Alex Trebek dead at 80 years old | ABC News

The longtime TV personality has died after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer.

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Fix It Angel
Fix It Angel:
Rest In Peace Alex Trebek🙏🏽
“At 80 years old, this was one of the saddest deaths in 2020.”
“Who is Alex Trebek?”
“200,000 points”
jennifer romero
jennifer romero:
The words I’m gonna miss hearing
“Here is the host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek”

R.I.P 🕊💔
Colm Dunlap
Colm Dunlap:
I’ll take “Reasons Why 2020 Sucks” for 1000 Alex.
Laser Mayonnaiser
Laser Mayonnaiser:
The term "Final Jeopardy" sounds more sad now.
2020 has been a rough year. But we can all get through this together <3 Hang in there
Almost feels like every household in America lost a family member. I'll remember his final advice, don't worry about the future, live for today and with gratitude. Love you, Alex
Three Fat Cats Publications
Three Fat Cats Publications:
Alex looking down at this video: "I'm sorry, your headline must be phrased as a question."
Mr Brazillian
Mr Brazillian:
For 1000: This Legend was the greatest game show host of all time.

Answer: Who is Alex Trebek
Clue: The best game show host in history.
Banksy Girl
Banksy Girl:
He looked pretty damn good for 80 years old.
victor park
victor park:
The greatest game host ever. “Who is Alex Trebek.” RIP
brian bullivant
brian bullivant:
Watching this had me "Choked up" as well. RIP
robert kehne
robert kehne:
It is hard to even imagine an evening without Alex. Thank you Canada for such a wonderful gift to your southern neighbor. My life is better for his being a part of it. And, yes, we love you Alex. May our Lord have mercy on your soul!
this is so hard to believe, I didn’t even know this. Rest In Peace Alex <3
Jeopardy won't be the same.
A Canadian national treasure given to America has passed away. :(
I cried so much when he announced that he have cancer and now my heart hurts even more R.I.P Legend
"Beyond A Icon" Truly a sad day. The amazing thing is he became one of the most important parts of your family without being in your family by blood.
Retro Jasper
Retro Jasper:
“What is: We will miss you Alex”
Don’t be sad he’s gone, just be glad he was here..
Fresh Coat Painting & more
Fresh Coat Painting & more:
Question, Year 2020.

Answer, "What is sadness." 😔
Michael Gaynor
Michael Gaynor:
Alex Trebek, Earth is sending Love up! To all who Loved and lost him, your in our thoughts and prayers here in Philadelphia, Pa.
Ebony Smith
Ebony Smith:
Wow, they'll never be another one like Him 🙏🏾 Rest Well Alex
Such a great guy. 👍

I'm glad he made it 80 years, most people never even see 70, unfortunately.
“Who is and will always be the best host of Jeopardy?”
“Who is Alex Trebek?”
Wile E Coyote
Wile E Coyote:
Yeah when he came out that had stage 4 It was honorable but there is no way to beat it as of modern medicine.
Blackie Heart Kitten
Blackie Heart Kitten:
RIP Alex Trebek 😿 host of one of my favorite game show Jeopardy.
Newstein Chang
Newstein Chang:
Question: The GOAT

Who is... Alex Trebek <3
Pam Quinn
Pam Quinn:
Truly a Wonderful and Inspirational Man!, God Bless Him for the Great Memories he left for all!, Peace
Prayers, Blessings to his Family!
Fix It Angel
Fix It Angel:
Rest In Peace Alex Trebek🙏🏽
Focus the Mind
Focus the Mind:
"If we take it just one day at a time with a positive attitude, anything is possible."

He truly was the man with all the answers. Rest in peace, Mr. Trebek.
Me: Scrolling through YouTube.

