Addressing The Kanye Situation

Hi 2021, let's relax. Addressing this Kayne West and Jeffree Star situation and the truth about why I moved to the state of Wyoming.

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Michelle King
Michelle King:
this rumor is the best thing that happened to me in 2021
Someone said, imagine if Kanye had won the election and Jeffree Star became the First Lady. Bitch I-

Gavriel Musheyev
Gavriel Musheyev:
The funny thing is the girl who started the rumor was on Dr. Phil for being a massive clout chaser and her friends admitted she was lying.
Annabeth Grace
Annabeth Grace:
The person who started this rumor licked a toilet.... i can’t even 😭
Duncan Elder
Duncan Elder:
Jeffree: “The beautiful state of Wyoming”

Me: “*looks out window* BITCH WHERE??”
T Joffe
T Joffe:
The amount of times Jeffree said “HuUuH”....
Mia Sancto
Mia Sancto:
This is probably the funniest scandal Jeffree Star as ever been in, just because how do people come up with these?
JuhSuhCah Fritz
JuhSuhCah Fritz:
THIS is HOW YOU DEAL WITH GOSSIP!!!?!! i admire how the title of video technically addresses the situation and jeffree quickly addresses (dismisses) the rumour then turns it around and keeps it focused on what jeffree is all about! yasssqueen! that is how you deal with rumours and gossip! stay true to yourself and make it all about ya glam! xxoo
BeatriX KiDDoo
BeatriX KiDDoo:
I am cracking up at these videos he’s watching “when he escaped from Kanye’s house”.
This dude is so rich he isnt even harmed by this lmao
ART is alive
ART is alive:
“I’m getting some eggs from my neighbors chickens, so, we’re gonna try those out. I love how people grow their own food around here it’s kind of iconic and amazing” 😂
Ellie Kaai
Ellie Kaai:
this is the most normal video he’s ever private jet, going to the dmv, eating at a small restaurant. i’ve never seen him like this lmao
Rachel Huber
Rachel Huber:
This was THE cutest vlog ever! The poms had me screaming..bouncing around in the snow! And Jeffree it is so great to see you being you, doing you, and getting things done! Your a beautiful person. Thanks for the inspiration! 💜💚 PS. Purple and green are my favorite colors, and your personality enhanced them! Much love! Xoxo
Sandra Strugala
Sandra Strugala:
Imagine being able to say that you stole Kim K’s man
KF George
KF George:
Omg when Jeffree said, Kris just flew into WY”. I thought he meant Kris Jenner...😳
Xuxa Styles
Xuxa Styles:
I love how extra you are. It’s ridiculously amazing✨ i’m living for it 💕
Aarati Acharya
Aarati Acharya:
This is by far the quickest jeffree has ever 'addressed a situation ' in his entire career 😂😭
melissa poneka
melissa poneka:
The video of him escaping down the drive way dressed like Momo with wolverine claws 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kalinga Panditharatne
Kalinga Panditharatne:
Im soo happy to see jeffree is having the time of his life. Please people let him live his life alone with his adorable little doggies! Dont be jelous about his life, dont spread rumors about him even though he doesnt give a fuck! Cant u people be happy to see someone is living in peace! So happy for you Jeffree and wish you all the happiness in this world and all the success which u already have girl! God bless ur beautiful life and ur family! Have a wonderful funtastic life bby 🧡💚
Bob Duncan
Bob Duncan:
when jeffree said “i will be going from this, to this” it turned into an ad with a black man💀🤭
Pat Griego
Pat Griego:
You and your family look soo happy! Thrilled to see you living life! Lots of love!
juan david caceres
juan david caceres:
The internet: Kanye is sleeping with Jeffree
Jeffree: imma get eggs from my neighbors chickens
Skeet_ yeet
Skeet_ yeet:
“What in the scandal is going on today”
Con Bore
Con Bore:
Please make your brand sustainable!!! Set the example for the beauty community and save the planet!!!
kristen miller
kristen miller:
you are absolutely hilarious! people are always trying to swirl some type of drama with you in it but you always come out of it on top and make it just hilarious!! even though you didnt sleep wtih kanye girl run with it! give them the Tea!!!!!!! i love you!!
sam blacnk
sam blacnk:
There can be many rumors about jeffree whether they are bad or good but We cannot jugde his hardwork and and admire his successful career. He is such a sweet heart. Bless him with happiness and a sucessful life
Thea Parker
Thea Parker:
you can tell he’s telling the truth because he doesn’t seem bothered but if he was lying he’d be getting defensive
Seriously who can even think about a rumor or controversy when jeffrees hair and makeup are soooooo lit .... Seriously ! Jeffree star keeps this single momma living ❤💋
Much respect to you that you called the nonsense out straight off the bat. Good for you. As for the person who started that rumor about you and Kanye, all I can say about that person is, little amuses the innocent.
miss capulet
miss capulet:
