Alex Zanardi Interview | Beyond The Grid | F1 Official Podcast

There are few more inspiring stories than that of the Italian racing champion who suffered a double leg amputation in a horrific crash in 2001 before becoming a multiple Paralympic gold medallist.

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0:28:09 Beginnings in F1

1:07:37 1993 crash at Spa
1:38:03 2001 Champ Car crash
1:43:38 Comparing racing titles and Paralymic gold

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Tiger Tank
Tiger Tank:
Today Alex had a terrible accident and is currently hospitalized in serious conditions... Hope he will recover soon, stay strong and keep fighting...
I am shocked I had just listened to it and now he had an accident. Good luck to him.
Pedro Borralho
Pedro Borralho:
Just read the news on his handbike accident. Get well soon. Forza Alex. BMW is waiting for you
Resisti Alex💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😔
Sebastiaan Walhof
Sebastiaan Walhof:
Just heard about the accident. Wish you all the best, Alex! 🍀❤️
Raymundo Martinez
Raymundo Martinez:
I was listening to this podcast on Wednesday night and just heard he is in serious condition after a bike crash. This man is an inspiration to so many and one of my childhood racing idols along with JPM. Get well Alex 💪 🚲 🏎 🏆 🥇🏅
Oppo Rancisis
Oppo Rancisis:
Forza Alex🙏💪
EKO Sim-Racing
EKO Sim-Racing:
I can't believe I listened to this and found how inspiring and lucky that such a man exists, and just now see that he's fighting for his life just a few days after this interview. So sad. Forza Alssandro !!!
Eva 1
Eva 1:
Wow, what a bad timing...
Francesco Rosito
Francesco Rosito:
Alex don't give up, please!
peter enis
peter enis:
What a legend! True racer!
Dushyant Shetty
Dushyant Shetty:
Now this guy is a true inspiration. Loses both legs and becomes a multiple gold medal winning Paralympic athlete!
Gianluca Sanna
Gianluca Sanna:
Respect for this man. Italy is proud of you
Alex Zanardi interview? Liked before even listening.
Giacomo Stivanello
Giacomo Stivanello:
Stay strong Alex 💪🙏
In the Post Game
In the Post Game:
I love how this series is raw - they don't bleep out swearing, and they don't chop and reshuffle what the interviewees have to say, even if it might step on people's toes. Tom's encyclopedic knowledge in getting the best out of the interview is the combination that makes this podcast hands down (pedals down?) the best motorsport podcast.
All the best to him, I hope he full recovers again!
Aayush Karnik
Aayush Karnik:
Respect for what he's achieved after what he's been through. You couldn't define the phrase "NEVER GIVE UP" better
Andy Berridge
Andy Berridge:
Alex Zanardi 1997, 98 Indycar 🏁 champion, great races, great memories, legend.
Angelos Chaloulis
Angelos Chaloulis:
it's really sad that people like him are not really famous about their stories and, for me they are one of the best athletes like any other.
Michael Cutajar
Michael Cutajar:
So sad finishing this episode, than a day later hearing about his accident. Thoughts are with him and his family
The podcast we all wanted!!!
Oren Barnea
Oren Barnea:
Incredible personality, one in a billion. I don't think I've ever heard anyone speaking so honestly about his mistakes, failures, successes and experiences.
I'm so hopeful Alex makes a full and quick recovery from this week's accident.
This is longer than the 2019 Italian Grand Prix.
Jack Challis
Jack Challis:
Kids should be taught about this man in school... Utterly inspirational, one of my all time heroes. Thank you so much for this one Tom and the team, I've been hoping for this since beyond the grid started 😍😍
guillermo vt
guillermo vt:
I listend to the interview today and loved it. Now, just hours after hearing the interview, coming home and seeing the news that he got into a accident and is critical makes my hairs standup straight...
All the words and stories he told now get even more impact.
My prairs are with him and his family.
Alex Zanardi is such a legend and inspiration. I loves how he describes his interaction with Briatore. Briatore was a real nutcase and egomaniac. Its no surprise how Briatore cheated with Renault after he thought he could do whatever he wanted.
I hope he is alright after the incident today!
Ben Beames
Ben Beames:
This has to be the greatest podcast of all time. Not just F1 or motorsport related but everything. A true hero
