Addressing The Kanye Situation

Hi 2021, let's relax. Addressing this Kayne West and Jeffree Star situation and the truth about why I moved to the state of Wyoming.

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Michelle King
Michelle King:
this rumor is the best thing that happened to me in 2021
Key Epic
Key Epic:
Jeffree: “I like tall men”
Kanyes Ego: 📉
Celia Vasquez
Celia Vasquez:
I’m not a big fan of Jeffree but um he didn’t start the rumor. A girl on tiktok did. Danny Gonzales made a video about it and shows the tiktoks from the girl saying she was doing it for clout because she can’t stand people not paying attention to her. She’s the same girl that was licking toilets as a covid challenge
Annabeth Grace
Annabeth Grace:
The person who started this rumor licked a toilet.... i can’t even 😭
Gavriel Musheyev
Gavriel Musheyev:
The funny thing is the girl who started the rumor was on Dr. Phil for being a massive clout chaser and her friends admitted she was lying.
Yep We’re here now
Yep We’re here now:
Isn’t the girl who spread the rumor the one who started the toilet licking challenge ☕️
Penny Layne —Beatrix KiDDo
Penny Layne —Beatrix KiDDo:
I am cracking up at these videos he’s watching “when he escaped from Kanye’s house”.
This dude is so rich he isnt even harmed by this lmao
T Joffe
T Joffe:
The amount of times Jeffree said “HuUuH”....
ART is alive
ART is alive:
“I’m getting some eggs from my neighbors chickens, so, we’re gonna try those out. I love how people grow their own food around here it’s kind of iconic and amazing” 😂
Troy and Chase
Troy and Chase:
Skeet_ yeet
Skeet_ yeet:
“What in the scandal is going on today”
melissa poneka
melissa poneka:
The video of him escaping down the drive way dressed like Momo with wolverine claws 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bob Duncan
Bob Duncan:
when jeffree said “i will be going from this, to this” it turned into an ad with a black man💀🤭
Sandra Strugala
Sandra Strugala:
Imagine being able to say that you stole Kim K’s man
Someone said, imagine if Kanye had won the election and Jeffree Star became the First Lady. Bitch I-

KF George
KF George:
Omg when Jeffree said, Kris just flew into WY”. I thought he meant Kris Jenner...😳
Carbu Thanan Chuayrod
Carbu Thanan Chuayrod:
This taught me a lot like how news which is not even real or misinformation can spread out rapidly and really fast, people should be aware of what they are sharing and supposed to be more careful on what they are reading.
Sofia Sainty
Sofia Sainty:
He is a super talented makeup artist it’s a shame that his life comes with loads of drama
Wakes up to rumor about breaking up The West’s marriage but the biggest part of his day are new license plates and fresh eggs. Iconic JS.
Kanye bought an estate in Wyoming as well, so this is why they have linked Jeffrey with Kanye, naturally!
Duncan Elder
Duncan Elder:
Jeffree: “The beautiful state of Wyoming”

Me: “*looks out window* BITCH WHERE??”
Shakira Shakira
Shakira Shakira:
"what in the Scandal is going on today"? ! Lol 😂 that made me laugh and forget about his cancelation for a brief moment!
Can you imagine him getting eggs from his neighbours while he is in full glam.. thats such a mood though
Charity Simmons
Charity Simmons:
“Oh she wanted views” 😂 dying!! 😭😂
Bella Boo's Lunches
Bella Boo's Lunches:
I thought Kris Jenner was at your house at first😂🤣
miss capulet
miss capulet:
i love that you go to your safe place and can escape the insanity that LA can bring. ♡♡♡♡
Aram Villanueva
Aram Villanueva:
"Where did you learn all those moves?" Lmao
Old Acc
Old Acc:
“Hair by Jay.”
That aged like milk and rotten pallets.