Also Me: Finds someone I watched when I was little dead

RIP Alex Trebek.
Swole Foods
Swole Foods:
"A legend that made us all happier, even though we didn't know what he was saying"

*"Who is Alex Trebek"*
Patrick Star
Patrick Star:
“ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴊᴇᴏᴘᴀʀᴅʏ“
Mr. No Studios
Mr. No Studios:
Sean Connery: “We meet again, Trebek.”
Ryan The Skrull
Ryan The Skrull:
Rest in Power, you were a great man 😣
X: Even though I have watched your shows, I will miss you, buddy.
Alex you're AMAZING!! You left an impact on us all. Fly high, rest in peace, & we'll see you again on the next episode.
2020 just keeps getting worse and worse. R.I.P Jeopardy Legend, Alex Trebek
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
And the final Jeopardy answer is: "He was the epitome of Grace and Class."
knight sword
knight sword:
Greatest game show host of all time, answer daily double, - who is, Alex Trebek
Jonathan Trauner
Jonathan Trauner:
Rest in Peace Mr Alex Trebek. I send all my loving heartfelt condolences and love to his entire family from Jerusalem Israel
David Sumner
David Sumner:
"Welcome home" - What is the first thing God said to Alex when he passed to the other side?
faasd fer
faasd fer:
“Treat everyday as a blessing.” -Alex Trebek. RIP
My dad and my whole family loved watching this man. Professional man, loved him.
God bless u and thank you good sir...u have been there in the evenings my whole life... another piece of the legacy life gone
SuperBirdie9305 the Super Gamer
SuperBirdie9305 the Super Gamer:
2020. It doesn't get any worse than this year...

R.I.P Alex Trebek, hopefully you're able to host Jeopardy with the angels in Heaven.
masonbro 492
masonbro 492:
My two show wheels of fortune n jeopardy afters hrs school 90s SO I CRIED TODAY..
Rey Mar
Rey Mar:
“Treat everyday as a blessing.” -Alex Trebek. RIP
Within this week we lost two great legends this week in my book, Sean Connery and Alex Trebek. I enjoyed watching them both on TV and in movies theatres. But when ever I am reminded of them both I am always brought back to the SNL parade made a couple of years ago, that always made me laugh which is something we need right about now here is the link, enjoy. May they both Rest In Peace. A little “little laughter goes a long way.”
Roy Ormonde
Roy Ormonde:
Rip of my favorite shows growing up, you will be missed.
Tina Sweeting
Tina Sweeting:
Who is Alex Trebeck? The Best Game Show Host Ever! Bye! Bye!😍
Al's Variety
Al's Variety:
*"We love you, Alex"*
Burnt Chicken Nugget
Burnt Chicken Nugget:
Rest In Peace Mr. Trebek. A class act.

“Answer there: Daily Double”
This man was literally in our living rooms every night at 7 PM making an impact on most of us. RIP Alex 🙏
He seemed like a truly remarkable person who appreciated life. My deepest condolences to his family.
ZCorp Alpha
ZCorp Alpha:
264 sick people

I mean who would dislike this video ❓

Seriously 😐

Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick:
"What is the best game show host in history?"
Alex enriched the lives of so many including mine. Thank you Alex!
Trump2020 - Stop The Steal
Trump2020 - Stop The Steal:
It's sad, as one gets older, seeing the last generation dwindling. God Bless you Alex Trebek, may your soul live in eternal peace.
I'm sure his spirit will vote in many elections to come.
Nerdy Neko Girl
Nerdy Neko Girl:
"I'm not afraid of dying. why should I be afraid of dying?" -Alex Trebek rest in heaven we love you
Marie S.
Marie S.:
"Make the most of today. Stop worrying about the future. Just treat every as a blessing, and enjoy it to the fullest. Try to be aware of when you leave this earth, that you made a difference...a positive difference"
Alex Trebek
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson:
Question: _Alex Trebek dead at 80 years old_
Answer: *_What is a really sad day_*
Heather Metz
Heather Metz:
3:39 "What is? We Love You Alex!" R.I.P Alex Trebek, thank you for so many wonderful Jeopardy years!
Thet Malabak
Thet Malabak:
What is "Thank you for all of your years of entertainment?" RIP Alex.
The Dude
The Dude:
"Who is Alex Trebek?"