Valeriu Ohan
Valeriu Ohan:
How many angles and intricacies does the "Schumacher-Benetton-Jordan" story have? Curious to hear Arrivabene's side.
Snowcone Guy
Snowcone Guy:
The only motor sport inspiration as big as Lauda.
Sending big love to Alex tonight. A true hero in every sense of the word. Stay strong and bounce back champ 💪🏼
michael fisher
michael fisher:
Devastated reading the news yesterday of his crash, hope he'll recover
Varad Kadam
Varad Kadam:
This one of the best interviews i have ever heard or read....... Probably the Best EVER.....WHAT a Man!!...WHAT a Career!!.....A Living LEGEND
Палец Феттеля
Палец Феттеля:
Stay strong Alex.
An inspiration that only a few can replicate what this man has achieved. It makes me proud as Italian what he had to fight for and how humble and down to earth, he is! He understood that the simple things in life matter more than anything else and when he mentioned the sick mum looking after the kids and going to work that made me realize what my parents had to go through to put food on the table and give us me and my sisters a good life. Grazie Alex ORGOGLIO ITALIANO ! ❤🏎
Zed Zone
Zed Zone:
Alex Zanardi... A true modern day legend!
Zane Murcha
Zane Murcha:
This interview was done just before he had the accident.
meme GOD
meme GOD:
huge Respect for Mr. Zanardi! Great personality. Great human being!!!
best health for you and your family
pablo barrera
pablo barrera:
It was about time! Zanardi is one of the greatest. By the way, F1 is too unfair with many extraordinary drivers. Zanardi deserved a top seat.
Alex Zanardi is an actual Super Human! 😍
Alessandro Livi
Alessandro Livi:
Keep fighting Alex 🙏💪
Thank you very much TC for featuring Alex Zanardi. I have been waiting for this to happen ever since I started listening to your podcast. What a winner both on and off the track. It gives you a better understanding and appreciation for what he's done after reading his book. I managed to convince my wife to name our daughter after him as I want her to find inspiration in the reason behind her name if she hits a pot hole in life. Baby number two is along the way and we are naming him/her after Gabrielle Tarquini. Maybe a potential guest in the future for you. More power to the show
Everytime you hear about Briatore, you just confirm how snake and evil he was
As good a man as I have ever known. The day of his accident was one of the worst memories of this lifetime for my wife and me. His attitude, recovery, courage, and commitment serve as a positive model for everyone. He is one of the greatest racers this world has ever known and an absolute pleasure to be around. I'm honored to call him a friend.
Big g
Big g:
What a dynamic guy, He's such a racer, Love the interview. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Un Ciclista contra el Sistema
Un Ciclista contra el Sistema:
I saw that pass in Laguna Seca live on TV, still something I remember from so many years ago.
Julian Kraft
Julian Kraft:
This man is a legend. A person who knows how to overcome real hard times. A myth, a gladiator, ZANARDI.
Joao Victor Souza
Joao Victor Souza:
who tf dislike this?
Liked before playing it.
This was the most inspirational conversation I've heard for such a long time. And tonight Alex has another battle to contend with, Forza Zanardi 💪
Roger Molyneux
Roger Molyneux:
Having listened to this most inspiring man’s interview with Tom Clarkson, just yesterday, I am devastated by this news. My only consolation is that Alex was doing what he loved.
I wish Alex well and a speedy recovery to full health. Prayers to him and his family for strength to overcome this setback.
Forza Alex!
This man is a true legend
Peter Marais
Peter Marais:
The best part about this interview is that Tom is barley any questions, Alex is just telling long, detailed stories. This is defiantly my favorite podcast
C. Zed
C. Zed:
Get well mate, one of the strongest people to be alive :(
I took a pic at the moment he lost the corner at mid ohio and went off and airborn. His indycar is airborn in the pic. He came back and won!
Sashimi Pirate
Sashimi Pirate:
Can't believe he had another major accident just a few hours ago. Hope he's gonna fight again
Kristian Kasmuller
Kristian Kasmuller:
Aaaand 2 days later he is in intensive care after another life threatening accident
