Alex de Minaur vs Dominic Thiem | US Open 2020 Quarterfinal

Alex de Minaur takes on Dominic Thiem in the quarterfinals of the US Open 2020.

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Antoine L
Antoine L:
I can't get enough of Thiem's backhand winners
He’s not human
Adithya Naren
Adithya Naren:
I have never seen anyone hit the Ball as hard as Thiem does. He crushes it out of existence. Buckle up for another exciting match between the Unstoppable force and the Immovable Wall.
Finn Smith
Finn Smith:
Thiem vs Medvedev feels like it’s going to effectively be the final
Hoping Thiem takes the championship this year. My favorite player over the last few years. Has worked hard to improve his game on hard court as he used to be a clay specialist.
Eitan Greenberg
Eitan Greenberg:
Thiem vs Medvedev is going to be the best match of 2020
A R:
Thiem vs Medvedev will be by far the most interesting and important match of the tournament.
M Lemtur
M Lemtur:
Medvedev vs Thiem.
Hope this is not just a semi final but a beginning of a rivalry that carries on for some years.
Yes, they've played each other thrice already but not at slams.
Both are playing a very high level atm, cannot wait to see who comes out on top!
Travis JLM
Travis JLM:
Honestly haven’t seen someone hit the ball this hard this accurately and this consistently. So satisfying to watch. And he even has an insane slice! Hope he goes all the way
Thiem can hit winners that even De Minaur can’t get to in time
Haajir Yabre
Haajir Yabre:
Dominic has improved his defence tremendously. Thiem vs medvedev is closest to the matches between big 3.
Thiem just needs to get it together. He should've had a grand slam already last time but this is the time to prove it against Medvedev. That's the winner right there. Zverev and Pablo aren't ready.
Hes giving clinics to the next gen like Fed and Rafa, showing them the pecking order. This is a great omen
M Rorty
M Rorty:
Lol, Thiem out there absolutely cooking the young fellas..
Thiem is playing fantastic! He will be the champ this year ✌️🔥
Matt Suddarth
Matt Suddarth:
Thiem looking like the perfect tennis player
Hunter Cook
Hunter Cook:
I hope he wins he 100% deserves it
ShockWave ZERO
ShockWave ZERO:
Looks like Thiem dismantled De Minaur rather than simply overpower him. Quite unusual to see him slice as often but that's simply him respecting De Minaur's game and understand how to handle him. Many times players can beat themselves for just hitting hard against him.
Hersh Shorsh
Hersh Shorsh:
Dominic and Daniil are slowing reaching the consistency level of the big three .
krisna tsy
krisna tsy:
it's like thiem is having everything to win the tournament this year
Truly inThiem-idating performance. Looking great, lets take this one home Dominic!!!
9.Dheemant Dutta
9.Dheemant Dutta:
Thiem is gonna win US OPEN
Thiem’s forehands knocked me off my couch.
TheyTake MyCalls
TheyTake MyCalls:
I didn't know thiem could serve 135.
Prashanna Shrestha
Prashanna Shrestha:
Thiem vs Medvedev...we're in for a treat!!!!The winner of that match is probably gonna win the whole thing.
Mondo Kantables
Mondo Kantables:
Thiem always had the weapons. But with Massu he now also has the tactics.
He's looking incredibly likely to take out his first slam. A huge test awaits in the semis though with Medvedev... for both of them, in fact. Hold tight, this may be an epic.
Saunok Chakrabarty
Saunok Chakrabarty:
Thiem vs Novak would've exploded.
Martin Seiler
Martin Seiler:
Thiem vs Medvedev will be a "Höllenmatch". No doubt that can be a 5hours thriller😈Auuf Jetzt Dominic!!!🇦🇹
Jason Wong
Jason Wong:
Really hope Thiem finally wins a grand slam!🥺🥺
Meghraj - Chargers FAN India #BoltUp
Meghraj - Chargers FAN India #BoltUp:
My 2nd fav player after Nadal
Team Thiem ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳💪
Thiem's power was just insane. I can' wait for the semi-final against Medvedev!
The Sarcastic Oxomiya
The Sarcastic Oxomiya:
Thiem vs Medvedev. Salivating right now ❤️ unstoppable object vs immovable wall 😉
A 135mph by Theim? His backhand and forehand are on fire right now.
Heavyweight against lightweight, knockout.
Angela Shi
Angela Shi:
When the preview was longer than the highlights.
Bernardo Barron
Bernardo Barron:
Domi has my vote. Like if you agree
Станислав Кучевский
Станислав Кучевский:
Its impressive how Thiem was able to find his best game in course of just few matches.
From loosing 1:6 2:6 to Krajinovic to completely dominating FAA and Deminaur!
ALL THE WAY THIEM!!! Semi with Med is gonna be the real highlight of the tournament, whoever wins is taking the final.
Rocky Bhai
Rocky Bhai:
Semi final
Theim vs Medvedev.
Winner takes the US open trophy.
🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 🏆