God, I hope that TikTok girl isn’t getting sued. 😆
Cheesecake Hey
Cheesecake Hey:
My pre-2020 self wouldn't be able to imagine such allegations in her sleep, then again she's not ready for 2020.
Blend and Glam
Blend and Glam:
dude your dogs running on the snow filled my broken heart with joy.
Yashashree Malla
Yashashree Malla:
Tiktok is so Tictoxic. I deleted it like a year ago now and I'm so happy for that
Tiera Simpson
Tiera Simpson:
I know you're supposed to be canceled but i enjoy watching you very much hhuuhh
Tiffany me
Tiffany me:
Seriously who can even think about a rumor or controversy when jeffrees hair and makeup are soooooo lit .... Seriously ! Jeffree star keeps this single momma living ❤💋
the drama
the drama:
Andrianne acain
Andrianne acain:
I just saw Vice GANDA oh her twitter 😂 they literally uses vice GANDA to feed the tea 🤣
I love all the footage of the dogs, they're so adorable. Loved seeing them running thru the snow.
Ja Marc
Ja Marc:
2:36 is that Vice Ganda hahaahah
Xuxa Styles
Xuxa Styles:
I love how extra you are. It’s ridiculously amazing✨ i’m living for it 💕
Kanye in the back being told not to breathe loudly like: 👁👄👁
Omigod the puppy in the background I haven’t watched too much of jeffree but that is the cutest puppy ever
E Lo
E Lo:
But wait you did say you were ready for “Sunday Service” 🤔😂
BlackBeauty Girlie
BlackBeauty Girlie:
Oh, Snap! Tutorials
Oh, Snap! Tutorials:
Love your hair and make up, definitely Ursula vibes!
South Park said Kanye was a gay fish... I guess they were right...
Christine Lacey
Christine Lacey:
Aanyone else want a video about all his dogs? They are so cute!! Love all your videos 😆
Noelle Lalaloopsie
Noelle Lalaloopsie:
Also I cannot wait for the skincare line
xero persona
xero persona:
I come back just to hear the “HAII” in the intro. So enlightening.
Jasmine Dulin
Jasmine Dulin:
we need a video clip of just Jeffree running around in the snow with the puppers. I would watch it every morning when I wake up and then again when I feel depressed or anxious.
Samantha Harber
Samantha Harber:
Please recreate the meme of you “leaving Kanye’s house after hearing Kim’s car pull up” that would be ICONIC and the most hilarious thing ever
Cassidy Cheek
Cassidy Cheek:
Not even a minute in and you grab a bag of sugar and leave 🍬 🙈😂
Zachary Churney
Zachary Churney:
I can’t describe how much I love that you moved to Wyoming! We went out to Laramie and fell in love with Wyoming. Kudos to you! Enjoy those mountains and all the peace and serenity!! 🙏🏼❤️
LittleCutie ABDL
LittleCutie ABDL:
I love the doggies running around in the snow. So cute!
Nix King
Nix King:
So nice to see Jeffrey seem happy again.
dustin dailey
dustin dailey:
lmao i’m here for this
Sami Vienneau
Sami Vienneau:
Omg queen that hair!!! I'm loving it ur looking so fabulous as always absolutely stunning 🥰
Mel *
Mel *:
Okay “Now it’s time to go back to reality” 😭😭😭
Kitty xoxo
Kitty xoxo:
8:25 i wouldn't know the first thing about where the door handles would be if i didn't see this LOL ...nice and sleek!!! damn
Kittie aka GLITTER KITTIE Halstead
Kittie aka GLITTER KITTIE Halstead:
Omfg you are so beautiful ugh thank you so much for making me laugh and smile. You inspire me EVERY DAY. fuck the haters they can't handle our glam hahah
I'm sorry but the best meme with this whole rumor was
"Now they gotta tell North why things went South"
M C:
Love this look! Love how he clears up- bs.
Vivian Zhang
Vivian Zhang:
i just hope j star can find a good man and get happiness, instead of fake news. also hope i can buy her makeup after i graduate by hardwork😸
Natalia Goles
Natalia Goles:
Did I just see VICE GANDA and CALVIN on the video? just WHAT THEEEE, hahaha,maybe he know VICE, "just maybe" #PROUDPINOY🙋😍
Jay Montes
Jay Montes:
2:38 is Vice Ganda in the Philippines and he's a TV show host, actor and a comedian. That's not Jeffrey.
Charlotte D
Charlotte D:
The internet: *Kanye is sleeping with Jeffree*
Jeffree: imma get eggs from my neighbors chickens
Nicky Bee
Nicky Bee:
Casper looks a lot like where I live in Nevada. It’s beautiful! ❤️
B C:
“I LIKE VERY TALL MEN” Love this!! Jeffrey has better taste c’mon I never believed it for one sec.