Angelo Gamer
Angelo Gamer:
I had just listen it this morning, I cannot believe in this accident
Zed Zone
Zed Zone:
So sad to hear about the bike crash, praying for a quick and full recovery. Keep Fighting Alex.
M C:
Great stories! What an amazing man. Yet again though, every story I hear about Flavio in these podcasts makes him sound like a blowhard, incompetent, manipulative, malignant narcissist. Boooo to Briatore.
john hassall
john hassall:
Just hear about his cycling accident,,, sending positive thoughts Alex 🙏
Tom Jakovljevic
Tom Jakovljevic:
We often look at results for a sign of greatness in racing drivers. This isn't one of those cases. What a life. What a story. Inspiration personified. Thanks for your time Alex.
hot damn the first half is never been exposed to any f1 site, wasn't it? it was mad crazy (especially Briatore, lol.)
Thomas Hennen
Thomas Hennen:
Wow, for many years I read alex biography and since then i have been fascinated by such memories of older racing drivers. Then as now, alex's story is just thrilling.
Régis Hauer
Régis Hauer:
The irony, hearing this after his recent accident. A true legend and probably the most incredible interview so far. He obviously made it easy! Good luck alessandro
this podcast is about as long as a 2019 grand prix
Aggelos 3221
Aggelos 3221:
A living legend ❤️❤️❤️
Pray for him today ❤️
Andrea Cacciato
Andrea Cacciato:
Great driver❤
Paul Anthony Nelson
Paul Anthony Nelson:
Humility personified.
Determination exemplified.
Inspiration intensified.
Legio XXI Rapax
Legio XXI Rapax:
C'mon Zanna! Get trough this other obstacle as you ever did as the man of steel you are!
Paco Jiménez Martín
Paco Jiménez Martín:
Stay strong ❤
Crystal Racing
Crystal Racing:
Forza Alex. A true champion of our times
Cracking interview. cracking bloke.
Is it me or that it’s that he looks like Roger Federer?👇👇👇
Diego Veiga
Diego Veiga:
Interesting interviews as ever! Please, interview Nelson Piquet, Eddie Cheever and Aguri Suzuki in the future!
Azam Chaudhri
Azam Chaudhri:
So Alex has another fight on his hands following his bike crash. We hope, we pray, we want you to get better Alex.
Raf Marchesini
Raf Marchesini:
LEGEND!!! 🔥🇮🇹❤️
What an incredible human being.
Part from 1:15:00 onwards feels tough to hear when listening this after his most recent accident.
Blackstone Daze
Blackstone Daze:
Alex I wanna hang out with you sometime brother!
Having heard what happened to Alex and knowing this podcast was up as well I put off listening to it. I'm glad I did but it makes me even sadder about his current situation.
Alluviale Daempfer
Alluviale Daempfer:
Lorenzo Ceccarelli
Lorenzo Ceccarelli:
Never give up champion ❤
ΚόΝstantιи YT
ΚόΝstantιи YT:
Good job F1 I <3 you
Metrópolis ZX
Metrópolis ZX:
Pray for alex
Peter G Barber
Peter G Barber:
What an amazing man! Thank you for this amazing interview, and I hope that he can recover from Friday’s accident to talk to us all again! He is an inspiration to us all!
I cannot believe Alex endured a critical accident literally a few hours ago while racing with his bike. He’s since been immediately transported to intensive care and his situation seemed to be very drastic at first. What a coincidence this was posted two days ago. Really hope he will make it.
Alex de Lesseps
Alex de Lesseps:
Zanardi hope he'll come back alright after this crash, him, Kubica and Monger are legends to have that much strength to come back
Steve Miller
Steve Miller:
Edwardo Lad
Edwardo Lad:
Have to confess, before listening to this podcast, all I knew about zanardi was that he was outperformed by Ralf in 1999 and then had a serious accident in 2001 but my god what a story. A true inspiration and utterly positive man. Get well soon Alex.
Ernesto José Calvo Estevez
Ernesto José Calvo Estevez:
One of my favorite legends of all time.
What a great podcast and inspirational human being. Get well soon!
just saw some reports that Alex has been in a serious handbike accident and has been airlifted to hospital. Hope he's ok

Absolute Legend💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
This is my favorite episode. Alex is such a cool guy.
Now he's fighting probably the most difficult fight in his life :(
Get well soon, Alex!
91 Wildcat 700
91 Wildcat 700:
Forza Alex, let's all keep him our thoughts.
Truly inspirational and true fighter. Hope he recovers well