Who agrees with me??????
What Thiem is doing to the next Gen... brutal.
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Thiem's backhand is insane. He is definitely the favourite to win it.
John Harris
John Harris:
Alex de Minaur so quick man, like at 2:35 here. But Thiem overall so dominant and gifted, he playing bully ball
Vandit Khanna
Vandit Khanna:
DOMInic is DOMInating
Adolf Shah
Adolf Shah:
Thiem is on another level. Will be an interesting match up with Med.
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh:
The way he is playing, I think he is gonna win the US open
Arjun Wijayaratnam
Arjun Wijayaratnam:
He has made amazing progress in the last 2 years! I remember him just ripping every single ball coming to him, playing offensive all the time with no variation. Part of the reason why he didn't perform well, outside of clay, few years ago. This is a totally different Thiem! He knows how to pace himself, when to slow down, when to attack, just playing magnificently! Go on and get this truly well deserved first GS of yours!
Ludwig van Bachmaninoff
Ludwig van Bachmaninoff:
I am glad to see Thiem start to be explosive at last! He was playing in a strange mode, but now it seems like that powerful Thiem goes back again. However, I think that Medvedev is more stable and firm, and would defeat Thiem in 4 sets in the semifinal.
Get Me To 1k Subs before I Start College
Get Me To 1k Subs before I Start College:
His service game really has went up levels over these last few rounds
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez:
I want Thiem to finally win his first grand will be very tough against Medvedev though!!!
Paul McCann
Paul McCann:
Ouch, poor Alex: hit with an avalanche... Thiem's playing the best tennis of his career at just the right time.
sunil jadhav
sunil jadhav:
Thiem vs mededev is going to be a lit of match...
Vandit Khanna
Vandit Khanna:
at once i thought, i was watching at 1.25x
Anantha Narayanan
Anantha Narayanan:
De minaur is a nice player, but somehow lacks the firepower, he’s unable to belt the ball when necessary. Thiem was too strong...
Risman Ariefin
Risman Ariefin:
Thiem Medvedev is a final that come too early i guess
If Medvedev can't stop Thiem, then no one can stop Thiem.
what amazes me is that Thiem can every shot with full strength and it all goes in.
sido Sick
sido Sick:
I can't get enough from every hit of them lol
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones:
Going to be awesome seeing med vs thiem. Like djoker vs fed. Defense vs offense
Tirthankar Sarkar
Tirthankar Sarkar:
The semi final between Thiem & Medvedev will be the virtual final of US Open 2020.
Ramone Cricket
Ramone Cricket:
This is like watching Lleyton Hewitt versus Federer, in terms of the contrast in power.
Zyad Sherif
Zyad Sherif:
He made him look like a juniors player
Mike Ehrmantraut
Mike Ehrmantraut:
I’m so tired of these 3 minutes highlights 😣. Wish we could get at least 10 minutes
NewSchTennisAsso RayOfLightMusicProductions
NewSchTennisAsso RayOfLightMusicProductions:
The Austrian Assassin. Dominique 'dominate' Thiem.🎾💪
He is my favourite after the GOAT Roger Federer! I really hope Thiem will win the US open!
cool!__ EEE
cool!__ EEE:
Long time coming thiem, this time done deal , it's been years of not tasting that final hurdle..this time get it done...1 incoming 🏆.
Azmi Ganie
Azmi Ganie:
it's tt, time thiem
M Sem
M Sem:
WOW, Thiem just totally wiped the floor with Alex de Minaur...