But 😎Kanye Shade of 2021
Mirte Edens
Mirte Edens:
he looks like effie from the hunger games with the make-up and the wig i love it it gave me hunger games vibes💗
@jeffreestar "how would that even be made up", GURL. Just take the W, we all know it's true. Shit, I for one cannot wait for your first Star-West brand product, get that venture cap bb 💓
Elena Lopez
Elena Lopez:
You can’t lie these Jeffree and Kanye memes are hilarious
Melvilyn De la Cruz
Melvilyn De la Cruz:
Aw you look so gorgeous and shining like a star ✨✨😍😍🥺💗
sam blacnk
sam blacnk:
There can be many rumors about jeffree whether they are bad or good but We cannot jugde his hardwork and and admire his successful career. He is such a sweet heart. Bless him with happiness and a sucessful life
Kittie aka GLITTER KITTIE Halstead
Kittie aka GLITTER KITTIE Halstead:
I've been waiting for this hahah
Trinity Moore
Trinity Moore:
Miss Antoinette , I’m coming for you ❤️❤️ manifesting my jeffereeee starrrr life 😂😂🥰🥰🥰
Thomas In Action
Thomas In Action:
Finally! I thought he was never going to post again! Bloody hilarious though RE Kanye 😂
aww puppies lovin the snow..BEST thing ive seen in a long time!!! :)
Jenilee Brown
Jenilee Brown:
As someone who is from Wyoming, we are happy to have you! Wait until February... prepare yourself for the cold lol
wait i didn't know you were living in wyoming..
my grandparents live there uh
edit: i need to make sure not to go near any fancy houses i may or may not see next time i visit them..
Maximilian Chang
Maximilian Chang:
you should do a 2a collaboration hahaha~
Marcela Vera
Marcela Vera:
I feel like Jeffree Star's house in Wyoming has more security than the Capitol
Love that purple and green wig. Reminds me of the Roly Mo.
0:53 I love how ur having redbull in the morning 😂😍
Love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Tiff Anne
Tiff Anne:
“I like tall men” ....anyway back to ma hairrrrrr lol
Jeffree aka the Queen of delivery! Never disappoints! ❤️ ❤️
kristen miller
kristen miller:
you are absolutely hilarious! people are always trying to swirl some type of drama with you in it but you always come out of it on top and make it just hilarious!! even though you didnt sleep wtih kanye girl run with it! give them the Tea!!!!!!! i love you!!
guillermo marquez
guillermo marquez:
no way jeffree star’s security is better than the security at the nations capitol- 😭😭
I have been wanting to move from California to Wyoming for a few years now.
Rachel Huber
Rachel Huber:
This was THE cutest vlog ever! The poms had me screaming..bouncing around in the snow! And Jeffree it is so great to see you being you, doing you, and getting things done! Your a beautiful person. Thanks for the inspiration! 💜💚 PS. Purple and green are my favorite colors, and your personality enhanced them! Much love! Xoxo
Solvé Jørgenson
Solvé Jørgenson:
I want to be friends with jeffree!! And not the kind that goes out and does extravagant things but the kind that pops over to hang out, talk about our dreams while playing with puppies. Alas, we live in two completely different worlds. I hope he has a wonderful life and I'll alway support him. 😊💗
Candy Man
Candy Man:
Vice Ganda and Kevin Abueva at 2:36 🙄 gurl i can't even.. HAHAHAHA
Kadance Taylor
Kadance Taylor:
I saw a tik tok making a joke about the people that voted Kanye crying about Jeffree being the First Lady 💀 I was laughing for 20 mins and couldn’t breathe
Zephie BBY
Zephie BBY:
OOOH i am LIVING for this joker looking hairrr 👏Yasssss QUEEEEN👏
I would LOVE to see the gun collection 😍
I live soooo close to u now omg imma come visit Imao! I'm in idaho
Tasha W.
Tasha W.:
Honestly love, I wish I could be 1/16 as glamorous as you are 🥰😊
Mia Sancto
Mia Sancto:
This is probably the funniest scandal Jeffree Star as ever been in, just because how do people come up with these?
Catherine Laurel
Catherine Laurel:
I really love this new format for your video!
I’m annoying ಠ_ಠ
I’m annoying ಠ_ಠ:
His reactions are AMAZING lol😂😂
X Y:
Watching your vids is like getting together with an old friend:,)
lorri karaweta
lorri karaweta:
welcome to wyoming 🌬😂 i was born in cheyenne, i know all about that wind 🌬😂