Had to answer in Jeopardy form.

God Bless and thank you for the wonderful memories.
Christina Osborn
Christina Osborn:
Class Act. Wise advice shared at the ending interview. R.I.P.
Empress Cheeks
Empress Cheeks:
My heart dropped when I saw the title of this video. This one cut DEEP....I grew up watching him. May your soul rest in eternal peace Alex
RubixNoob OP
RubixNoob OP:
Kris Bowman
Kris Bowman:
The title dead at 80 years old.....makes it sound like human beings should be living past 150. RIP Alex Trebek
Shirley Tran
Shirley Tran:
Thank you so much for hosting one of my favorite childhood shows, which me and my dad tuned in and loved answering the questions (seldom knew them lol) you are truly an icon... not because you were so well known on TV but your presence brought joy and good humor and you truly loved the show. RIP Alex Trebek. 🤍
Adrian Rocha
Adrian Rocha:
Category - Icons
Here's the Clue:
This man was one of the most genuine and warm human beings, possessed excellent wit and a dry sense of humor, a true class act right up until the end.
When you grow up watching someone on tv for almost 30 years, the person feels like a member of your family. Alex’s image, the sound of his voice and his regal presence on the show was always in the background in my house. I’m so glad he’s no longer in pain or suffering from illness and I understand that death is a natural part of life. Jeopardy won’t be the same without him. Alex will be missed by millions.
Olabisi Faleti
Olabisi Faleti:
He really pulled a strong hold but is now in Gods Arms! Rest in Power!
Ryan Perez
Ryan Perez:
"And now, here's the host of Jeopardy! Alex Tre- Oh, right." There's goes my schedule of watching Jeopardy every week. He was going to be the host for two more years and seemed so confident that he was going to fight his illness. I don't know if there going cancel the show or give the host position to Ken Jennings. Either way, I'll respect their decision. It's what Alex would have wanted.
Man, this year is just getting worse and worse. Jeopardy was and still is one of my favorite game shows of all time. Rest easy Alex. Fly high angel ❤
Serge Caron
Serge Caron:
I salute this great man for his integrity and his benevolence
James Opiela
James Opiela:
He accepted the fact that his life was finite and decided to go on with living instead of dwell on dying. What a guy.
Ancient Chronicler
Ancient Chronicler:
I grew up watching him, I love the show.
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds:
man. this year is truly bugged. lots of famous people. iconic people dying.
David Platt
David Platt:
Once I told my friend that he looks like my art teacher.
SGV Pipe
SGV Pipe:
One of the few shows I enjoyed watching and once in a great while I would even get the final question but we will sure miss you Alex Trebek god bless you
Meme ドーゲ
Meme ドーゲ:
RIP, He was such a good man, This sucks dude.
Mariel Angela Yumol
Mariel Angela Yumol:
I'll Love You Mr. Trebek you're great host in Jeopardy I'll Miss you! 😭
Joanna Emm
Joanna Emm:
A class act, a legend. Rest In Peace❤️
Alinh Flores
Alinh Flores:
Sarah L
Sarah L:
A national treasure, and a deeply decent man. Thank you for everything, Alex Trebek. His one hurts.
Plot twist: Sean Connery the first to greet him in Heaven. “Hey, Trebek!”
Dragon tokes
Dragon tokes:
you will be missed <3 rest in peace friend<3
He was amazing...
May he Rest In Peace!
Sophie Mccormick
Sophie Mccormick:
Rest In Peace. Thank you Alex for everything!❤️
I knew the end was near for Alex when he brought back Ken Jennings.
Alex was secretly grooming him take over as the host after he died.
I am heartbroken. At least his suffering is over.
Easy Awesome Magic
Easy Awesome Magic:
I only have one thing to say: “*2020*”
Thank you for the best game show ever! I learned most of the english i know today thanks to Alex Trebek <3
scott matthew
scott matthew:
"What is ok boomer" 😏
Isabella Le
Isabella Le:
2020 has reached its lowest point. Rest in Peace, you will be missed.