to get water that clean.

So you mean to tell me that 17,985 Police Departments Across the Nation needs to be reformed all because of one incident by a few officers from One Police Department?

Worst yet, the claim that we need National Police reform blackens the reputation 686,656 law enforcement officers who did a great job. Just because the media Hypes one instant from one bad Department from a few bad cops does not mean we need to reform police Across the Nation. Have you not noticed these black lives matter an antifa thugs protesting in the street for police reform are exactly that, thugs, criminals, scum? Why would you side with criminals?

As I've said before, cops make decisions based on the guidelines from their individual departments which are set and approved by politicians. The vast majority of improper activity by police is typically due to the Democrat policies set in place by the Democrats running those cities or counties. If you want to point fingers pinpoint them at those at the top who are the ones responsible for the behavior of the people underneath them. If you're a veteran you would understand that the officer in charge is responsible for the actions of his troops. What, couple years ago in Navy Captain was fired, discharged from the Navy, for a collision his ship had when he wasn't even there. Why? Because he's responsible for his people, the way they're trained and the way they are expected to behave. We should be holding the politicians in Democrat cities where these offenses take place responsible.

The entire police Reform movement is nothing but a Marxist plot to throw us into Anarchy so that they can have free reign to do whatever they want.

So I say NO to police reform but YES to political reform, kick out the leftists Democrats.
Fatboys Farm
Fatboys Farm:
" What If " has led to some awesome discoveries. That is the basis for how I live my life. Let's say that something I am doing is not going so well.. So I say " What If " I do it this way, and bam problem solved.
It has nothing to do with wallowing unless you are a SnowFlake ❄. " If Only " now that is wallowing.!!!
The Reel Aceofslayz
The Reel Aceofslayz:
That strumming in the beginning hit my soouuul
I would like to see you on the Joe Rogan podcast. I don't even watch him, but I would if you made an appearance.
Final Cam
Final Cam:
nice jam at the end! you guys are awesome.
adam could you please make these videos more easily accessible on your homepage. the playlist is currently very short but if you eventually have hundreds of episodes it will be quite tedius to get to the newest live show.

thanks for all the work you do
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
lol i lfind the "see it to believe it" talk kinnda dumb when you believe all kinds of stuff you have never seen and are only taking it at face value from the authority of people you do not know and are still debating whether r not its real while literally praising the sun
Eric Kozlowski
Eric Kozlowski:
I love watching the videos. The good guy won. Also, Kyle turned and shot the guy chasing him AFTER someone in the crowd shot first.
In theory you could assemble atoms from a supply of quarks.

One of the videos I watched trying to resolve string theory and general relativity, hypothesized a partial solution involving that we are living in an 8-demensional universe though so far we have only directly observed 4 dimensions of space-time.
Ray Barrera
Ray Barrera:
Is it just me or do they look related?
peter lee-yun
peter lee-yun:
And if we move constantly in space why does the same stars are always there cause we're not moving anywhere its all a lie
Konstantinos Konst
Konstantinos Konst:
I am an immigrant in Norway myself. In Norway there are no fundamental rights for citizens. We are about 10 steps before China. If I have an intruder at my place I have to restrain them without harming them says the police. Bullcrap. It's just about the monopoly of violence by the government. Also if you are a debt slave, you have no recourse whatsoever. Also if you owe money to the tax authorities they can just take it from your employer without notice. Also there is something, a fictional concept, called hate crime. I have no experience with this, but from what I read, the government can even decide that you are not a good parent, based on something public you said, and they can just remove your children from your home.
Geoff Flaws
Geoff Flaws:
Push gravity could be a thing?
Svetlana Van Wyk
Svetlana Van Wyk:
If you feel desparate, watch RNC day 1-3. You will feel pumped up and encouraged.
Bruce Gilder
Bruce Gilder:
Being connected to computers and the internet sounds great Until you realize you can be hacked. Talk about the ultimate form of mind control... no thank you, I'll use a keyboard and mouse.
Hunter Tomblin
Hunter Tomblin:
He was shot at during the first shooting
Bruce Gilder
Bruce Gilder:
Look up a science fiction book titled Orion Shall Rise
Christine Murray
Christine Murray:
Smash the button. Smash it.
Your livestream videos are not coming up in search results and I'm not getting notifications for Tim's videos or livestreams nor can I search for them. IDK if this is intentional since it's unlisted but...
Brandon Walters
Brandon Walters:
Dana White just killed it at RNC. Freakin awesome
Kyle's question about everything being a simulation felt like a jab toward's Tims endless comments about "dude, we live in a simulation, like a game, and we're the NPC's, dude". Tim REALLY needs to find new content.
Amy Bragg
Amy Bragg:
Kyle Rittenhouse is a litmus test to the readiness of the left for any civil conflict. Kid is 17, imagine when the real OGs come out to play.
Bruce Gilder
Bruce Gilder:
As for the covid-19 vaccine and people's reluctance to try it I have heard on another podcast (I think it was Computing Forever) that someone has proposed putting drugs in our drinking water to make people more compliant and willing to take the vaccine.

