Alisson Becker's CRAZY Moments ● 2021 | HD

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86 comentarios:

FZ Football
FZ Football:
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Natanael ZL
Natanael ZL:
O Alisson é um goleiro inteligente e com posicionamento tão bom que algumas defesas dele parece que foi fácil, mas é tudo mérito dele
Pedro Cardoso
Pedro Cardoso:
O Alisson com os reflexos, posicionamento e com esse corpo enorme, ele consegue defender sem precisar saltar as vezes !!!
Alisson é aquele goleiro q faz as defesas difíceis se tornarem fáceis, é um monstro...
Tales Mateus
Tales Mateus:
Uns dos melhores goleiro do mundos sem dúvida parabéns alisson
leo vigolo
leo vigolo:
01:57 encaixou uma bola que 99% dos goleiros coloraria pra escanteio
Rodrigo Loayza
Rodrigo Loayza:
Un excelente portero 👌
29-Nguyễn Trương Quang Minh 8/1
29-Nguyễn Trương Quang Minh 8/1:
Alisson have 1 goal. It's so amazing.
Melhor do mundo ❤
Juan Moura Oliveira
Juan Moura Oliveira:
Grande goleiro gosto do estilo dele
Ajith Benny
Ajith Benny:
Back to form 👍 Alisson ❤️
VH Football
VH Football:
Shaiful Triyoga
Shaiful Triyoga:
This season Alisson has improve his pass 🔥
Mr thumban
Mr thumban:
a goal keeper who fixed their ucl they're in final....merci allison 😍🔥
Mark Law
Mark Law:
Imo, he's the best goalkeeper in the world. Why? He doesn't dive, he doesn't do spectacular saves. He knows where the ball is going to go so he's already there.

This is also the strength of Van Dijk. He beats all the forwards cos he already knows where they will go. No one talks about this.

Even Matip is strong and also has pace. I hope Liverpool can go on a trophy run this season. First time in the EFL that Liverpool have gotten easy fixtures in the 3rd and 4th round. We can win the EFL, FA, PL, CL, Super Cup, Fifa Cup and either Salah, Mane, Van Dijk or Alisson win ballon dor
Our keeper ♡♡
David YNWA
David YNWA:
im sure he is the best goal keeper in the world!!!
Vanessajcms Stu
Vanessajcms Stu:
É Brasileiro, é lindo e talentoso!
Arin Bappa
Arin Bappa:
King 👑🇧🇷
Great 🔥🔥
Paz de la Crush
Paz de la Crush:
Todo un crack 👏😌👌
Chetan Mootien
Chetan Mootien:
Already a Liverpool legend...
Mejor Portero del Mundo
Mejor Portero del Mundo:
Muy buen video bro👍👍👍
What do we do without this man
Vinicios Araujo
Vinicios Araujo:
Best goalkeeper in the world, I'm very proud to say Alisson and my country Braaaaaasiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Best goalkeeper in the world 🌎 YNWA Ali
Ball is life
Ball is life:
Very good quality video! Keep up the good work. Hopefully a video of 'the Viking' Emile Højbjerg can be edited for upcoming video? I really like your edits man! Ps: I watched these before games 🙈.
Siba Das
Siba Das:
I love to see him ❤❤
Miguel Resendiz
Miguel Resendiz:
Amazing video bro!
Damião Pereira Da Silva Filho
Damião Pereira Da Silva Filho:
Faz um vídeo do Éder Militão skils defensives
Nice video bro 👏👍
Sunil offical
Sunil offical:
God lvl🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SyNc TG:
He still fav to win best keeper yashin even mendy has impressive season last season but this guy so juicy in his performance
Vidiolarni Dodasi
Vidiolarni Dodasi:
Alisson no1🤩🥰😍
Vidiolarni Dodasi
Vidiolarni Dodasi:
Alisson no1🤩🥰😍
Emanuel Amaral
Emanuel Amaral:
Ederson de Moraes - Crazy Denfensive Saves 2021
Terrones Solis Emilio
Terrones Solis Emilio:
Me encantó el vídeo
frodo bagins
frodo bagins:
I can say that allison is in the top 3 gk right now
Darren Walton
Darren Walton:
Alisson's the type of guy to get a broken nose to make a save. Just really let's the ball fly at him. (In a good way,obviously.)
Kayk Benvindo
Kayk Benvindo:
AJ Football
AJ Football:
Great one man
Kayk Benvindo
Kayk Benvindo:
Aiman Z
Aiman Z:
It seems like Alisson rarely dives but still manage to make great saves 😂
Herry syaputra
Herry syaputra:
Assist ada goal ada..
Siapa lagi kalo bukan alisson...😁
Calli Kama Goes Hard
Calli Kama Goes Hard:
6 for blow 12 for ciky
lion k
lion k:
andreas christensen or antonio rudiger please~~~
Caina Carvalho19
Caina Carvalho19:
Q lindo top misael slv
Govind Raj
Govind Raj:
buddy do a Edu Mendy video pls..... also u the best !!!!!!!
تحديات مريم وحسن
تحديات مريم وحسن:
Bon amazing fait de Ronald araujo
P- P
P- P:
good video beutiful
Paul Hernandez
Paul Hernandez:
Keylor Navas 😎👌
lion k
lion k:
marquinhos please^^
Harry Milles
Harry Milles:
Lo admito sigo esperando el regreso de karius almenos en otro equipo de primera división no tan importante de la premier.. pero Alisson para mí es el mejor portero del mundo (actualmente)
Jerk Teen
Jerk Teen:
Allison is backkk
Sandig Sandig
Sandig Sandig:
Alison my herrow
lion k
lion k:
maxence lacroix or todibo please
I have alisson in dls21
Mustafa Ekrem Omur
Mustafa Ekrem Omur:
Liverpool own this man all of their European success.
Thamar Miguel
Thamar Miguel:
De Gea,Mendy,Hugo,Ederson,Alisson,Neur, Keylor,Buffon y Khan.
Md. Rashadul Haque
Md. Rashadul Haque:
Plz make a video on Neymar
Md. Rashadul Haque
Md. Rashadul Haque:
Plz make a video on Neymar
Md. Rashadul Haque
Md. Rashadul Haque:
Plz make a video on Neymar
Md. Rashadul Haque
Md. Rashadul Haque:
Plz make a video on Neymar
Clear of ederson
Weerawat View
Weerawat View:
virgil vandijk please🙏🏻🥺
Hugo LLORIS please🙏😯
Quanysh Qudayberdy
Quanysh Qudayberdy:
Какие программы сделал
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Franco Casimiro
Franco Casimiro:
Ter Stegen Plis
Tâm Nguyễn
Tâm Nguyễn:
Edouoard Mendy please
MD Rashed
MD Rashed:
Love From Bangladesh
ilkin huseynov
ilkin huseynov:
Akash Mondal
Akash Mondal:
I think you are Bayern Hater... Never make a video on Bayern players..
Wrtsoy Alisson
jaxongir javliyev
jaxongir javliyev:
Fatxi Abdiqadir
Fatxi Abdiqadir:
Alison bacerk
Kylian dia
Kylian dia:
Na seleção ta só fazendo cagada.
C1UP D2:
Hey can you fix Eder militao video please?????
Martim Mendes
Martim Mendes:
Digo costa
Fahad p
Fahad p:
Vvd please
P- P
P- P:
Marcio Coelho
Marcio Coelho:
I don't care for the background music though. Annoying.