i love that you go to your safe place and can escape the insanity that LA can bring. ♡♡♡♡
This video made me realize I've possibly been tying my bathrobe wrong my whole life. Thank you🥰
Desire Brown
Desire Brown:
I'm sure Kanye texted Jefree and was like, "Set this shit straight or we'll sue." 🤣
Zachary Churney
Zachary Churney:
I can’t describe how much I love that you moved to Wyoming! We went out to Laramie and fell in love with Wyoming. Kudos to you! Enjoy those mountains and all the peace and serenity!! 🙏🏼❤️
You're always everyone's favorite thing to push shit on. It's really fucking sad, I love how you're just always doing you. And say fuck you negativity and haters. 💋
Catalin ilie
Catalin ilie:
You’re inspiring me so much
dancing in the Moon gypsy
dancing in the Moon gypsy:
I really love this you look so happy sendingyou good vibes ,,, and the babies are so happy!!! 😊 ❤
Kadance Taylor
Kadance Taylor:
I saw a tik tok making a joke about the people that voted Kanye crying about Jeffree being the First Lady 💀 I was laughing for 20 mins and couldn’t breathe
Forever MOARMY
Forever MOARMY:
Jeffree u are amazing and only if I could talk to u really I would have told u that u are amazing and perfect the way u are and u don't have to think about what others think or talk about u.💜💙💜💙
This content is still iconic 1 year later. Lets just act like its a video made for 2022😻
Ashton Walker
Ashton Walker:
Congratulations on your new home! Casper is my home town and I hope it treats you well! Please do something for the hair care indrusty w/ the Casper wind!!!!
Life and Home with Meredith
Life and Home with Meredith:
I love it when your out in Casper ! It seems to be really working for you. I feel more at peace watching you film in Wyoming. Simpler life out there! Keep your new build out there as simple and smaller scale. But still make it with your beautiful choices. Cozy and comfy. Much Love
Kittie aka GLITTER KITTIE Halstead
Kittie aka GLITTER KITTIE Halstead:
Omfg you are so beautiful ugh thank you so much for making me laugh and smile. You inspire me EVERY DAY. fuck the haters they can't handle our glam hahah
Wakes up to rumor about breaking up The West’s marriage but the biggest part of his day are new license plates and fresh eggs. Iconic JS.
Loved the video! I see happiness in your eyes!
Bushra Duti
Bushra Duti:
Came for Kanye, stayed for Jeffrey. You go Girl!! Amazing energy you have! All the best from the other side of the world!
Charlotte D
Charlotte D:
The internet: *Kanye is sleeping with Jeffree*
Jeffree: imma get eggs from my neighbors chickens
Jennifer Cloar
Jennifer Cloar:
Love you girl!! Get better soon
Melissa Pierce
Melissa Pierce:
I come here for the dogs and to see how beautiful Jeffrey is. I LOVE your make-up line.. thanks for giving us great make-up with an affordable price my dear. In my head lol we're friends.. no I'm not creepy. Lolol
Monica Hyland
Monica Hyland:
I wish you all the happiness and peace you deserve baby you are beautiful and I am so happy for you goddess
Mon Rojas
Mon Rojas:
Hi Jeffree, I really enjoyed watching your vlogs! Love your personality. Wish you the best. God bless you. He loves you!
Of all the beauty influencers, I can't believe it's Jeffree who takes quarantining actually seriously.
Passion Dance
Passion Dance:
“Oh she wanted views”😂😂😂
Christina Russell
Christina Russell:
Congratulations on all of your successes. I'm in awe of all the cars. And here I am struggling to save and get 5k to buy a car 🤣
Rachel Allan
Rachel Allan:
LOVE the iconic Jeffree Star !!!! You are the BEST !!! Much love Thanks for being You !!!
Jenilee Brown
Jenilee Brown:
As someone who is from Wyoming, we are happy to have you! Wait until February... prepare yourself for the cold lol
Troy and Chase
Troy and Chase:
Esteemed Relationships
Esteemed Relationships:
Lots of love to you, Jeffrey.
that vice ganda meme reaching up to jeffree just had me choking in laughters lmao
M C:
Love this look! Love how he clears up- bs.
Lizzie Matteri
Lizzie Matteri:
The video of your adorable babies enjoying the snow just made my day! So CUTE!
No Cap
No Cap:
Normalize getting straight to the point like Jeffree just did
sito santana
sito santana:
I'M Very Happy For You!! Do You Girl!! :))
Yolanda Bernardo
Yolanda Bernardo:
Weird how people make up crazy rumors..low key psychopaths..y’all just work hard And follow your dreams so we all can have a better future..
Rick Miller
Rick Miller:
im glad he admitted it was a rumor, instead of clout chasing
Mary Martinez
Mary Martinez:
I am happy for him. He looks soooo happy and I just want that for Jeffree🤩
Key Epic
Key Epic:
Jeffree: “I like tall men”
Kanyes Ego: 📉
Chelsey Hussein
Chelsey Hussein:
Aww I always love seeing your dogs! They’re so precious💕 Reminds me of my little Pom, Casper. I lost him in February, RIP♥️
Nix King
Nix King:
So nice to see Jeffrey seem happy again.
SarahMoks Adventurer
SarahMoks Adventurer:
I saw vice ganda on Jeffree's fb...