....Next!!! 😶
mike gavr
mike gavr:
"Не усики, а пропуск в трусики" (с)
1:22 If you're quick, you can see the speed counter saying that Thiem served a 135 MPH serve!
England Calling
England Calling:
Try as he might to convince himself, the mustache does de Minaur no favors at all.
Francesco Defendi
Francesco Defendi:
00:07 he hits so hard 😳💪🏼
I would give up my lifes savings to have a backhand like Thiem. Just incredible power and grace
Patrick Carson
Patrick Carson:
Thiem will be SOO mad if he loses the final to PCB 😂
Subhajit Biswas
Subhajit Biswas:
Domi Vs Med ❤️
Cheering for Dominic but if Med gonna made it to final I will support Med in final ❤️❤️
Fenri lorf
Fenri lorf:
2:35 Excuse me? Michael Chang, is that you?
haroon ahmed
haroon ahmed:
Medvedev:- Us Open
Them:- French Open

This is just my prediction hope Thiem wins both of them that would be AWESOME!!!!!😉🙂😎👊💪
Thiem should take the Open this excuses!
Mihir Raghav
Mihir Raghav:
I'm sure Thiem vs Medvedev Semifinal will be more interesting than Final😂😂
1:19 Thiem's fastest serve?
Brently Sams
Brently Sams:
This is the time THIEM!!' Nice one BABE!!! Two more!!! 👏🏻😘🇵🇭
Birdie Curry
Birdie Curry:
Sweet! Great job Dominator 💪. I can’t wait to see you hoist the Championship trophy!!!
Uhhh those are some of the fastest shots I have ever seen...
Dang...the last point forehand winner....dang!!!
Adventure victoria
Adventure victoria:
That is just wow from the start to the end gonna be next gladiator after Nadal.
haroon ahmed
haroon ahmed:
His game is absolutely BRUTAL all BRUTE STRENGTH my word👊💪
Diogo Jorge
Diogo Jorge:
Thiem is looking phenomenal!!!
Charlie Spencer Clark
Charlie Spencer Clark:
Next level. Makes all the other players left in the competition look ordinary. Even Medvedev.
Unless Medvedev has an answer for Theim's hits, we are looking at the new US Open 2020 Champion here!
Jamie Leroy
Jamie Leroy:
You gotta give Minaur for the squeaky shoes though lol
Not sure if that was tactical during the tournament. Haha
Parves Koyes
Parves Koyes:
I mean I know a lot of people was saying Djokovic will win this slam with ease but even if he didn’t get disqualified I think it would’ve been close between Thiem & Djokovic
Pleeeaaaasssseeee longer highlights!
Chris Perkins
Chris Perkins:
World number 2 and 3 and going to face off in the semi final
These two are the big 2 Medvedev vs theim and I want them both to win a grand slam lol
Kieran Rankie
Kieran Rankie:
Thiem's groundstrokes are something else. Power, spin and consistency in one.
Charles Z
Charles Z:
Very happy Thiem won. Can't stand to see that stub of bristle that reminds me of WWII.
Shriraj Mukherjee
Shriraj Mukherjee:
Oooooof, so delicious. I see Thiem has really adopted the slice - as he should. I think in Basel last year Fed kept going to de Minaur's forehand with his slice and would drive hard through the weak reply. Thiem did that too, but to de Minaur's BH.

Thiem looks very very impressive right now, and a clear favourite. I just hope he doesn't lose out in the finals after these performances, like at ATP finals 2019, AO20.
gree ever
gree ever:
sooooooo strong!!!
Sublime from Thiem!
Alifsafar Ali
Alifsafar Ali:
Wow Thiem!!! Just wow!!!!