Also on Computing forever they had audio clips of Australian authorities threatening people with the loss of welfare benefits and freedoms if they didn't take the vaccine. They're literally smashing people's car windows and dragging them out of their cars because they're beyond their 2.5 km (that's 1.5 US miles) allowable distance from home.

Covid19 is not that bad so what is so damned important about the vaccine that we're going to be forced to take it?

This is out of control.
peter lee-yun
peter lee-yun:
They are trying to play God more and more....
I think Adam and Tim streams are getting shadow banned because I see them posting the stream sections on Youtube but the streams themselves cannot be found. I only got this stream video cause I woke up and click on it for it to be in my history before falling back to sleep.
You can eat some algae, some other algae can produce really nasty toxins.
Devon Stark
Devon Stark:
@Adamcast IRL Don't be so sure that creative jobs won't be replaced. There are AI written songs and AI painted art already being circulated that people can't tell the difference between it and handcrafted stuff.
OohEhOohAhah TingTang
OohEhOohAhah TingTang:
Adam, you should totally look at getting a PhD in a field that you like.
I think your passion for the world of science would thank you for it.
Jive Honkey
Jive Honkey:
Esrah Kosefy
Esrah Kosefy:
You guys mentioned quantum vibrations. You realise the bible says God spoke creation into existantance. Read Genesys
peter lee-yun
peter lee-yun:
Also look up the protein tissue found in dinosaur bone debunking the big bang proving dinosaurs were alive a while back cause that shouldnt be found in bones so called millions of years old then she gets discredited
Walter Howard
Walter Howard:
I understand that people can change. Peee do. No one will really miss that. We need to eradicate that behaviour from the earth.
finla v
finla v:
Hey Ian! Weird as soon I started this video I received an email from Minds , which I have signed up years ago and forgot about it.
Cory Ernewein
Cory Ernewein:
Can we all watch the Lorax again but actually get the point of what is being said this time...fake trees, bottled water and air, PLASTIC FOR ALL! Lmao oh what a world we live in.
Adam House
Adam House:
Pro tip: For those of you who love the long-form format of the live streams but can't watch them when they're live... if you click on the link and let it play for a couple of seconds it will show up in your YouTube history in it's full and finished form to watch at your leisure a different day even once the stream closes. This is an important detail as the full live stream is not cataloged in a youyube channels video listings. I may be incorrect but I think I stumbled across a nice little work around here :)
I should mention that I've verified this as working both on Tim Pools live streams and Louder with Crowder Live streams 🤘🏻😃🤘🏻
Jason VonIrsik
Jason VonIrsik:
This episode is by far one of the most important episodes on YT right now. You don't know how hard I've been working on my project. You guys need to dig deeper cuz you are behind the Times even though your in current events. I held a patent on the most revolutionary change and implementation device to vehicles since the beginning of automobiles. I be at NASA by 65 points on a similar invention. I had to give it to my partner over greed and arrogance. I'm not getting into it but I have all the proof to verify my story. I'm serious about finding like minded individuals from anywhere in the world to help me push this to the next level. I will be giving it away too as I'm not in it for the money so if you are a good person, you could potentially become the owner of the next million dollar company. But I'm at the stage where I need intelligent humans who want to make the world a way better place to live. I need possibly 10 ppl asap.
Baby talk is more for the person talking than for the kid. Sometimes, a kid is just too adorable to talk to them like a person. I agree though. Kids deserve being talked to as you would anyone else and we need to stop lying to them. I will never tell my children some fat guy in a red suit is going to come down the chimney, instead, I'll teach them about the myths and lore around the holidays and let their own imagination entertain them. There needs to be a major school reform. Parents need to be the ones in charge of their children's education, not some SJW teacher. The media needs to be defunded and the schools desperately need to be reformed.
Banned Truth
Banned Truth:
L. Lin Wood is a American hero. Rittenhouse should not be in jail. He wouldn't be if he were another color. GoFundMe removed Kyle's account but left the attackers up.
Jason VonIrsik
Jason VonIrsik:
I'll be a guest man. I have a terrarium project I want to promote. You are definitely going to want to hear about it. And yes it has to do with artificial photosynthesis. I'm looking for a team who wants to be part of a really amazing product. And no it's not a pyramid scheme.
Vash Matrix
Vash Matrix:
Hey Adam. Please work on not using blasphemy. I know it took a while for that to be applied by Tim but it was appreciated & I hope you'd adopt that respect on your show too.
Warning shot is BIRD shot - next round is the 00 BUCK shot