Stop the hate spread more love. Thank you for being you and true as f**k... Take care always and keep safe... 😘😊
Janet Kibaara
Janet Kibaara:
First time hearing about you and i already love you.... you are such a drama queen
Elena Lopez
Elena Lopez:
You can’t lie these Jeffree and Kanye memes are hilarious
Shakira Shakira
Shakira Shakira:
"what in the Scandal is going on today"? ! Lol 😂 that made me laugh and forget about his cancelation for a brief moment!
Nitika Webb
Nitika Webb:
Seeing Jeffree smile is so warming
Denise henaghan
Denise henaghan:
Where’s this “Proof” this silly little girl has, would love to actually see it if it actually exists. It’s funny how she drops this drama bomb but can’t back her allegations up. She just wants her 5 seconds of fame not realising the stigma and hate this can bring to Kanye and his family, guess her life is that sad😒
@jeffreestar "how would that even be made up", GURL. Just take the W, we all know it's true. Shit, I for one cannot wait for your first Star-West brand product, get that venture cap bb 💓
Why so serious ?
Why so serious ?:
Jeffree: “I like really tall men”
Kanye: 👁💧👄💧👁
Jami Smiecinski
Jami Smiecinski:
You do you girlfriend let the haters hate make 2021 awesome!
Jeffrey I must say you live a very interesting life and you look very happy in your new surroundings outside with your doggies running around they were having so much fun in the snow, and it was so pretty to see you doing a photoshoot in the snow with that blue and white wig with gorgeous on you it didn't really dig the dark one with your hair up but that's just me you look gorgeous in whatever you're in .keep on pushing through your beautiful you have a great 2021 and God bless us all. Stay safe and be happy. But in your case I would say stay amazing as you are.
Damien Thompson
Damien Thompson:
Hi Jeffree. Star I love you so much you’re one of the best YouTube
Ashley Raven
Ashley Raven:
Why can’t we all just get along 😞 I’m a huge fan of Jeffree Star
Bella Yohe
Bella Yohe:
jeffree’s security is probably better than the capitals
Charity Simmons Vlogs
Charity Simmons Vlogs:
“Oh she wanted views” 😂 dying!! 😭😂
Alyson Stephens
Alyson Stephens:
I’m absolutely gutted that I learned after testing positive for covid the pallet I want u discontinued alien I really wanted that pallet couldn’t afford when you brought it out 😭😭😭
Ki ki Dee
Ki ki Dee:
The older I get the more drama sniffs me out its universal no matter what level your at is it catching I dunno just best believe it bitches it happens I just laugh end of day its funny af and if u care there is something missing In yr life major lols xxx
J T:
I love you. Thank you for the information. So exciting. 🤗
Ari's Tiny Elephant 🐘
Ari's Tiny Elephant 🐘:
Kanye watching this locked in jeffree's bedroom: 👁👄👁
Brenda Clement
Brenda Clement:
Jeffrey, I live in Alabama just a downhome country girl, I love watching you. You are so beautiful, especially without makeup.
Literally the best video Ive ever seen Jeffree make.
Dena D
Dena D:
I love everything about this video!!
Safe House
Safe House:
I clicked on the video expecting some headache, but... this might be one of the best of these videos!
the drama
the drama:
Michelle MWebb
Michelle MWebb:
Love you gurl. Check all them haters !
you can tell he's loving this
Ky Gal
Ky Gal:
I am loving the green eye look. It's my favorite color!
Emily Campbell
Emily Campbell:
I've missed seeing you Jeffree you have gotten me through this pandemic . Love you so much I wish you were my daughter . Come visit Colorado Springs yr so close to us.
I'm sorry but the best meme with this whole rumor was
"Now they gotta tell North why things went South"
Kasuga Pachaka
Kasuga Pachaka:
The rumors is the best thing that happened to me in 2021
The fact people believed this rumour 😭
Sandy S
Sandy S:
Love you Jeffree ...Just ordered 2 pallets 💜💜💋
Deebo Samuel
Deebo Samuel:
When you think your good enough to be part of kanye drama